修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Twenty One to Twenty Five

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Chapter Twenty One One Breath

He didn’t know if the [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] scripture was correct. Even if he didn’t want to admit it, with Pu Yao’s cunning, he only had to curl his fingers if he wanted to take this little life. There wasn’t a need to use a half-accurate scripture to fool him. But with Pu Yao’s perverseness and strange sense of humour, finding ways of torturing him was almost certainly the case.

However, Pu Yao was usually quiet. Other than forcing Zuo Mo to cultivate [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], he didn’t make any other moves. There wasn’t any tormenting. Zuo Mo couldn’t understand Pu Yao and didn’t know what Pu Yao’s true aims were.

Pu Yao definitely had a goal.

Sometimes, this thought was extremely clear and certain in his mind. However, when he tried to think about it, he found it was as though he was peering into a vast and deep ocean. You never knew what was really hidden at the bottom.

Maybe Pu was really trying to help him. Zuo Mo knew just how difficult it was to heal wounds of the spirit. If it wasn’t for [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation], it would still be a question of whether he would be breathing right now.

Blaming Pu Yao seemed unreasonable.

It could only say that Pu’s strangeness and sense of perversion made him instinctively afraid.

The most tragic thing was that no matter what Pu’s goals were, he had no space to rebel. No matter if this was the true [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] scripture or not, no matter what aims Pu Yao had, he had no room to rebel. In front of the kind of great existence that was Pu, he was pitifully weak. The only thing he could do was force himself to charge forward in hopes of finding that glimmer of hope.

If it was really just torture, as one already in the situation, he would sink in Pu Yao’s torment or survive through it.

Damn it! How did he provoke such a calamity!

Time passed, drop by drop, accompanying the strong feeling of suffocation was a terror that uncontrollably rose.

His awareness started to fade. He was completely unaware of the fact his legs were instinctively moving, trying to rise out of the water but he had been sinking the whole time and it was now too far from the surface.

Was he going to die?

Even this thought was incomplete, he was paralyzed, weak as he swam in the limitless ocean.


I can’t die!

He tried to struggle, tried to wake his own awareness.

But all of it was useless. Under the feeling of suffocation, his awareness slowly dissipated, became muddled.

Was he really going to die… …

In a stupor, he seemed to hear someone was yelling.

“Don’t forget!”

… …

“Even in death, you must not forget!”

… …

For some reason, these two phrases that he considered nightmares were like a large hand that had suddenly pulled him back from unconsciousness.

I can’t die!

Zuo Mo used up the last remaining strength in his body, furiously shouting soundlessly inside! His body shook violently like a sieve, the blood vessels under his skin quickly expanding, visible to the naked eye. Raven black and thick veins covering his entire body, twisting and turning like earthworms, unspeakably terrifying.

The breath in his chest had become extremely weak like a dying candle flame which could be easily extinguished.

Yet this weak feeble flame now flared to become a prairie fire that lit up the sea of consciousness –– catching fire like bone dry firewood soaked in oil. Dark red flames, spitting and roaring, followed the ground in the sea of consciousness, rolling forwards. The grasses and woods instantly turned to dust. Nothing could stop it.




In the blink of an eye, the consciousness became a burning hell. Endless dark red flames flickering through every corner of the sea of consciousness.

The bright and hot red fire recklessly danced. On the strange black gravestone shrouded in black smoke, there sat a handsome male with a strange cold face, with unforgettably beautiful features.

The sound tablet was on his knee, the concentrated sounds of the zither were like a hurricane that made people unable to breathe!

The red sea of fire burned soundlessly. Under the hair that covered half his face, Pu’s thin blade-like lips imperceptibly rose on one side. Just as usual, it was enchanting yet cold.




Zuo Mo curiously examined the surroundings. After achieving one breath, his perception of the surroundings changed dramatically. It was hard to explicitly describe. It was as though the surroundings had been cleaned, changed beyond recognition. This feeling was extremely unique. It took a long time for him to get used to it. The other change was his sea of consciousness. Right now, it had turned into a sea of fire. A sea of fire that might extinguish at some time.

Other than that, he didn’t have any new discoveries. As to whether [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] had any good attributes, he didn’t have any high hopes. He was just a guy that wanted to be a ling plant farmer. What did he need such a strong consciousness for? If he could pass this obstacle, keep his little life, he was content.

The game was too dangerous. Ge won’t play.

Thinking about the danger yesterday, there were still lingering fears.

However, the sharp sword hanging over his head finally disappeared. He could finally release a breath. He resolutely decided that no matter what Pu Yao gave him next time, he wouldn’t take it even if it meant suffering. These painful experiences gave him a hard lesson. To steal benefits from Pu Yao’s hands, that was an action leading to death.

Zuo Mo found his own little life very precious.

Pu Yao didn’t seem to care if he was practising [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. He guarded his new sound tablet every day and was endlessly amused.

Every time Zuo Mo saw the brand-new sound tablet that was higher in quality than the one in his hands, he would feel pain. Ten pieces of second-grade jingshi was wasted. His teeth hurt. His heart would ache, he could only hold in the tears as he took the sound tablet that Pu Yao was preparing to throw away. That was, his old sound tablet that Pu Yao had taken from his hands.

Enamoured with the new, bored with the old. This was another bad habit that he found on Pu Yao’s body.

But coming back to it, did Pu Yao have any good habits?

[Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] was like a small detour in his life, and Pu Yao seemed to have put away his perverseness, silent as a virgin. It made Zuo Mo feel unaccustomed. But malicious curses like “Renyao is just renyao, do you think if you don’t speak, you can turn into a woman?” naturally weren’t avoidable.

What made him happy was that he sped through the five elements spells. He didn’t know if it was because he completed the one breath. Many of the previously fuzzy parts were abnormally clear now, easily realized.

He became even more motivated.

He didn’t have any interest in something as strange as [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. The kind of things like the [Art of Aged Gold] which could get him real benefits like jingshi, and spells were his true love!

He was like a monk, living an extremely dull life each day. Cultivating [Ten Principles Scripture], accumulating ling energy, again and again, practising all kind of spells, finger motions. Just like when he had practised the [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], he furiously cultivated.

The one that had the most improvement was the [Art of Aged Gold]. Presently, the aged gold energy was dark gold, the light subdued, changing according to his wishes. And compared to before, there was now an additional hint of imposingness. Even though the change was extremely faint, but in practice, the effects had multiplied and made Zuo Mo gleeful.

It wasn’t strange that the [Art of Aged Gold] improved since the most important aspect of the [Art of Aged Gold] was consciousness. Even though he had just finished one breath in [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] but compared to before, his consciousness was much stronger. So it was expected that the [Art of Aged Gold] would improve. What made him surprised was that the [Art of Earth Energy] also improved greatly.

The crucial factor in the [Art of Earth Energy] was communication and perception. Did his consciousness help with communication and perception?

He didn’t know, but since it was a good thing, he went with the flow and didn’t examine it further.

Zuo Mo was in the yard as he practised the [Art of Aged Gold], when suddenly a calm and authoritative voice echoed through Wu Kong Mountain.

“Outer sect disciple Li Ying Feng has continuously practised and broke through to zhuji. From today, she is formally taken into this sect’s inner disciples. Outer sect disciples should take this as an example, and cultivate relentlessly in order to reach the right result!”

This voice wasn’t loud but clear. It rippled through Wu Kong Mountain and reverberated endlessly.

Li Ying Feng managed to successfully zhuji? Zuo Mo couldn’t help but admire and feel happy for Li Ying Feng Shijie. He hadn’t interacted for a long time with Li Ying Feng Shijie, the two of them even had a misunderstanding but he admired this brisk and clever Shijie. This was the role model a shijie should be. In comparison, Hao Min Shijie was greatly lacking.




His life wasn’t affected by the news. His interest in zhuji was much smaller than his interest to become a ling plant farmer. Zhuji was the first great step to cultivation, but other than achieving jindan, there wasn’t much of a difference in lifespan compared to a normal person. As to jindan, don’t even think about it, not just outer sect disciples like him, even among those inner sect disciples, how many would achieve jindan?

And if he became a ling plant farmer, that was true and real jingshi.

He continued to bury himself in practising his spells. To something he decided on, he never was remiss in his efforts. Just like practising the [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], without anyone to teach him, he could only cast it again and again. He didn’t know how many thousands of times he casted, but he had managed to fill up the large pond in the yard using the [Little Art of Cloud and Rain]. Just like that, he managed to achieve the third level of the [Little Art of Cloud and Rain].

His cultivation was interrupted by an uninvited guest. The one who came was the one who just became an inner sect disciple, Li Ying Feng Shijie.

“Congratulations, Shijie for successfully achieving zhuji!” Zuo Mo smiled as he congratulated, but his expressionless features made it weird.

Shidi is too polite.” Li Ying Feng’s face was full of joy as she responded, “It won’t be long before I would probably hear shidi’s good news.” In Li Ying Feng’s heart, this shidi that kept himself concealed in the dark, it wouldn’t be unexpected to her if he completed zhuji. Behind her, there were three other female disciples, Xiao Guo was among them.

Zuo Mo hurriedly said, “It’s still early, still early. Shijie, please.”

Xiao Guo’s adorable and tender apple face was still timid. Zuo Mo suddenly felt this little girl was really bashful. Taking advantage of when Li Ying Feng turned, he blinked his eyes at Xiao Guo. As expected, Xiao Guo’s face flushed red.

After everyone was seated, Li Ying Feng declared her intentions, “Coming this time, it’s to ask for a favour from Shidi.”

Zuo Mo was surprised.

Seeming to have detected Zuo Mo’s puzzlement, before he could ask, Li Ying Feng herself answered the question, lightly sighing, “Entering the inner sect, in the future, I’m afraid I won’t have the time again to care for these sisters. Shidi’s growing skills, no one in the sect can compete, Shijie can only come with a thick face to beg.”

Zuo Mo hurriedly deflected, “Shijie, please tell.” In the future, Li Ying Feng would be an inner sect disciple. As long as Zuo Mo stayed in Wu Kong Sect for one more day, he wouldn’t dare to offend them.

Li Ying Feng took out a small bag, putting it on the stone table, “This is twenty pieces of second-grade jingshi. It’s a little bit of regard from Shijie. Shidi, don’t decline. Shidi, if you are free, spend some time at the Eastern Peak and attend a bit to their matters. Their lives aren’t easy. If something like last time occurred, without Shidi’s help, they would have nobody to ask for aid.”

Beside her, Xiao Guo’s mouth twisted and the rims of her eyes instantly turned red, the other two also had red eyes.

Zuo Mo sighed inside. Compared to Wei Sheng Shixiong the eldest shixiong who only had cultivation on his mind, Li Ying Feng, as the eldest shijie, was undoubtedly more competent. Only now did he understand why her reputation among the female disciples was so high.

Thinking, Zuo Mo pushed the bag back in front of Li Ying Feng, declaring, “Helping each other, it is a part of friendship. Shijie, don’t worry, Shidi will do his best.”

Xiao Guo stared with wide eyes at Zuo Mo. The other two females also had strange expressions on their faces. They couldn’t understand why this money-grubbing zombie changed his personality this time.

Li Ying Feng shook her head and pushed the jingshi again in front of Zuo Mo, “Shidi, don’t decline. The sect has provisions for the inner sect disciples each month. Shijie doesn’t lack for jingshi. But Shidi, you aren’t far from zhuji, so you would most likely need it soon. Having some jingshi, it’s just in case.”

The strange expression on the three female’s faces turned to shock.

Zhuji? This ill-tempered zombie shixiong was going to zhuji soon?

To be called nearing zhuji, at the very least, it had to be eight level of lianqi and above. They were frightened out of their wits by Shijie’s words. Those with a cultivation of lianqi eighth level in the outer sect disciples could be counted on one hand. Even Guo Lu Shixiong was just at lianqi seventh level. And among the female disciples of the outer sect, other than Li Ying Feng who just entered zhuji, the highest person was just lianqi sixth level. In the outer sect disciples, other than Wei Sheng, Zuo Mo’s cultivation was the highest.

This zombie-face, he was actually the second best in the outer sect disciples!

This was something they would have never thought about.

Originally planning to grant a boon to Shijie, Zuo Mo saw the situation and didn’t stand on courtesy, and accepted the jingshi, “Then many thanks, Shijie.”

“It should be me that gives thanks to Shidi.” Li Ying Feng smiled and informed, “After I leave the Eastern Peak, Xiao Guo will be responsible for communicating with Shidi. Her personality is soft and obedient. Shidi, don’t bully her.”

Zuo Mo couldn’t help laugh, “What is Shijie talking about, my temper is the best.”

“That’s good.” Li Ying Feng nodded. On the side, Xiao Guo wrinkled her adorable nose, clearly disagreeing with the words.

She turned to show a dark face and said to the three people, “In the future, if you have any questions, find Zuo Mo Shixiong, he’ll help you solve them. Zuo Mo Shixiong’s words are my words. If someone doesn’t listen, I will personally punish them!”

“Yes! Shijie!” The three females replied.

As expected from the eldest shijie. Just this bearing, no disciples in the younger generation could compete. Zuo Mo couldn’t help but compliment inside

After chatting for a while, Li Ying Feng left with the three other females.

Zuo Mo suddenly didn’t have any interest in cultivation. This was a society with strict classes. Like Li Ying Feng Shijie, after successfully entering zhuji, she had to bid farewell to the life of an outer sect disciple. She had to aim for even higher goals, no matter if it was her own goal or the needs of the sect.

The lifespan of a jindan was about three hundred years. Before that, zhuji, ningmai, and lianqi didn’t have any differences in lifespan.

His own sect was temporarily deficient in manpower and had been for a long time.

Including the leader of the sect, the shishu were all jindan. This was the basic reason that Wu Kong Sword Sect had expanded so well these past years. However, even the youngest shishu, Shi Feng Rong was more than two hundred years old. And among the disciples of the second generation, there wasn’t even a ningmai disciple, much less a jindan. If there wasn’t a successor, Wu Kong Sect which was not a very big sect to begin with, would quickly decline.

No matter which jie, a sect, once it declined, it was harder to rise again than to reach the heavens.

Why did he suddenly become so melancholic? Zuo Mo shook his head. Suddenly, he thought of the third-grade Fire Dragon Grass that Wei Sheng shixiong gave into his care. Li Ying Feng Shijie had already entered zhuji, Wei Sheng Shixiong must be close as well. Thinking about it, the desire to go to Cold Mist Valley formed.


Chapter Twenty Two Silver Horned Worm

It wasn’t the first time he had come to Cold Mist Valley, but he didn’t know if it was the fact that his consciousness had improved but the jinzhi that he only felt slight pressure from last time, were now like beasts that revealed the tip of its horn. That heavy power was now multiple times stronger, making him feel unable to breathe. Zuo Mo walked with a trembling heart and rushed through the thick mists.

The suddenly open valley was drifting with the fragrance from the herbs. Zuo Mo unconsciously looked with trepidation at the roaring cold pond. Even though he had successfully completed one breath, the feeling of encroaching death was in front of his eyes. He definitely didn’t want to try again.

He should be realistic and become a ling plant farmer, he told himself.

Walking in front of the Fire Dragon Grass, he was instantly shocked. The Fire Dragon Grass was drooping, a hint of death coming from the red leaves. His heart instantly panicked. This Fire Dragon Grass was intimately related to the big event of Wei Sheng Shixiong entering zhuji. If something went wrong, what would happen? He felt great admiration towards Wei Sheng Shixiong, and truly hoped for Wei Sheng Shixiong to successfully zhuji.

He hurriedly bent down to inspect this Fire Dragon Grass.

The soil in the surroundings was still moist. If it wasn’t a problem of under-watering, then what was the problem? His knowledge of ling herbs was pitiful, not to mention for a third-grade Fire Dragon Grass. He ran through his brain, furiously going through his experiences of growing plants in these two years and at what time the symptoms were similar to what the Fire Dragon Grass was experiencing now.

Was it that there was a pest?

He was uncertain but he still put his hand on the Fire Dragon Grass. In any case, [Art of Aged Gold] wouldn’t harm the ling herb so it wouldn’t hurt to try.

The dark gold grains of sand enter the inside of the Fire Dragon Grass from Zuo Mo’s fingers. His consciousness carried with the aged gold energy entered the interior of the grass as well.

The interior of each ling grass was a different world. The inside of ling grains was green. And the interior of the Fire Dragon Grass was completely bright red.

Before he could examine clearly, a dark and icy presence locked onto his consciousness.

Contrary to expectations, Zuo Mo’s heart calmed. What he was most afraid of being ignorant of what was happening. Now that he knew where the problem was, it was much easier.

In any case, ge has the aged gold energy, specializing in killing all kinds of pests!

A crowd of silver-coloured armoured worms slowly climbed around the interior of the Fire Dragon Grass.

Their presence wasn’t very strong, not as vicious as the aphids he met the first time. Zuo Mo felt slightly relieved. His abilities with the [Art of Aged Gold] were limited. If it was some strong worms, it wasn’t just that he would have no solution, he would also be in danger.

He pushed the aged gold energy, sweeping towards the crowd of silver armoured worms.

The silver armoured worms weren’t panicked. They only kept on chewing the plant material in front of them.

The aged gold energy was like a gold cloud, quickly surrounding these silver armoured worms. Zuo Mo’s heart settled. He believed he would quickly finish the battle. The aged gold energy was much stronger than before, and he was full of confidence.

After ten minutes, sweat appeared on Zuo Mo’s forehead.

He had encountered trouble.

No matter how much power he put into the aged gold energy, it was all useless against these silver armoured worms, they were indifferent to his attacks! He could clearly feel the ever-successful aged gold energy be blocked off, unable to move an inch. The aged gold energy, as sharp as steel sand, couldn’t even leave a single mark on the surface of these silver armoured worms.

Such hard shells!

Third-grade was really third grade, even the pests it had were stronger. Zuo Mo wanted to cry.

The [Art of Aged Gold] was his only method of dealing with pests. And the other person in the sect whose the [Art of Aged Gold] was at the second level, Guo Lu Shixiong, was still lying on the sickbed.

What should he do now?

The sweat poured down even more, his heart becoming panicked. Wei Sheng Shixiong was depending on this to zhuji, please don’t let anything happen in his hands!

Just when Zuo Mo had no ideas, Pu Yao suddenly appeared. “Tsk, tsk. Can’t even deal with a little Silver Horned Worm. You actually want to become a ling plant farmer?”

Zuo Mo suspiciously looked at Pu Yao. “You have a way?”

Not waiting for Pu Yao to speak, he rolled his eyes. “Even if you have a solution, I wouldn’t ask you.”

The painful experiences of the past told him to never to even think of trying to take advantage of Pu Yao. It would be a cruel death. But inside, he silently noted down the name, Silver Horned worm. He thought he would go research at some other time to see if he could find Silver Horned worm.

Pu Yao wasn’t angry, a faint curve to his mouth, his crimson right eye slightly narrowed. “Hee hee, the way you are now, it really makes one feel hurt! Oh, that whatshisname shixiong of yours, the jade scroll he gave you, isn’t there some basic sword moves there? You could try to use sword moves with your aged gold energy.”

“That works?” Zuo Mo was puzzled.

“You could try and find out.” Pu Yao left behind before disappearing.

Pu Yao was very strange today! Very strange!

Even though he hadn’t interacted with Pu Yao for a long time, couldn’t see how deep he went, but Zuo Mo was very clear that this guy wasn’t someone good. And suddenly becoming kind today, it wasn’t normal, definitely not normal! However, the only thing he could pick out was the abnormality. As to why he was strange, he couldn’t find a reason regardless of how long he pondered it.

This question was quickly thrown to the side. What was most important at this time was solving these Silver Horned worms. He was half convinced by Pu Yao’s words.

The sword moves recorded in the jade stick that Wei Sheng Shixiong gave him were some of the most basic moves. There wasn’t anything deep about them. Even someone like Zuo Mo who had never practised the sword before could easily understand.

To use sword scripture with aged gold energy?

He sat on the ground, sinking into his thoughts.

A beat later, he suddenly jumped up, the dark gold aged gold energy appearing at his fingertip. The aged gold energy was a cloud that seemed to be composed of gold sand, slowly revolving and extremely pretty. The aged gold energy suddenly restlessly turned, rapidly shrinking. Seconds later, it formed into a dark small sword the size of a grain.

Calling it a small sword was really an overstatement. It was like a thin gold flake that had been flattened from a gold grain.

But Zuo Mo didn’t care. He had only ever seen just a few flying swords in total. In this area, his imagination was nothing to write home about.

He gestured each movement according to the moves in the jade stick. Very quickly, he found the benefits to his consciousness becoming stronger. He could easily manipulate the tiny sword.

It was really just a few moves. He quickly familiarized himself.

Entering the inside of the Fire Dragon Grass again, the Silver Horned worms were still unconcernedly chewing on the inside material of the Fire Dragon Grass. Zuo Mo didn’t send a greeting and directly sent the sword over!


The indifferent silver worm shook, sparks flying on the silver armour.

Effective! Zuo Mo was very happy!

One blow after the next, according to the sword moves in Wei Sheng Shixiong’s jade stick, Zuo Mo’s hand wasn’t lenient.

Ding ding ding ding!

The shell of the Silver Horned worm was incomparably hard. The sparks flew but there still weren’t any cracks. But to Zuo Mo, the Silver Horned worms were the best targets. No matter how hard, it was still a target that wouldn’t fight back!

Zuo Mo forgot himself. The rawness and unfamiliarity of sword moves slowly became familiar. The strength of the little aged gold swords gradually started to show itself.


The sound was majorly different than before. On the armour of the Silver Horned worm, a crack had been gouged out!

Zuo Mo had originally started to become tired. Using the sword moves to manipulate the aged gold little sword, it used up more ling power than using aged gold energy. And, it required much more from his spirit. If he hadn’t achieved one breath in [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] before, his spiritual power wasn’t enough to do this.

Finally breaking through the Silver Horned worm’s defenses, Zuo Mo became motivated and sent out a flurry of blows.

Ding ding ding!

The Silver Horned worm finally couldn’t endure it and with a crack, suddenly exploded.

Fighting with me, serves you right!

Zuo Mo stared with disdain at the corpse of the Silver Horned worm. However, his spirit became unstable and he hurriedly came out of the Fire Dragon Grass. He had used up a lot of his ling power and consciousness. He hurriedly sat cross-legged to recover his ling power.

His ling power recovered very quickly, but the usage of his consciousness hadn’t recovered. To recover his consciousness, the only thing he could think of, the only way, that was [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation].

Was this Pu Yao’s aim?

He couldn’t help but hesitate. When his gaze landed on the Fire Dragon Grass, he struggled for a second but still decided to first exterminate these Silver Horned worms.

This was the first time he practised [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] after achieving the first breath. It seemed that as soon as he sat down, the breath was circulating in his body. A feeling of numbness that he never felt before spread from inside his bones. His entire person felt like it was flying.

His mind was calm as though it was a void. That was when he found that at some unknown time, in the sky of his sea of consciousness, there appeared a single star. The star wasn’t very bright, it was actually really dark. The flickering bright fire took away its light. Normally, he wouldn’t have even noticed it.

An illusion?

Zuo Mo wasn’t certain.

The addition of a star, his sea of consciousness becoming a sea of fire. All these changes, they didn’t bring many changes to him.

Waking up from his mediation, Zuo Mo’s mind was refreshed. He made an inspection. His spirit seemed to be just a sliver stronger. He was both joyed and worried. It was a good matter for his spirit to be stronger, but the lesson of last time when he reached one breath was still fresh in his mind.

After destroying these Silver Horned worms, he definitely wouldn’t practise it anymore!

He told himself inside. That extremely comfortable feeling just now made him automatically intoxicated and he was deeply alert. The most beautiful things didn’t have to be fish soup, it could be poison. Pu Yao’s abnormality made him feel that the chance it would be poison was extremely large.

The motions gradually becoming fluid, Zuo Mo’s efficiency increased greatly, the sword moves became even more penetrating. The Silver Horned worms that he could do nothing about previously, in just a few strokes, they were taken down!

Zuo Mo felt exhilarated but he was extremely rational and didn’t practice anymore.

The Fire Dragon Grass, once rid of the Silver Horned worms, instantly sent out exuberant vitality. Zuo Mo had found a pattern. If he killed the natural predators inside the plants, the corpses of these natural predators would become the best fertilizers.

In the next few days, he guarded the Fire Dragon Grass, fearful of another accident.

This day, like normal, he came to Cold Mist Valley.

Huh, what was this?

His gaze was on the Fire Dragon Grass. A rice-sized red fruit. Before, this fruit had been green but now it was red. But with his pitiful amount of ling herb knowledge, he couldn’t distinguish if this small fruit was really a fruit or a seed.

However, no matter if it was a fruit or a seed, it still meant that the growth of this Fire Dragon Grass was very good, it was a good event. What he had been most worried about was that this Fire Dragon Grass would be unaccustomed to the soil, or if the grade would drop. Then he wouldn’t have the face to see Wei Sheng Shixiong.

In the next few days, he carefully guarded the Fire Dragon Grass. Fire Dragon Grass was a classical yang oriented grass, appropriate for the [Art of Crimson Flame]. Each day, Zuo Mo didn’t forget to cast it a few times. The leaves became even redder and brighter, and that rice-sized fruit was now about the size of a soybean, the color steadily darkening. Everything was ready for Wei Sheng Shixiong to come to the door.

Chapter Twenty Three Apparition

Zuo Mo looked in shock at Wei Sheng Shixiong.

The clothing on Wei Sheng Shixiong’s body was ripped to shreds, his entire person was an unsheathed sword, exuding a heavy presence. This felt strange to Zuo Mo. Suddenly the term appeared in his mind—sword essence!

Zuo Mo suddenly realized. “Congratulations Shixiong!”

Hearing this, Wei Sheng smiled. The sword essence surrounding his body seemed to have been pushed by an invisible hand, suddenly vibrating. The small pebbles on the ground were all thrown up in the air, dust rising. In just a few seconds, the ground underneath his feet was cut into a shallow hole by the invisible sword essence.

“My apologies, Shidi. My cultivation is limited and cannot control it.”

Shixiong needs the Fire Dragon Grass?” Zuo Mo waved his hand, indicating that he didn’t mind. This was the first time he saw someone preparing to zhuji and he was extremely curious.

“Thanks for the trouble, Shidi.” Wei Sheng helplessly moved his feet. The dirt hole under his feet was almost up to his knees.

Understanding that Wei Sheng was at a crucial time, Zuo Mo didn’t waste words. “Shixiong, please come with me.” Finishing, he started to sprint in the direction of Cold Mist Valley.

Behind him came the continuous sound of cracking. Anywhere that Wei Sheng Shixiong passed, there were criss-crosses of fine cuts on the ground, and little pebbles sent flying away.

The two very quickly ran to Cold Mist Valley. Zuo Mo threw out, “Shixiong, please wait a moment.” He then entered the mist and in a short while came back out holding the bright red Fire Dragon Grass. He carefully put the grass on the ground and then quickly jumped to one side.

The fine and scattered sword essences creating a shroud around Shixiong were extremely damaging. His heart had trembled on the way here.

Wei Sheng bent down to grab the Fire Dragon Grass. He saw the Fire Dragon Grass was like a ball of fire, the color even brighter than before.

Joy appeared on Wei Sheng’s face. His expression solemn, he bowed to Zuo Mo. “Many thanks Shidi!”

Finishing, Wei Sheng Shixiong quickly left.

Zuo Mo stared dazedly at Wei Sheng Shixiong’s back. This was the first time he saw a person’s state right before they were going to zhuji. It was completely different from what he had imagined. So when Li Ying Feng Shijie was entering zhuji, was it something like this as well?

Zhuji, it was called the first barrier for xiuzhe. As expected, it really was extraordinary!




His mind was slightly distracted all day. The scene of Wei Sheng’s sword essence flying around gave him a tremendous shock. And he still hadn’t heard the voice that had announced last time when Li Ying Feng Shijie had successfully zhuji.

Would it have failed? His heart was full of worry. On its own, Fire Dragon Grass was like a violent poison. Just the slightest misstep and the ling power would collapse. Even more, what Wei Sheng Shixiong had taken was a third-grade Fire Dragon Grass!

He had only met Wei Sheng Shixiong twice but this steel-hearted, indomitable Shixiong made him admire. Before this, he had always felt that he was a very hardworking person, but compared to Shixiong, he wasn’t even worth a mention.

At midnight, Zuo Mo sat on the roof, absent-mindedly listening to the sound of the sound tablet’s broadcast, the worry inside even greater.

Just at this time, an extremely blinding light suddenly ascended from a certain location in the mountain, thrusting up toward the sky.


Like a treasure sword being unsheathed, iron and stone striking, resonating in Wu Kong Mountains!

With such a large commotion, the other disciples were all startled awake, each one running out, their faces full of awe as they looked at the sword-like light that seemed to have pierced the heavens.

On the rooftop, Zuo Mo’s expression was also dumbstruck. Inside, he was both happy and surprised. Happy because this presence was Wei Sheng Shixiong! What made him surprised was that this sword-like light gave him tremendous pressure!

He couldn’t help but think of the snow white sword essence that had wounded his sea of consciousness. The two were extremely alike, but while this one wasn’t as vast and icy as the snow white sword essence, Shixiong’s sword essence had an honest and concentrated flavour.

Zuo Mo’s understanding of the sword was pitiful, but in this instant, he was certain that it was Shixiong’s sword essence. He dazedly stared at this sword tip that was thrusting into the clouds, both happy and envious.

There wasn’t much of a sound when Li Ying Feng Shijie had zhuji. The fact that Shixiong’s zhuji had influenced the sky, he was really awesome!




Such an apparition, not just Wu Kong Mountain was alerted, but the sects in the surroundings were all alarmed. He could see countless swords flying over like meteors.

No one had noticed that at some unknown time, the sect leader and the other shishu were already waiting in the sky.

“Our sect will rise!” The third shishu Yan Le’s voice was slightly trembling. There wasn’t a hint of the smile that was usually hanging on his face. Just the reverse, there were tears.

The sect leader Pei Yuan Ran also couldn’t bear it. Right there in the sky, he suddenly knelt down, facing the east, his voice choked as he kowtowed three times, “This unworthy disciple thanks our sect’s ancestors for your protection! Protecting our sect’s heritage to continue!”

Raising his head, tears streamed down his face.

Yan Le and Xin Yan also knelt down, kowtowing three times towards the east.

The three stood, each of them smiling from ear to ear, like they were drunk. Even Xin Yan, the one most stern usually, had a slight blush on his face.

“Such a pity Fourth Shimei is still travelling and hasn’t returned. Otherwise, if she saw this scene, I don’t know how gratified she would be.” Pei Yuan Ran’s expression recovered as he sighed ruefully.

Yan Lei felt the same. “To be able to see this, I have no regrets left in this life.”

Pei Yuan Ran berated, “Shidi, don’t speak nonsense. Our sect is going to rise. We need to put in all our effort and nurture Wei Sheng, so that we will not disappoint the expectations our previous teachers have.”

Yan Le nodded. “Shixiong is right.” He suddenly turned his face, brows furrowing and said, slightly displeased. “There are a lot of guests today!”

A cold light flashed through Pei Yuan Ran’s eyes, his voice calm as he ordered, “But tonight isn’t the time to receive them. Second Shidi, do not let them disturb Wei Sheng.”

“Yes!” Xin Yan, who had calmed down, was as stern and grave as iron and stone. Just the one word was full of ice.

No matter if it was the xiuzhe that were flying towards Wu Kong Mountains or the outer sect disciples raising their heads to look, they all felt a snow white light flash across their eyes! Before they could react, a terrifying sword essence spread over their heads, vast and filled with an apocalyptic presence!

Everyone stilled in shock, uncontrollably retreating.

A gigantic snow white dragon, taking over half of the sky, moved its nimble body as it flew in the night sky. That pair of eyes like ice crystals were full of arrogance. From very far away, a cold and fierce presence could be felt.

Only at this time did the people remember, Wu Kong Mountains had four xiuzhe that were jindan!

“Is it [Ice Dragon Sword]?” An ancient sounding voice came from far away.

Xin Yan raised his eyelids, desire for battle flickering through his eyes, as he responded frigidly, “This one is Xin Yan.”

On Wu Kong Mountains, all the outer sect disciples, with raised faces, sighed in shock. Xin Yan Shishu, who usually had a stone face, actually had such a big reputation.

The person from far away didn’t speak.

“It is too late today, and coincidentally, it is the time that this young disciple is zhuji. We really cannot receive everyone and have to disturb you. Please forgive us. Why doesn’t everyone find another day to come? This sect will prepare for your arrival.” Pei Yuan Yan’s authoritative voice could be heard near and far.

“Didn’t think my Dong Fu would have someone as skilled as [Ice Dragon Sword]. Sorry for the discourtesy! Wu Kong Sword Sect will soon prosper, this poor cultivator Tian Song Zi first congratulates you. Today is inconvenient, then I will disturb at some other day!” The voice echoed until it couldn’t be heard any longer.

The cultivators in the surroundings were greatly surprised. They hadn’t thought the person who came was Tian Song Zi. Tian Song Zi was renowned in the entire Dong Fu. He was the descendant of Dong Fu Xianren, and the true ruler of Dong Fu.

Even Pei Yuan Ra was surprised. He hadn’t thought that the disturbance here would startle Tian Song Zi. Tian Song Zi’s reputation was extremely high in Dong Fu, his rumoured cultivation was also astounding.

But he truly was a leader of a sect. He held his composure and shouted, “Take care, Elder!”

The xiuzhe that had wanted to explore saw the situation and tactfully scattered away. Someone that even Tian Song Zi would treat respectfully, they wouldn’t dare be rash. Smart people recognized that Wu Kong Sword Sect’s position would rise in Dong Fu.

Most of them knew that Wu Kong Sword Sect had four jindan xiuzhe. However, normally Wu Kong Mountain rarely conversed with outsiders. The four, other than Yan Le who was mainly in charge of the operations, the other three basically didn’t step outside the doors to the mountain.

Intelligent people decided to go find out more about [Ice Dragon Sword]. Such a strong person, yet silently living in a little mountain, it was really puzzling.




Zuo Mo didn’t hear a word of the conversation between the sect leader and Tian Song Zi. He stared, dumbstruck, at the snow white dragon that was swimming in the night sky.

Just like he could conclude that the sword energy that was piercing the sky was due to Wei Sheng Shixiong, he recognized that snow white dragon that was twisting in the sky. It was that sword essence that was in his sea of consciousness. On the outside appearance, the two were greatly different, but for some reason, he was abnormally certain that this dragon and the white sword essence that he had only seen two times weren’t inherently different.

He blanked. So that night, it had been Shishu!

This conclusion made his heart leap.

He suddenly remembered the main culprit was still in his consciousness! This thought instantly made his heart madly shake.

If the sect leader and the others knew that Pu was in his consciousness……

He couldn’t help but shudder, his teeth chattering.

He looked again at the snow dragon in the sky, coldness creeping up his heart. He always had the feeling that this snow dragon could discover Pu Yao at any time and then would unhesitatingly swoop down and tear him to pieces!

This feeling became stronger and stronger. He even felt that the gigantic dragon was always staring at him.

His soul leaping, he couldn’t do anything except frantically escaping down the rooftop and shrinking back into his rooms.

When he returned to the seclusion room, he finally recovered.

After a few seconds, his heartbeat calming, his tongue was dry.

The damned Pu Yao! Zuo Mo couldn’t help but curse again inside.

He suddenly remembered that Pu Yao could come out on his own. This thought made him instantly panicked. Pu Yao, that crazy maniac, don’t create a disturbance now!

He quickly sat, forcing his heart to calm and entered his consciousness.

His sea of consciousness seemed to have a violent wind blowing, the dark red flames furiously dancing, like a crowd of beautiful naga twisting their heart-stopping waists. Pu wasn’t sitting on the gravestone like he normally did, but was standing in front of the gravestone like a spear. The smooth satin-like black clothing flapping in the wind, the black hair flying in front of his forehead but still covering his left eye.

His blood-red right eye was deep as he gazed at the gravestone.

Chapter Twenty Four Finding a Different Way

After the ruckus last night, no one in Wu Kong Sword Sect got a good night of sleep. In comparison to the other disciples who had gathered together to excitedly discuss, Zuo Mo was awake due to fright. Right now, he was in the same boat as Pu Yao. When he saw the snow dragon, his brain had exploded. Before, he still had a delusion, but now his heart was restless.

His heart was nervous. If he wasn’t extremely fond of this place, he would instantly pack his things and escape without a trace.

After being scared witless for a few days and seeing that nothing had happened, his heart finally landed back above his stomach.

Wei Sheng Shixiong was thrust into the limelight this time. In the area around Dong Fu, the news that a genius of Wu Kong Sword Sect appearing out of the blue, the sword energy piercing the heavens when he entered zhuji instantly made a buzz. As expected, Wei Sheng Shixiong quickly was taken by the sect leader as his disciple, personally bestowing down a fourth grade flying sword [Splitting Rainbow]. Yet  the person teaching him however was Xin Yan Shishu. When the previous inner sect disciples had received their swords, they had all been third-grade flying swords. Even the most talented Luo Li Shixiong wasn’t an exception.

Such favour, it was the first time for Wu Kong Sword sect. And the one who received the sword had been an outer sect disciple previously. When all the outer sect disciples discussed this matter, they all had proud expressions on their faces. But even more was the envy that was unable to be hidden. An outer sect disciple that once was a sword servant skyrocketing to become the most valued second generation disciple, Wei Sheng Shixiong’s experience was almost every outer sect disciple’s dream.

Other than more admiration, Zuo Mo wasn’t shocked. He believed that anyone who had seen that jade scroll that he had would be just as clam as he was.

He admired, but he would not copy Wei Sheng Shixiong. He didn’t have that obsession inside. Fundamentally, he was a lazy person. He was working hard now just so that he could be lazy in the future.

Pu Yao also seemed to have recovered. Just like usual, he sat on the gravestone and listened to the sound tablet.

The sea of consciousness hadn’t changed except that the flames seemed bigger. Zuo Mo didn’t know if it was just his imagination. In any case, it was just a patch of red.

The agitated Wu Kong Mountain finally calmed down. Zuo Mo’s life also calmed down. What he reminisced about the most was the life he had before all the apprehension and worry. His life returning to normal, his heart became much peaceful. However, he met trouble.

A ling plant farmer required three kinds of spells to reach the third level. Zuo Mo’s [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] was at the fourth level. Right now, the one that he had that was most likely to reach the third level was the [Art of Aged Gold].

He even knew how to break through to the third level of the [Art of Aged Gold].

Using sword scriptures to manipulate the aged gold energy was the crucial factor. It was the method that Pu Yao had pointed out that day for him to kill the Silver Horned worms. This road also proved his previous hypothesis that the [Art of Aged Gold] was a certain kind of offensive spell.

But Zuo Mo wasn’t dumb. He detected the fishiness. If he walked down this road, then he needed to strengthen his consciousness. The aged gold sword wasn’t really a sword. If he didn’t have the spiritual power, he couldn’t manipulate it. He experienced that deeply when he exterminated the Silver Horned worms this time. If his spiritual power had been greater, then the power of the little aged gold sword definitely would have multiplied. If it moved according to his wishes, the sword moves also would be able to unleash their full power.

Strengthening his consciousness, then he would have to face a problem, practicing [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]!

No wonder Pu Yao had been so generous. He was waiting there.

Originally Zuo Mo, who had been irritated at not finding a way to elevate the [Art of Aged Gold] was now having a headache because he could not level up.

Hesitating for a long while, in the end he still decided not to level up his [Art of Aged Gold].

Didn’t a ling plants farmer need three kinds of spells to be at the third level? At the very worst, he’ll pick two others from the remaining three spells.

The [Art of Flora], the [Art of Crimson Flame], and the [Art of Earth Energy]. He had practised them all to the second level.

But no matter which two, he had only just arrived at the second level. It was far from entering the third. Originally the [Art of Aged Gold] had been the only one he had the greatest confidence in reaching the third level, but now he had to put it to one side. He really was depressed.

Thankfully he still had jingshi on his hands!

At the worst, he could go search to see if there were any jade scrolls related to this area that were being sold. The jade scroll that he had brought before was just a normal one. It described all five spells but in most places, it just glossed over, and a direction could barely be found. For the majority, it still needed him to comprehend for himself. Most of the jade scrolls that were on the market were this version. The true premium ones were with the large sects. Even when it made it onto the market, it was extremely expensive.

In some of the top sects, before each xiuzhe died, they would use their consciousness to leave behind what they had learned in their lives in the jade scrolls and pass them on. These were the highest grade jade scrolls. The jade scrolls that held the consciousness and understandings of the elders were distributed to the disciples in the sect with the greatest potential.

These young disciples would change themselves in one night, greatly shortening the time they needed to spend cultivating.

But for normal xiuzhe, they didn’t even need to think about these things. It was better to walk step by step. Not just that, it was like they were on a dangerous and misty mountain road, carefully climbing up. As to whether they could walk such an indirect route or fall and be smashed into pieces, one’s fate depended on each individual’s luck.

Adding on the twenty pieces of second-grade jingshi that Li Ying Feng gave, Zuo Mo’s wealth was the greatest it had ever been, even though Pu Yao had spent a large amount. Zuo Mo couldn’t help but sigh, even though everyone was cultivating, but of those that were outstanding, how many didn’t have anything to their name? Li Ying Feng Shijie’s family was wealthy. Giving out tens of second-grade jingshi, her eyes didn’t even blink. Zuo Mo was deeply envious of that kind of mannerism.

His pouch was fat, his cultivation was hindered, and it was natural that Zuo Mo thought about using jingshi to solve the problem. His goal this time was to buy a jade scroll about one spell. There were very few people who could practise all five kinds of spells at the same time. But there should be more people who were skilled in one or two types.

This kind of jade scrolls wouldn’t come cheap. He would probably bleed a lot this time but he had no other choice.




Riding the creaking Lil’ Yellow, he slowly made his way to Dong Fu again.

As one of the most important towns of Sky Moon Jie, the development of Dong Fu was very good and had attracted a wave of pretty good xiuzhe. Basically, all the normal requirements could be satisfied here, especially to lianqi cultivators such as Zuo Mo.

In a moderately sized store, Zuo Mo’s body was almost lying on the desk, his eyes unblinking as he stared at the other.

“Bro, I’m saying, just buy another one, it’s really not expensive. If you want to fix it, and add more ling energy, it wouldn’t be cheaper than buying a new one, and it can’t level up.” The person was holding Zuo Mo’s flying paper crane, Lil’ Yellow, as he said in a seasoned tone.

Looking at the visible cracks on the paper crane, Zuo Mo was slightly reluctant. After all, this was his first steed. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Just fix it for me, naturally I wouldn’t give less for the cost.”

The other shrugged indifferently. “Whatever you say.”

He took out all kinds of tools. First he cut out several lengths of green thin bamboo to reinforce the skeleton. Then he glued the cracks in the yellow paper, cutting off the frayed edges. He took out a brush, using cinnabar to carefully mend the seal arrangement before adding in ling energy. Only when the red cinnabar had disappeared from the surface of the paper crane did he repeatedly put on a layer of liquid and the seal that had disappeared appeared once again.

“Alright. I slightly made it stronger. If you’re careful, you can still use it for a while. Three pieces of second-grade jingshi.”

As expected, the price wasn’t different from buying a new one. Zuo Mo’s heart jerked in pain but he still crisply paid.

Walking out of the small store, he started to walk to the free market and found Fu Jin.

Fu Jin saw Zuo Mo and instantly became alert, yelling, “Hey, Mo ge’s here. What do you want this time?” The wily eyes found the copper ring on Zuo Mo’s hand. Instantly he became even more attentive. His eyes were very experienced. That was a talisman. Even if the grade wasn’t high, but it still meant that Zuo Mo definitely still had some jingshi in his hands.

Zuo Mo asked, “Do you have anything about [Art of Flora]? Relating to the third level. [Art of Crimson Flame] or [Art of Earth Energy] would also do.”

“The third level?” Fu Jin grimaced as he shook his head, “Mo ge. You know the market. Whatever spell, once it reaches the third level, it isn’t hard to find. Even if it was available, the price, tsk tsk, at least two pieces of third-grade jingshi.

Two pieces of third-grade jingshi. Zuo Mo didn’t know what to say about the price. Even though he was much wealthier now, but this price was still out of his reach. One piece of third-grade jingshi, it needed one hundred pieces of second-grade jingshi. This was only for low-grade jingshi. As the grade increased, the disparity in the exchange rate would become even greater. Like fourth-grade jingshi, at the very least, it would require five hundred pieces of third-grade jingshi.

Third grade was a dividing line.

If he could make spell work jade scrolls, Zuo Mo would have already been selling jade scrolls. Disregarding everything else, just based on his fourth level of [Little Art of Cloud and Rain], if he could make jade scrolls, he definitely could sell it for a good price. It was a pity that making a spell work jade scroll wasn’t a simple matter. While Zuo Mo’s [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] might have reached the fourth level, but for the overwhelming majority of the profound parts, he could only grasp, but could not convey.

Like the jade scroll that Wei Sheng shixiong gave him. It only basically recorded some of his experiences and realizations. It couldn’t be considered a spell work jade scroll.

Those that could make spell work jade scrolls, they were usually those of high cultivation. They could stand at a higher spot and penetrate through to the core of the spells.

The spell work jade scrolls that a jindan xiuzhe made, and one that a ningmai made, the price was astronomically different. The ling plant jade scroll that Zuo Mo brought had been made by a ningmai. Many of the part inside were not adequately described.

The most common spell work jade scrolls on the marked were for the stage of zhuji. They frequently could get sold for a pretty good price. Once one entered zhuji, they had some wealth. This was also the reason why the spell work jade scrolls for lianqi cultivators were so rare.

The majority of those in the stage of lianqi were poor bastards.

And Sky Moon Jie, it was a district under the jurisdiction of Kun Lun Region. The majority were sword xiu, so there was a lot fewer spells than in the other areas.

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but be disappointed.

Even though Zuo Mo’s face was paralyzed, but Fu Jin still sensitively detected his disappointment. He thought before suggesting, “Mo ge could try taking a look at the notice altar.”

Zuo Mo instantly hit his head in frustration. How could he have forgotten that place?

Each sect would always encounter all sorts of problems. Like the strange disease of the ling fields that Wu Kong Sword Sect had encountered this time. If the sect could not solve it, they would post to the boards in hopes of those with extraordinary talent that could aid them through their difficulties. After that, everyone found the convenience inside and more and more people asked for aid at the boards. Consequently, they created a specialized temple to post notices which was called the notice altar. This also became the place many xiuzhe used to find jobs, especially those with a cultivation of lianqi or zhuji.

Of course, posting a message required paying a fee, and the post would clearly state the payment.

Gratefully giving thanks to Fu Jin, Zuo Mo started heading for the notice altar.

Chapter Twenty Five Fourth Shigu

The notice altar was in the southern part of Dong Fu, and it was also the most prosperous and busiest part of Dong Fu. Because he had already joined a sect, and taking care of the ling fields and cultivation had taken up almost all of his time, Zuo Mo had never been to the notice altar before. This was why he hadn’t thought of this place at the beginning.

Stopping at the notice altar, he couldn’t help but inhale sharply!

Looking out, countless posts made from cloth banners pointed at the sky like a forest, spreading out into the horizon. Under each banner, people’s heads moved. The stream of people also moved slowly. Zuo Mo was in awe at the scene.

Dazedly, he followed the stream and entered the notice altar.

“This sect has a pair of Fiery Gold Eyes Beast pups, requires one zookeeper. Requires cultivation above intermediate level of zhuji, five or more years of experience in animal care, salary generous.”

“This sect is clearing out ling fields, needs large number of body cultivators, above lianqi fifth level. Includes residence and food. Ten pieces of first-grade jingshi each day.


In just a quick while, Zuo Mo’s eyes started to blur.

Just at this time, someone came up, “Bro, what, it’s hard to search. I have the complete table of content for the entire notice altar, detailed and accurate. It is updated at the first time. How about it, do you want a copy?”

“How much?” Zuo Mo asked cautiously.

“Not expensive, twenty pieces of first-grade jingshi.” The person said, “Bro, at one look, I can see you are one for doing big things. Time is so precious, wasting it like this is not worthy. Just twenty pieces of first-grade jingshi, it’s really worthwhile!”

“Eight pieces!”

“Bro, look at all these notices. Just me alone, how can I collect all of them? I have to support an entire bunch of people… …”

“Adding on two pieces, I’m very sincere.”

“Bro, we don’t have it easy……”

Zuo Mo turned to leave. The person hurriedly pulled Zuo Mo, “Okay okay okay, I’ll sell it to you at a loss!”

Looking at the directory that he spent ten pieces of first-grade jingshi to buy, Zuo Mo was a sorry figure as he escaped from the notice altar. He found a less busy place nearby and sat down.

That was a really scary place! He looked with trepidation at the bustling notice altar.

Channelling ling power to the jade scroll, there were more than one thousand and five hundred posts in the directory, a huge variety, everything was there. After a long time, Zuo Mo finally found an order and started to look down.

After a full two hours, he finally raised his head, his eyes full of disappointment. It wasn’t that there weren’t related posts that paid with spells, but not one of them was something that he could accomplish. Thinking about it now, Fu Jing was right. When any spell reached the third level, the price also changed drastically.

Discontentedly returning on the flying paper crane, Zuo Mo’s expression was blank.




When he returned home and saw Wei Sheng Shixiong standing outside his door, he couldn’t help but blank.

Wei Sheng Shixiong didn’t seem to have changed much from before. Still clad in rough cloth. Even though he still gave others the feeling of being as sharp as a sword, but it was much more restrained than before. It could be seen that Wei Sheng Shixiong’s cultivation was much deeper than before. Even when Zuo Mo was still far away, he already detected it.

Shidi has really made me wait.” He smiled as he greeted.

Wei Sheng Shixiong’s warmth that was just like before made Zuo Mo very surprised and slightly moved. The attitudes of inner sect disciples towards outer sect disciples were usually extremely bad, and for those of low birth and had an accomplished cultivation, their arrogant manner was the normal state.

“If Shixiong has something, just send a notice, why wait so long outside the door?” Zuo Mo solemnly replied.

Wei Sheng took out a small box from his bosom and handed it to Zuo Mo. “The Fire Dragon Grass seed won’t be of any use in my hands, it is at least third-grade so it would be a pity to throw it out. Shidi is skilled in planting, so this is given to Shidi.”

Zuo Mo was greedy about wealth but facing the little box, he didn’t hold out his hand. The seed of a third-grade Fire Dragon Grass, there wasn’t a question it could be sold for a few dozen pieces of second-grade jingshi.

Shixiong has successfully zhuji, and there would be many places that would require jingshi in the future……”

Wei Sheng interrupted his words, shoving the wooden box into Zuo Mo’s chest, “Don’t be chatty. I’m telling you to take it. My heart is for the sword, and doesn’t like other things.”

Holding the wooden box, Zuo Mo didn’t know what to say.

Shidi has outstanding talent and should work hard to not fail to live up to this good will.” He urged, “Very soon I will enter the Sword Cave to study. When I come out, Shidi should have successfully zhuji.”

For some reason, Zuo Mo’s heart warmed and burst out, “I definitely will successfully zhuji!”

“Then I won’t worry anymore. It’s a pity that Shidi isn’t interested in the sword.” There was a hint of pity in Wei Sheng’s expression.

Zuo Mo smiled. “It isn’t bad being a ling plant farmer, jingshi is a very dependable thing.”

“Ha-ha!” Wei Sheng roared with laughter, “That’s so true. I won’t bid farewell. When I come out, us brothers will drink!”

Finishing, he swept away.

Even when Wei Sheng Shixiong had walked a long ways off, Zuo Mo’s heart was still slightly excited.

No matter if Wei Sheng Shixiong was deliberate or not but this bit of solicitude, he would firmly remember.

From when he opened his eyes, what he faced was a completely unfamiliar world. The sect leader that picked him up had asked a few words before he was never seen again. He was like a newborn baby that started to dumbly learn bit by bit everything in the surroundings. His strange zombie face, and the ignorance about the affairs of the world caused him to receive endless mockery and ridicule.

The only thing he was glad about was that the heavens had left behind some assets for him – a cultivation of lianqi fifth level. The setbacks he endured everywhere didn’t make him sink but actually stirred up the stubbornness in his bones. He cultivated day and night, used the rain of the [Little Art of Cloud and Rain] to fill the dry pond drop by drop. After that, the treatment he received gradually changed. Piling on the insincerity and worldliness, deliberately getting close to the other disciples in the sect, and earning a pretty good reputation.

But that alienation inside gradually deepened with time.

Wei Sheng Shixiong, who he only had met two times before, was the first time he felt a sincere concern.

Before this, he wasn’t interested in zhuji. That astounding sword essence in his sea of consciousness, while it had stirred up some interest in power, but quickly, [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation] had completely made him lose interest in power. For him, power was undoubtedly very far away.

But Wei Sheng Shixiong’s exhortations today made him suddenly feel that he needed to zhuji. This feeling was so fierce, from the moment it left his mouth, he felt that, no matter what, he had to complete zhuji!


Zhuji, it was the first barrier in the long journey of cultivation. For those disciples in the large sects, zhuji was so easy that it was like stepping over a doorstep. But for normal xiuzhe, this would decide their status. Those that were in the stage of zhuji basically had left behind the lowest level of work, their income was enough to cause those as greedy as Zuo Mo to have red eyes. But there was a high degree of difficulty in achieving zhuji, especially to someone like Zuo Mo who only had the kind of mainstream street trash like [Ten Principles Scripture]. To finish zhuji, it needed luck and character. Other than that, the success of zhuji depended on whether the wallet was full or not.

The lingdan and ling herbs that were required for zhuji, not one of them was cheap. And the effects varied greatly.

Normal zhuji dan, it generally was one hundred pieces of second-grade jingshi. But this kind of zhuji dan could only be considered to be barely useable. And if one was willing to spill some blood, two pieces of third-grade jingshi, they could buy the highest grade of zhuji dan, the success rate multiplying. This was also why the disciples of the large sects didn’t care about zhuji. For them, two pieces of third-grade jingshi was really a small amount.

But for Zuo Mo, one hundred pieces of second-grade jingshi was almost his entire wealth. And this was only because his income had been high lately. Before this, did he dare to even think of it?

That was also why he would put his efforts on being ling plant farmer. In reality, the difficulty of becoming a ling plant farmer was much higher than zhuji. This could be seen from how much the salary of a ling plant farmer surpassed a zhuji cultivator. But the difficulty was based on talent. There wasn’t much of a jingshi investment. What other than this was more perfect for a money-grubbing Zuo Mo?

But now he wanted to zhuji!

His brain was occupied with this though as he dumbly walked to Cold Mist Valley.

“Who are you? How dare you enter this sect’s important lands!” Suddenly a cold shout broke through Zuo Mo’s thoughts.

A matron, appearing about forty something years old, was standing in the medicine fields, coldly looking at Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo unconsciously raised his head. When he met the other’s eyes, he instantly dropped into ice! The other’s gaze was as sharp as a sword, almost piercing him through.

Zuo Mo shook, as though waking from a dream, his mind whirling quickly, he hurriedly made the bow of a disciple, “This disciple is Zuo Mo. Received Hao Min Shijie’s orders to temporarily care for the medicine fields here.”

“That girl dares! Dares to be lazy!” The green-clad matron’s face was cold, hinting at the anger.

Zuo Mo silently grimaced. Right now, he largely knew the identity of this elder in front of him. Wu Kong Sword Sect hadn’t been big to begin with. The only one that fit the description was the fourth shigu, Shi Feng Rong. Shi Feng Rong spent long periods of time travelling abroad, occasionally returning. Zuo Mo had never had the chance to see her before. Supposedly this shigu didn’t have a good temper, and was hard to be close with. Looking at it now, it was true.

His only hope now was that Fourth Shigu wouldn’t blame him.

Hao Ming Shijie was an inner sect disciple. Even if she was punished, it wouldn’t be heavy. But his status was low. If he was blamed, he wouldn’t have a good ending.

Shi Feng Rong scanned the medicine fields in the surroundings. Seeing the ling herbs were fine, the coldness on her face retreated slightly. She relaxed her tone to ask, “What are you called?”

“Disciple Zuo Mo greets Fourth Shigu.” Zuo Mo answered respectfully.

“Your care isn’t bad.” Glancing at Zuo Mo, her eyes held praise, “Cultivation of lianqi eighth level. En, can be considered ambitious. From today onwards, Cold Mist Valley is under your care. Humph, when Hao Min returns, I will sort her out!”

Temporary worker turning to actual worker, Zuo Mo was a hundred times unwilling but facing Fourth Shigu’s gaze that could cut him up, he perceptively swallowed the words back into his stomach. Inside, he muttered, Fourth Shigu was the same as Xin Yan Shishu, they looked at everyone like the others owed them money.

“This zhuji dan, it is your reward.”

Zuo Mo stared with bright eyes at the zhuji dan in his hands. The hundred times unwilling instantly became one hundred times willing! As expected, it was Shigu that was considerate! He praised Fourth Shigu effusively inside. The most basic zhuji dan was one hundred pieces of second grade jingshi. He had heard that this shigu was skilled at concocting pills, but he didn’t know what grade this zhuji dan was.

“Keep cultivating, and enter zhuji. Your current power , to care for Cold Mist Valley, it isn’t enough.” Fourth Shigu’s icy voice rang in Zuo Mo’s ears.

Zuo Mo, already drowning in joy, hurriedly responded.

Shi Feng Rong was going to leave when her eyes glanced at Zuo Mo’s face. Her steps instantly stopped, an astounded expression floating on her cold face, “Raise your head.”

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