修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Five “First Battle”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Forty Five – First Battle

The sentries that had been swimming at the edges started to spread out. Their job was not to engage in battle, but to observe the direction of the entire battlefield.

Wei Ran’s expression was cold, his lips tightly pressed together. There were about two hundred people in the enemy that were full of murderous intent as they charged. Wei Ran straightened his back like a sharp and upright spear. He slightly floated in the air, the shouts of the platoon leaders as they shouted at maximum passing into his ears.

“All of you, be alert! Notice your position!”

“What is in front of you is a pile of trash! Kill them! Kill them all!”

“Later, don’t think of anything. Where I go, charge after me! Whoever f**king lingers behind, watch how I’ll take care of him later!”

“Follow what you usually do during training!”

… …

The platoon leaders were doing their last adjustments before the battle. Most of the people under their command were greenhorns. They all had above average individual power, but in this kind of battle tactic style that demanded rigor, so cooperation was the crux of victory.

The rough, serious, or relaxed mobilizations burrowed into Wei Ran’s ears. He uncontrollably started to heat up. He did not notice that a smear of red had appeared in his eyes.

This really made a person’s blood boil!

Watching as the other side neared, Wei Ran raised his right hand again. All the noise disappeared. All one hundred and twenty two xiuzhe were completely silent. The entire troop was like a great bow that had been fully drawn. Everyone’s nerves were tensed to their limits, especially the xiuzhe at the front. The ling power in their body vibrated, their presence continuously rising. However, their feet seemed to be nailed to their spot.




Wei Cheng Bin unconsciously stopped breathing, his mind a patch of blankness.

He had never experienced such a shocking battle. This patch of silence was like an invisible noose that wrapped around him and slowly tightened, choking his throat shut. It was slightly suffocating. He opened his mouth to pant heavily. He widened his eyes, and instinctively stared at the xiuzhe at the front raise his right hand. His entire body started to unconsciously shake. He didn’t know if it was in terror or excitement.




Wei Ran coldly watched as the enemy entered the range of attack, the raised right hand suddenly chopping down.



The air exploded crisply like a firework. The furiously rampaging ling power of the twenty xiuzhe that were at the front platoon suddenly lost their restraints and exploded!

Twenty figures suddenly disappeared into the air.


It was another soul-shaking explosion!

Twenty xiuzhe from the second platoon also disappeared into the air.


The third platoon quickly followed behind!

The trademark three section wave killing charge!

Each little troop carried a gigantic sword energy twenty zhang above their heads. This was an attack created by the merging of three xiuzhe’s power! This kind of ling merging technique could only be activated when the Three Talent Formation reached a certain skill level.

The gigantic sword energies tore through the air and howled. On the entire battlefield, all the other sword energies and spells lost color in comparison.

In front of the gigantic sword energy, individual sword energies were as fragile as chopsticks, breaking upon impact.

As fast as lightning!

One platoon had six teams. It was as though six staggered blades cut right to the middle of the enemy.

Blood rained through the sky!

Six deep bloody marks appeared in the ranks of the enemy. Anywhere they passed, if one was just brushed, it meant either cutting off the limbs or breaking the spine. With destructive force, they penetrated through the enemy formation.

The enemy leader’s eyes bulged out of their sockets. “Drag them down! Their later power … …”

Just as he had spoken halfway, the ghostly wail-like howl of the gigantic sword energy sounded again!

The second platoon had arrived!

Six gigantic sword essences cut from a small angle on the right as they curved into the enemy formation.

Pew pew pew!

After a string of alarming sounds of cut of limbs and broken bones, the six gigantic sword essences plowed out six broad bloody groves. Wails passed into everyone’s ears.

The third platoon attacked from the opposite angle!

Just as the second platoon had finished passing through the enemy formation, the third platoon had coincidentally entered the center of the enemy formation.

Wei Ran pressed his lips tightly together. The power of the three section wave killing charge was evident! The courage of the enemy had been stolen, their morale plummeted and they had no more desire to battle. What he needed to do next was lay down the last straw that would break the camel’s back.

The fourth and fifth platoon suddenly attacked!

The enemy, whose courage had already been stolen, panicked when they saw the fourth and fifth platoons press forward. In an instant, they broke formation and their lines collapsed as they scattered in all directions!

Wei Ran’s body finally relaxed. The battle had been settled.

The three section wave killing charge was peerless in its killing power, but it was not as though it did not have weaknesses. Its biggest weakness was that it was weak in its follow up. If the enemy could stop the first few cycles of attacks, then they would be the ones in danger.

The giant sword energies could defend, but the ling power consumed was extremely terrifying. Gathering up all the ling power before the charge was not just to posture.

Wei Ran released a breath. This battle was much smoother than he had imagined. It now had no meaning. The leaders of the platoons directed the little teams to continuously move and cut. If there was a small gathering of people at one location, they were like sharks that tasted blood and would leap over.

The fearful enemy fighters did not hesitate when they saw the situation, all of them turning and fleeing.

Wei Ran hurriedly sent an order to not pursue. Their mission was to safely reach the camp, not to kill enemies. However, when he noticed some scattered xiuzhe that had been watching from far away, he guessed that those were scouts from other factions.

This battle should have intimidated many people, he pondered inside.

The enemy had completely fled in a short while Wei Ran ordered some xiuzhe to clean up the spoils, and everyone else landed to set up camp. The xiuzhe that had just come out of battle all had excited expressions lingering on their faces, but they still meticulously completed their orders.

All the platoon leaders all released a breath of relief. This kind of battle was just a minor matter to them, but they had still been worried about the new members under their command. In total, no major incidents had occurred, but combat had exposed many problems.

Some squads had not performed to their training standards when they had sent out the gigantic sword energy in the fight, and almost were not able to penetrate the ranks of the enemy. If they could not penetrate the ranks, and were bogged down in the enemy formation, the enemy would immediately have swarmed and torn them to pieces. These platoon leaders still felt fear when they thought of it.

Wei Ran did not interfere with the platoon leaders lecturing the xiuzhe who had made mistakes. He silently patrolled the camp.

A while later, the xiuzhe that finished cleaning up returned. The spoils of victory were given to the vice division later who would give them to Lil’ Miss when they returned, and then divided according to contributions.




Wei Cheng Bin gaped. The swiftness in which the battle had finished with had surpassed his imagination. When he heard the platoon leaders swear at their subordinations, he couldn’t believe it. Was this not enough? Such crisp and clean combat, such strong subordinates, then why were they being sworn at?

He was not skilled at battle, but that did not mean he did not have good eyes. He could generally see the traces of the skill of a troop. In his view, this completely unfamiliar and unique troop was the strongest that he had ever seen without exception.

They were too demanding! Wei Cheng Bin was unable to understand.

This victory was great motivation to the xiuzhe who were being transported. Their anticipation towards their destination rose. In the chaotic Little Mountain Jie, martial strength was the most effective guarantee of survival.




Nan Sheng Village.

He Xiang looked at the fake smiles on the faces in front of him. His temple throbbed. The negotiations were more difficult than he had imaged. These factions seemed to have reached a certain agreement in secret, their positions were at a strange consensus. Even the leaders that he had a good relationship with before had reversed their attitudes and remained silent.

He knew that these people just wanted to bargain, but for him who wanted to show his accomplishments, his abilities would only be displayed if he could push the price to the bottom. There were more than a few that were scheming after his position. He did not want to give them an opportunity.

He smiled, not showing his thoughts. “Everyone is tired today, let’s take a rest. This one has prepared a banquet especially for this, please, everyone come attend.”

The leaders exchanged looks with each other, rose, and said they were tired and wanted to rest.

He Xiang did not force them, smiling as he sent them out the door. When the last leader left, his dark expression could not be disguised any longer.

He needed a way to divide them, he thought inside. Just as he turned to leave, he coincidentally caught the mirth in the eyes of one of the other elders and his mood instantly became even more terrible.




“Is everyone sure of their target?” Xie Shan asked as he looked at everyone.

Everyone nodded.

Lei Peng rumbled, “Motherf***er, laozi even had to watch him as he went to the bathroom, it really is unlucky.”

Everyone laughed lightly. To guarantee they would succeed with one blow, everyone had rehearsed before. They had divided the ten targets among them.

“We will move in two hours,” Xie Shan did not waste words. All fifteen people had their own techniques. He might have the highest cultivation, but he did not dare to posture. Fortunately, everyone was rule-abiding and did not need him to nag.

Fifteen people silently spread out in all directions.




Lei Peng’s target was a guy skilled in dan­-making. Even though ling materials were now in short supply in Little Mountain Jie, but some businesses still had some in stock. Due to this, this person had found a pretty good job. Consequently, when he had received the jade scroll, he had weighed his options, and decided to stay with his current employer. Especially since his current employer was good to him and the jade scroll was of unknown origins. He was not willing to take the risk.

For some reason, he felt the willies today as though something was going to happen.

This caused him to be unable to focus. Every time he had this feeling, there never was anything good.

He raised his head to look at the sky. The clouds were very low in the air, dense and suffocating.

“Medicine Master He, the owner is calling you.” The busboy hurriedly rushed over.

“Oh, I’m going now.” He refocused and hurriedly moved. There was probably another job for him to do.

He had just passed through into the backyard when he suddenly felt pain at the back of his head. His vision darkened, and he did not know anything else.

Lei Peng held him with one hand and looked around. Looking around to see if he had alarmed any other people, he grinned silently before disappearing into the air.

However, not everyone had the same good fortune as him. For example, Nian Lu.




Nian Lu looked with panic at his target. A female xiu skilled with livestock. She was presently teaching the other people how to put together feed for ling beasts. These apprentices were extremely respectful and listened carefully.

The time to act had arrived!

Seeing that the target would definitely not be leaving soon, Nian Lu gritted his teeth, and decided to move.

His figure was like a ghost that appeared behind the female xiu. His hand gently chopped, his left hand raising and grasping. The unconscious female xiu was on his back.

His movements were clean and crisp.

Only when he had disappeared through the door did the apprentices finally react, yelling in fear.

The guards of the store were instantly alerted and flew into the air.

The same situation, at the same time, occurred at different places in Nan Sheng Village.

Nan Sheng Village instantly became a mess!

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