修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty One “Warning”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty One – Warning

“Miss!” The middle-aged person said respectfully, “We’ve just received a message from Jin daren. They were attacked by an unknown force. Seven dead, sixteen wounded, Jin Daren was also lightly wounded.”

“Oh,” Mu Xi’s expression changed, “who did it?”

“A female, origins unknown. Jin Danren’s subordinates have already started a search, but there has been no success up until now.”

“One person?” Mu Xi was slightly shocked. She had not interacted much with Jin Bo Zhen, but the few times were enough for her to conclude he was an experienced and calm person. With the protection of an entire corps, yet he was still wounded by a single female. She naturally was shocked. “A jindan?”

“The situation is not clear.” The middle-aged man clearly was puzzled as well. “However, the female is said to also be seriously wounded. Jin Daren hopes that Miss can keep this person in mind”

“I hadn’t thought that a measly Sky Moon Jie still had crouching dragons and hiding tigers!” Mu Xi sighed and then said, “You can keep the incident in mind. If we encounter her, do not let her go. The threat of a jindan is extremely high to us, however, our energy should be mostly spent on the original plan.”

“This subordinate understands,” The middle-aged man responded. He hesitated before saying, “This subordinate does not understand, if it really is a daren then why would they not try to get in contact with us?”

“There are many possibilities. Maybe the daren is not in a good situation, or maybe he does not want to see us.” Mu Xi said unconcernedly, “That has nothing to do with us. Our job is to find that daren, even if it is just a trace. There naturally will be other people to deal with the remaining matters.”

“Yes, this subordinate has asked too much!” the middle-aged man hurriedly said.

Mu Xi waved her hand. “There’s no need to be so careful. I have not been commanding for long. I still need to borrow your experience.”

“It is this subordinate’s honor.”

Seeing the respect on her subordinate’s face, Mu Xi was helpless. She suddenly recalled something. “Have we found the moon mo brigadier?”

“No, the other is very careful, and did not leave behind many traces,” The middle-aged man said.

“Oh, be careful.” Mu Xi thought and then said, “If you find the trail, do not enter into a conflict with the other. This battle will be long, and will not end so quickly. Yao and mo should be allies, not enemies.”

“This subordinate understands!”




Zuo Mo had also started cultivating in this period of time. No matter if it was ling power, spiritual power, or body cultivation, he was in a period of rapid progression. This was the golden time to cultivate. He didn’t dare slack off.

During the day, he cultivated ling power and his body, at night, he cultivated his consciousness. He even temporarily pushed his studies into formations to the side. Formations were the core, but it was a labor of time. In the short term, it could not increase his strength, but cultivation could.

[Sky Wave Fist Scripture] was just a very normal scripture, but with the mountain physique the great strength produced motivated Zuo Mo.

Especially the [Sky Glass Wave], it was even more powerful than Ma Fan’s [Illusory Shadowless Sword of Destruction]. What Zuo Mo needed to do now was to compress the amount of time needed to prepare the attack, to complete twelve revolutions in a shorter period of time. This was not impossible. Zuo Mo was already  skilled in controlling ling power, but shortening the preparation time would dramatically increase the burden on his ling channels.

Zuo Mo had to increase his level of body cultivation, he had to in order to tolerate the  greater load, and enable this killing move to have practical value. Otherwise, such a strong killing move would be greatly discounted by having an overly lengthy preparation time.

Luckily, he was in the middle of a period of rapid improvement. As long as he did not slack off, after cultivating for a while longer, his body should be able to tolerate him using this killing move.

Of course, this also meant that other than going forward step by step, he did not have any other methods.




In the camp, howls would occasionally be heard from the sword formation. Over the last few days, people had gradually gotten used to them. Every person that went into the sword formation would shout and yell like so, but once they crawled out of the sword formation, they would immediately enter seclusion. Up until now, the remaining people that had not entered the sword formation did not even know how scary the inside was.

They only knew it was very scary, very very scary … …

But they also knew there were many many benefits … …

Compared to those xiuzhe who felt a mix of terror and anticipation, Zuo Mo did not have any discomfort at all. He was already used to these howls. When he had carved the formations onto them, the howling that had started up under his hands was no less than the present ones.

Suddenly, the beast service card at Zuo Mo’s waist suddenly shook.

Hmm, Zuo Mo’s mind moved, and he unconsciously stopped his actions. This was the first time the beast service card had done this. He hurriedly summoned the rainbow butterfly.

The Rainbow Mark butterfly flew out, made a nimble turn and started to fly towards outside the camp.

There was a situation?

Suddenly thinking about how someone had been spying a few days ago, Zuo Mo was extra cautious, and beckoned at Zong Ru’s unit which was closest to him, indicating for them to follow.

The three exchanged looks and hurriedly followed.

Those that noticed this from far away all had admiring gazes. Zong Ru’s little unit really had the best luck. Boss trusted them. Those with experience all knew that familiarizing their face with the boss was directly related to future benefits.

However, even though Lil’ Miss was not at camp, no one dared to stop their cultivation without Boss’ orders.




Gongsun Cha’s eyes were red as he stared deathly at the enemy which seemed like a tide.

He had already lost this match, but the other side did not have any intentions of stopping, pushing him into a little corner to proceed with the last massacre.

It was not the first time he had encountered this kind of situation. Once he showed a weakness, what awaited him was retreat after retreat. The other was like a dog with a bone, biting on tightly. What followed after was fierce attacks. Any little crack would be hammered into large gaps in a very short period of time.

Gongsun Cha was already used to the other pursuing and beating him.

However, he decided to give the other a little “surprise” this time!

Zuo Mo led the little team and followed tightly behind the Rainbow Mark butterfly. He rarely used this third-grade ling butterfly. From the grade, this was a very  fine top of third-grade, but all three of its spells were related to poison. Zuo Mo rarely interacted with poison so he never used this Rainbow Mark butterfly unless he was feeding it.

It was the first time that Zuo Mo had encountered the beast service card actively giving a warning. Zuo Mo was very curious.

Lei Peng and the other two had similar ideas and formed a perimeter with Zuo Mo in the middle. No matter what time, protecting Boss was their first job. Compared to Zuo Mo’s curiosity, the three appeared as though they were facing a great enemy.

The rainbow butterfly flew extremely quickly as though someone was attracting it.

The mountain valley that Zuo Mo had headed to was in the mountains near the water. The mountain valley curved through the mountains, and the mouth of the valley directly faced Stone Door Beach.

The mountain valley was very deep. Zuo Mo had not sent anyone to explore since they had only come here for Rotten Metal silver and did not plan on staying here for a long time. Right now, the amount of Rotten Metal silver billets on Zuo Mo’s hands formed a mountainous stack. He guessed that it was about time to depart from Stone Door beach. Zuo Mo decided to wait for the group to all go through the sword formation before they left Stone Door Beach.

Even more, Zuo Mo had set down formations at the important places. Even though it was not a large formation like the [Skyring Moon Chime Formation] on the Desolate Wood Reef, but these small formations were not easy to overcome either.

Zuo Mo did not put any formations on Stone Door Beach. The camp was constructed on the patch of sand. The view was wide from there, and everything could be seen at a glance. After the spying incident last time, the guard by the water had become even heavier.

Was there some worldly treasure that was attracting the Rainbow Mark butterfly?

Zuo Mo felt that it was not possible. This had been the site of a sect before. If there had been some treasure, it would not have been left for him to find. Suspicious, he tightly followed behind the Rainbow Mark butterfly.

After twisting and turning, the mountain valley became much steeper, and the humidity from the plants and trees grew.

The wariness on Lei Peng and the other’s faces grew even heavier.

Suddenly, the Rainbow Mark butterfly at the front furiously started to flap its wings. In the blink of an eye, with it as the center, a very small whirlpool formed.

What was going on?

Zuo Mo stopped moving, even more puzzled. There clearly was nothing in the surroundings.

He suddenly thought of the specialty of the Rainbow Mark butterfly, poison!

Was there some poisonous object!

His mind moved and let the Rainbow Mark butterfly cast a spell on him. The Rainbow Mark butterfly gently flapped its wings, and a five colored light emerged from Zuo Mo’s body. Zuo Mo’s eyes were instantly covered in a layer of five colored light.

Zuo Mo instantly jumped in fright!

In front of his eyes, threads of black mist were being attracted by the Rainbow Mark butterfly’s whirlpool, and surged into the whirlpool.

This was … … poison!

Zuo Mo suddenly realized and hurriedly pulled back the three people beside him. If it wasn’t for the [Rainbow Pupils], he wouldn’t have been able to find this kind of poison! Even though he did not know how poisonous it was, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but feel fear.

A tasteless, colorless, and undetectable poison was more than scary enough! Even more, with the Rainbow Pupils, the threads of black mist made Zuo Mo’s hairs stand on end.

Was there some terrifying poisonous organism nearby?

That wasn’t right!

If there was something so poisonous, Xie Shan and the others who had lived here before should have already been turned to a pile of bones.

The joy the Rainbow Mark butterfly passed on to Zuo Mo did not make him happy, but made him felt as though he had fell into ice, his entire body went cold. He had recalled the other spell of the Rainbow Mark butterfly [Poison Change]! The Rainbow Mark butterfly could absorb all kinds of poisons to transform. The happier it was, the more deadly this poison was!

Poison was something the great majority of xiuzhe were wary off.

Some great poisons could even directly kill a jindan. They were extremely strange. Some poisons could be merged with the ling energy in the air, and could not be detected. Some poisons could pass through ling shields. There were all kinds of weird and wondrous poisons.

Without a doubt, this one was an extremely terrifying poison!

Someone was scheming against them!

No matter how stupid he was, Zuo Mo instantly realized it. Other than fear, killing intent uncontrollably rose!

The three people beside Zuo Mo could not see the deadly poison in the air, but were sensitive enough to catch the killing intent that spilled out of their boss. Their hearts shook!

Zuo Mo did not speak, and made a hand movement. After watching Lei Peng and the others work together for so long, he knew some of the simpler hand movements. Then, he started to fly up along the walls of the valley, using the Rainbow Mark butterfly as the border. The other side of the boundary was filled with black threads of poison.

Zuo Mo decided to make a circle to avoid the poison.

He wanted to see who was scheming against them!

Translator Ramblings: Chun Yu Cheng’s pets are in the spotlight again. Remember the water butterfly back when they were on the boat and the grey one Ma Fan had a few chapters ago? Chun Yu Cheng is the silent contributor, he works behind the scene (or is it behind the words?)

Gongsun Cha is busy in war chess, and everyone else is roaring to go into the sword essence formation. We also get a little peak at what the yao soldiers are doing.

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