修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Six “Sword Formation”

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Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Six – Sword Formation

Golden Crow Fire, fourth-grade, formed by gathering the essence of the sun, had extremely yang and strong attributes, and was one of the sources of all fires in the world.

Golden Crow Fire was usually created through being nurtured by some special kinds of ling grasses such as the Sky Sunflower. Golden Crow Fire could occasionally be found at the very centre of the flower.

Supposedly, some sects had secret methods that could create Golden Crow Fire, but due to the fire being overly yang and domineering it was extremely damaging to the body. It could leave hidden weaknesses and so secret methods were needed. It was one of the fire seeds people dreamed about. It could even absorb and merge with many other kinds of fire seeds, increasing the grade of the fire.

On the market, Golden Crow Fire was a treasure that had high demand and no supply! Even the smallest wisp would be worth a thousand jingshi.

People usually remembered how beneficial it was as a fire seed but usually forgot about the heat and domineering of the fire itself!

It was fourth-grade!

Zuo Mo was also stunned by the broad expanse burning in front of him. He had assumed that it could damage this black cloud. He had never thought that the power of the Golden Crow Fire was so terrifying!

What he didn’t know was the Golden Crow Fire was an extremely strong yang attribute, and was the exact counter to something yin and corrupting as the black cloud. This was why the result was so exaggerated.

The black cloud twisted in the air like a little mountain, pressing down on everyone.

But when it turned to a ball of fire, such an enormous ball of fire, it was even more of a blow than the black cloud.

It came without any warning, or rather, they hadn’t made any preparations.

Everyone was frightened!

Zuo Mo was only stunned for a moment before he woke. Such a good chance, if he wasted it, he would be punished by Heaven!

After being hammered in the big sword essence formation, his grasp of battle rhythm had increased.

He channeled ling power silently. The sword energies were like swimming fish that soundlessly flew out of the Wu Kong Flag and soundlessly neared the remaining four people.

There was a variety of sword energies sealed inside the Wu Kong Flag of all attributes. It could be seen just how vast of an area each elder had grasped. The flag also sealed three great moves that could be constructed from these sword energies. This was the most important thing about the flag. The original intentions of Pei Yuan Ran and the others in forging the flag had been these moves, that only jindan experts could use. This way, ningmai disciples could release jindan level attacks and save their own lives at a crucial time.

Pei Yuan Ran originally had not intended to give Zuo Mo the Wu Kong Flag because he had been considering that Zuo Mo basically could not use the full power of the flag. Later on, he couldn’t withstand the fire of Shi Feng Rong’s fury, so he had to part with it.

Zuo Mo couldn’t use any of the great killing moves sealed inside the Wu Kong Flag. He didn’t have enough ling power. He could only release those sword energies and not activate the killing moves.

But so what if he couldn’t?

It might have been the pressure from the life or death situation, but Zuo Mo’s consciousness was abnormally clear. The shock caused by the Golden Crow Fire disappeared in an instant. The little leaf formed from the [Great Thousand Leaf Hands] imperceptibly waved.

The sword energies flowed silently like water.

He found that he had dismissed this Wu Kong Flag before!

There were sword energies of all different kinds. Even though they could not form killing moves, but he could easily control these sword energies.

Wasn’t this the best tool for setting a formation?

Instantly comprehending his resources, his mind was clear and still.

The situation had turned.

The position of hunter and prey silently changed.

The golden ball of fire burned, a peerless domineering presence spread in ripples. It attracted everyone’s gaze, the four people closest to it were not an exception. Under such a bright light, everything had lost color. The four people did not know that sword energies had silently surrounded them.

The sword energies slid like they were on ice, without a sound, and changed positions.

At the beginning, the changes in position between the sword energies was slightly raw, but quickly, the changes in position became very precise.

All of this happened in an extremely short period of time.


The four people had still not recovered from the ferocity of the Golden Crow Fire. The only person who detected something was the xiuzhe who had the chain-sickle.

Some clarity came into his eyes. He glanced at Zuo Mo holding the flag, his heart relaxing slightly. When he looked in the surroundings, his expression suddenly changed. He called in alarm, “Careful … …”

The sword formation had formed!

His shout became the prelude to the closing of the net!

The sharp and intimidating sword essences sliced at every bit of space. The air within their vision was shattered in an instant.

Pew pew pew!

Three pillars of blood shot high into the sky! Before they landed, their bodies were ground to powder by the sword energies that wove and sliced. Bam bam bam. The three sword xiu seemed to explode in midair, countless bits of blood and gore flew outwards in all directions.

The first person to detect the attack was the xiuzhe who held the chain-sickle. He was very experienced, and had gone through hundreds of battles. He didn’t retreat, but charged!

A black light flew from his hand, the sickle headed straight for Zuo Mo! The water drop spike arched like a poisonous snake, dancing so his sides were covered. As the sword energies hit it, sparks flew!

Ding ding ding ding!

The sword energies continuously hit the lengthening chain, like it was a chain made of sparks. The tip of the sickle gave a howl that shocked people’s souls.

The chain-sickle was made out of an unknown material that was able to cut out a path through such a dense rain of sword energies!

The speed was very fast. The edge pointed straight at Zuo Mo!


The hook had hit the other person!

He was jubilant at this surprising outcome. His original intentions had been to defend for a while so his fellows would save him. He hadn’t thought he would make impact with one attack!

Was the other too busy controlling the sword energies, and could not split his attention?

Hm, that wasn’t right … …


The sword energies that suddenly lit up alarmed the Black Wind Bandits who were still in shock.

Right after, they saw something they would never be able to forget!

Countless sword energies formed a grand net. The three fellow bandits had been ground down and exploded in an instant. The only surviving fellow, they were all very familiar with. The chain-sickle on his hand had taken countless lives. However, the black blade was now strangely striking at an empty space, several dozen zhang away from the enemy!

The jubilation on their comrade’s face made their hairs stand on end.

“Illusion!” Zhang Hao’s pupils shrunk. He controlled his impulse to charge over.

His eyes were very experienced. He clearly saw the other had used the sword energies to form a formation. Now that the formation had been activated, charging in was too dangerous! His gaze suddenly darkened. He knew that his remaining subordinate would not escape death.

As expected, a gigantic sword made from sword energies heavily struck at the chains that covered the other.

The chain that was not easily damaged by flying swords shattered. The xiuzhe that did not have the time to dodge was instantly bisected!

All five had been lost!

Bam. The golden ball of fire coincidentally collapsed at this time, sparks flying in all directions.

As the bright golden sparks rained down, a thin and weak youth holding a black flag several times his size , was standing proudly under the five colored sword energies!

No one spoke, no one dared to move!

The pupils of all the Black Wind Bandits couldn’t help but shrink. All the underestimation, all the disdain, all their certainty, it all seemed so foolish now!

On the sky above the Desolate Wood Reef, there was only the sound of the wind.

Wei Rong who was shaking like dice suddenly shrieked, “I remember, I remember now … … he’s Zuo Mo! He is Zuo Mo!”

The shriek was ear-piercing in this deathly silence.


Far away, Fu Feng’s gaze recovered its clarity. Even he had been dazzled by that grand kill.

“Other than cultivation, Zuo Mo has improved very much compared to last time,” He praised, “His formations are even harder to predict now. If his cultivation could increase at this rate, he wouldn’t be any less outstanding than Wei Sheng!”

Gui Feng’s mouth was open wide, but he could not make a sound, shock dominating his eyes.

The strength that Zuo Mo had just displayed was not just a little bit higher than at the Sword Test Conference. Even though that Wu Kong Flag was very strong, but Zuo Mo’s skill was worthy of praise.

His control of the sword energies, his skill at setting up formations … …

It was completely different than before.

What surprised Gui Feng the most was Zuo Mo’s practiced composure and calmness. He remembered how tender Zuo Mo had been at the Sword Test Conference. In the short span of half a year, the Zuo Mo in front of him had become a completely different person.

Cheng Heng did not speak, but his eyes seemed to light up, full of desire for battle.


“Zuo Mo, so you are Zuo Mo!” Zhang Hao’s expression was very ugly, his voice pressuring.

He had thought it would be a soft fruit, but it turned out to be a hard nail. He had heard the name of Zuo Mo before. After the Sword Test Conference, this name had spread through all of Sky Moon Jie. He knew the little brat that looked slightly weak was a core disciple of Wu Kong Sword Sect, but he had not expected it to be Zuo Mo.

He remembered now. In the rumors, Zuo Mo was most skilled in formations.

He couldn’t help but glance at the Desolate Wood Reef under them. There was no movement there, but since the person here was Zuo Mo, there definitely would be countless formations down there!

Bandit groups like the Black Wind Bandits disliked situations like this the most. What they were skilled at was ambushes and robbery. What they were least skilled at was attacking heavily guarded places with full frontal assaults.

In Zhang Hao’s eyes, the little island below was like a hedgehog.

If it was any other time, he definitely wouldn’t attack such a place.

But right now, he tasted what it felt like to be unable to get off his high horse!

Other than Zuo Han’s vengeance, five subordinates had been killed in front of him. If they left like this, their overall motivation would be greatly impacted.

Also, he hurt!

The five subordinates had all been zhuji¸ but the one with the banner and the other with the chain-sickle had been xiuzhe with special spells. Other than the five most important backbones, it was very difficult to find replacements for these xiuzhe who had special spells. He didn’t hurt for the death of the three sword xiu, but his heart was in pain at the death of those two!

He stared at Zuo Mo, his eyes red.

His temper was vicious and explosive. Now that he had tripped up so heavily, would he rest?

Even more, since he knew the person in front of him was Zuo Mo, he was clear of the importance of this little island to Wu Kong Sword Sect.

Such an important place, they would definitely have stored plentiful resources.

He quickly decided. No matter what, they had to take down this little island!

Translator Ramblings: Zhang Hao is like the person who just lost a hand at poker and decided to go all in immediately after.

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