修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy “Great Harvest!”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Great Harvest!

Zuo Mo slowly woke up, and saw the female xiu meditating nearby. A layer of blood scabs had formed on the female xiu’s face like an ugly and terrifying mask. Zuo Mo noticed her presence and was slightly surprised. He couldn’t help but speculate. Was she injured? After being injured, control over one’s presence would lessen.

However, his attention quickly returned to his own body. No great pain like he had imagined was present. His entire body was in comfort like he had just had a great nap, his body was filled with energy.

He instantly detected a difference. The power inside his body was so strong that he felt it unfamiliar. It seemed that his body had broken through again. He hurriedly sank into his sea of consciousness to find Pu Yao.

In the bare sea of consciousness, there was only Pu Yao and a gravestone.

“Ah, how come it’s like this?” Zuo Mo glanced around with curiosity.

Pu Yao stared at him as though he wanted to eat Zuo Mo.

Sweeping across the surroundings, Zuo Mo saw Pu Yao’s gaze and jumped in fright. “What are you doing? I didn’t steal your jingshi!”

Pu Yao snorted and didn’t speak. His gaze still looked with unfriendliness at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo thought of the dark red yao fire, and then the black gravestone, and said uncertainly, “The, that yao fire and black cloud, it isn’t that I don’t want to give it back to you guys … … those things, they can’t be controlled … … you know … …”

As he spoke, Zuo Mo felt it wasn’t right. His tone suddenly changed, his eyes widening, “That’s not right! I haven’t even taken you guys to task! What do you guys mean? Ah! Is ge’s body a trash center and you can throw anything you want inside?”

Pu Yao almost spat out a mouthful of blood, and the gravestone that always remained motionless shook frantically.

“You you you … …” Pu Yao’s eyes almost sprouted fire. After a beat, his finger shook as he said, “Don’t play dumb after getting the benefits!”

Zuo Mo did not feel he was unreasonable in the least. He raised an eyebrow, and suddenly jumped up. “Benefit? What benefit? Ge almost lost this little life. Before, when it was one of you that was messing around, ge endured it! That’s great now, you guys are even more outrageous, both of you going at it? Don’t think that ge doesn’t know what you two are doing. Let me tell you, be good in the future! An antique that can’t keep up with the times, an old rock that can’t even fart, you guys want to get benefits from ge? Ha, perish that thought!”

Zuo Mo pointed at Pu Yao and the gravestone from high up, and started to swear.

Pu Yao’s face was filled with shock. When he managed to react after a while, his face turned red and then white.

After his rant, Zuo Mo snorted and left. After he exited the sea of consciousness, he suddenly remembered why he had gone to find Pu Yao and instantly felt bitter. He had just aimed to vent right there, and forgot his actual business. It was over!

If he went to find Pu Yao now, that was akin to slapping his own mouth. Even though it was said that men could bow and kneel, but when he thought of Pu Yao’s scornful expression, Zuo Mo decided to wait a while.




In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao gritted his teeth, his face switching between green and white. Beside him, shadows floated from the gravestone. The figure that had been lightly depicted on the gravestone was now a pile of messy lines.

“Never has there been a Sky Yao that was humiliated in such a manner! Never!” Pu Yao’s bellow echoed in the sea of consciousness.

The messy lines on the gravestone simultaneously lit up, countless black clouds sprouting out. In the blink of an eye, the black cloud roiled, brimming with killing intent.




Zuo Mo didn’t know that he had forced the two guys in his sea of consciousness to ally together again.

His gaze landed back on the female xiu. The female xiu’s terrifying face covered in scabs didn’t feel the least bit dark or terrifying in Zuo Mo’s eyes.

He still didn’t have too many clues about the history of the female xiu. The only thing he could think of was that she was connected to the past that he could not remember. But this was just his guess. There was no evidence.

His gaze unconsciously landed on the female xiu’s bare feet that were breathtakingly perfect. The first time he saw this pair of bare feet, he couldn’t help but sigh with admiration. It wasn’t that he hadn’t seen the bare feel of other female xiu. Xiao Guo’s feet had also been very beautiful, round and adorable.

But the female xiu’s pair of bare feet could only cause him to sigh with admiration. They were just too perfect, so perfect there was no flaw. It made an especially deep impression when such a perfect pair of bare feet appeared on a female xiu that was as ugly as a clown.

But no matter how wonderful the bare feet were, they were not as good as going to find talismans.

Zuo Mo quickly moved aside his gaze to looked at the corpses scattered in the surroundings. He instantly became excited. Taking spoils was a very wonderful matter, and to take from his enemies was even more wonderful.

His first target was that soil disk that was enormously powerful. That thing was truly too strong. After personally experiencing the power of the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk, Zuo Mo could not think of any talisman that could rival it. Of course, what he remembered most deeply was Pu Yao’s exclamation of “At least fifth-grade, possibly sixth-grade!”

What kind of world was this?!

As he sighed, he smiled as he picked up the Nine Turn Sky Soil Talismans. His consciousness probed, and was almost ground to pieces by the dense earth mist inside. He hurriedly withdrew his consciousness.

Yikes! It really was sixth-grade!

Oooooooooooooh! He struck it rich! Really rich! Zuo Mo couldn’t stop himself from dancing crazily.

This time, it wasn’t that he was someone who was not experienced. Right now, he did have some wealth, and a few fourth-grade talismans on his body. In all ningmai xiuzhe, he could be considered wealthy, but all the talismans and materials on his body added together could not compare with this Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk.

If he took it out to sell, wow-oh-oh, the jingshi would be enough to drown him!

This kind of talisman was the kind that would be a sect treasure in any sect of Little Mountain Jie. How could Zuo Mo not be happy now that something like this had landed in his hands?

After a while, he gradually calmed down, and studied it. He rejoiced in his good luck. The Nine Turn Sky Soil Talisman was very powerful, but it wasn’t a talisman that ningmai xiuzhe could use. The expenditure of ling power was too much!

Liu Dong Hua had a cultivation of peak second stratum ningmai, and was just able to activate it. With Zuo Mo’s first stratum cultivation, he couldn’t even activate it. In the short term, he couldn’t use this talisman.

Should he sell it or keep it?

Zuo Mo thought and kept it. It was easy to sell talismans of this level, but it wouldn’t be easy to buy another one.

He hadn’t used a sixth-grade talisman before, but he was clear there was a chasm that was hard to cross between fifth and sixth-grade. This Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk had been a fifth-grade talisman when it was first forced. After more than four hundred years, and generations of people nurturing it, it finally birthed a thread of intelligence, and became a sixth-grade talisman.

Carefully putting the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk, he went back into his salvaging work. However, after seen the sixth-grade Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk, Zuo Mo’s eyes couldn’t be lit up by any of the other spoils of victory.

After a while, Zuo Mo shook his head. These four people clearly hadn’t done so well in Clear Sky Sect. Other than the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk, they didn’t have anything good, and were worse than the first guy he had scalped.

It seemed that the two were not of the same group, and clearly, the guy he had scalped was much richer than this group.

The female xiu did not stand after a long time. This caused Zuo Mo to have a bad feeling. He walked next to the female xiu, and laid a hand on her shoulder to inspect her body.

The inspection instantly made him jump.

The strange purple power that always existed inside the body of the female xiu was so faint it was hard to detect. Her body had lost the restraints of the purple light, and showed signs of collapsing.

Zuo Mo instantly realized that it wasn’t good, unhesitatingly put the female xiu on his back and  leap into the air. At the same time, he expanded his consciousness. After flying for a while, he found a mountain cave. He hurriedly carried the female xiu into the mountain cave. This was a normal cave that only had bats inside.

When the two of them flew inside, they instantly alarmed the bats that flapped like a black cloud out of the cave.

Zuo Mo cleaned out a patch of ground with a blow and carefully put down the female xiu. He shoved a Black Processing Meditation mat under the female xiu.

This move was visibly effective. Threads of ling power burrowed into the body of the female xiu and turned to purple light. After a while, the purple light inside the body of the female xiu increased slightly in brightness. Zuo Mo saw the situation, and thought this wouldn’t be over a matter of hours.

After some thought, he set up a medium-sized Primary Replenishing Formation around the female xiu. It could continuously provide ling power to the female xiu. Zuo Mo found the purple light of the female xiu was similar to the mo matrix on his body and was not afraid of the impurities in ling power.

This allowed him to be daring in his actions.

After guarding for a while, and the situation of the female xiu had stabilized, Zuo Mo decided to leave. He needed to find Silly Bird. As more time passed , there was a lower possibility of finding Silly Bird.

He left a jade scroll for the female xiu telling her the direction he was going in. To prevent other people from disturbing her, he set down a circle of formations at the cave entrance. Illusory formations were locked and layered with killing formations. It wasn’t just difficult to find, but if it was activated, it would cause a whole string of killing moves.

Zuo Mo really invested a lot in creating it. The power of the killing formations he set down were very high. Under the interlocking killing moves, other than xiuzhe at the peak of third stratum ningmai, normal ningmai could not escape. Even xiuzhe at ningmai third stratum would definitely be severely wounded if they didn’t have some precious treasure or obscure method to shield themselves.

Even though his heart hurt, but Zuo Mo still spent a large batch of valuable materials.

After setting down the big formation, and reexamining it, he looked worriedly at the cave before flying away in the direction that the Clear Sky Sect disciple he had stripped clean pointed in.

After flying for more than half a day, he suddenly met a large group of xiuzhe.

“You!” The xiuzhe at the front pointed at Zuo Mo and said without any politeness, “Come over!”

Zuo Mo saw the apparel of this person was similar to the previous Clear Sky Sect disciples he encountered. His heart moved, and he moved forward, pretending to be timid and saying, “Is, is there something I can help with? I, I still have something to do!”

“Come over and follow,” that Clear Sky Sect disciple pointed at the group behind him and said impatiently. “What? You aren’t willing to help Clear Sky Sect?”

The other Clear Sky Sect disciples beside him looked with hostility at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo rejoiced inside, putting a fearful expression on his face as he silently flew into the group.


Translator Ramblings: The first few times I read this chapter, I always felt something was bothering me about what Zuo Mo did by leaving the female xiu alone to search for Silly Bird. Here was someone who just risked their life to save him, and he was leaving to search for his pet. But I’ve actually realized that it isn’t about the pet vs. a person. Silly Bird also saved Zuo Mo before, and Zuo Mo has known Silly Bird for a much longer time than the female xiu. So going out to search for Silly Bird is actually a more logical decision than it looks to start with.

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