修真世界 World of Cultivation Chaper Two Hundred and Sixty “The Terrifying Female Xiu”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty – The Terrifying Female Xiu

The xiuzhe that were at the front had already prepared their ling shields, while the ling armor on their bodies glowing prettily with light. However, these lights which usually gave them a sense of safety, now clearly reflected the terror on their faces.

Many people couldn’t help but raise their faces.

With their extremely shaky vision, a fireball suddenly magnified and appeared in front of them in an instant.


Zuo Mo heavily smashed into this crowd of people.

The three people at the very front were like stone balls that had been swatted up. Before they could even grunt, they were nailed into the soil. Under this kind of blow, no xiuzhe except those who practiced body cultivation could survive.

The ling shields produced by the ling armor were like thin paper, torn to pieces by the knifelike air flows.

Zuo Mo didn’t feel well after the powerful impact. The flame around him instantly collapsed. At the same time, he sprayed out a ball of bloody mist. When the bloody mist landed on the red flames, the flames suddenly erupted.

Some xiuzhe who didn’t dodge in time were swept by the exploding flames, and their expression changed.

Void Fire! The deadly Void Fire!

Zuo Mo did not understand the power of his move, but there were a few in this group that recognized it. Meteor Void Fire. Other than its presence which was as unstoppable as a meteor, half of its power was based on the Void Fire.

Void Fire was an extremely special kind of flame. It was born through the turbulence of air, as though it came from nowhere. Void Fire was extremely hard to extinguish, especially since water elemental power was ineffective. Its other quality was it was extremely strong. The temperature was not high, but it could corrode the minds of people.

The blood that Zuo Mo had sprayed out contained the essence of his own body. The blood caused the flame to grow, and seven or eight xiuzhe instantly were affected. A wound in the spirit was very painful. Several people instantly howled out.

Not having used up all his power, Zuo Mo penetrated through the ranks of this group, and charged at the ground.

After such a fierce impact, the burning blood slowly cooled down. Zuo Mo suddenly woke up. When he saw the surrounding situation, his scalp instantly tingled, and he felt bitter.

This was dangerous! Was he crazy?

Why had he just charged out … …

His expression was pale as he muttered unconsciously. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the quickly approaching ground and hurriedly adjusted his body. Dong! He hit the ground and was rooted in an extremely sorry position. Once he hit the ground, he plucked up his legs and started to run.

What had just happened was like a dream. The only thing he was clear about was that charge that he had accidentally made was quite good, but the consumption of ling power and consciousness was very high, both of them reaching a dangerously low level.

If he didn’t run now, what was he waiting for?

The results of his body cultivation recently final showed their effects. Without the support of his ling power, he actually ran faster on two legs faster than he could fly. Also, his grandiose Meteor Void Fire attack that he just did had shocked everyone. No one dared to chase him.

After panting and running for a while, Zuo Mo saw that no one was chasing him and finally stopped to catch his breath. That impact just now had also wounded him significantly. His entire skeleton felt like it was going to fracture all over.

Why did he just charge over … …

It was an evil spell … … it must have been an evil spell … …

Zuo Mo furiously thought about this question. It must have been that the female xiu had cast some evil spell on him! Otherwise, he definitely wouldn’t have charged out. How could he do something like this, charging into the maws of death?

There was a problem! There definitely was a problem!

Panting heavily, he saw no one chasing over, especially when he saw the three Golden Armor Guards and a platoon captain coming over with other people.

Seeing that Zuo Mo was alright, the platoon leader sighed in relief. “Boss, you are alright! The other platoon is recovering ling power, and will come here soon.”

Zuo Mo waved his hand, his other hand braced on his knee as he panted, “I’m fine, you guys go help that reckless woman!”

“Yes!” The platoon leader responded. Just as he raised his head, he froze on his spot. “Boss … …”

Zuo Mo found it strange hearing the platoon leader speak as though he was talking in a dream. When he raised his head, he saw the platoon captain’s face filled with strangeness, dazedly looking behind him.

He hurriedly turned over and followed the platoon captain’s gaze before he also froze.

In the sky, the female xiu was like a ghost that had no weight, lightly wandering around the enemy ranks. Her speed was not fast, her motions were not sharp, and there was no light of ling power.

But everywhere she passed, the enemy would drop like a dumpling into the pot, and then smashing into ground meat against the dirt.

It was evil!

A coldness sudden rose in Zuo Mo’s heart!

That was … … too evil! What spell was that? What scripture?

In this little while, there was only thirty something xiuzhe left scattered in the sky.


Zuo Mo’s complexion was pale without any blood as he instinctively swallowed! The scene in front of him had no pressure and blinding light, no keen sword essence, no booming explosions, there was nothing.

Her feet bare, she confidently passed between the people. The vicious xiuzhe dropped in front of her like sandbags, one by one. That pair of bare feet that Zuo Mo had sighed secretly over countless times, at this moment were giving off a dense deathly energy.

The bone-aching coldness made Zuo Mo feel as though his bones had also froze. He was like a statue, standing there with his mouth open. Beside him, the other xiuzhe didn’t dare to breath and terror filled their faces.

This was the strangest and most terrifying scene that Zuo Mo had ever seen since he could remember.

Even they felt fear, so those xiuzhe that were on the receiving end, what kind of terror did they feel?




Dao Zi, whose face had been filled with viciousness just a moment ago, seemed to have seen a ghost, his facial muscles continuously trembling. He turned and wanted to flee, but he felt he couldn’t move, not even a finger.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment. The xiuzhe were all stuck in the air, unable to move like puppets.

That exquisite pair of porcelain bare feet would pass beside a person, and that person would drop from the sky.

In the blink of an eye, in the enormous battlefield of the sky, there was no one left except the female xiu.

A deathly silence.

The wind blew past. The female xiu silently floated in the air.




The sound of teeth chattering entered Zuo Mo’s ears. He turned around his face, and saw all the xiuzhe beside him were trembling and their teeth chattering. Zuo Mo had originally been feeling cold all over, his heart beating furiously. However, when he saw everyone’s state, the terror in his heart suddenly became fainter.




Jiang Wei and Jiang Hao’s face were ashen, their bodies uncontrollably trembling. The xiuzhe beside him were the same.

The female xiu suddenly turned her face, and looked towards them.

“Ah!” A yell filled with terror suddenly sounded in everyone’s ears. A xiuzhe’s face was twisted, his eyes bulging out, several streams of blood coming out of his nostrils and mouth. He froze in this position as he softly fell on the ground.

That shriek had almost caused Jiang Wei’s heart to stop beating. He just wanted to swear, but when he saw the person’s state his heart was even more shocked! This subordinate had followed him for a long time, and had seen many kinds of situations. Today, he was actually scared to death!

When he saw the other people, he knew if he ordered them to keep fighting, he would be the first person cut down!

He glanced with terror at the strange woman that was wearing a mask and looked like a clown. He knew that he would never forget this strange figure in his entire life.

“Run!” He suppressed the furious beating of his heart, and channeled the power to shout and wake everyone up. He turned and ran first.

The other people were also frightened, their faces paling. Like birds alarmed, they turned to flee.

The female xiu did not pursue them, and only watched in silence. Under her pair of heart-shocking and soul-shaking bare feet were one hundred corpses.




Zuo Mo didn’t even know how he had returned to the city at the end. His mind was blank. The shock and blow left by that last scene had been too much for him. It wasn’t just him. All the xiuzhe of the city seemed to have lost their souls. They had personally seen the female xiu’s strange and unpredictable fighting. No one dared to raise their heads to look at the female xiu, or to meet her gaze.

Just like normal, the female xiu stood silently near Zuo Mo.

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao’s face was serious in front of Zuo Mo. This was the first time Zuo Mo had seen Pu Yao so serious.

“What spell is that?” Zuo Mo’s tone was raw.

“Don’t know.” Pu Yao clearly had been frightened by the female xiu as well. He said in a deep tone, “I cannot think of any spell or secret method that is related.”

“When I inspected her body, I found a strange power inside her body. Her body is clearly almost on the verge of collapse, it’s packed with old wounds,” Zuo Mo thought for a moment and said, hoping to give Pu Yao some clues.

“If it is like that, it should be a kind of self-harm spell or secret method. These types of spells and secret methods are powerful, but they shorten the lifespan,” Pu Yao said seriously. “You have to be careful. Her origins are not simple.”

“Careful … …” Zuo Mo’s face was more bitter than a bitter melon as he spread his hands, “How can I be careful?”

Pu Yao didn’t know what to say either. His complexion was not any better than Zuo Mo. Meeting a person whose origins he did not know, and was not match for, made him feel defeat as one who had once been a Sky Yao.

“I wonder if we can ask her to help against Clear Sky Old Forefather?” Zuo Mo suddenly said.

“She’s too young.” Pu Yao shook his head, “Even if it is a self-harm spell, the time she has spent on cultivation is too short. She may be strong, but not comparable to jindan. She can deal with ningmai like chopping vegetables, but against jindan, that’s a different matter.”

Jindan and ningmai is not a difference in the kind of power, but the difference in essence of power,” Pu Yao continued, “The difference of the essence is not something that can be overcome with other methods.”

Zuo Mo found it was right after he thought about it.

“Tell me, did she use some kind of mental confusion spell?” Zuo Mo suddenly asked, “Why did I just charge out? I shouldn’t have! I remember there was a purple light in her eyes.”

“She definitely didn’t use one. I’m clear about that.” Pu Yao’s answer was very confident, but then his voice was also filled with puzzlement, “But I’m puzzled too. How come you just charged out? You are the one most scared of death.”

“I feel the same.” Zuo Mo did not feel embarrassed and nodded his head. “She didn’t give me any jingshi, why did I charge out? It is so evil!”

“She isn’t beautiful. If she was a beauty … …” Pu Yao pondered as he rubbed his chin.

“Beauty?” Zuo Mo glared, and instinctively raised his volume. “If there is no jingshi, even beauties don’t work!”

“Then why?” Pu Yao couldn’t understand.

“Why … …” Zuo Mo’s brows furrowed, his face full of distress.

This question was so strange, so confusing. If he couldn’t resolve it, he wouldn’t feel safe. If he went out like this again without knowing why, he might lose his little life.




Just as Zuo Mo was worried about this, inside a little quiet mountain cave not far away from Nan Sheng Village.

Ma Fan and Xie Shan opened their eyes at the same time.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo and Pu Yao find he is acting out of character. Beauty doesn’t work on Zuo Mo, only money.

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