修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred “Peddling”

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Chapter Two Hundred – Peddling

As he entered the passage the shock in Hong Yang’s heart increased.

This jie river was the only passageway leading to Little Mountain Jie. He had crossed it so many times before that he had lost count. He remembered clearly this was the territory of Heart Lake Sword Sect and was guarded by a few disciples. He had had several interactions with these Heart Lake Sword Sect disciples. Every time he passed through he would give a few gifts to maintain a close the relationship.

He remembered those Heart Lake disciples had no interest in developing the Desolate Wood Reef so the Desolate Wood Reef was always very bare.

When did the Desolate Wood Reef become like this?

As he landed from the passage of the formation, what he saw along the way was high defenses, heavy jinzhi so much that if they put one foot out of the border, they would instantly be killed by the formation. The appearing and disappearing sounds landed in everyone’s eyes like an intangible killing intent. The group walked as though there was a sword at their backs, their bodies cold, hairs standing on end. Even the face of the guard leader went from bright to dimd He clearly was very wary.

Such a big formation could not have been built in one day.

The shock in Hong Yang’s heart increased, did Heart Lake Sword Sect do this? In reality, from the perspective of a businessperson Hong Yang felt that constructing a restricted area here was a very profitable business.

He decided to wait and see. One hundred pieces of third-grade jingshi per person was just a small number to him, but from the perspective of others, it was a just a reckless toll; it did not seem like something a big sect like Heart Lake Sword Sect would do.

What he was most afraid off was there would be no limit to the other’s demands. Luckily, he had brought almost all the elite of the merchant house with him. Of the ten guards, three were ningmai experts, the others were all peak of zhuji.

As expected, when the world was in disorder anything could occur, Hong Yang sighed.

Welcoming him was a delicate and handsome youth and three golden armor guards.

The youth had a friendly smile on his face. His cultivation was not high, just zhuji.

Hong Yang’s gaze landed on the three guards behind him, and he was stunned. Not just him, even the leader of the guards and the two other ningmai guards changed expression.

The three guards were completely covered in golden armor, only revealing their eyes. The three’s gazes were cold and indifferent, without a hint of emotion. Their killing intent was tangible, each person was holding an exaggeratedly large broadsword that seemed designed to made people feel even more intimidated.

Where did these three come from?

The heart of the guard leader sunk to the bottom. The brutality revealed by the aura of the three golden armor guards surpassed any bandit he had ever encountered! All three made his heart move and feel a strong sense of danger. He knew what this meant. It meant that the cultivation of all three people were higher than him!

Hong Yang’s heart was even more stunned. The gap between his cultivation and the three golden armor guards was even larger, so he felt it even more strongly. Ningmai! These three were actually ningmai! In an instant, he was able to judge the other was of uncommon origins.

In Sky Moon Jie, ningmai was the most powerful xiuzhe that could be hired, and even then it was very difficult to hire them. The three ningmai guards under his command had been sent by the merchant house. He had tried to hire his own but had never succeeded.

His eyes landed on the three.

The flying swords that the three golden armor guards were wearing, the golden ling armor covering their bodies, they were not ordinary!

“Your patronage is one hundred pieces of third-grade jingshi per person,” The youth’s voice was not loud, refreshing and clear as the spring wind.

Hong Yang refreshingly took out the jingshi he prepared and handed over, smiling and said, “What is this little brother called?”

“Uncle can call me Gongsun Cha,” Gongsun Cha smiled as he took the jingshi. Calculating the income today, the smile on his face became greater.

“Oh, so it is Little Gongsun Brother!” Hong Yang bowed with his hands, and pretended to be surprised, “Your sect is? This one has passed the Desolate Wood Reef many times, and has never seen the island so prosperous, your sect really is good at managing!”

Gongsun Cha smiled, “We are roaming xiu, no sect.”

Roaming xiu? Hong Yang almost spat blood. Was he kidding, the roaming xiu of Sky Moon Jie, how could they have such power?

Gongsun Cha pointed at a row of houses. “You can find a place to rest. No one will disturb you. If you need supplies, not far up ahead is a shop. Of course, the items will be a bit more expensive. You can rest, and leave at anytime, However, if you wish to enter again, you will need to pay the fee again.”

Finishing, Gongsun Cha left. He was a very busy person.

Seeing the other did not show signs of making more demands, Hong Yang’s heart finally rested. He was transporting an astonishing number of talismans, and naturally was very nervous, being suspicious along the trip.

They walked in the direction that Gongsun Cha had pointed in towards the houses.

The houses were very simple, each yard made from normal rocks without any decoration, and no comfort to speak of. However, many of the houses were occupied. Hong Yang suddenly stopped, “Is it Long Zhen Sanren?”

A middle-aged xiuzhe drinking in the yard suddenly raised his head, joyful surprise on his face, “Storekeeper Hong!” He hurriedly to stand and greet, “Come in, come in, I didn’t think I would encounter Storekeeper Hong here, lucky lucky!”

Hong Yang motioned for the guards to guard the outside and walked in with the leader of the guards. He smiled and said, “Sanren’s relaxed attitude, this little brother has never been able to learn it.”

“Haha! Brother Hong always talks so well. Come come come, sit sit sit!” Long Zheng Sanren said.

Hong Yang was not courteous and sat down opposite Long Zhen Sanren. Long Zhen Sanren was one of his old acquaintances, and they had known each other before he had became the storekeeper and had kept in contact after that. Long Zhen Sanren was dedicated to cultivation. A decade ago, he had already broken through to ningmai second stratum, his present cultivation was unknown.

“Does Sanren know the history of the island owner?” Hong Yang asked in a low voice.

“Ha ha, Old Brother must have just entered the island,” Long Zhen Sanren seemed to have expected that Hong Yang would ask, and said with the smile. “Old Brother definitely would not be unfamiliar with the owner of the island. This island was originally the property of Heart Lake Sword Sect, and then it switched to Wu Kong Sword Sect. Their disciple, Zuo Mo, was sent to guard this place.”

“Didn’t Wu Kong Sword Sect move to Bright Wave Jie?” Hong Yang could help but ask.

“Ha ha, Zuo Mo does not belong to a sect now, so he is the owner of the island,” Long Zhen Sanren.

Hong Yang stilled and then gasped, “Impossible! How can Wu Kong Sword Sect abandon their core disciple? Even more, it is Zuo Mo!” The leader of the guards behind him also had a face full of disbelief. Such a talented disciple as Zuo Mo, no sect would easily abandon him.

“I don’t understand what had happened, but right now, the master of the island is undoubtedly Zuo Mo,” Long Zhen Sanren suddenly remembered something, “Speaking of it, Old Brother really came at a good time!”

“Oh, how so?” Hong Yang still hadn’t recovered from the last shock and asked instinctively.

“This Zuo Mo is really a genius. He astounded everyone by making the Golden Crow Pill before. Now, somehow, he made Golden Crow Fire!” Long Zhen Sanren sighed.

“Golden Crow Fire!” Hong Yang jumped in fright, “Fourth-grade Golden Crow Fire?”

“Yes, that Golden Crow Fire!” Long Zhen Sanren smiled, “So I say that Old Brother really came at a good time. The news has not spread yet. Otherwise, countless people would have headed here already.”

“Fourth-grade Golden Crow Fire … …” Hong Yang muttered.

Long Zhen Sanren took a drink of tea, “I heard the news when I encountered Bo Feng on the road. Pity that I have no power to purchase it. Old Brother, you might not know, but the Black Wind Bandits attacked this place, but they were all killed!”

He shook his head, sighing, “I was dumbstruck when I heard this news. All killed! And it was the Black Wind Bandits! If Wu Kong Sword Sect learned this, they would be so regretful. Zhuji and able to kill the Black Wind Bandits, we have really wasted our lives.”

“Just a few days earlier, he broke through to ningmai. Such a genius, I have never heard of one like him!”

Hong Yang seemed to be struck by lightning, his entire head ringing. Long Zhen Sanren had given him too much news, so much he needed time to digest it. They chatted for a little more before he bid farewell. He needed to digest all this.




The next day, he found Gongsun Cha.

“I heard that the island is selling Golden Crow Fire. This one wishes to buy.”

Gongsun Cha brought Hong Yang to Zuo Mo.

When Hong Yang saw Zuo Mo, the stone in his heart landed. Zuo Mo could be considered one of the most talented and famous youths in Sky Moon Jie, and he was skilled in making dan. His business reputation had been very good before.

When he heard about the Golden Crow Fire, he couldn’t sit still. Fourth-grade Golden Crow Fire was not something that he could buy when he wanted to. If he had a chance to buy it, his heart moved. If he could buy Golden Crow Fire, it could be counted as a large achievement. When he returned to the merchant house, his status would rise.

Also, the clever Hong Yang had other plans. Other than Golden Crow Fire, Zuo Mo’s personal wealth was extremely large. This kind of person was the high-end customer that business people liked the most.

“You want to buy Golden Crow Fire?” Zuo Mo looked at Hong Yang, his mood well. Finally, someone was coming to buy Golden Crow Fire!

“Yes!” Hong Yang said, “Can this one take a look at the true face of Golden Crow Fire?”

The other’s carefulness did not make Zuo Mo feel displeasure. This meant that the other truly had interest in buying. He took out a mini box, opened it and pushed it in front of Hong Yang.

A pure gold flame jumped in the box, the yang and domineering presence filled the room.

Hong Yang was slightly excited.

Golden Crow Fire! As expected, it really was Golden Crow Fire! And it was very pure.

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Hong Yang asked, “How does Mister Zuo plan on selling this. On the market now, Golden Crow Fire of this quality, the price is usually about two pieces of fourth-grade jingshi.”

Hong Yang’s price was very just. However, Zuo Mo who heard the other meaning in Hong Yang’s words, followed along and said, “Does Storekeeper Hong have a suggestion?”

Hong Yang knew the following was the most crucial time, and would test his skill as a salesperson. He seemed to have returned to those days as an apprentice. He was slightly excited.

He said, “This one does not have much jingshi now, but have some interesting things that Mister Zuo might find interesting.”

“Interesting things?” Zuo Mo reacted very quickly. He hadn’t thought that he would become the target of a sales pitch.

However, he decided to see what the other could take out first.

Translator Ramblings: Seven hundred and fifteen chapters to go.

Zuo Mo meets a fellow businessperson! The island is being managed well. I wonder if Zuo Mo could be accused of war profiteering? On the other hand, this is much better than being a bandit.

Of Zuo Mo’s pets, the most intelligent would be Silly Bird. She was his first steed, and was crucial in his escape for his life during his battle with Chang Heng. It’s better to think of her as a person with a developed personality. Her show-off attitude is actually a great fit for Zuo Mo’s greediness. A weird bird for a weird owner. Lil’ Pagoda is Zuo Mo’s “son” and it is also intelligent and emotional. Lil’ Black usually doesn’t communicate as well as Silly Bird and Lil’ Pagoda can with Zuo Mo. The fault lies in that Lil’ Black started out as a low-level worm so it needs time to climb up the grades.

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