修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Five “The Butcher’s Three Section Wave Killing Charge”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Five – The Butcher’s Three Section Wave Killing Charge

Zuo Mo laid on the ground, the three Golden Armor Guards by his side.

His body was like a sponge, continuously absorbing earth energy from the ground. Fourteen revolutions of ling power was over his body’s limit. The terrifying ling power had almost destroyed his arms.

The uncontrolled ling power travelled everywhere inside his body. The earth energy was like paramedics, trying their best to repair Zuo Mo’s body.

Destruction, repair, destruction again, repair again … …

Zuo Mo’s body was like a battlefield, the ferocity of battle almost unimaginable. His limbs occasionally convulsed which looked extremely strange. No one noticed that as his body was repeatedly damaged, the impurities in his flesh and blood would be tempered immediately.

The earth energy that came after was like glue that was full of life, reconstructing the broken flesh.

This was just the start.

The Golden Crow Fire was also rampaging. When it was completely free from suppression, it silently spread, merging with the ling power and started a new round of damage of even greater magnitude.

The five element glass bead detected danger, and automatically turned, absorbing ling power from the surroundings. At the same time, threads of pure five element base source were released. They mixed with the earth energy, and repaired Zuo Mo’s body.

The mo matrix on Zuo Mo’s body flickered on and off. The three Golden Armor Guards by his side did not move. They were like statues, standing with their swords, motionless.

Suddenly, Zuo Mo’s frozen and wooden face started to boil like boiling porridge, appearing extremely frightening.

The Golden Crow Fire and the ling power had entered his face, and started to rampage and destroy. The earth energy and five element base source arrived at their tail, and the two sides started a new skirmish on his face.

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao’s expression was heavy.

The present situation’s complexity was far beyond his predictions, and was outside of  his limits to deal with. His blade like narrow lips did not have any of the usual scorn and mockery, only a deep bitterness and helplessness.

After he had escaped the Yao Forging Tower, his strength had started to slip away.

Even though he had predicted it beforehand, but he had not thought that the power would slip away so quickly. His present power was not even a quarter of what it had been when he had first met Zuo Mo.

This bit of strength was not enough to support him, to choose another person to hold his soul.

His expression was unparalleled in its ugliness, ferocity flashing through his eyes. The hatred in his heart had no place to vent. He could only try to think and recall if there was any spell or secret method that was suitable for Zuo Mo’s present situation.

Pew pew pew!

Zuo Mo’s face suddenly exploded, blood and gore flying. His face had been forcibly changed by someone before. There were many blood clots and flesh tumors below his skin. That was the true cause of his paralyzed and wooden face. The Golden Crow Fire and ling power mixed together into a destructive force that swept away these blood clots and tumors.

The earth energy with the five element base source was like a loyal bodyguard. Everywhere it passed, the exposed flesh stopped bleeding, and new flesh grew at a rate visible to the naked eye.

The same battle was happening on every corner of Zuo Mo’s body.

Flesh continuously exploded, and then regrew. Gradually, the blood scabs on Zuo Mo’s body became increasingly thicker.

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao was slightly panicked. A thought flashed through his head. When he recalled a previous situation on Wu Kong Mountains, he suddenly turned around his face, and started to swear at the gravestone.

“What are you waiting for?”

The gravestone shrouded in the black clouds suddenly sucked the surrounding black clouds into it.

The black gravestone became even more deep and dark, the surface of the gravestone was black but was as shiny as a mirror.

Suddenly, there seemed to be a shadow moving on the gravestone.

Gradually, the shadow became clear on the gravestone, it seemed like the shadow of a person!

The figure was very indistinct, and the features were not clear. As the figure appeared, a vast presence suddenly appeared.

Pu Yao dazedly looked at the indistinct yet familiar figure on the gravestone. It was as though a body paralysis curse had been cast upon him. He was motionless.




“The mountain valley twenty li ahead is Venerable Chi’s base.” Xie Shan was very familiar and naturally knew because he had been  in conflict with Venerable Chi for a long time. He was also full of fear. If something really had gone wrong with Boss, he would have died without an explanation.

Gongsun Cha did not hesitate, and said darkly, “Kill!”

As his voice landed, the chisel shaped attack formation of the moving group instantly changed. The two wings spread out like two gigantic claws that viciously pushed forward.

Such a ruckus, the other side naturally was prepared.

Seven xiuzhe flew up and welcome them. One of the people opened and inquired, “You … …”

“Kill!” Gongsun Cha did not have the interest in chatting with the other and interrupted him.

Three little teams were like three bolts of lightning. Without a word, they leapt at the seven enemies.

The seven xiuzhe evidently had not expected that Gongsun Cha would not even give a greeting before starting the fight, and instantly panicked.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

One of the xiuzhe had learned a spell similar to [Sky Thunder Sound]. When he shouted, it echoed through the mountains! The enemy had came brimming with killing intent. The seven people quickly worked together in defense.

This place was their base. If they could hold the other side back for a moment, their reinforcements would arrive. All of the xiuzhe that could survive in Little Mountain Jie were old-timers experienced in fighting. Everyone knew what they had to do, and what they should not do.

“Form the formation!” The leader shouted.

The other six moved into position, their flying swords and talismans out.

But right after, the expressions of the seven changed!

A little team from the other side charged at them with no signs of slowing down!

The three people were like a little chisel, their flying swords in their hands pressed to the maximum, each spitting with long sword energies! The three sword energies crossed and merged, forming a terrifying sword energy two zhang wide, and ten zhang long!

Woo woo woo!

The sound of the enormous sword energy tearing the air shook their souls!

The seven people had never expected the enemy to attack with such determination, without holding anything back! That was insane! While this kind of attack would be powerful, but it meant sacrificing any variation. If the enemy was able to dodge or bear it, these three people would become calves waiting for slaughter.

The seven people unconsciously chose to dodge.

It was unwise to face such a ferocious attack head on.

The seven people that scattered did not realize the formation they had just formed instantly crumbled.

The three people holding the gigantic sword energy were like a enormous and sharp sword, and could easily slice through the seven people. The two other little teams that followed tightly after were like panthers that smelt blood, and silently followed. The seven people that had been scattered were quickly divided into several groups.

At this time, there were xiuzhe continuously flying from the valley into the sky.

Without Gongsun Cha needing to order, the teams on the two flanks started to attack.

Three section wave killing charge!

With the little team as an unit, one wave charged forth after another as though there was no end. Each team would not linger in battle with each charge, and would leave the space for the team behind them.

The three section wave killing charge was the first battle tactic that Gongsun Cha had learned. Up until now, it was the tactic he was most familiar with using. Compared to the past, it really had completely transformed, and was in a completely different style than Pu Yao’s three section wave killing charge.

Pu Yao’s three section wave killing charge emphasized strength. It was like a heavy hammer thirty thousand catties heavy, using force to break technique.

Gongsun Cha’s three section wave killing charge emphasized transformations. It was especially skilled at dicing and dismembering the enemy.

If Pu Yao’s three section wave killing charge was a large hammer, Gongsun Cha’s three section wave killing charge was like a little hammer and a little knife. He first used the knife to dismember the enemy, then used the little hammer to smash the pieces. In terms of brute power, his three section wave killing charge was far from Pu Yao’s, and many places were raw and in need of perfecting, but in terms of efficiency, he had reached a certain standard.

Several little teams continuously charged and killed among the ranks of the enemy like sharp daggers!

Dismemberment, it was the work butchers were most skilled at.

The former butcher coldly stared at the chaotic battlefield like he was looking at the corpse of a ling beast. The pathways for each slice was so clear in his eyes.

He continued to pass down orders of minor adjustments through the Same Heart Necklace. He had left the Golden Armor Guards behind to protect Shixiong. The target of the Same Heart Necklace had therefore switched to the little teams. Under Gongsun Cha’s continuous adjustments, the entire team was like a fine-tuned machine, working faster and cooperating better.

Compared to the scattering and looseness of the enemy, the xiuzhe under his command maintained three people battle units. This caused them to always have the advantage of numbers in battle.

After a while, Gongsun Cha stopped his adjustments, looking at the battlefield without a word.

They had securely taken control of the battle!

No matter if it was in terms of battle tactics or in strength, the xiuzhe under his command held the advantage. This recent while had been a period of rapid growth for those xiuzhe. With large supplies of jingshi, the Black Processing Meditation mat, and the engraved formations, each person’s strength had received a certain degree of improvement.

With the fury of almost having died without knowing, with Lil’ Miss’ dark stare like a blade at their backs, every team went crazy. No one dared to keep anything back, and no one would do so.

Xie Shan stood guard next to Gongsun Cha. As the person with the highest cultivation in the camp, he had been promoted to Lil’ Miss’  bodyguard.

If it had been in the past, for the life of him, he would not have believed that he would act as someone’s bodyguard one day. Much less a person who was so young and only of zhuji cultivation.

However, he felt no discontent right now. Looking at the xiuzhe to his side that was in control of the battlefield and the dazzling battle tactics, he sighed in admiration.

This was skill! Skill that he definitely could not possess!

In this chaotic time, individual power was so insignificant. This kind of skill meant true power!

He looked with slight sympathy at the xiuzhe who were working to resist on the battlefield. Xiuzhe dropped frequently from the sky like kites who had their string suddenly cut. Falling down from such a high elevation, unless it was a dhyana xiu skilled in body cultivation, other xiuzhe had no chance of survival.

Venerable Chi raised his head to look at the sky, his face ashen.

Just a few more days … …

He had not expected the other to have attacked them at their base at such a crucial time, and had not expected the other to be so powerful, and for his own subordinates to not even stand up to one attack.

He recognized Xie Shan who was far away, but his gaze landed more on the young person standing next to Xie Shan.

He knew that he had no chance of flipping the situation.

“Let us surrender!”

Venerable Chi said three words that he didn’t dare believe he said.

Translator Rambings: Pu Yao finally admits some things to himself. I hope this explains some of his actions. With Lil’ Miss and the rest in such a fury, this battle does not require more than one chapter. Their training really shows in this chapter compared to the untrained people.

Zuo Mo is undergoing another transformation. I feel the rate of his growth is actually growing faster, which is true to what Fang Xiang wrote in another chapter, but I’m so unused to it. We also get an explanation for why his zombie face is so wooden and paralyzed. It’s all scar tissue!

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