修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Three “Jade Scroll”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Three – Jade Scroll

In the secret realm, his subordinate xiuzhe were giving their reports.

“The  yao army has established their base in the Wu Kong Mountains. It is very heavily guarded. Our people do not dare to go close.”

Fu Feng nodded. “Do not alert them but keep an eye on them. If they make any unusual movements, report immediately.”


Fu Feng asked some more questions about the details before letting the xiuzhe leave.

When the xiuzhe left the tent, two figures suddenly appeared inside the tent. Fu Feng did not seem to be surprised.

“What are you really looking for?” Gui Feng asked in a rough voice. At his side, Chang Heng’s expression was indifferent as though he did not care about this question.

“Ha ha, you’ll know when it is time.” Fu Feng smiled.

Chang Heng was not interested in this matter. He stared at Fu Feng. “Give the other half of the scripture to me.”

Fu Feng said easily, “No problem.”

Gui Feng’s expression changed. He seemed to be thinking.


Zuo Mo carefully looked at the black butterfly in front of him. Chun Yu Cheng was at his side, his eyes blazing as he observed the black butterfly. Zuo Mo’s mind had received a notice that the Rainbow Mark butterfly had broken through its cocoon. Zuo Mo had hurriedly pulled Chun Yu Cheng with him. When Chun Yu Cheng heard that the Rainbow Mark butterfly had finished its metamorphosis, it instantly stirred his interest and he took a rare absence from his beast pool.

The Rainbow Mark butterfly had completely changed. The rainbow colors that had covered its entire body had disappeared. Now, its body was completely black, contrasting against a pair of lively eyes.

“Can the spells still be used?” Chun Yu Cheng asked.

“Still useable, and there now seems to be one more spell.” Zuo Mo closed his eyes and carefully communicated with the black butterfly.

When he started his communication, he instantly felt a difference compared to the past. Before, he could only feel some pieces of what the Rainbow Mark butterfly could feel. Presently, he could clearly feel the emotions of the butterfly.

The black butterfly had become more intelligent than before.

“So it leveled up!” Chun Yu Cheng said with excitement. “Previously, it was just a third-grade ling beast. Now, it should be a fourth-grade ling beast! No wonder it has another spell! Have you discovered what kind of spell it is?”

“A very weird spell.” Zuo Mo’s expression was slightly weird.

“What spell?” Chun Yu Cheng asked impatiently.

“Poison Ling!”

“Poison Ling? What kind of spell is that?” Chun Yu Cheng was puzzled. He had never heard of this kind of spell.

“It is unclear.” Zuo Mo shook his head. He was also ignorant.

The two people looked at each other, with their faces confused. However, they did find out that the Rainbow Mark butterfly had leveled up to fourth-grade. Due to the black color of its body, Zuo Mo decided to change its name to Black Butterfly. He would have to slowly investigate what this poison ling was.

It would be great if it could level up to become a fifth-grade ling beast. Zuo Mo drooled as he dreamed. He decided that he would definitely feed anything poisonous to the Black Butterfly if he found them in the future. He had personally experienced how powerful a fifth-grade ling beast was. If the Black Butterfly could level up to fifth-grade, it could definitely beat down the bloody horn serpent.

Of course, he quickly wiped clean his drool. It had been so difficult to level up to fourth-grade from third-grade.. He could only dream about leveling up to fifth-grade.

He picked up the gourd as well. The poison inside the gourd had all dissipated. It was a pretty good container type talisman, especially for containing substances that were intangible. He was not polite in picking it up. Chun Yu Cheng saw that he could not discover anything else so he rushed back to the beast pool.

Right after Chun Yu Cheng left, Gongsun Cha approached him immediately after. Zuo Mo saw that the other’s expression was slightly strange and asked, “What? Did something happen?”

“Take a look.” Gongsun Cha handed over a jade scroll.

Zuo Mo took the jade scroll and skimmed it. He jumped in fright. “Holy moly, they’re crazy!”

“I was frightened too!” Gongsun Cha grimaced. “However, these people are pretty good!” The last sentence revealed his true thoughts.

“It really is very good … …” Zuo Mo couldn’t stop himself from reading further. The more the read, the wider his mouth grew.

Shixiong, do you think we will take … …”

“Yes!” Zuo Mo shook like a basin of cold water had been poured over his head on a hot summer day. His energy then swell up. Holding his neck in an arch, he shouted, “Of course, we’ll take them! All of them! Every single one! Do not leave one behind!”

Ji Wei, Sun Bao and the other people that had been forging were frightened by the insanity that Zuo Mo displayed! Only the female xiu that was standing nearby was unaffected as though she had not heard it.


In the camp, everyone was busy cultivating. The new members needed large amounts of training before they could join the combat system. Before this, they had all been normal xiuzhe, and were too unfamiliar with things like battle formations.

“It is so boring!” A xiuzhe sighed. When he glanced at the group of people who were training laboriously, he felt a burst of dullness.

After the number of people grew, it was not suitable anymore to divide into small teams. Gongsun Cha reorganized the teams into six companies. Each company had one hundred and twenty two people, who were then divided into six platoons. They were led by a company leader and a vice company leader. Each platoon had six squads that were commanded by the platoon leader who was assisted by the vice platoon leader. Each squad had three people, one of which was the squad leader.

Due to the large number of new members, to help the new members quickly enter their roles, these old-timers that were now the company leaders had all taken up positions as instructors. However, to them, teaching the new people was an extremely boring task.

When they saw the raw cooperation between the new members and their awkward movements, they were usually speechless. Even though they clearly knew that they had been no better when they first started, but they thirsted for battle. Gongsun Cha was like a successful wolf tamer, the sheep under his command had been slowly transformed into wolves.

They had started to thirst for battle.

Many people had admired Xie Shan and the others who had gone to carry out a mission. While they held admiration, they could only stay and stare. Those people were stronger than they were. They also understood that the stronger they were, the more likely it was that they would carry out more difficult missions, and had a chance to earn more merit.

Even Gongsun Cha had never expected his unintentional actions had caused the sword formation to become the most attractive prize! Comprehending sword essence was the best path to increasing power.

A person said without strength, “The earlier that we finish training these greenhorns, the earlier we get to rest.”

Laozi will never do this ever again!” One of the people said furious, “This group of trash. They can’t even perform the simplest Three Talent Formation after all this time, They are so stupid!”

“Please!” Someone else beside him sneered, “Hei Zi, you talk as though you were so skilled at the beginning! We weren’t much better than them at the beginning.”

“Oh, when can we go out on a mission! Laozi is so idle that my tastes have turned vegetarian.” Hei Zi wailed, his expression dejected.

“Yes, these days are too boring!” People beside him also sighed.

Woosh woosh!

A humming sound suddenly sounded above the formation without any warning.

The two people stilled, looked at each other, and shook simultaneously before they jumped up from the ground like lightning.

Hei Zi looked at the two new members that were still motionless and swore, “What are you doing sitting there? Move faster, this is the emergency signal!” Finishing, he leaped into the air, the two new members hurriedly following behind him.

Moving figures could be seen in the sky above the camp. The shouts of the company and platoon leaders ran out frequently.

“Faster faster! What are you procrastinating for?”

“Keep up!”

“Find your position! Don’t move around!”

… …

A tense atmosphere covered the entire camp. All the xiuzhe quickly gathered together. Within thirty breaths, all the xiuzhe in the camp had flew into the air, and the ranks had finished assembling.

The old-timers who saw Lil’ Miss staring at them became excited. There was going to be something to do, a big thing!

Gongsun Cha did not waste words. Seeing the troop had finished assembling, he waved his hand lightly.

“Everyone, move out!”

More than seven hundred xiuzhe silently flowed like a soundless flood across the sky.


Nan Sheng Village, Great Wind Merchant House.

“Little Wei, calculate the accounts for today” The storekeeper slowly savored the ling tea and lightly ordered.

“Yes,” Wei Cheng Bin instinctively answered.

The storekeeper detected Wei Cheng Bin’s inattentiveness, his face instantly darkening. “What? You worried about something? Do you feel dissatisfied with the work?”

It was like Wei Cheng Bin had been woken up from a dream. When he saw the storekeeper’s dark face, he knew that it was not good. He gave a smile, “No, no! This one has just met a bit of a problem in my cultivation.”

“Humph!” The storekeeper snorted coldly. “Cultivation? I hadn’t seen before that Little Wei has great ambitions! You want to reach jindan? To live, you have to be reliable. Do you know how many people are trying to get your ration of fifty catties of ling grains per month?! Cultivation? Don’t waste this old man’s ling grains!”

Wei Cheng Bin’s face flushed entirely red.

The storekeeper glanced at him and drawled, “One has to know their own limits. Little Mountain Jie has not had cultivation in a long time ago.”

“Two-tenths off this month’s wage of ling grains.” When he finished, he strode away.

Wei Cheng Bin’s head was bent, and he did not make a sound. Unknowingly, his fists were so tight that they had turned white. After the storekeeper had gone far away, he relaxed his fists. In his hand was a jade scroll.

This was a jade scroll he had received two days ago. It was an announcement for hiring.

The other had learned from somewhere that he had a skill at illusory formations and came to head-hunt him. They promised two hundred catties of ling grains per month. Wei Cheng Bin had come from a sect, and his best skill was some little illusory formations. He could make extremely exquisite mirage formations. However, this great skill had not provided him with any benefit in a situation such as the present one.

He had asked around everywhere, almost spending all his savings to beg to get a job like this. Accounting, hard labor, cleaning, he did everything!

Compared to those xiuzhe that worried for ling grains, he was much luckier. Rationally, he could settle down, but when he received this jade scroll, his heart uncontrollably started to jump.

He did not know how many times the shixiong had mocked him for playing with those little formations. In many people’s eyes, he was the classical example of someone who only played around. The sect elders had thought of him as one who did not treasure their talent, especially after he had cultivated to ningmai, and had treated him coldly.

This job might let him scrape by, but he didn’t know how many eye-rolls he had gotten. The enormous store, other than the storekeeper, he was the only one remaining. He had to do all the work.

For some reason, the sneer and disdain of the storekeeper flashed in front of his eyes.

Impulsiveness was the demon … … impulsiveness was the demon … …

He continuously told himself but his feet uncontrollably started to walk towards the outside.

“What are you doing? You idiot! I raised a trash like you for nothing! You … … you don’t have to come tomorrow!” The storekeeper’s bellows came from behind him.

Wei Cheng Bin suddenly felt his body was unspeakably light, his steps increasing speed.

In the dark, his eyes were as bright as jewels.

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