修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Six “A Little Harvest”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Six – A Little Harvest

After flying for about an hour, there were still no signs. Zuo Mo calmed down. He knew that panicking was not useful. Based on Silly Bird’s fierce flying, she probably wouldn’t stop anytime soon. As long as the direction was right, he would find her.

The grey mud that Lil’ Pagoda spat out was a smorgasbord of substances outside the five elements. He didn’t know what change would come after Silly Bird had eaten so much. It would be good if nothing happened to her. He was very worried. Silly Bird was the first ling beast he had owned, and he had a deep attachment to her. Even though she was very proud and had terrible habits, like showing off and not looking at people properly, but when he thought about the first time he was wounded, and Silly Bird had done her best to carry him back, his heart still was moved.

Suddenly, an extremely fine sword light flashed twenty li away from him.

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. It seemed his luck today wasn’t so terrible. It required luck to be able to encounter other sword xiu when flying in the air at night, especially with the drastically reduced population of Little Mountain Jie. Not even one in ten remained, but he had met two different groups today.

He was just going forward to ask if the other had seen Silly Bird when the sword light unexpectedly curved and flew towards him.

Seeing the situation, Zuo Mo didn’t move and waited for the other.

When the other flew close, Zuo Mo saw his appearance. The person was an extremely young xiuzhe in his early twenties. The light-glimmering ling armor did not look like something average. His feet were stepping on a flying sword shaped like a ling snake. He looked very carefree as he flew in the wind.

Seeing the pride on the others face, Zuo Mo muttered inside. Before he spoke, he heard the other shout, “Hey, do you know five element spells?”

Zuo Mo instantly was discontent, his brow unconsciously furrowing. He speculated inside that this person definitely was a disciple that had just come out of the sect to gain experience. Surviving in the outside, just this kind of arrogant and brash tone was enough for him to die multiple times.

“I know some,” Zuo Mo still planned on asking about Silly Bird so he endured it.

The person’s eyes lit up. “Come with me!” Finishing, he turned and left.

Zuo Mo rubbed his nose. Where had this silly bird came from? Oh, no no no! If Silly Bird knew that he had given her and the guy in front of him had the same name, she would be humiliated to the point of hitting the wall to suicide!

The ignorance of the other caused Zuo Mo to not know what to say. His mind suddenly moved. How could a guy like this have survived in Little Mountain Jie? The only place he could think of was Clear Sky Sect!

Only Clear Sky Sect could have such an unworldly disciple!

“You are a disciple of Clear Sky Sect? Zuo Mo asked, tilting his head.

“Ha ha, you know that ye is from Clear Sky Sect! Since you know, then obey! If ye is happy, there’s some benefit for you. If you provoke ye, humph, no matter how big Little Mountain Jie is, there is no place for you to hide,” the person said proudly as he turned around.

It really was meeting one’s enemy on a narrow road!

Since he knew the other was a disciple of Clear Sky Sect, Zuo Mo didn’t have any more worries. With a flip of the hand, a flying sword appeared. This flying sword was serenely green, with rippling waves and extremely nimble. This sword was called Serene Water Sword, peak of third-grade. It was even better than the Water Drop Sword that Zuo Mo previously had.

Zuo Mo would only pick the talismans that he liked or found useful from what they had captured and put them into his ring. His ring at this time was piled full with fine talismans and rare materials.

This Serene Water Sword was just third-grade, but its entire body was forged from Serene Green Water, and was rich in water element power. It was already the peak of third-grade talismans.

With the Serene Water Sword in his hand, Zuo Mo seemed to be walking on the ground in the air. Pia pia pia, taking a series of small paces. Wind rose when his feet touched the air!

Zuo Mo held no fear when facing a ningmai. He had defeated ningmai xiuzhe when he had been in zhuji. Now that he had broken through to ningmai, his confidence had grown more. Even more, his fantasy enemy during this period of time had been the Clear Sky Old Forefather. Compared to the fear of a jindan, a ningmai third stratum expert didn’t seem so scary.

His first attack was [Li Water Burning Heavens]!

In an instantly, the body of the Serene Water Sword was covered in water-shaped flames. These clear and transparent flames were like a piece of living crystal as it flickered!

Compared to the flame of the past that had been multiple zhang long, the water-shaped flame was now just a short one chi, silent and serene!

This meant that Zuo Mo’s sword essence was even more condensed and had improved.

[Li Water Sword Scripture] was only a third-grade scripture, but Zuo Mo had comprehended sword essence. If he persisted in walking down this path, tempered his sword essence, and experimented with variations, he may be able to create new sword moves.

Zuo Mo had not expected the sword essence he comprehended the most of all the sword essences was Li Water sword essence and not Ice Dragon sword essence. In his hands, the sword scripture that was just a small third-grade seemed to change.

It was as though he did it without any effort. There was no pause. His little trot created countless afterimages, the sword in his hands serenely burning!

A gentle slice upwards!

There was none of the past explosiveness, or the sword essence radiating out, or the howling!

As clear and serene as water, as bright as fire!

A serene, light, and almost careless spark flashed.

The face of the Clear Sky Sect disciple changed greatly. He shouted angrily, “How gutsy! You dare … …”

The voice suddenly stopped. His expression changed greatly. A sword essence that was almost tangible securely locked onto him!

Sword essence!

He was actually an expert that comprehended sword essence!

Clear Sky Sect was also a sword xiu sect. He naturally knew the dangers, and understood that he had offended the wrong person this time.

Among the Clear Sky Sect disciples, only three of the shixiong had comprehended sword essence. He had actually randomly encountered such a person! He was full of regret. The internal competition of Clear Sky Sect was very fierce. The power of the shixiong had long been impressed into his mind.

Gritting his teeth, his hands swiped, and an extremely small light shot at Zuo Mo!

“Hm!” In the air, Zuo Mo’s figure did not move. His wrist flicked lightly, and produced a round wall of fire!

The wall of fire was like a great net that caught the light.

Zuo Mo stopped his figure, and grasped at the air. The clear flame wrapped around the light that slowly flew towards him.

“Sky Sand!” Zuo Mo’s eyes suddenly lit up. Without any hesitation, he opened his mouth and spat out a thread of pure golden flame. It was Golden Crow Fire. Once Golden Crow Fire appeared, Zuo Mo retracted the sword essence. The transparent flame turned to vapor and evaporated into the air.

The Golden Crow Fire drew out a line of fire and wrapped around the light.

“Golden Crow Fire!” this Clear Sky Sect disciple paled and exclaimed, his voice trembling.

Once the Golden Crow Fire wrapped around the Sky Sand, Zuo Mo couldn’t help but shake his head. It really was a waste of something good! Sky Sand was the essence of earth element. This Sky Sand that was the size of a sand particle and was eight hundred catties in weight! Such a precious treasure of the earth, yet the impression method was so crude. Zuo Mo, who had always been frugal, felt his heart was in pain.

The Golden Crow Fire easily wiped away the formation on the Sky Sand. This Sky Sand revealed its original appearance.

Square and symmetrical, it was an extremely precise cube. The color was deep gold. Entering his palm, Zuo Mo felt his right hand was weight down, and he almost dropped it.

So heavy!

A special eathy energy spread out. Zuo Mo suddenly felt as though he was situated in dense sand.

Good thing!

Zuo Mo was overjoyed, and instantly threw it into his ring. This piece of Sky Sand might be small, but it was a rare fourth-grade material. If he could forge it well, he would have another good talisman.

The Clear Sky Sect disciple was dumbstruck. This particle of Sky Sand was his life-saving talisman. He gaped upon seeing the other easily subdue it.

After a while, he managed to react, and swore, pointing at Zuo Mo, “You you you … … …”

After “you”-ing for a while, Zuo Mo didn’t hear any further words and snickered. He examined the other from top to bottom. “I really hadn’t seen it. You brat, you do have some oil on you!”

“You … … what do you want?” The Clear Sky Sect disciple instantly panicked when he saw the greedy gaze Zuo Mo had.

“I don’t want much. Hee hee, everyone should share good things!” Zuo Mo snickered as he spoke. A few yellow and red rope pieces appeared on his hands. Each red rope was just the thickness of a chopstick.

“Immortal tying chain!” The Clear Sky Sect disciple almost fainted.

Coming out of a big sect like Clear Sky Sect, one could be unskilled at other things, but their knowledge and experience would definitely be stronger than those from small sects. That stack of red in Zuo Mo’s hands were all immortal tying chains! Immortal tying chains were the general name for a type of talisman. There was only one use for them, to tie up the enemy.

The first impression he had of the immortal tying chain was that it was very valuable! Because it was to imprison the other, immortal tying chains were mostly woven and forged out of materials that were not easily damaged by flying swords. That would guarantee they were strong enough that the enemy could not easily break free or cut it.

He had never seen someone taking out eight immortal tying chains at once.

Even more, he had never thought there would be a day he would have to face eight immortal tying chains at once!

“Hm, you’re pretty knowledgeable,” Zuo Mo said. However, his hands were not slow, the eight immortal tying chains flying out.

Once the immortal tying chains left his palm, they grew to ten zhang long!

The eight immortal tying chains caused it to appear as though the sky was covered in immortal tying chains.

The other basically had no power to resist. After struggling for a few moments, he was tied up tightly.

However, when Zuo Mo saw the gigantic rope egg made from the immoral tying chains making eight layers around, he was dumbstruck too. He hurriedly took down the extra immortal tying chains, leaving behind one. When he saw that Clear Sky Sect disciple again, the other had already fainted.

His eyes then lit up. This was a pretty good battle tactic!

Immortal tying chains were third-grade talismans, only had one purpose, and were very expensive. He hadn’t noticed them before, only finding them somewhat interesting so he had put them into his ring. The scene just now had made him realize the power of this move. One immortal tying chain was not strong enough, the other could dodge or escape, but the immortal tying chain had one benefit –– it didn’t require much control.

When ling power was channeled, each immortal tying chain would be ten zhang long!

Eight pieces of chain ten zhang long was enough to create a secure and large net in the sky.

Unable to be dodged or blocked!

If he had to face such a thing, he couldn’t help but shudder … …

Just having thought of a new tactic, Zuo Mo’s mood was very good. When he looked at the Clear Sky Sect disciple tied up like rice dumplings, Zuo Mo’s mood became even better.

As expected, one had to leave the home!

If they didn’t leave, there would be no gains!

His hand beckoned lightly, and the Clear Sky Sect securely tied up flew in front of him. Zuo Mo hummed a little tune and started to methodically plunder.

No ring … …

Then he will take the clothes, oh no, take the ling armor … …

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo goes back to being a scalping zombie weirdo. I wonder if I should label this the first time Zuo Mo encounters a typical “young master” person. This one is one naive greenhorn. One who is going to be completely naked since he committed the terrible crime of not having a spatial ring to put his treasures.

A person commented a few days ago on a chapter near the beginning they were going to stop reading because of how bad Pu Yao was. Then someone commented they wanted more Pu Yao and Zuo Mo action where Pu Yao torments Zuo Mo and he misses their past interactions. Taking a step back, Fang Xiang tried to flip the cliche of the old wise master on its head by making him a selfish one that torments and occasionally hampers Zuo Mo. There’s still a lot more to go in the story and Pu Yao will evolve but where do you guys fall in terms of your opinion of Pu Yao at present?


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