修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Eight “Ma Fan’s Decisiveness”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Eight – Ma Fan’s Decisiveness

Ma Fan had a separate cultivation area, which Gongsun Cha had specifically drawn out for him. It was a little corner closest to the water.

The geography of Stone Door Beach was very wide, next to the mountains and water. Occasionally, white birds would swim by on the water. The cruel conflicts in Little Mountain Jie had not affected them, thus they still lived idle lives. They did not have anything that xiuzhe would scheme after. They were not ling beasts, and the change in ling power did not affect them.

The remnant rays of the dusk reflected off  the water, the white birds dragging their long shadows, the reeds gently waving in the wind. Unconsciously, Ma Fan stopped training, and walked to the water, looking into the distance, his heart peaceful and serene.

Suddenly, he lifted his eyelids, wariness flashing through his eyes.

Without changing expression, he lowered his arm, the jade card that was tied to his wrist touched his fingertip. A finger-sized grey butterfly silently grasped onto the inside of his middle finger, looking like a nondescript grey ring.

Ma Fan’s eyes were covered in an imperceptible layer of grey. It looked as though his eyes had become dimmer.

[Ling Pupils]!

His vision silently changed. The dense reeds gradually became transparent, and a ball of shadow was visible as it hid among them.

So that’s where they were hiding!

The other’s position was about one hundred and fifty zhang away from him. He didn’t have the confidence to kill with one blow at this distance. From the position the other had chosen, the other could be considered very careful. If he could not kill with one blow, it would be unlikely to be able to stop the other in this open landscape.

Ma Fan guessed that it was a spy from some other faction. This distance was more suited to watch but not an ambush.

If this was in the past, Ma Fan would have most likely chosen to disregard it. It was better to not invite trouble, he disliked trouble. But today, the first thought that flashed through his mind was actually to kill the other person!

When he managed to respond, he couldn’t help but feel shock at his first instinct. However, he didn’t waste much time on his emotions. He recalled the reminders Gongsun Cha had said many times to him.

“The greatest taboo on the battlefield is indecisiveness! You are the core, you must be decisive, you must make the choice in a lightning flash! No matter if the choice is right or wrong!”

This distance … … he wasn’t certain of killing with one blow, what should he do?

“You have to believe in your fellows, don’t just go at it alone. What would you do if you don’t have a chance? Very simple, you have two choices, you can make chances for your teammates and your teammates can make chances for you.”

Ma Fan turned around, his expression normal. He saw three fellows. He only recognized one person of the three, the guy that was called Xie Shan. He had been the leader of the group they had captured last time. Supposedly, his cultivation was ningmai third stratum.

In reality, he had hoped that the three people he saw was the Lei Peng team. Even though Xie Shan’s power was far stronger than the Lei Peng team, but this team was made of  new members and didn’t have any familiarity with him.

However, he didn’t have a better choice.

“Old Xie,” He raised his arm, and shouted.




Xie Shan stilled and stopped moving, turning his face towards Ma Fan, puzzled on the inside. He naturally recognized Ma Fan, the core of the entire troop. The one with an incomparable position, the most trusted subordinate of Lil’ Miss.

But Xie Shan had never spoken one word with him.

“Hey!” Even though he was puzzled, he still responded with a smile. In the troop, he was the newest of the new. Even if his individual power was the highest, to gain Gongsun Cha’s trust, it required time. He wasn’t so stupid as to offend Ma Fan.

“Come help me train, let’s try my new movement method,” Ma Fan’s tone was intimate as he shouted.

Xie Shan imperceptibly furrowed his brows. He might be a newbie, but he was used to being the leader, no one had dared ask him to assist in training. However, the other’s intimate tone did not hold any negativity. What puzzled him even more was that he had never seen Ma Fan find someone to train with him in the past.

It was slightly strange … …

Suddenly, his eyes locked onto the palm that Ma Fan had raised up, a finger sized grey butterfly peacefully grasping his middle finger.

His heart suddenly jumped!

It had been Gongsun Cha who gave the grey butterfly beast service card to Ma Fan. It was rare to see him use it. If it really was a spar, Ma Fan should not have summoned the grey butterfly.

Xie Shan was very experienced. He thought as he smiled and walked towards Ma Fan. “Okay!”

The other two xiuzhe on the team looked at each other and did not speak. They could not afford to offend Xie Shan, much less Ma Fan. The two just stopped to watch.

Ma Fan and Xie Shan did not waste words, starting immediately.

What Xie Shan cultivated was the [Aurora Mirage Sword]. This was a rare fifth-grade sword scripture. He didn’t need to show his flying sword, raising his hands, multicolored sword energies flew out like an extremely beautiful aurora above the snow.

An icy presence instantly spread. Under the aurora in the sky, snowflakes danced, sharp as knives!

Sword essence!




Ma Fan’s heart instantly shook. This was sword essence! In the camp, all one hundred and ten xiuzhe were all ningmai, but there wasn’t more than five people that had comprehended sword essence.

As expected of the strongest person of the camp. With this attack, Ma Fan felt the pressure increase. The bright sword essences were like mist and dust, carrying a cold presence. Under the beautiful appearance was fatal killing intent!

The slowly spreading sword essence was like countless thin strands that were invisible to the naked eye that would silently trap a person.

However, you aren’t the only one who comprehended sword essence! Ma Fan’s grey eyes slightly narrowed.




Xie Shan intended to show his strength. In the previous battle, he had not displayed his strength. Gongsun Cha’s three section wave killing charge had been too ferocious. It was like an enormous hammer. With one blow, Xie Shan’s group had been broken into pieces. Seeing the situation, Xie Shan had immediately surrendered. Up until now, he had not had a chance to showcase his own strength.

It was a pity that Gongsun Cha was not at the camp. Xie Shan felt some regret. If he could display his full power in front of Lil’ Miss, it would be of great aid to increasing his status within the troop. However, there were only benefits and no disadvantages to displaying his strength in front of his fellows.

He was quickly surprised by Ma Fan’s strength.

Theoretically, there was a level of strength between the two. Xie Shan was ningmai third stratum, and Ma Fan was just ningmai second stratum. However, from the battle, it did not seem like a battle between two opponents of different power levels.

Xie Shan had never seen the confidence and determination that Ma Fan showed in another person. Was this what it was to be the core?

Each of Ma Fan’s blows would create many fake illusions that dazzled the eyes, but what shocked Xie Shan right after was that the afterimage of each sword energy did not disappear, but howled as they shot towards Xie Shan as though they were tangible!

Sword essence!

Ma Fan actually also comprehended sword essence!

The last thread of underestimation in Xie Shan’s heart disappeared. He did not use his full power, but he was also clear the other also had killing moves.

A ningmai second stratum was able to match him. Xie Shan couldn’t help but feel slightly bitter inside.

The multicolored aurora and the intangible sword shadows flew into the sky. There were continuously sounds of explosions but were controlled to an extremely small area, sounding like corn popping.

The xiuzhe in the camp had all stopped, turning their faces up to watch the fight. Everyone had an excited expression. One was the definite core of the troop, one was the xiuzhe with the highest cultivation of the camp. The battle between the two was the strongest collision!

In the sky, a multicolored ball of light dozens of zhang appeared. Inside the ball of light, it was tightly packed with multicolored sword energies and illusory sword energies, the figures of Ma Fan and Xie Shan flickering in and out of sight.

Gasps rose at the ground. The two had displayed extremely high control to have suppressed the sword energies to such a narrow space. Inside the light ball, the ling power and sword energy density had reached a terrifying level. Any consciousness that wanted to peer in would be torn to shreds.

Everyone’s hearts reached their throats. What was the situation like inside?

No one would have thought inside the ball where sword essences were blowing and killing intent was spilling, the two people were chatting and smiling.




“What’s the situation?” Xie Shan said with a smile.

Ma Fan praised Xie Shan inside. The two had never cooperated before. Xie Shan was very strong to be able to detect his intentions.

He didn’t waste words. “There’s a person crouching in the reeds.”

“Oh.” Xie Shan was very surprised. He had carefully inspected the surroundings when Ma Fan had asked him for a spar, but had not found anything. He did not doubt Ma Fan’s skill. Gasping on the inside, his expression became serious. “What do you plan on doing?”

“Kill!” Ma Fan did not hesitate in saying.

Xie Shan was shocked at Ma Fan’s viciousness. A normal person would first think of capturing the enemy alive in this kind of situation in hopes of obtaining useful knowledge through interrogation. He hadn’t expected that Ma Fan didn’t think before he said to kill the other.

He did not object, and said briskly, “Okay.”

“I’ll flee and you’ll chase in the direction of the reeds.”




The people on the ground saw a figure suddenly break through the ball of light, the sword essences that made up the light ball collapsing. Sword energy pieces that could not be countless lost control, and shot into the surroundings!

The surrounding crowd jumped in right and took up their flying swords to block these sword energy pieces. These sword energy pieces might look broken and scattered, but in reality, they were extremely sharp and deadly.

As the ball of light dissipated, Xie Shan’s hands were covered in a five colored light.

A multicolored sword about half a zhang wide, and three zhang long appeared above Xie Shan’s head.


Xie Shan’s hands suddenly closed together, the enormous aurora sword turning to a thick multicolored light that shot at Ma Fan in the air!

As the enormous aurora sword appeared, the expressions of those on the ground changed slightly.

The terrifying presence spread by the enormous sword made everyone feel shock! When it turned into a stream of light, the entire sky seemed to change color.

Ma Fan was in danger!

Just as Ma Fan appeared to have been hit by the flowing light, he suddenly disappeared.


The sword essence of the enormous sword was very dense. If it had locked on, it was an extremely difficult matter to escape. Any kind of movement method would be slowed, no matter how short the pause would be.

But Ma Fan did not show any pause. He disappeared in the air!

Having lost the target, the enormous sword light rushed at the reeds!

A grey shadow suddenly shot out of the reeds and moved to escape.

The enormous sword made an unexpectedly nimble turn in the air and charged at the grey figure.

The grey figure stilled slightly. He felt a bone-aching sword essence pressuring him in from all side. The enormous sword essence had tightly locked onto him!

Damn it!

Shocked, he channeled all the ling power in his body towards the flying sword and aimed it at the streaming sword light! With this attack, his own flying sword would undoubtedly be destroyed.

He didn’t have the time to mourn. He suddenly saw a grey flying sword silently appear at his side.

His pupils suddenly expanded, his heart dropping in an instant.

He ferociously bit through his tongue, a flush of blood flashing on his face as he spat out a bloody arrow!

If he could stop this attack, he could escape!

The other did not seem to have any intentions of dodging, the second flying sword welcoming the arrow of blood. A joyous expression came onto his face. This arrow of blood was his secret life-saving method. It was extremely powerful! If the other wanted to meet it head on, it would definitely stop the enemy for a few moments.


A clean and crisp collision, the joy on his face froze.

Everything in his vision became so slow, he could see it with the utmost clarity. The arrow of blood collided with the flying sword, the expected retreat did not occur.

The arrow of blood was turned to a handful of bloody mist, a cloud of dust-sized blood droplets that flashed in front of his eyes as beautiful as a painting.

A flying sword emerged from the bloody mist and entered his body.

It was as though he was hit with a thirty-thousand-catty hammer. A bloody mist floated out of his body, the surroundings moved backwards with astonishing speed. A last thought flashed through his mind

–––– Such a heavy sword!

Translator Ramblings: The cast page has been updated but I forgot to include the pets this time. Thank you for your comments.

Ma Fan is becoming someone that doesn’t find trouble troublesome anymore. All of this is due to Gongsun Cha who has really shifted his attitude around. Ma Fan is obvious as the teacher’s pet. Xie Shan is powerful, and he’s trying to find a way to carve his own spot into this group. The events of this chapter are an exercise in teamwork.

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