修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Seven “Two Hours”

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Chapter One Hundred and Eighty Seven – Two Hours

The wind howled, the mood above Desolate Wood Reef became even tenser.

The Black Wind Bandits’ killing intent spread. Zuo Mo sighed to himself. Killing the five people just now had not created fear; it had provoked their viciousness.

Very quickly, he threw these thoughts to the back of his head because the other side had began advancing forward.

Without a doubt, the next fight would be more fierce and cruel.

Zuo Mo felt the pressure suddenly increasing. He didn’t have the luxury  to hold back, raising his hand he cast a light downwards.

Skyring Moon Chime Formation!

A crescent moon rose low into the sky. Countless thin strands fell from the bright moon, covering the entire Desolate Wood Reef. On these thin strands, light rings of various sizes hung like wind chimes.

But this crescent moon was dyed with an orange-red tinge, the moon gave off a warm orange glow, when previously it was as clear and smooth as flowing water.

Zuo Mo sighed. Just a little bit more and the Buddha Sound Hoop would have finished. The tempered Buddha Sound Hoop would definitely have increased its power. It was a pity that it had just missed by a little bit, but just this little bit caused the power of the Buddha Sound Hoop to be one level lower.

The situation in front of him did not allow him to continue to temper it. There were still more than sixty people on the other side.

More than sixty xiuzhe, and five of them ningmai the pressure they gave him was unparalleled.

The only thing that could compete with the present situation was the great sword essence formation. The big formation that was created by five jindan together. Naturally it would not be ordinary. However, when he was inside the sword essence formation, he knew he didn’t have to worry about his life.

In terms of presence, this group was not as intimidating as the sword essence formation, but this group of people wouldn’t blink as they killed him. They really would take his little life!

“What should I do?” Zuo Mo asked Pu Yao.

“Kill!” Pu Yao was simple and crisp, his bloody pupil shining.

It was now that Zuo Mo felt this guy had some of the mannerisms of a Sky Yao. However, while the aura was present, but it wasn’t useful at all.

“How do I kill?” Zuo Mo felt he was an idiot to ask Pu Yao who was also an idiot, but he couldn’t resist asking.

Was it out of nervousness?

As expected, Pu Yao looked at him like he was looking at an idiot, “One by one, of course.”

He now really wanted to ask Pu Yao, “How do I kill them one by one?” But he suppressed it. He really did not like Pu Yao’s gaze.

Pu Yao thought and then suddenly said, “If you can kill them all within two hours, I will teach you another move of [Little Thousand Leaf Hands].”

Two hours … … kill them all … …

This time, it was Zuo Mo’s turn to look at Pu Yao like he was looking at an idiot, “Do you think I’m an an idiot? Two hours, you think I’m killing pigs? They are … …”

“Just say if you will do it or not?” Pu Yao lazily said, none of the killing intent he had just shown was on his face.

“Do it!” Once he said it, Zuo Mo felt he was really an idiot.

Two hours, to kill that dense patch of people … …

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven … …

Sixty seven people, five ningmai, sixty two zhuji, he was … … zhuji… …

Okay, after Pu Yao did this, the last bit of nervousness in Zuo Mo’s heart had dissipated.

Strangely, he felt  anticipation and excitement. It was as though he really yearned for the battle that was going to come. His body heated up and his ling power was abnormally lively. Was it that he had stayed too long with a pervert like Pu Yao, and became slightly perverse himself … …


The Skyring Moon Chime Formation covered the entire Desolate Wood Reef. Zuo Mo’s figure was inside it, flickering in and out of sight.

Zuo Han’s eyes were cold and filled with hatred and killing intent. However, he forcefully suppressed it. He was waiting for Head’s order. The reason that the Black Wind Bandits had remained free for such a long time was their outstanding battle strategy, and it was their best protection. Even though he was second in command, and even though the hatred was deep in his heart, he still suppressed it.

Zhang Hao’s pupils shrunk into a line, a bloody light flashing from his eyes, cruel and vicious.

At this time, he had thrown all other thoughts to the back of his head. No matter how many concerns he had, once he decided to fight, there was only one thought in his mind, kill them!

“Kill!” A bellow like the howl of a wild beast came from his throat.

“Kill, kill, kill!” The eyes of everyone else were completely red, leaving behind only pure killing intent.

The sixty seven people split into several parts, and like thin flows, they headed towards Desolate Wood Reef from different directions.

Just sixty seven people, but the vicious and brutal aura they exuded would alarm anyone.


Fu Feng who saw this scene suddenly lit up, and praised, “I had originally thought that the Black Wind Bandits had an inflated reputation before. Looking at it now, they are even better than the rumors! To create this kind of presence, even Wu Kong Sword Sect which has been so powerful recently, cannot do it.”

One xiuzhe couldn’t help say, “When the Black Wind Bandits met Wu Kong Sword Sect last time, they suffered a huge loss.” The subordinate had followed Fu Feng for a time and knew that Fu Feng would not be discontent due to differences in opinions, which was why he dared to speak.

Fu Feng smiled and shook his head, “It’s not the same. Wu Kong Sword Sect’s strength is in their individual experts. What the Black Wind Bandits are strong in is their combined ability. The power of the group cannot replace experts, and the experts cannot replace the group. In small conflicts, the effect of experts is very evident, but if it is battles of thousands of people, then the use of experts begins to lessen.”

“How can there be battles with thousands of people?” That xiuzhe objected.

“There aren’t any now, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be in the future,” Fu Feng said meaningfully.


The sixty seven xiuzhe attacked at the same time, their presence was astounding!

Light flashed across the sky, flying swords and talismans were dancing.

Zhang Hao’s plan was very simple, to use brute force to break technique! It was unwise to go head-on against a fortified target, but the present situation was special as the only person on the other side that could resist was Zuo Mo. No matter how strong Zuo Mo was, when he faced the attacks of sixty seven xiuzhe, there would have to be times where he would slip.

Formations were set up on the island. If they landed in them, that would give Zuo Mo a chance. It was better to use brute force to break the formation from the base. Having lost his greatest defense, Zuo Mo would be like a lamb waiting for slaughter.


Zuo Mo felt terrible right now.

Damn it!

This group of people rained everything down on his head!

Sixty seven xiuzhe furiously attacking downwards at the same time, without regard for ling power. They looked as though they would only rest when Desolate Wood Reef was leveled.

This group was also very smart. They only bombarded Desolate Wood Reef from a distance and did not come any closer.

Seeing all the flying swords and spells come down on his head like rain, Zuo Mo became stubborn. Alright, ge will see just how much ling power you have to waste!

The Wu Kong Flag was heavily inserted into the ground. The sword energies that swarmed around his body silently entered the Skyring Moon Chime Formation.

Zuo Mo jumped up from the ground and started to pass around the Desolate Wood Reef. He was like a fireman, continuously watching over the big formation.

The Skyring Moon Chime Formation he had set up was unprecedentedly large, reaching two hundred and sixteen child formations. Adding on that he had continuously been fixing the holes recently, even though it was not impenetrable, but it still managed to survive the bombing of the Black Wind Bandits.

He knew as long as he could make it through this round, the initiative would instantly change sides.

Sixty seven xiuzhe, not all of them could be offensive xiuzhe. For example, Zuo Han had a Hundred Poison Fan that could release all kinds of dark poisonous miasma, but in a fight of strength, it couldn’t have much of an effect.

The greatest threat came from strength based xiuzhe like Zhang Hao.

Zhang Hao’s flying sword was very unique. The body of the sword was extremely wide, like it was a shovel or an ax. What he walked was a road of strength. The body of the sword was covered in a layer of red light. Each attack was like a heavy ax breaking a mountain, weighing thirty thousand catties!

Zuo Mo felt that Zhang Hao was the greatest threat out of all the people. Each of his attacks would make Zuo Mo’s heart jump.

The hair-like threads of the Skyring Moon Chime Formation would be blown into a mess, causing the rings of light on the threads to chime.

After being tempered for such a long time, the Buddha Sound Hoop had an additional attribute of yang and dominance. Before, the chimes had been clear and ethereal. The present chimes were deep and explosive. Even the echoes seemed to carry heat and flame.

Zuo Mo was still relatively calm. After being alarmed the first few times, he found that the Skyring Moon Chime Formation was still untouched. He finally remembered that during the Sword Test Conference, the seventy two child formation Skyring Moon Chime Formation had endured a great ordeal. At that time, the number of ningmai that had been in the formation had been more than right now.

If the others wanted to ruin the two hundred and sixteen child formation Skyring Moon Chime Formation through brute force, that was a big delusion.

He knew the other side would quickly realize this.

At that time, the fight would truly start.

Zuo Mo raised his head to look at the sky. Throughout the threads, he could clearly see the mania and hatred on the faces of his enemies.

He lowered his head, his eyes becoming slightly cold.

He started to take out formation disks from the ring, and threw them inside to form various formations. Using the Skyring Moon Chime Formation as a cover, he secretly threw out many formation disks.

At this time, he didn’t have any thoughts of keeping anything back. The formation disks in his ring flew out of his hands like they didn’t cost money.

He wanted to turn the Desolate Wood Reef into a hunting ground. A hunting ground full of traps!


Gongsun Cha and the others had gone to hide in the cave with the lava lake. This was the safest place on the Desolate Wood Reef. The lava cave was deep under the ground. Zuo Mo had set up countless formations around it, and it was the most important of all important grounds.

So when they heard sound filtering from the outside, all of the people inside the cave had worried expressions.

Chun Yu Cheng sighed, “What a pity that we cannot help!”

These made many people unconsciously clench their hands. They were all production xiu. However, they were young and it was the age to be rash and brave. They also knew what their fate would be if this group broke through the big formation.

What wandering bandits needed were people that could fight. Production xiuzhe, who had no offensive strength, would be killed at the earliest convenience.

Gongsun Cha was the most composed of all the people. He laid on the ground and said unconcernedly, “Don’t worry. It won’t be so easy for them to break through Zuo Shixiong’s big formation. I also feel that Zuo Shixiong is much stronger than before. Has everyone forgotten the Blue Spiked Crocodile?”

Once the words came out, everyone was uplifted!

They thought about the multiple brute force impacts between Zuo Shixiong and the Blue Spiked Crocodile. Confidence grew. Their unsecure hearts settled down!

In the sky, the attacks slowed down.

Zuo Mo raised his face to look and then bent down to keep setting up.

An absurd idea suddenly came into his mind.

Two hours, there wasn’t much time left… …

Translator Ramblings: Listen to Fu Feng, he is the most second-most knowledgeable person in this chapter. Zuo Mo has some great advantages in this fight. First, the fight is on his territory. Second, he has adequate time to prepare. The bandits are attacking a place they do not know so well, and an opponent they do not know enough about.

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