修真世界 World of Cultivation Chaper Two Hundred and Seventy Three “The Critical Sword Point”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Three – The Critical Sword Point

Huang Zhuo Guang stood in the air.

Zheng Zhong’s cool eyes unconsciously showed hints of terror. He had been fooled! The dominance on Huang Zhuo Guang’s face had long disappeared, his eyes scornful.

The brutality and dominance was just his disguise!

Zheng Zhong realized that he had been tricked. From the start, he thought that Huang Zhuo Guang walked the path of domination and strength. At this time, he discovered he was completely wrong.

The sword of the sky was ethereal, empty and vast, invisible and intangible!

His sword essence was extremely strange. Zheng Zhong had never seen it before. What was most scary was that the entire sky seemed to have become his support. Meeting Huang Zhuo Guang’s eyes that were as cold and deep as the blue sky, the battle spirit in Zheng Zhong’s heart was unconsciously weakened.

Zheng Zhong was skilled in fighting. His cultivation was also slightly higher than Huang Zhuo Guang and he had instantly detected it.

However, he wasn’t willing to escape like this.

He could see the situation below. He knew that if he could keep stalling for a while, he could rely on his shidi to come help him. No matter how difficult Huang Zhuo Guang’s sword essence was to handle, or how many transformations his sword moves had, he believed if he and his shidi worked together, they could kill the other.

At this point, Zheng Zhong was already defeated but his goal was very clear. He wasn’t in attempting to defeat Huang Zhuo Guang but to get the secret realm. Therefore, he was dragging the battle out.

“Your shidi have all been killed,” Zheng Zhong suddenly said.

Huang Zhuo Guang smiled unconcernedly and said, “Who cares if the trash die?”

There was none of the dominance and overbearing presence on his face. His eyes were cold and composed.

Zheng Zhong’s heart felt a chill. This was a vicious and emotionless person. He said, “Why don’t you run?”

“Run?” Huang Zhuo Guang seemed to have heard a great joke. “Why should I run? I know you are stalling and waiting for your shidi to come help you.”

There wasn’t any panic in Huang Zhuo Guang’s voice. His mouth curved, his eyes slowly narrowing. “It is a pity that you do not know that the difference in our power isn’t something that can be made up by quantity.”

Zheng Zhong was slightly shocked. The confidence in Huang Zhuo Guang’s voice wasn’t a pretense, but he was still puzzled. He was at a disadvantage, but the difference in their strengths wasn’t as large as Huang Zhuo Guang stated.

Unless Huang Zhuo Guang had hidden his strength? Zheng Zhong’s heart suddenly jumped.




Zuo Mo was very quick. Like a bolt of lightning, he reached the entrance to the secret realm. The entrance was inside a cave. Outside the cave, it was already chaotic, the sword energies were flying, everywhere and multicolored talismans flashing about. The ling power inside the little valley was a total mess.

When Liu Gui and the others saw Zuo Mo, their faces changed slightly.

Shixiong had told them not to provoke this person. They had also seen Zuo Mo’s Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning with their own eyes, and were wary. Seeing Zuo Mo coming to the secret realm, they instantly knew it wasn’t good.

Seven of them had been hiding in the chaotic crowd. They were also very careful, and had earned a significant amount. However, this amount of gains could not compare to a secret realm that had never been explored.

Zuo Mo had already noticed Liu Gui and the others by the secret realm’s entrance. Seeing the wariness on their faces, he knew if he proposed his plan, the others probably wouldn’t believe him.

Making a decision, Zuo Mo did not hesitate and took out the Serene Water Sword.

Inhaling deeply, he stepped hard on the ground and jumped! Like an arrow leaving the bow, he charged up seven dozen zhang. At the highest point, he suddenly crouched and hugged his knees, flipping forward. However, he only performed a half-flip. When his head was pointing downwards, the legs that were curved upwards suddenly pushed off the empty space above him.


It was like there was an invisible wall above him, his legs pushing on it, he blasted off!

All the ling power in Zuo Mo’s body moved at that instant!

His body stretching out, it was a straight line from the tip of the sword to his heels. His entire person had transformed into a flying sword.

A sharp howl suddenly sounded, muffling over every other sound in the valley.

Everyone jumped and unconsciously stopped what they were doing. When they raised their heads to look up, it was as though they were struck by lightning!

It was possible to see a figure blurred by shuttle-shaped air ripples. The air inside the entire valley started to tremble, the fierce convulsions of the air rippled towards the ground. The ground shook like trembling dice.

Zuo Mo had completely forgotten everything at this point. The booming of air beside his ears causing him to be unable to hear anything. The pleasure of extreme speed caused the temperature of his blood to increase exponentially. Uncontrollably, he gave a long howl!

Accelerate, accelerate, accelerate more!

He seemed to exercise all his ling power and strength in this short one hundred zhang. The furious air turbulence exploded around him, the temperature also rising.

He thought of the Meteor Void Fire in the past. In the beginning, he had named it “Diving from the Sky.” Later, he had learned that  the name of this move was called Meteor Void Fire, a very famous move of Dhyana xiu.

However, Zong Ru had tried many times, but could not create Void Fire.

Zuo Mo found something unique. The air turbulence around him would not scatter during his charge. When his speed reached a certain level, he could tear apart the turbulence created from air, and create a certain kind of suction. This suction would cause the turbulence to stay close to his body, and form a turbulent area.

The Void Fire was birthed in this turbulent area.

Like when two hard pieces of rock collided together, it would create sparks. This turbulent area was like an area of rock made out of pieces of stone moving against each other high speed so sparks naturally formed.

Zuo Mo’s consciousness was like many tiny tentacles, accurately stirring the turbulence.


A thread of fire shot out of the turbulence around his body. Quickly, the area of turbulence lit up around Zuo Mo’s body was like wood soaked in turpentine.

More than ten threads of fire snaked their way around Zuo Mo’s body.

But immediately after, Zuo Mo felt an unexpected change happen.

These fire snakes seemed to have smelt blood, all of them flooding towards the sword tip of the flying sword. The sword tip was like a powerful whirlpool, continuously consuming flames. In the blink of an eye, all the fire around Zuo Mo was absorbed into the sword tip.

At this time, the sword tip was burning bright with a blinding red light!

In the eyes of everyone in the valley, there was a burning red light with astounding speed drawing out a bold straight line across their vision!

All of the sword essence, all of the Void Fire was compressed in the needle-sized area of the sword tip. Everyone was shaking in fright!

“Motherf***er! Run!”

It wasn’t clear who first said it, but the group suddenly woke up. Instantly, wails rose. They hated that their parents hadn’t birthed them with another pair of legs. Stumbling and crawling, they sprinted towards the sides of the valley. In the blink of an eye, the entrance that had been blocked was cleared.

Liu Gui and the others all changed expressions!

When Shixiong reminded them not to provoke the person, they had not been concerned. Even when they were wary of Zuo Mo’s Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning bolt, but that was just wariness.

Until this sword appeared, this sword that compressed all the sword essence and explosiveness to the extreme!

They truly felt respect and terror!

None of the seven people dared to go stop this blow. They stood at their spot like wooden puppets, their faces raised, their mouths open as they looked dazedly at the blinding light!

This … … what weirdo was this!?

Their perception was better than average. The dot of red light that was compressed to the limits made them instinctively feel a suffocating sense of danger.

The ling power and air turbulence that had been created by the fights inside the valley were now like wild horses that had been broken and simultaneously calmed down. The shaking ground seemed to also have detected the danger and became silent.

Other than the panicking people that were feeling, everything else in the mountain valley seemed to freeze at this moment.

They seemed to be waiting for the conqueror to arrive!




Light flashed in Huang Zhuo Guang and Zheng Zhong’s eyes. In the sky near them, a blinding red light was at the front of a diving figure.

That dot of red light made both of them change expression.

A strange light flashed across Huang Zhuo Guang’s face. He noticed the nervousness on Zheng Zhong’s face. His mind moved, and purposefully said, “Hm, this person isn’t weak. Is he fighting against your shidi?”

Huang Zhuo Guang’s words were exactly what Zheng Zhong was worried about. However, he trusted that his shidi would not be so impulsive and shot back, “No matter. If he gets the secret realm, it’s better than you getting the secret realm.”

“You have animosity towards me?” Huang Zhuo Guang narrowed his eyes again.

“Animosity?” Zheng Zhong laughed coldly, “Is there anyone still alive in Little Mountain Jie that doesn’t have animosity against you?”

“That’s true,” Huang Zhuo Guang nodded. “The world is like this. If you are angry, be angry that your luck isn’t good.”




Zuo Mo, who had made such a ruckus and stopped the crowds, didn’t have any smugness on his face. Wrapped in the turbulence, his face was as pale as paper, his eyes terrified, his heart at his throat.

These was only one thought left in his mind. He really had played a terrible hand!

Serene Water Sword was a water element flying sword. He was used to the [Li Water Sword Scripture] and had picked this water element flying sword. Serene Water Sword was a good flying sword, it’s entire body made from serene water, and pure in water element power.

But damn it!

The pure water element power became the most crucial threat!

There was no problem in compressing the Li water sword essence, but Zuo Mo had not expected that the compressed sword essence would create a strong suction and absorb the Void Fire, thereby also compressing it at the sword tip.

Now, the problem was huge!

Void Fire was an extremely volatile flame, and a flame that Zuo Mo was extremely unfamiliar with. Water and fire could not merge in the first place. As the Void Fire entered the Serene Water Sword, the only outcome he could think of was an explosion.

Even more, the Void Fire inside the Serene Water Sword had been compressed to its limits. Motherf***er. Even if this thing wasn’t inside the Serene Water Sword, even if it was just a drop of water, there was only one outcome.

Boom, a loud sound, and no bones would be left remaining in a radius of thirty zhang.

Right now, there was something else that was also dangerous –– the sword essence that had been highly compressed! The addition of the sword essence had kept the three factors in an exquisite equilibrium, but it was very unstable. In other words, if Zuo Mo let go, the flying sword would instantly explode.

Adding on the sword essence that was compressed … …

If this exploded, then an area fifty zhang in radius, oh no, eighty zhang in radius, not a hair would remain!

Looking at the ground that was coming increasingly close to him, Zuo Mo’s face paled, his hand trembling, crying without tears.

Save me … …


Translator Ramblings: This chapter is like being on the uphill part of a rollercoaster and right before the great downhill part, the ride gets stuck.

Clear Sky Sect is doing something terrible and its head disciple is not anything good.

About Zuo Mo’s age … … I guess it takes a bit of speculation and some of Occam’s Razor. First, he was lianqi fourth level when he was picked up with amnesia by the sect leader. That’s actually pretty normal for a young person if they are not geniuses. It is also simpler to think that he is normal rather than he was very powerful before and was weakened. Second is that we are going by Fang Xiang’s (slightly sexist) logic that males do not try to eat any pills to maintain their youthful appearance. It might be a bit of a leap but it is plausible that Zuo Mo’s age has not been disguised or changed. If changing features makes a zombie face, changing one’s age through skeleton will really make Zuo Mo a complete zombie.

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