修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Four “Golden Armor Guards”

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Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Four – Golden Armor Guards

Zuo Mo looked warily at the three unwelcomed guests in the sky.

The one that spoke was a yellow-faced man. Zuo Mo recognized him. It was the mysterious person he had fought in the Sword Test Conference. The two people behind him was Chang Heng and the other was Gui Feng. How did these three get together? he muttered inside.

And these three appeared at this time was that a coincidence? More likely it was that the three of them had hid and wanted to gain something. Seeing that he had won, they could only come out and greet him.

Zuo Mo was at the end of his rope. He didn’t dare to let these three people inside. The three were stronger than him and he had just also made a fortune. If the three became greedy, he might not be able to keep his little life.

“This little brother just has gone through a big battle and is heavily injured, and greatly needs rest. There is no time to greet everyone. Please pardon me!” Finishing, he rushed away.

That nimble and agile movement, did he look like he was heavily injured?

The three people in the air were speechless. They had assumed that Zuo Mo would exchange pleasantries, and they could find ways of getting closer. But they had underestimated Zuo Mo’s lack of shame, in turning and leaving. They couldn’t do a thing.

If they forcefully landed now, that was taking advantage and declaring they possessed malicious aims. The three people didn’t care about those fake reputations, but when they saw the huge holes in the ground, they instantly dismissed the idea of charging in.

Personally seeing the Black Wind Bandits be destroyed the three were very wary of the formation on Desolate Wood Reef.

Zuo Mo ignored  the three people. If they really dared to charge into the Desolate Wood Reef, he would even gamble on destroying the Buddha Sound Hoop to fight them to the death.

When he saw the three standing outside the island, his heart relaxed slightly. He secretly sent Lil’ Pagoda out to guard. He threw the Buddha Sound Hoop back into the lava fire formation to be nurtured again and started to heal himself.

This time, the level of damage to his body was far beyond his predictions, especially since he had kept on fighting with these wounds, and had used medicinal power to suppress the injuries. On the surface, there didn’t seem to any problems, but in reality, he had serious internal injuries.

Luckily, Master had prepared many lingdan for him before he left. He hadn’t thought he would need to use it so early.

He shoved a lingdan into his mouth and meditated.

As the lingdan entered his mouth, it turned to a stream of coldness that flowed with the circulation of his ling power, spreading to every corner of his body. The hidden heat of his organs instantly decreased. He felt unspeakably comfortable.




Forty-two people were soaking in the black pond. Their eyes were closed, occasionally having expressions of pain. Threads of smoke silently entered their body from the black pond water and then slowly spread out.

Pu Yao’s eyes landed on the three ningmai Black Wind Bandits. They were completely covered in black, looking like coal. A small bump had risen on the foreheads of the three people as though something was going to grow out.

Pu Yao played with the white bone in his hand, speaking to himself, “Didn’t think I would see ancient dragon bone here. The brat really has good luck. Oh, using it on ningmai trash, it really is a waste!”

As he sighed, he slightly applied force. Pa, the white bone broke into pieces.

His hand rising, the ancient dragon bone power turned to three white arrows that burrowed inside the bodies of the three ningmai.

The three ningmai instantly started to shake like dice, their black faces twisted with expressions of extreme pain. Suddenly, their black skin started to ripple and a layer of scale-like material continuously came out.

In just this little while, the three had completely changed. Their bodies were covered by a dense layer of white scales like it was a layer of thick armor. The bump on their foreheads continued to grow. Pew, a sharp black horn broke through the skin, and only stopped when it grew to three cun long.

“White Scale Attendants! The ancient dragon bone is really good,” Pu Yao had a surprised expression. Then he became excited. Tilting his head and thinking, he snickered, and then grabbed at empty air.

Three jade boxes appeared on Pu Yao’s hands, the mini boxes that Zuo Mo loved so much.

Squeezing the jade boxes, Pu Yao gently blew and three wisps of Golden Crow Fire flew at the three people.

The Golden Crow Fire landed on the white scales and with a hiss and entered their bodies. Almost at the same time, mist rose around their body. The black pond water beside them started to bubble as though it was boiling.

Seeing that the black pond was covered in mist Pu Yao became even more excited. He was like a mischievous child who had found a fun toy.

He grabbed again at empty air.

Ding ding ding!

If Zuo Mo saw this, he would have been so angry he could spit blood. Pu Yao’s hands were full of Crimson Fire Rock, including three pieces of fourth-grade Crimson Fire Rock. Zuo Mo only had six pieces of fourth-grade Crimson Fire Rock. Pu Yao took half of his stock.

Pu Yao’s left hand pointed in the air. A black-red beguiling flame appeared in front of him.

He threw the Crimson Fire rock on his hands into the flame. He continued to grab at the air, materials appearing in his hands. He didn’t even look before throwing them into the fire.

After one hour, the flame slowly faded, and three entirely red broadsword appeared in front of him.

The broadsword was about half the height of a person, the width of the blade making them appear like a small door. The body was entirely red like burning metal, giving off a scorching heat.

At this time, the mist over the heads of the three people in the black pond dissipated, revealing their figures. The scales of the three were dyed with a layer of gold, making them look as though they were wearing golden armor. The black spike on their foreheads had disappeared.

Before, the three had looked dark and scary. Now, the three didn’t have any hint of dark energies, as though they were gods coming to the mortal world. A yang and strong presence was easily detectable.

“Ancient dragon bone, Golden Crow Fire, Nether Pool, these yao guards that were forged really make me anticipate!”

Pu Yao smiled proudly, “White Scaled Attendants, no no no, have to change the name, Golden Armor Guards! This name isn’t bad. Ha ha, who can tell they are yao guards?”

Rubbing his chin as he studied for a while, Pu Yao said to himself, “Oh, no, they are too ugly, and need to be changed.”

He blew out a ball of flame that grew and enveloped one of them. Instantly, the crackle of flesh burning sounded. A while later, the flame moved away. The person inside the flame had changed in appearance. Right now, his body was covered in a set of golden armor. Even his face was covered all over, the thick armor at the front only revealing the eyes. The shining golden scales had turned into a golden fish-scale armor. Other than being very dignified, it was more profound, and mysterious.

Pu Yao finally had a satisfied expression. Soon after, all three were modified.

Three bright red broadswords turned to three red lights and flew towards the three people.

The three simultaneously reached out and grabbed the flying swords. The three golden armor guards stood silently, a strong and dignified presence slowly spreading.

Pu Yao looked in sympathy at the other Black Wind Bandits that were still soaking in the black water pond, “You guys who can’t be seen in public, you just have to stay here for manual labor.”




When Zuo Mo woke up from his meditation there was joy in his heart. The injuries on his body were generally healed. It would be like nothing had happened once he rested for a while. What he was even happier about was the ling power that had stopped growing inside his body for a long time had actually grown slightly.

The increase was not a lot, but for Zuo Mo who had stopped growing for a long time, this was an unexpected happy surprise.

Just as Zuo Mo was happy, he saw Pu Yao proudly come over with three people dressed in golden armor.

Zuo Mo stilled and warily pointed at the three people, “Who are they?”

The three were covered in the golden armor. He was unable to see their features but Zuo Mo could feel the terrifying presence the three gave off all over their bodies.

These three were very strong!

Zuo Mo’s perception was extremely sensitive due to his spirit. The danger that these three gave him even surpassed the feeling of danger the Head of the wandering bandits gave him. Where did these three powerful people come from? Where did they pop out of?

His gaze landed on the broadswords in their hands, and silently swallowed.

Who was so f***ing wasteful?!

Crimson Fire Rock, definitely not less than ten pieces, and definitely had more than one piece of fourth-grade rock. Sky Eye Silver, that was extremely expensive; Zuo Mo himself only had three taels. Any of the broadswords in the three’s hands definitely had one tael of Sky Eye Silver added. And the red flame pearl. It was an extremely good fire element material, worth a thousand jing! There were at least three in each broadsword.

Great expenditure! Definitely great expenditure!

Zuo Mo drooled. Just the three broadswords were worth a lot! If it wasn’t the dangerous feeling coming from the three people pressuring him, his head might have heated up and he would have gone to rob them.

But, the materials, they looked very familiar … …

Just as he was suspicious, he heard Pu Yao say smugly, “They are Golden Armor Guards! Just finished making them, do you want to try?”

“Golden Armor Guards?” Zuo Mo stilled, “Didn’t you say you were creating little yao guards?”

“Little yao guards are too low quality,” Pu Yao said with scorn and continued, “and their appearance is too lacking. Look at these Golden Armor Guards. No hint of yin energy, perfect for dominating a situation. They are also very strong and good at fighting, the best fighters!”

“Really?” Zuo Mo’s face was disbelieving.

“You ignorant country bumpkin naturally has never seen anything this high quality!” Pu Yao’s face was full of disdain, and he snapped his fingers.

Suddenly, one of the Golden Armor Guards behind him disappeared.

“Ha!” A deep bellow sounded.

Zuo Mo felt the space in front of his eyes light up, a blinding light forcing him to squint his eyes.

A domineering and forceful red sword light rose. This stroke seemed to rip apart space. A scorching, cruel, and domineering presence filled the air.

Zuo Mo’s heart was shocked, the hairs on his body straight. The feeling of danger was like a black cloud filled with lead, pressing down uncomfortably on his chest.

The sword light disappeared without warning!

At some unknown time, the golden armor guard returned to his original position.

Only now did Zuo Mo hear a soft “hiss.” Different than the blinding sword light, the sound of the sword was almost non-existent.

Zuo Mo was stunned!

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo is so amazed by how powerful these Golden Armor Guards are that he hasn’t realized what Pu Yao has done yet. Also, more importantly, his ling power cultivation has grown for those that were waiting. Please don’t forget Zuo Mo’s overall strength has been growing this whole entire time. Zuo Mo’s outstanding in other areas, and not bad in this area. Think about Li Ying Feng, Gongsun Cha and Chun Yu Cheng’s cultivation. They are about the same age and they are only outstanding in one or two areas.

In Pu’s eyes, people below ningmai are something to be ashamed about. That’s not hard to believe since he is   was still remains a Sky Yao (soul). He was once pretty much at the top of the pyramid as far as this world goes. Remember, he was the guy who killed a few jindan in a multi-opponent battle while using Zuo Mo’s body. Xin Yan is exceptionally strong for a jindan. So you could say Pu Yao was forced to go from being a marbled lungfish to the bacteria which causes leprosy (think the size of their genomes.)

Power seem to be one of those quantitative factors that people in stories focus on. I thought that this story actually did a good job hitting its readers over the head with the paper crane girl and her carelessness and indifference concerning the “might is right” rule. It showed that this story still held to the same rules of society that most Chinese fantasies have, and it shouldn’t be forgotten among Zuo Mo’s desire to make a living and all the daily happenings that make it seem like a peaceful world. In fact, Zuo Mo is hit over the head many times. 


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    The broadsword was about half the height of a person, the width of the blade making them appear like a small door. The body was entirely red like burning metal, giving off a scorching heat.”

    “After one hour, the flame slowly faded, and three entirely red broadswords appeared in front of him.

    The broadswords were about half the height of a person, the width of the blades making them appear like small doors. The bodies were entirely red like burning metal, giving off a scorching heat.”
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