修真世界 World of Cultivation Chaper Two Hundred and Seventy Seven “Detection”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Seven – Detection

Wu Kong Mountain.

Mu Xi suddenly stood up, “What? Stars in Daytime appeared in Little Mountain Jie?”

“Yes, Daren!” the middle-aged person responded. He was somewhat puzzled. “But we clearly had searched on our way here. It isn’t possible.”

Mu Xi waved her hand. “That isn’t a mystery. If this daren does not want to meet us, they naturally will have ways to avoid our scans.”

She sank into thought. After a while, she raised her head. “It isn’t a coincidence that Stars in Daytime happened here and in Little Mountain Jie. Search to see if there is anyone from Wu Kong Sword Sect that has not moved to Bright Wave Jie. Use every resource we have, and notify the other daren to look into this matter. Also, tell our scouts in Little Mountain Jie pay attention to the xiuzhe that moved to Little Mountain Jie from Sky Moon Jie, especially those that had previously been Wu Kong Sword Sect disciples.

The middle aged person said, “We didn’t leave enough people in Little Mountain Jie.”

“Then send more,” Mu Xi said decisively. “Send a three hundred man troop immediately to Little Mountain Jie for this matter. This information shall be immediately reported to the Elder Council. Urge that the supporting troops should advance  and quickly take over Little Mountain Jie.’

“Yes!” The middle-aged person said cleanly.




Not long after, a yao troop of three hundred people hurriedly flew away. The mood of Wu Kong Mountain became tense.

However, even Mu Xi would never have thought there was a group of people hiding in the mountain beneath her feet.

“They’ve started to move. A three-hundred strong troop. Looking at the direction, they seem to be going to Little Mountain jie.” A young person with sharp brows said.

In front of him was Lin Qian. There was a person standing beside Lin Qian, it was Wei Sheng.

“Little Mountain Jie?” A pondering expression flashed through Lin Qian’s eyes. “Did they find something in Little Mountain Jie? Brother Wei, how many shidi do you have in Little Mountain Jie?”

Wei Sheng’s brows furrowed slightly, but he truthfully answered, “Only Zuo Shidi and the others.”

“Had my eyes failed me?” Lin Qian muttered to himself.

Wei Sheng did not reply. The mood instantly became slightly awkward. They were currently in the sword cave Wei Sheng had trained in before. He was very familiar with the place. No one would have thought that there was an elite force hidden in here.

This was the strongest troop that Wei Sheng had ever seen! They were well-trained, and had great endurance. What shocked him the most was their individual strengths. Most of them were of similar age to him, no older than sixty years old, and all of them had ningmai cultivation, each just slightly weaker than him, and about the same as Luo Li Shidi. In a slightly smaller sect, this kind of cultivation was enough to become a core disciple, but here, they were just average members.

Eight hundred people. He could not think how powerful this faction was to have gathered such a strong force!

Lin Qian’s identity became even more mysterious in his mind. It was clear these people respected Lin Qian from the bottom of their hearts. He was certain that if Lin Qian encountered danger, every person here, except himself, would be willing to give up their lives to defend him.

But no matter how much power Lin Qian had, Wei Sheng still did not like him. Because Lin Qian was suspicious of Wu Kong Sword Sect. Even though the sect had already migrated and settled down in Bright Wave Jie, Wei Sheng was filled with deep attachment towards everything of Wu Kong Mountain.

On the matter of Zuo Shidi’s disappearance, he maintained his silence. He had a deep bond with Zuo Mo. He could understand the sect’s actions, but he could not completely accept them. Presently the sect was much larger than before, but the flavor had changed. Not just him, even Luo Li and Xiao Guo maintained their silence.

The Desolate Wood Reef had received a destructive attack from the yao army. The chance that Shidi was still alive was small.

He wasn’t willing to take Lin Qian and his group to hide in the sword cave, but due to the sect leader’s orders, he carried it out. He decided to just observe. He was familiar with every place in Wu Kong Sword Sect, and never found any place that was unusual. Yet what he hadn’t expected was that the yao army had come to Wu Kong Mountain and established their base here.

His head was lowered as he thought. He suddenly felt that if it really was Zuo Shidi and the others that were the problem, it wasn’t a bad matter. At least, it meant that Zuo Shidi was still alive. Thinking about that, his brow relaxed.




In a secret realm in Sky Moon Jie, Fu Feng listened to the report of his subordinate and said heavily, “Little Mountain Jie?”

After a while, he shook his head, “Let’s just observe.”




Zuo Mo was very depressed, extremely depressed. Silly Bird was extremely fast now, flying close and far away. Her eyes undoubtedly showed the attitude of an ungenerous person who had become powerful.

Showing off, boldly showing off!

Zuo Mo gritted his teeth. He had thought many times of raising his hand to throw bolts of Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning at Silly Bird. He really saw the bird clearly. Usually, she was a proud show-off. Now she was even more so with the support of her faster speed.

This could not be tolerated!

Before he could think of an idea, he heard Zheng Zhong praise from beside him, “This bird is really wonderful! As fast as lightning, it is rare to see, really rare to see!”

Liu Gui and the others agreed.

Zuo Mo almost spat blood upon hearing it. He glanced and saw the smugness in Silly Bird’s eyes had increased, the grey feathers at her tail rising towards the sky.

Ge finally knows why you guys have had such a hard time, you don’t have good eyes!

Zuo Mo ignored them. There were eighteen xiuzhe that decided to follow him. The others chose to leave. Zuo Mo didn’t try to get them to stay. Of this group, other than Zheng Zhong who he felt had some skill, the strengths of the other people were just average.

Without him realizing it, his eyes had become much picker.

He had felt this especially clearly in the fight this time. If it was the batch of people that Lil’ Miss had trained, if he had had one platoon, then he had the confidence to kill Huang Zhuo Guang.

If this group met a group from Vermillion Bird Camp, one on one, the two sides would be fight to a stalemate. Five versus five, Vermillion Bird Camp would win. Ten versus ten, there was no meaning. One hundred versus one hundred, Vermillion Bird Camp wouldn’t even have one fatality.

He heard that Vermillion Bird Camp was trying out new battle tactics now, and he felt anticipation. Gongsun Shidi had settled into his role even more, and became even more outstanding.

The female xiu flew silently beside him, Zheng Zhong and the others felt she was slightly strange, but held no fear towards her. Yet Silly Bird was extremely afraid of the female xiu. Even though she continuously came up to Zuo Mo to show off, she didn’t dare go near the female xiu.

Zuo Mo glanced at the female xiu and sighed. Even though it looked as though she was fine, but in reality, her body had been severely wounded this time.

When he got to the mountain cave, the female xiu was still meditating. He took the chance to inspect her body, and found a strange situation. Her body was even more damaged, but the strange purple power inside her body had become even greater.

This was a situation that Zuo Mo felt he could not understand.

This purple power was like a net trapping every part of her body. Her body had already become split into pieces. The only reason she had not collapsed was due to this purple power. However, Zuo Mo also found the more damaged her body was, the stronger this purple power was, and the tighter it enveloped her.

An evil skill!

Other than these two words, Zuo Mo had no other words to describe it.

“Boss, where’s our territory?” Liu Gui carefully asked.

“Sky Star Peak,” Zuo Mo carelessly responded.

Liu Gui jumped in fright. “Sky Star Peak? There are many factions in that area!”

“Oh.” Still thinking of the female xiu¸ Zuo Mo was unconcerned. “Not anymore.”

Liu Gui’s heart steadied. Looking at it now, Boss’ faction likely wasn’t small. He usually had many avenues of information, and had interacted with some of the factions of Sky Star Peak in the past. He hadn’t expected that Boss had swept all of them clean.

In Little Mountain Jie, there was nothing more assuring than entering a powerful faction.

Liu Gui snicked and said, “Little Mountain Jie is somewhat chaotic. I heard that Nan Sheng Village was torn to pieces. Now that we killed Huang Zhuo Guang, Clear Sky Sect is going to be angry. People really are brave these days, they even dare to attack Nan Sheng Village. Tsk tsk, so powerful! So great!”

Liu Gui smacked his lips, admiration on his face. The other people also felt the same.

Zuo Mo made a sound of confirmation and said, “You don’t need to admire them, we did it.”

The surroundings instantly became deathly silent.

Liu Gui was so frightened he almost dropped from the sky. He then looked at the others. All of them had gaping mouths as they looked dazedly at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo looked strangely at them. “What’s with your expressions? Nan Sheng Village isn’t as hard to attack as you imagine.”

All of the people, including Zheng Zhong, could not pull themselves out of their shock.

Zheng Zhong responded the fastest. At the beginning, he had thought that Zuo Mo was a disciple of a large sect. This seemed to prove his speculation. In Little Mountain Jie, no one had ever been willing to oppose Clear Sky Sect this openly.

Suddenly, a crowd of black dots appeared on the horizon.

The little black dots flew extremely quickly. After a while, they were twenty li away. They finally saw them. It was a group of about twenty people.

Zheng Zhong’s heart jumped, shock flashing through his eyes. He shouted loudly, “Everyone, on your guard!”

The group of twenty or so xiuzhe flew extremely quickly, but what shocked Zheng Zhong the most was the formation of their troop! Flying at such high speed, the troop’s formation had not changed, like a sharp blade breaking through the ice. From far away, he could feel a sharp presence hitting him in the face!

They were flying straight at them!

Zheng Zhong’s expression changed again!

In his eyes, the twenty people seemed like one body. Their energy, breathing, and ling power were so well attuned that there was no flaw!

Everyone felt they had dropped into a crevasse. Without even needing to fight, their confidence was destroyed. The other came as fast as lightning without any intentions of concealing themselves. The howls in the air roared in waves like thunder, the target was clearly them!

Some of the xiuzhe paled from fright and scattered to escape.

Zuo Mo’s expression suddenly turned dark.

However, only five xiuzhe had fled. The remaining thirteen people were still by his side.

So powerful!

Zheng Zhong’s heart leapt wildly. He forcibly suppressed the terror in his heart. He was a third stratum ningmai xiuzhe but facing the charge of these twenty people, instinctive terror rose.

However, he still moved in front of Zuo Mo. He couldn’t defeat this crowd, but he would do his best to protect Zuo Mo and escape with him.

Unexpectedly, the twenty people suddenly decelerated, making a immediate stop in front of them.

“Boss!” the person at the fount shouted with joy.

Zheng Zhong felt he had gone from hell to heaven in an instant. Before they could be happy, they heard Zuo Mo’s deep and murderous voice.

“Those five, execute.”


Translator Ramblings: It is my personal theory that Fang Xiang was in a different mood the day he wrote this chapter because this one has such a different and heavy tone compared to the one yesterday. Last chapter was all humorous and light-hearted, look at Silly Bird who is prancing about and refuses to obey Zuo Mo! Today is a reminder many people are after Zuo Mo and either want to find him, capture him, or possibly kill him.

The yao are moving back towards Little Mountain Jie … … think how much effort they could have saved if they took over Little Mountain Jie the first time they invaded rather than prioritizing getting to Sky Moon Jie as fast as possible. However, their priorities were actually correct. Who would have thought that Zuo Mo would coincidentally be sent away from the sect, land in the place closest to the jie river, and manage to slip right under them when they reached their destination?

Also, plot wise, this chapter has more development than the last ten chapters combined. I’m not sure if Fang Xiang just decided it was better to put it all together so it was easy to write, or if he forgot it and the readers wanted to know what was happening elsewhere.

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