修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Eight “Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Sixty Eight – Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk

Clear Sky Sect was a sword sect, but it had other branches. Liu Dong Hua was a successor of one of those branches. His branch specialized in earth element spells, but their branch had declined in power. However, Liu Dong Hua was still able to establish himself by relying on a treasure, the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk.

The Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk was a talisman passed down from a jindan of their branch. Clear Sky Sect produced Sky Soil. Even though Sky Soil was slightly less valuable than Sky Sand, but it was still a rare earth element material. Among the earth element materials, it belonged to the third-grade.

This ancestor had used nine thousand catties of Sky Soil, and entered into seclusion for ten years in order to forge the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk. The day the talisman had formed, the earth energy around all of Clear Sky Sect had spread, and shook. Their sect had became famous. At the time, their branch hadn’t been like it was now. That elder had been the second most powerful expert in the sect. In the end, they lacked the support of profound spells. After this elder, the branch had gradually declined and became poor.

When it came to Liu Dong Hua’s generation, there were the four of them.

This Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk had passed into Liu Dong Hua’s hands. Generation after generation of forging lasting four hundred years, this Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk had actually birthed a hint of cognition and became a sixth-grade talisman.

This was one of the reasons that large sects were so strong. Even sects like Clear Sky Sect who did not have relatively long histories or deep foundations were not something normal sects could compare to.

At this time, Liu Dong Hua was holding the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk in his hands. His expression was stern, all the ling power in his body flooding into the disk.

The Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk was entirely dark yellow and not at all eye-catching. The surface was covered in fine golden patterns on one side, the other with concentric circles, dividing the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk into nine parts. A golden palm was carved into the very center.

A faint brown light rose from the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk in Liu Dong Hua’s hands. It appeared as though he was holding a ball of light. Boom, the light suddenly exploded.




Zuo Mo felt the sky above his darken, all the starlight was completely covered. The surroundings were filled with yellow-brown earth energy that covered him like a mist.

He instantly felt an invisible force squeeze him, his expression couldn’t help but change. These minuscule yellow-brown dust particles around him were actually very heavy. Zuo Mo felt as though he was at the bottom of the deep ocean. The heavy pressure enveloped him, pressing on him so that he couldn’t breathe.

“What talisman is this?” Zuo Mo was shocked.

He struggled to turn his head and saw the female xiu. The female xiu was silently standing in the yellow mist, her eyes flashing with a purple light that made Zuo Mo’s bones shiver.

Among the soil mist, the immortal tying chains seemed to have been stopped in midair motionless.

Suddenly, the earth mist started to slowly flow. Zuo Mo instantly felt the pressure increase.

Ka ka ka!

Light sounds came from the bones in his body. Zuo Mo’s body uncontrollably trembled. The shocking invisible force came squeezing from all directions. Zuo Mo felt as though he had been dropped into a meat grinder.

“Pu, what is this thing?” Zuo Mo hollered.

“It is an earth element talisman. You have to be careful,” Pu Yao’s voice sounded in his mind, containing a rare gravity. “This talisman is at least fifth-grade, possibly sixth-grade!”


Zuo Mo wanted to spit blood. Since when was it that ningmai could bring out sixth-grade talismans? And he had to meet one?

Creak creak creak!

The slowly flowing earth mist contained uncontrollable force, squeezing so much that Zuo Mo’s innards had almost condensed into a ball. Zuo Mo watched helplessly as his body slowly flowed along with the slowly flowing earth mist.

He stayed motionless, but his face had changed shape as though it could explode at any time.




The three people from Clear Sky Sect were not affected at all by the earth mist. If the mist neared them, it seemed to encounter an invisible wall and could not proceed further.

Shixiong’s Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk is so powerful! I think that in the sect, other than Old Forefather’s Clear Sky Sword, then it should be Shixiong’s Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk!”

“Yes! When Shixiong cultivates [Bright Soil Scripture] to the fifth level, even Huang Zhuo Guang won’t be a match for Shixiong.”

The two saw Zuo Mo’s sorry state, and laughed.

“This person is going to meet a tragic end. Shixiong liked Shimei and definitely won’t have mercy on this guy. If he doesn’t grind this guy to meat paste, he definitely wouldn’t stop.”

Shimei has also died, oh.” The other person couldn’t help but be slightly depressed. “When this affair is over, I’m planning on going to Sky Water Jie.”

“Ah! Why are you thinking of going to Sky Water Jie.”

“The sect is a mess right now, there’s nothing interesting,” He smiled mockingly. “Anyways, I’m not a core disciple, the sect will let me go.”

The other person was silent. He suddenly noticed the female xiu and was shocked. “That woman is weird!”

The body of the female xiu was covered in a faint layer of purple light. She seemed to be nailed to the air. No matter how the earth mist in the surroundings flowed, she did not move.

The two of them were speechless from shock and gaped. The earth mist was fine, but it was forged from nine thousand catties of Sky Soil. Any living being could not possibly resist inside the earth mist. The Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk was a sixth-grade talisman, a talisman that jindan used, and should not have appeared in the hands of a ningmai.

This woman was able to resist the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk!

Liu Dong Hua also noticed the female xiu, shock flashing across his mind. He rarely used the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk. One reason was that he was worried that other people would see it and become greedy. Another was that this treasure was naturally powerful, but it was beyond his cultivation. It was extremely hard for him to activate it. But of the few times he had, there wasn’t a time he hadn’t been easily victorious. He had never met someone who could resist.

On the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk, light flashed and circled on the outermost layer of the surface. This was the first turn of the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk.

After a while, the female xiu still remained motionless. Even the dark male, who seemed quite disheveled, was also struggling to resist.

A bad feeling appeared in Liu Dong Hua’s heart, but he didn’t believe the two people could resist the second turn’s power. In this short while, a third of his ling power had been consumed. He knew that he had to activate the second turn immediately. Otherwise, even if he wanted to activate it, he wouldn’t have enough ling power.

He closed his eyes, and the second circle of the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk lit up.

The earth mist suddenly became dense. Before, it had only been a hazy earth mist. Now, the density multiplied, and the color turned dark.

The two shidi were shocked and their expressions became serious. The two knew that Shixiong had activated the power of the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk’s second turn!




The earth mist was extremely dense, so much that one could not make out their fingers. The dust in the air was irritating to the nose. The earth element power was so rich it was almost tangible. Zuo Mo felt the pressure multiply again.

He couldn’t control himself from wailing, and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood. As the blood landed in the earth mist, it was ground into minuscule particles and mixed among the earth mist.

A frightening hint of red appeared in the brown earth mist.

The terrifying power slowly flowed. His body seemed to feel it was crushed between two mountains. The terrifying pressure could not be avoided and made him helpless.

Under the shocking burden, every blood vessel, muscle, and bone of his body were on the verge of failing!

Death was so close to him. It seemed to be next to his face, coldly staring at him!

Zuo Mo’s mind was blank. Enormous pain and hopelessness filled every corner of his body. Calm and clarity had disappeared completely. The only thing Zuo Mo possessed was the most basic instinct to survive.

“Ah ah ah ah!”

Zuo Mo furiously shouted. Spells, tactics, in this instant, they were all forgotten!

Ling power and the consciousness was furiously channeled. The power of every muscle in his body was pushed to their peak instinctively!

The earth mist felt Zuo Mo’s intention to resist. The surrounding earth mist flooded towards Zuo Mo, the flowing rate increasing and the pressure suddenly mounting once again.

Zuo Mo had completely lost all of his senses. He was in his death throes, but since his body was restrained by the earth mist, he couldn’t move. The light flashed on his body, sometimes sword essence, then fire, then fist energy, then hard lightning … …

The color of his body continued to change. It would be pure golden yellow as though it was made from gold, then it would be like black and shining jade, clear, and then there would be threads of black energy burrowing about.

Inside Zuo Mo’s body, the five element glass bead also detected danger and automatically activated, five element power spreading into Zuo Mo’s body.

“Ah ah aaaaah!”

Zuo Mo went completely berserk, his features twisted. He was like a wild beast trapped in a cage making his final struggle, ferocious and crazy!

Zuo Mo’s body became a chaotic battlefield. He couldn’t even move a finger, and couldn’t send out any spell. All kinds of forces randomly flowed through his body and rampaged. Adding on the pressuring power from the outside, it turned to a mess.

“Damn it!” Pu Yao’s expression changed.

The entire sea of consciousness relentlessly trembled, showing signs of collapse.

The immortal tying chains that had been stuck in the mist and could not endure such strong power, they were ground into dust.




The female xiu had noticed Zuo Mo state. The purple light surrounding her shot up, and her entire person seemed to be covered in a ball of purple fire. The eerie purple fire was not affected at all by the earth mist, and flickered eerily!

That pair of fine and perfect jade feet, with extremely slow speed, rose up.

The mask could not endure such a strong pressure. Pia, it turned to dust, and revealed that ugly and scabbed face. The female xiu still did not have an expression. Pia pia pia, the dense scabs on her face could not endure the pressure, and exploded.

Ball after ball of blood flowers blossomed on her face.

In the blink of an eye, no part of her face was whole, and was completely covered in blood. She did not attend to it, allowing the blood on her face to slowly drip down and off her chin before being swept away by the mist to become a bloody mist. The purple fire rose again. The eyes that were flashing with the purple light actually dimmed down at this time.

Her face was expressionless. Every movement required her to use all her power. She could only slowly move bit by bit.

There was just a zhang between the two of them. Usually, that would only require a step.

Among the heavy and fatal brown colored earth mist, a figure covered in purple fire slowly neared at snail’s pace towards another figure.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo’s foot fetish is still active even when he is in deathly danger.

Lots of conflict within the Clear Sky Sect. Compared to that, what Wu Kong Sword Sect had was just a little minor conflict. Also, sixth-grade talisman! How much jingshi is this worth?

You guys pretty much covered what I wanted to say about Zuo Mo’s growth and experience in questioning the other person last chapter.

Lastly, Phoenix has made this really cool text splitter program which splits the Chinese and English part so if I do not forget to use it, you guys won’t see leftover Chinese text again!


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