修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Forty One “City Construction”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Forty One – City Construction

Nan Sheng Village. The damaged walls had been reconstructed and it only took a span of a few months for this place to recover its prosperity.

Large numbers of xiuzhe had been transported over. This place also purchased all kinds of ore and other materials, but most importantly, this place sold ling grains, but it was limited. Just this was enough to cause all of Little Mountain Jie to shake.




Just as all of Little Mountain jie’s eyes were on Nan Sheng Village, a crowd of people appeared soundlessly in a mountain valley.

“We’ve searched. There are two jingshi mines here. The jingshi produced here is not high, only third-grade. This area used to belong to Sky Star Sect. Sky Star Sect did not manage to avoid the calamity, and there were heavy fatalities. The other people have disappeared.”

“Other than jingshi mines, there are three more mines in this area. They do not produce much. The primary product is Bright Flash Rock, Black Ling Stone Bead, and Greenwater Stone. The primary producer of Greenwater Stone comes from that pond right there. It is called Sky Star Lake.”

Xie Shan had done a large amount of work to research all of this.

Zuo Mo gave a satisfied expression. “Let’s choose this place!” He then asked, “What about the surrounding powers? Have they been investigated?”

Gongsun Cha smiled shyly and timidly, “They have all been destroyed.”

It was not the first time he saw Gongsun Cha smile shyly like a teenage boy, but the coldness in Xie Shan’s heart still could not be controlled. Gongsun Cha’s trademark timid smile was called “Lil’ Miss’ Slight Smile” in the camp, and all of them were afraid of it as though it was a snake or scorpion.

The female xiu wearing the black mask stood behind Zuo Mo.

This female xiu that had suddenly appeared had attracted everyone’s attention. However, no one dared to challenge her. Even Xie Shan was intimidated by her powerful strength. Xie Shan, whose cultivation had reached ningmmai third statum and was a step away from jindan, but even he did not have the courage to face the mysterious female xiu.

Many people had been secretly speculating if the female xiu was a jindan.

No one dared to ask, even Boss could not get her to speak. No one believed their face was bigger than Boss’.

Looking at the female xiu that was always steps from the Boss, they felt that is was pretty good. With such a powerful guard, Boss wouldn’t encounter any danger. This meant they did not have to worry that Boss would accidentally die, and they would collectively die as well. Dying without understanding why was an extremely depressing thought.

Zuo Mo did not have a solution to her following him. The female xiu was of unknown origins, and Zuo Mo naturally did not want her to overhear such secret information. But there was no way around it. The difference between their strengths was too large, his resistance was not effective.

Even someone like Pu Yao praised her with “powerful.” Her martial strength quickly rose in Zuo Mo’s mind to an unprecedented level. In his memory, Pu Yao had never called someone “powerful.”

Unable to communicate and not daring to attack, this was like the mouse pulling the turtle, unable to do a thing! Zuo Mo decided to let it go, pretending that she was air, as he went about his own business. The only thing worth celebrating was that she did not speak, nor make a fuss. Other than being slightly creepy, there were no other inconveniences.

He found it strange. He didn’t believe that she was going to help him for the rest of her life because he had saved her. But no matter how puzzled he was, it was clear that he would not find out the truth at the moment, so he could only go with the flow.

If the other held malicious aims against him, no one in the camp could stop her.

Zuo Mo could only comfort himself like so.

He decided to put his attention on what was in front of him. “In other words, this is ours now?”

“En.” Gongsun Cha nodded his head, and then added, “No one to compete with us.”

At the side, Xie Shan almost choked on air. That was a waste of words, of course no one was competing with them! Gongsun Cha had taken the group and conquered an area two thousand li in circumference, all of the powers had been plucked out one by one like they were nails. Even the xiuzhe who were hiding in the caves had not been let off. Lil’ Miss had sent out many small teams that combed the entire area.

“Great!” Zuo Mo’s eyebrows danced.

The people around him that were used to seeing his zombie face felt extremely unadjusted.

Boss’ face was more and more lively!

As they muttered inside, Xie Shan and the others waited for Boss’ next words.

After Lil’ Miss had left Boss’ place last time, the series of signs had shown that Boss was going to do something big!

It had to be said that Gongsun Cha had been very successful in his transformation of this group of lawless ruffians. The string of victories had increased their confidence, and the harder battles had tempered them and helped them complete the transformation. This troop, having been effected by a battle maniac like Gongsun Cha, always showed great offensive strength and desire for battle.

Having guessed that there was something big coming up, this group of people were full of anticipation!

Reality proved their speculation was correct.

Lil’ Miss had personally led the troops and carried out a blitzkrieg operation. All the powers in the area two thousand li in circumference around Sky Star Mountain were almost all taken out in the span of one night.

This was exhilarating for this group of battle-maniacs. The series of performance rewards, especially the spots for the sword formation, caused everyone to yearn about finding another eyesore and having a big battle!




“Then let’s build a city,” Zuo Mo sent down the order, but Xie Shan and the others stared at each other.

“Boss, you said to build a city?” Xie Shan probed.

“Yes. Build a big city. We are going to stay here for a while,” Zuo Mo said in a matter-of-fact voice.

“But we don’t know how to build a city!” Xie Shan frowned.

Zuo Mo rubbed his chin. “Oh, that is a problem.”

Very quickly, the camp received a second round of skill selection. With the example of the first round of selection before them, the qualifying round this time filled many people with anticipation since the reward from the first round had been a very enviable one.

Fourth-grade Golden Crow Fire!

But quickly, everyone exchanged looks in silence.

Build a city?

The ending was, no one knew how.

A headache instantly started. He knew how to make formations, but setting up formations and building a city were two different things. If the plan failed now, he would not be satisfied. He said to Gongsun Cha, “Send some people out to investigate where there are xiuzhe who know how to build cities! If they find one, no matter the method, they have to get the person back here.”

The first thing Gongsun Cha did after returning was to gather everyone together.

“Who knows where there would be xiuzhe that know how to build cities?”

After continuous battle, the number of xiuzhe in the camp had rolled like a snowball and reached seven hundred and thirty people. However, the true core of power, and the ones with highest attack power were the one or two hundred people that had been there since the beginning. The remaining xiuzhe needed time in order to become offensive fighters.

The benefit of more people was more information.

As expected, several people provided some related information. Gongsun Cha instantly sent people out to investigate immediately. The cataclysm in Little Mountain Jie had been very severe. Much of the information that had been provided were things they had known from before. Many were useless information that needed to be further investigated.

Just as Zuo Mo and the others were in a panic, Nan Sheng Village had opened.




He Xiang looked at the waves of people on the street with ambition. He felt his future prospects were a road of light. When he had heard that Clear Sky Sect had been hiring for the Outer Hall, he had went over at the first possible time.

After having survived so laboriously in Little Mountain Jie for so long, no one knew better than he did what the xiuzhe here needed, and were willing to pay for it. He had especially provided large amounts of suggestions to the sect, and received a good appraisal from the Old Forefather. He had personally been appointed by the Old Forefather as the Chief Elder and became one of the most important people in Little Mountain Jie in one step.

He had not failed Old Forefather’s hopes. He worked hard and diligently. His contribution in helping reconstruct Nan Sheng Village in just a few months could not be erased.

A few days ago, they had tried to sell ling grains. However, that was just the beginning. What would come next were the interactions with the different factions. That was the most important part of this battle which had no death. As long as he could handle these interactions cleanly, no one could shake his position as Chief Elder of the Outer Hall.

With the great weapon of ling grains in his hand, he was full of confidence about the upcoming battle!




Sky Moon Jie, a non-descript mountain valley was abnormally silent.

A figure landed from the sky. In a blink, it disappeared into the mountain valley.

This xiuzhe then appeared at the bottom of the valley. The bottom was covered in dense layers of jinzhi that would make people’s scalp prickle. It continued on for a long distance, and it was possible to see that the person who set down the jinzhi was an expert. It was not possible to see a hint from outside the valley.

This xiuzhe made his practiced way through the alarming jinzhi without even looking. With a few twists and turns, he headed straight to a cliff face.

The cliff face rippled and the person disappeared.

The scene instantly changed inside.

A seemingly borderless grass plain, a winding river. No one would have ever thought that such a large grass plain could be hidden in a mountain valley.

Secret realm!

If someone saw such a strange place, they would have shouted in shock!

This was a secret realm!

Entering the secret realm, this xiuzhe’s expression instantly lightened. The thick ling power made him feel unspeakably comfortable. He flew straight towards the big river. There was a camp there.

A few xiuzhe flew out of the camp in welcome.

“Haha, you came back!” The xiuzhe in the welcoming entourage smiled as he gave a greeting. “Must have been difficult!”

“No way about it.” The xiuzhe who had just flown in said helplessly. “Got stuck with this mission. You guys have it easy, it seems you have made pretty good progress!”

“Haha!” All of the xiuzhe had proud expressions. “In the time you were gone, another two people entered ningmai. The ling energy here is just too thick!”

“That’s so good!” This xiuzhe was somewhat jealous.

“After this mission, you don’t have to worry and can just cultivate.”

“Hee hee, that’s true.”

“Quick, Leader is waiting for the news!”


The people instantly increased their speed as they flew towards the camp.

After landing, this xiuzhe instantly went to a tent.

“Come in!” A deep male voice.

He hurriedly walked into the tent, and respectfully bowed to the male inside. “Daren, I have come back.”

“It must have been great trouble for you!” The male inside the tent raised his face and said in a warm tone.

If Zuo Mo saw this person, he would definitely recognize who it was.

Bo Feng, the mysterious competitor that had appeared at the Sword Test Conference, a person of mysterious power. It had been him who had bought the location of the secret sect from Zuo Mo.

He had actually stayed behind in Sky Moon Jie!

Translator Ramblings: So a new character arrives and has great plans for Little Mountain Jie. If Clear Sky Sect can have a village, why can’t Zuo Mo build a city? Another peek back to Sky Moon Jie. Bo Feng is still alive and pops back in after almost 100 chapters.

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