修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Four “Fury and Killing Intent”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Four – Fury and Killing Intent

Lei Peng and the others attacked at the same time.

At this time, they felt the taste of what it was like for Boss’ lightning bomb to not be able to move forward. It was like there was an invisible ball of energy in front of them. The flying swords and sabres in their hands were forcibly blocked. Destructive ling power flooded in, but there was no response, like mud cows entering the ocean.

The three were very shocked. Before they were able to retreat, a force suddenly came. They were not able to control their bodies.

Woosh woosh woosh!

The barrel thick body of the Bloody Horned Great Serpent twisted and turned. Like three sandbags, the three people were thrown about.

Zuo Mo did not raise his head. Every stray thought in his mind had flown away at this time. The arms that he had raised slightly wavered, the movements soft like the ethereal willow branches in the spring.


The Bloody Horned Great Serpent opened its bloody maw, revealing the arm thick fangs covered in saliva. A nasty odor spread everywhere. When the venomous saliva dripped on the ground it would create a bloom of smoke. The almond yellow eyes of the snake were empty, so cold there was no warmth, only the most instinctive desire to kill.

It stared at Zuo Mo, the killing desire in its eyes became even heavier. Just having suffered from the lightning bomb, the Bloody Horned Great Serpent was full of hate towards Zuo Mo.

Hiss hiss hiss!

The snake tail covered in fine silver scales was like a quickly vibrating rattle, giving out a soul-shocking sound as it shot towards Zuo Mo like an arrow! The space shield around the snake tail also vibrated at high speed. Everywhere it passed, the air was cut up into pieces.

The souls of Lei Peng and the others who were still in the air almost left their bodies. They could only see the snake tail! They were only able to see a ball of shadow, a shattered figure like a school of fish made from many little fishes!

All three of them were battle hardened, yet an instinctive terror uncontrollably spread into every corner of their body!

Even if Boss had a ling shield, he definitely could not stop this attack!

The attack of the Bloody Horned Great Serpent was close to the peak of physical power!

There were countless methods in the world, but no matter which kind of power, when they reached the peak, all paths ended up at the same place.

The three felt as though they were in a glacier, the blood in their bodies freezing in an instant. If Boss died, all of them would not be able to survive! The jinzhi on their bodies would restrict their souls instantly!

Suppressing the soreness of his body, Zong Ru forcefully bit his tongue. A thick tang spread in his mouth! Of the three, only he had a thread of energy. He had not wasted his training in this recent while! In blocking this kind of physical attack, dhyana xiu had a natural advantage.

Ling power furiously circulated through his body, moving without regard for the consequences.

He was like a piece of lead, suddenly dropping down. Bam, a figure shot out of the dirt!

He suddenly appeared in front of Zuo Mo, the scattered afterimages at the center of his vision. The frightening rattles did not have any effect on him now.

His mind was empty, focused on one aim, no shock, no joy, no fear, no anger, carefree!

A string of wooden Buddhist beads on his wrist slowly lit up, a warm and deep yellow light covering his entire body.

Inside the light, Buddhist sounds rang, and countless flashing sutra characters swam.


The snake tail forcefully whipped the golden light on Zong Ru’s body. The golden light instantly dimmed, and wavered uncertainly like a candle flame lingering in the wind.

The Bloody Horned Great Serpent felt as though it had whipped a burning piece of metal, and hissed painfully, the thick serpent body furiously twisting! Paing! Each bone was in pain, pain that reached the marrow!

Pia pia pia!

The wooden Buddhist beads on Zong Ru’s wrist simultaneously exploded into dust, the yellow light extinguishing. Zong Ru uncontrollably spat out blood and fell backwards!

Before he fell unconscious, he seemed to see two glasslike lights flash.

[Sky Glass Fist]!

Fourteen revolution [Sky Glass Fist]!

The fists that appeared like glass were so detailed that every line could be seen, just the same as Zuo Mo’s fists!




Fear finally slipped into the emotionless yellow eyes of the Bloody Horned Great Serpent. Yet the two fists that were so detailed they look like toys moved silently, but seemed to have a deadly attraction. It could not muster up a thought of dodging.

Bam bam!

The two fists hit its space shield.

There was no earth-shattering sound. Its space shield, which had be so strong and never had been penetrated before, was like a bubble which had been gently poked!


This was impossible!

For the first time, its body was exposed to the outside!

Terror had not even spread through its heart when a non-descript little bead impacted its enormous body.

The almond yellow eyes became blank. A pale coldness furiously spread along its body with astonishing speed.


The Bloody Horned Great Serpent made a sound as though it was being carved by a knife, yet the wail seemed to have been gripped and cut off by something else. It felt darkness flood it and drown it.




Zuo Mo’s mind was ringing. He could only hear the sound of his heartbeat, his eyes a blurred. Everything on the outside seemed so illusory, like they were shadows without any feeling of realism. Compared to the illusion of the outside, his body was extremely detailed in his vision. He was able to see the clearly defined channels of various sizes, the blood vessels which were like tree trunks, the strangely constructed muscles, and the ling power spread through his marrow and tendons, and the earth energy that was repairing his body … …




Lei Peng and Nian Lu saw the remaining half section of the Bloody Horned Great Serpent, and couldn’t help but gulp, their eyes full of disbelief.


This was a fifth-grade ling beast!

Boss was able to kill a fifth-grade ling beast!

The Bloody Horned Great Serpent had become an ice sculpture, motionless, its entire body was a pale white.

Lei Peng and Nian Lu’s eyes suddenly shrank. The two stared with terror at the horns of the Bloody Horned Great Serpent!

It was withering away!

Withering away at a rate possible to be seen with the naked eye!

Lei Peng did not know how many fights he had experienced, but the terror caused by the strange scene in front of him was uncontrollable, especially since it was a fifth-grade ling beast. He used all the energy in his body to turn his gaze away.

He didn’t dare to watch!

It was a kind of pale white that was lifeless. It had a strange and abnormal powers. He was afraid he would lose the last of his courage.

When his gaze moved to the other size, he instantly became alarmed. “Boss!”

Boss was still maintaining his stance after the punch!

A bad feeling suddenly rose. Lei Peng furiously flew towards Boss. After Lei Peng’s shout, Nian Lu also woke up. When he saw that Boss was unmoving, his expression changed dramatically!


Like a piece of wood, Zuo Mo collapsed head first.

The two flew towards Zuo Mo. The jinzhi on their bodies had not acted. The two felt slightly reassured. That meant that Boss was not fatally wounded.

They could not attend to the Bloody Horned Great Serpent that was withering. One of them grabbed Zuo Mo and the other grabbed Zong Ru before they flew quickly towards the camp. The two didn’t dare to go through the valley. That black gourd had not looked as though it was a harmless object.

The two of them were filled with fear. Who could have thought that two ningmai could summon a fifth-grade ling beast.

A fifth-grade ling beast and a fourth-grade were just separated by one grade, but the difference between the two was a deep abyss that could not be crossed. The space shield was just one of the major differences. Ling beasts fifth-grade and above were completely protected in the space shield. In reality, a space shield was just an area with ling power, a ling power area controlled by the ling beast and had many abilities.

Fifth-grade ling beasts were existences that only jindan could touch.

Overtaking their fear was a furiously burning anger, one that burned to every corner of their hearts.




When Gongsun Cha returned to the camp, his face was as dark and heavy as water. He had lost the round! He had killed all the way to fifty paces from the commander of the enemy. Only fifty paces! He was extremely furious. If he only had another small troop of Balloon Fish mo, he could pull the other into the ground with him!

Gongsun Cha did not feel happy at all, it was the his first time he made the mysterious person enter such a sorry state and yet his plan had not succeeded. Even though he would lose every match, even though he should be used to defeat, but even so, he hated failure, had an unparalleled hatred, even if the other was stronger than him, more powerful than him!

This battle definitely had given the mysterious person a shock, but so what? No matter how great the shock was, but it was a defeat. To him, there was no meaning!

Damn It!

Gongsun Cha appeared in the camp with a dark face, and the atmosphere at the camp instantly decreased. Everyone knew they could not provoke Lil’ Miss at this time!

Just at this time, when Gongsun Cha saw Lei Peng and Nian Lu stumble back with Zong Ru, he felt all the blood in his body freeze!

Clang! He felt that his head was hammered and there was a period of blankness.

When the camp saw the wounded Boss and Zong Ru, the camp exploded, everyone’s expressions changing.

Damn it!

Wasn’t this taking their lives as well?

If Boss died, everyone here would not survive! Everyone’s heart was being frantically, their complexions terrible.

“Who f***ing did this?”

“Kill them!”

… …

Gongsun Cha woke up from his daze. He took a deep breath. The energy in his body that had just left came back in a flood. The blood which had just frozen seemed to have suddenly started burning, and rose up!

A blush came onto his face as though the delicate face could drip blood.

“All of you, shut up!”

The anger in his head was like the eruption of a volcano, the burning blood turning to a shout.

The tendons in his forehead, at the corner of his eyes, and his neck bulged like they were earthworms, extremely fierce when paired with his ruddy face!

All the noise in the camp suddenly stopped, and entered a deathly sentence. Everyone was frightened by the fierce Lil’ Miss.

“What happened?”

Gongsun Cha suppressed the boiling fury inside, his voice rough and controlled, like a black cloud covering everyone’s hearts. The deliberate calm of Lil’ Miss made everyone’s heart uncontrollably shudder.

Lei Peng and Nian Lu hurriedly narrated everything that had happened in detail.

When they heard that the two xiuzhe had summoned a fifth-grade ling beast, the camp was full of gasps, and when they heard that Boss had killed this fifth-grade Bloody Horned Great Serpent, everyone gasped.

In the deathly silent camp, everyone dazedly listened to Lei Peng’s trembling voice as he described how the serpent turned a terrifying pale white and then broke down into dust.

“It’s the Kong Brothers under Venerable Chi’s command. Of the same group as the guy who spied on us last time,” Xie Shan opened. “Boss isn’t seriously harmed, Zong Ru has much heavier wounds, and needs to rest for a while.”

His cultivation was the highest, his eyes the keenest and able to accurately judge the wounds. His words caused everyone to relax.

Gongsun Cha’s expression did not turn even the slightest bit better. He generally understood the situation of the Rainbow Mark butterfly.

If Shixiong really met an unexpected occurrence, then he himself … …

He fisted his hands, unaware that his fingernails had cut into his flesh.

He definitely would not forgive himself!

He raised his head, his eyes bloodshot. He relaxed his fist and the fingernails came out of the flesh.

“Organize and depart!”

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