修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy One “Opportunity”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy One Opportunity

Zuo Mo was did not stand out in the group. A ningmai first stratum xiuzhe could just barely survive in Little Mountain Jie. Everyone was silent, but the Clear Sky Sect disciples conversed freely.

“These days, no one cultivates five element spells! I heard that Lu Hui still hasn’t responded, don’t know where he ran off to. How is it possible to find a person that knows all five element spells so quickly?”

“Lu Hui’s brain has never been too bright. Qi ge’s method is best. We can find some more people to get all five!”

“Ha ha … …”

Zuo Mo heard these people chat as though no one was around. A low voice spoke to him, “Bro, what should we call you?”

“Me?” Zuo Mo pointed at himself, a face full of puzzlement.

“Ha ha, I see that this little brother’s aura isn’t ordinary and I desire to become acquainted with you. Sorry for the offense!” The one who was speaking was a clever-faced middle aged male. There were seven or eight people beside him. They looked to belong to the same group.

Zuo Mo made up a fake name. “I’m called Wang Hong, what should I call you?”

“This one is Liu Gui,” the middle aged man bowed with folded hands, and probed, “Which side does Brother Wang live in?”

Zuo Mo parried, “All over.” He then pursed his mouth, “Are these your brothers?”

“Brother Wang has keen eyes!” Liu Gui said with a smile. After this short conversation, he understood that he would not get anything out of Zuo Mo, and stopped conversing further. The expressions of those beside him were stern and didn’t seem to be in the mood to chat.

It wasn’t just them. All of the people in the surroundings had worried expressions.

Zuo Mo suddenly asked in a low voice, “Why is everyone so docile?” He couldn’t understand. There were just three Clear Sky Sect disciples, and they were able to herd almost twenty xiuzhe.

Liu Gui was shocked inside. Just now, he had seen the person hide among the group with an expression of fear, but he had now asked something like this. He didn’t seem to be a coward. He said without expression, “There’s nothing we can do. They are from Clear Sky Sect.”

Zuo Mo smiled and didn’t respond.

After a while, the more Liu Gui mused, the more he felt Zuo Mo’s words contained hidden meanings. Seeing Zuo Mo maintain his silence, he couldn’t resist and spoke in a small voice, “What solution does Brother Wang have?”

Glancing at him, Zuo Mo said with a smile, “What solution can I have?”

Liu Gui increasingly felt this young person seemed high and unfathomable. Before, he appeared weak, but he looked calm now, and unworried. Liu Gui had met many people. He trusted his eyes. The presence exuded by this person didn’t seem like an ordinary person.

Was this a powerful xiuzhe?

He flipped through all the famous xiuzhe that he knew, but didn’t find anyone that was similar.

Because he was too young!

“Brother Wang looks very young,” Liu Gui couldn’t help but probe. “You look to be in your twenties, so young, yet you are ningmai, your talent is truly outstanding.”

Zuo Mo only smiled, and didn’t say anything.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Liu Gui’s words had stirred the attention of his fellows beside him. Usually, most of the people that broke through to ningmai in their twenties were sect disciples.

Men usually did not care much for their appearance. The price of Eternal Appearance Dan was not cheap. Very rarely would men spend that amount of jingshi. Consequently, it was hard to judge the ages of female xiu, but it was possible to see hints with male xiu. Zuo Mo’s face was easily a very youthful face.

However, the attitude that unconsciously revealed itself on his face had a maturity that surpassed his age.

“This one is Zheng Zhong, their shixiong,” the leader introduced himself. His words instantly startled the other disciples. They all raised their heads and looked with bewilderment at Shixiong. Even Liu Gui had a shocked expression. In their experience, Shixiong rarely spoke. This time, he had proactively spoken. They couldn’t help but look at Zuo Mo.

“Nice to meet you, Brother Zheng.” Zuo Mo bowed with folded hands. He didn’t dare to underestimate the other. His consciousness was abnormally sensitive. This Zheng Zhong had his eyes directed downwards but he was a ningmai third stratum expert!

In Little Mountain Jie, ningmai third stratum xiuzhe were the top experts! Experts like these may not be able to oppose Clear Sky Sect, but they definitely were not people that a few Clear Sky Sect disciples could order about.

Unless they had other aims?

Zuo Mo became wary. He didn’t want to have uncontrolled factors influence his plan. He didn’t care too much about the earthly treasures in the secret realm, but he was very worried about Silly Bird’s safety.

That idiot’s intelligence was pitifully low. As a bird, she was arrogant and outrageous. It would be a wonder if she didn’t get in trouble outside.

“Little brother’s skill is not ordinary, this one is full of admiration!” Zheng Zhong said seriously.

The other’s instantly had shocked faces. They looked at Zuo Mo like they were looking at a weirdo.

Zuo Mo felt slightly uneasy as he became the object of attention, and hurriedly said, “Ha ha, what is Brother Zheng saying. This one is just a first stratum newbie, everyone, please take care of me!”

Zheng Zhong did not refute it, smiled and lowered his gaze.

Zuo Mo’s hairs rose at Zheng Zhong’s smile. He decided to stay a bit further away from this group in case trouble occurred. He was now sure that these people were after the secret realm. He didn’t care about the secret realm, he only wanted them not to damage his plan.

Shixiong, I cannot see where this person is outstanding!” a shidi said though a secret language.

They could communicate through a secret communication method that others were not able to detect.

Liu Gui glanced over, and said through the secret communication method, “I feel that this person’s origins aren’t simple. Look, he doesn’t seem nervous at all.”

Zheng Zhong suddenly said, “There’s killing intent on his body. He has recently killed at least four or five people.”

The others shook in fright.

“No … … no way!” a person stammered out. “Doesn’t he just have first stratum cultivation? How can he kill four or five people at once?”

Disbelieving expressions came onto the faces of the other people.

It was hard to imagine a first stratum xiuzhe killing four people in succession in Little Mountain Jie. First stratum was the lowest level of power in Little Mountain Jie. In other words, every person that he killed wasn’t weaker than he was. One person killing four people that were not any less weaker than he was, it was extremely difficult to do.

“Maybe he has a powerful talisman?” one shidi said through the communication method.

“Don’t cause trouble.” Zheng Zhong said in a solemn tone. “This person’s strength isn’t simple. Everyone, be careful.”

Zuo Mo noticed these people occasionally glancing at him, and grimaced inside. Had he became a target of these people? That wasn’t good!

There were about twenty people in the group. Zuo Mo suspected that these Clear Sky Sect disciples had stopped every xiuzhe they encountered. He could occasionally hear these people talking, but those Clear Sky Sect disciples never controlled them.




After flying for two hours, they encountered two more Clear Sky Sect disciples.

One Clear Sky Sect disciple said, “You guys are too slow! Huang Shixiong has been waiting for you, and also Lu Hui. We don’t know where he ran off to, not taking care of business, hmph, he won’t get a share this time!”

The Clear Sky Sect disciple that had been herding the group said, “That’s great. Maybe we can get a few more items each!”

The other people laughed.

“It seems you guys had a good harvest. Quick, Huang Shixiong has been waiting impatiently.”

Zuo Mo’s blood felt cold inside. These Clear Sky Sect disciples really had great pageantry. It seemed that they really thought of Little Mountain Jie as their backyard.

The group flew into a little mountain valley. The mountain valley was heavily guarded by Clear Sky Sect disciples holding flying swords and talismans as though they were facing a great enemy. There were already about twenty or so xiuzhe that had been gathered.

Huang Zhuo Guang stood proudly at a mountain peak, looking down at the xiuzhe, and asked in a deep tone, “Have we found all the people that know five element spells?”

Huang Zhuo Guang had narrow eyes and long eyebrows, his nose was high, his chin slightly narrow. He was wearing a bright yellow ling armor, a deep red cape on his shoulders, a copper circle tying up his hair. His hands were wearing dark blue gloves, a pair of Eye Tiger Head boots on his feet, he looked extremely grand and warrior-like. He was the most outstanding of the second generation disciples of Clear Sky Sect, and belonged to the most powerful branch. He himself was the most favored disciple of Clear Sky Old Forefather, and undoubtedly the leader of the Clear Sky Sect disciples.

“We still lack someone skilled in water element spells,” said a shimei in a soft tone. She was wearing a goose yellow palace robe, her eyes full of seductiveness. She said in puzzlement, “Shixiong, why didn’t we get the Outer Hall to assist us? Wouldn’t that be more convenient?”

“The Outer Hall?” Huang Zhuo Guang snorted coldly and said, “That group of trash, they can’t even defend Nan Sheng Village, how can they be relied on to help us?”

“Ah!” The shimei was very shocked. “What happened with the Outer Sect? Someone dares to make enemies with our Clear Sky Sect?”

“Hmph! Who cares who they are!” Huang Zhuo Guang narrowed his eyes, his voice was sharp and full of killing intent. “Just kill them! After this affair, we’ll go right back. Master had given the Outer Hall to He Xiang, I hadn’t thought this guy who fail so badly! Master is in seclusion, as his disciple, it is naturally up to me to help share the burden.”

Shimei looked with intoxicated eyes at Shixiong, feeling he was extremely magnificent.

“You there, which one of you knows water element spells?” someone shouted at Zuo Mo’s group.

No one responded.

A cold smirk floated at the corner of a Clear Sky Sect disciple’s mouth, and followed, “Those that know water element spells, stand up and help us. We’ll give you a fourth-grade flying sword as reward!”

He raised the flying sword in his hand.

This flying sword’s shape was very unique, like the fangs of a monster. Its body was made out of a material that was stark white. From two to three zhang away, it was still possible to feel the waves of killing intent clearly.

Such a vicious weapon!

Zuo Mo was very shocked. This flying sword wasn’t ordinary. Just the pure and keen killing intent was enough to make countless sword xiu crazy.

As expected, the crowd that had been motionless instantly exploded.

“I know!”

“Me me me!”

Instantly, seven or eight hands rose up.

Zuo Mo also raised his hand. He wanted to see what this group really wanted to do. He noticed that Zheng Zhong also raised his hand. He secretly glanced around him, trying to match the information he got from Lu Hui’s mouth to the Clear Sky Sect disciples he could see.

His gaze quickly landed on the bright figure that was on a little mountain peak.

The hero of Clear Sky – Huang Zhuo Guang!


Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo sticks out a bit to those who are more perceptive. Zheng Zhong is smart. Would one of the weakest cultivation run around in a lawless land as fat sheep for other people unless they had something to rely on?

I miss Zuo Mo and his need for secrecy back when he was selling the yin fire beads. He had avoid being noticed and also used concealment methods. Now that he’s gotten a new face which is less noticeable, and since there is no need, he hasn’t used those disguises he used in the past.

Thank you for all your comments. It’s been a busy few days and I’ve been spotty in replying.


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