修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Six “New Life?”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Six – New Life?

Surrender was a very normal matter in Little Mountain Jie. It was extremely hard to survive here. The result of fighting to the end was injuring both sides. Once a group’s power was damaged, they would quickly be swallowed up by another group.

Surrender became an implicit agreement between the factions in Little Mountain Jie. Those that did not understand how to surrender died quickly. Those that did not accept surrender also died quickly. Fight and surrender was the bread and butter of life. There were all kinds of people under Venerable Chi’s command. In Little Mountain Jie, anything like loyalty was an illusion, no one would speak of it.

Seeing the situation was not to their benefit, it was normal to him that the remaining people would surrender.




Xie Shan suddenly went next to Gongsun Cha’s ear and said something in a low voice. He was very joyful inside. He hadn’t expected Venerable Chi to have something as good as this!

Gongsun Cha’s face was dark as he listened to the end without saying a word.

Just at this time, the surrounding xiuzhe suddenly shifted restlessly.

Noticing the shock and fear on everyone’s eyes, Gongsun Cha raised his head to follow their gaze. His pupils suddenly shrunk, his dark face changing instantly.

At some unknown time, the blue sky where the sun was shining brightly was filled with stars of various sizes.

There was none of the brightness of the stars at night time, but every single one was extremely distinct. Even the blinding sunlight could not steal their light.

Gongsun Cha felt a bone-piercing cold rise from the bottom of his feet.

“So strange! Why would stars appear in the daylight?” Someone asked with puzzlement.

“Dunno. It’s an apparition, probably not anything good.” The person responding was full of worry.

Everyone discussed in low voices. Even those xiuzhe who had surrendered and were tied up put their attention on the sky above their heads.

Gongsun Cha did not say anything. His entire body felt cold, his limbs numb. It was like there was a heavy rock on his chest.

Stars in Daytime!

He did not know what its appearance really meant, but he clearly remembered the first time he saw the Stars in Daytime in Sky Moon Jie, the nightmarish terror that made his bones tremble.

Now, Little Mountain Jie had a repeat of Stars in Daytime.

For some unknown reason, terror took over Gongsun Cha’s body. He forced himself to lower his head, tearing his gaze away from the strange sky.

After a while, his feelings calmed. Such a strange apparition definitely had nothing to do with him, why should he care? His attention landed back on the xiuzhe who had surrendered.

The other xiuzhe had calmed down after than Gongsun Cha did. In their minds, even the strangest apparitions could not compare to the enormous change in Little Mountain Jie.

Seeing Gongsun Cha’s attention land back on the xiuzhe, Xie Shan hurriedly asked, “What to do with these people?”

“Kill them,” Gongsun Cha’s expression was calm as he lightly said.

“Kill all of them?” Xie Shan was startled and asked instinctively.

“What?” Gongsun Cha tilted his head to look at Xie Shan.

Meeting Lil’ Miss’ calm and slightly delicate gaze, Xie Shan’s heart froze as he unconsciously avoided the gaze.

Gongsun Cha’s orders were loyally carried out. However, everyone’s faces were slightly unnatural. They were shocked at Lil’ Miss’ viciousness. Killing was extremely normal to them. Who hadn’t killed? But massacring captives … …

But when they saw the calmness on Gongsun Cha’s face, no one dared to speak.

From beginning to end, Gongsun Cha personally watched as all the captives were killed, his eyes not even blinking. That was truly killing without blinking! Xie Shan’s scalp felt numb. The faint and bashful smile on Lil’ Miss’ face made him only have one thought – run!

Suppressing the urge to turn and run, he was full of regret. Why had he showed off? Now, he was Lil’ Miss personal body. Xie Shan’s mouth felt bitter.

Gongsun Cha clapped, the usual shy smile on his face. “Everyone performed well today.”

No one made a sound.

“Five teams stay and guard here. Everyone else, return to camp, now.” He did not look at the corpses on the ground, turning and leaving.




Clear Sky Sect was built on top of a snowy mountain, the jie river roared past here as it entered Sky Water Jie. Among the white snow, tall towers stood, all of them built from second-grade snow crystals, extremely extravagant! Six thousand steps of ice stairs curved down the mountain. At the bottom end of the ice stairs was a crystal tablet made from a whole piece of snow crystal seven zhang tall. Written on it in cinnabar ink were two bright words – Clear Sky.

At this time, Clear Sky Sect was a mess.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know! Old Forefather rang the warning bell!”

“Then something major definitely happened!”

“Stop wasting effort guessing. Let’s move faster. We’ll be punished if we are late.”

Disciples of various ages hurried to the big hall. In a short while, all the disciples had gathered, an entire patch of silent black. The sect leader and others were standing on the side.

On the meditation mat at the very front was a xiuzhe whose hair was loose. He was wearing a snowy-white robe, appearing about forty or so. He was Clear Sky Old Forefather. The remaining and only jindan of the Clear Sky Sect.

Clear Sky Old Forefather slowly started to speak, his voice clear.

“Just now, there was a worldly apparition. Stars in Daytime, it is an inauspicious omen.”

Once the words came out, the crowd fell into a fervor. Many people had seen the Stars in Daytime just now, but no one had expected that even the Old Forefather was also alarmed.

“Send someone to investigate!” Clear Sky Old Forefather said, his words absolute.

“Yes!” The sect leader lowered his head in compliance.

“How are the recent supplies?” Clear Sky Old Forefather asked, “Have the ling grains from Hundred Flower Alliance been delivered on schedule?”

The sect leader said respectfully, “They have been delivered at the scheduled time. They hope that they can trade for some third and fourth-grade gold element materials, and have given extremely generous prices. They are willing to use a batch of third- and fourth-grade talismans to trade. They are also willing to give Old Forefather a sixth-grade Begonia Lantern in tribute.”

Clear Sky Old Forefather said in a deep voice, “Hundred Flower Alliance are skilled in entering the path through flowers. I have heard of their Begonia Lantern before, it’s not a bad talisman. However, they want gold element materials, not wood element materials?”

“Yes, this disciple does not understand, but they are truly purchasing gold element materials,” the sect leader responded.

Clear Sky Old Forefather thought and then said, “Send them a reply. Find a place inside the jie to open a market and sell ling grains. Get Hundred Flower Alliance to send a group of xiu slaves. We will sell them to other people, and use ling grains to purchase materials.”

“Old Forefather is wise,” the sect leader flattered.

“How many ningmai disciples does our sect have?”

“Old Forefather, there is one hundred and twenty people.”

“Too little!” Clear Sky Old Forefather shook his head, “Go recruit a group of ningmai and make them the Outer Hall. Their job is to take care of the affairs of the jie.”


“You shall personally go to Sky Water Jie.” Clear Sky Old Forefather thought and then said, “You are to do two things on this trip. The first matter is to see if there is a chance to meet and ally with other factions. The other is to buy a secret paradise to become another home for the sect. Disciples of the sect who show promise shall all go to the second home to cultivate. If our sect can have a few more jindan, this Little Mountain Jie will become our backyard.”

“This disciple understands!” The sect leader was full of admiration. Old Forefather was a visionary. If these matters could be accomplished, Clear Sky Sect’s rule of Little Mountain Jie could not be shaken.

The ling energy of Little Mountain Jie had withered, but the mines had not been exhausted. It was more than enough for this one jie to support Clear Sky Sect!

“Do not worry. I will stay and guard for you.” Old Forefather waved his hand.




Zuo Mo’s vision was completely black, a rank odor continuously burrowing into his nose.

Where was this?

Had he died?

That wasn’t right, he hadn’t died.

After thinking for a while, he finally recalled fighting with the Bloody Horned Great Serpent.

That big guy was truly strong. Fear still lingered.

Impulsiveness was really a flaw! Why had he not managed to control himself? He made a deep self-reflection, and built his resolution that he would turn and run the next time he met something like this.

It had seemed as though that he had killed the big guy, he thought back uncertainly.

Many of the memories were blurry. After thinking for a while, he had not discovered anything.

Itchiness occurred all over his body, pulling him from his memories. His attention came back to the question of where he was.

He did not move, but controlled his consciousness. After he started practicing [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], it had become his habit to always use the consciousness to investigate when he encountered something.


Why was it like this?

If he did not clearly know that this was his body, he definitely would not believe the body in front of him had any connection to him.

It was full of vitality!

Extremely dense vitality!

The earth energy inside his body was so thick it was almost in liquid form, and flowed through every corner of his body. A blooming vitality, strong life force. Zuo Mo could clearly feel that intoxicating feeling.

What shocked him anymore was that he could not find any bit of familiarity with the body.

Blood, flesh, sinew, bone … …

It was completely unfamiliar. It was like a brand new body, a new and perfect body.

At the same time, he found the shell that was tightly covering his body! So strange, why would he be inside a shell?

He reflexively pushed out. Pia, the shell cracked. Light streamed through the crack. It was slightly blinding. Fresh air flowed into the shell. Zuo Mo felt it was unspeakable pleasurable. He greedily breathed in and pushed out!


The shell instantly shattered into pieces and flew in all directions.

Zuo Mo stood naked in the air. The fresh air, the bright light, it made him feel like he was reborn.

It really was comfortable. He could not help but breathe in deeply.

At this time, he finally noticed the Golden Armor Guards standing nearby with their swords. So he had came back to camp. His heart relaxed.

Suddenly, he detected many people were flying near on the outside. It was Gongsun Shidi. He bent his head and scanned his bare body, instantly paling.

“Who took off ge’s clothes?”

He hurriedly found a set of ling armor inside the ring and rapidly put it on.

Just as he finished dressing, the door opened with a bang. Gongsun Cha rushed in with a group of people.

Gongsun Cha narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?”

Zuo Mo stilled, his heart discontent. “Shidi, you don’t even recognize me?”

Gongsun Cha’s expression froze on his face. The other people also had strange expressions like they had seen a ghost.

The response from everyone made Zuo Mo realize something. He unconsciously reached to touch his face.

It was like his hand had been bitten by a snake, shrinking back lightning fast. His expression changed dramatically!

This feeling was not right … …

Without another word, his hand flipped, and a ball of mist floated at the center of his palm, quickly turning to a smooth water mirror.

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck.

Translator Ramblings: I didn’t realize so many of you were interested in Zuo Mo’s face.

Fang Xiang slips in more information about life in Little Mountain Jie. It is not a good life right now. Winning is very important. We also meet Clear Sky Forefather, the jindan that Zuo Mo has to defeat in order to leave this jie. The Clear Sky Sect is has its own plans.



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