修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Nine “Transaction”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Seventy Nine – Transaction

After receiving a strong fright, the xiuzhe retreated twenty li before stopping. Luckily, the silver dots from Golden Crow City did not approach and they calmed down slightly.

“Head, what are formation battle watchtowers?” the subordinate asked, puzzled. The other xiuzhe also had bewildered faces, but some xiuzhe had fearful expressions.

“Great weapons to protect a city.” The Head looked at Golden Crow City and warned, “You have to be careful. If you ever see a city that have things like what you just saw, you have to be careful. The power of formation battle watchtowers are very high. They are used to stop enemies from attacking. Usually, they can only be seen in larger cities. I hadn’t expected such a small city to have thirty six of them.”

“It’s just thirty six of them. We have this many people, one charge, and we can take it down,” the subordinate objected, unconvinced.

“Charge?” the Head smiled coldly. “Don’t cause trouble for me. The other side is much stronger than our people! Don’t look down on those thirty-six formation battle watchtowers. That thing’s expensive. Even if we sell ourselves, we won’t be able to trade for one of them.”

“That expensive?” the subordinate’s eyes widened as he gaped.

“En, very expensive,” the Head said. “Think about it. Right now, we are worried about ling grains everyday, but the other has the ability to build formation battle watchtowers. Is there a need to fight?”

No one spoke. This comparison was simple and straightforward, able to be comprehended at a glance. In Little Mountain Jie, everyone was in a half-starved state. The rarity of ling grains were something every faction had to face.

“If they don’t lack for ling grains, can we buy some ling grains from them?” the subordinate suddenly asked.

The Head stilled, and thought. He was right. The other had the ability to build such a city, they shouldn’t lack for ling grains. In Little Mountain jie right now, even if you had the jingshi, there was no place to buy ling grains.

Just at this time, several people were seen flying out of Golden Crow City.

They were extremely fast, arriving in front of them in a short while. There were four people, the leader a male xiu that was both tall and thin. Beside him were three guards dressed in golden armor.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted by the exaggerated fire red broadswords the Golden Armor Guards were holding. The three xiuzhe were completely enveloped by the golden armor as they stood coldly. The head’s heart shook. He could not see the true power of these three Golden Armor Guards, but the presence and faint viciousness that spilled out made him smell danger.




“This one is Bao Yi, the main manager of Golden Crow City’s businesses.” Bao Yi made an elegant bow. Ever since he had followed Boss, what he had done was watch over the stores. Now, it was finally time for him to go back to his old profession. At this moment, his tears almost streamed over his face.

“Bao Yi?” The Head felt that this name was somewhat familiar but he couldn’t recall it. However, he didn’t let the puzzlement stay long on his face, and filled it with a smile, “Nice to meet Manager Bao!”

The people noted down the name of this city, Golden Crow City.

“My apologies.” Bao Yi’s expression made everyone’s hearts tense.

Detecting expressions were basic techniques that every businessperson had to learn. As one of the best, Bao Yi naturally had great skill. His expression was indifferent, but he was very satisfied inside. Before, he had only been a little black market dealer. Now, he could cause such a large crowd of xiuzhe to feel nervous.

This batch of xiuzhe was about five hundred or so people, and could be considered a significant faction.

He felt satisfied, but he didn’t want to ruin his first business transaction. He put on a friendly smile, “Due to our city being too small, it cannot hold everyone. You can set up camp outside the city. All fighting is restricted within twenty li of the city. If you would like to camp inside this area, you will need to pay a fee, and we will direct you to an area to camp. You can also choose to set up camp outside this twenty li area, and not have to pay any fee. Also, our city has a market inside. It will have many surprises for everyone. If you have any needs, our city will open everyday at sunrise, and close at sunset. We will do our best to provide services for everyone.”

When the Head heard such formal words, he thought inside that this was truly a large faction. Look at the mannerisms, the composure. They were even so skilled in demanding jingshi, to the point you couldn’t get angry.

Swallowing, the Head said, “What do you take in trade?”

Little Mountain Jie was extremely chaotic, all kinds of order had collapsed long ago. Many factions traded in all kinds of weird things.

Jingshi third-grade and above is accepted. Also, to provide convenience, we have specialized conversion services. Acceptable materials are those third-grade and above, talismans and jade scrolls need to be fourth grade and above.”

Hearing this, the Head was even more shocked. Look at that, they only take in jade scrolls and talismans of fourth-grade and above. In their group, there were only two fourth-grade talismans. Compared to the other, they were so poor they were practically beggars.

His heart feeling even less confidence, his voice became smaller, “Then we will camp outside the twenty li.”

The friendly smile hung on Bao Yi’s face. “No problem.” He then handed the Head a paper crane, saying, “If needed, you can contact me at any time. Everyone, you have had a long trip, I will not disturb you, goodbye.”

Finishing, he bowed courteously before taking the three Golden Armor Guards and flying back to the city.




When Bao Yi left, this Head instantly asked, “Who has jingshi?”

There were many that kept some, but the total was pitifully small. At this time, a subordinate reminded him, “Head, don’t we have a batch of White Bone Stone? We can sell to them.”

The Head hit his head. Right! White Bone Stone was shaped like white bone, hence the name. It was a rare third-grade material. Instantly feeling that his wallet wasn’t so empty, the Head instantly was lively. “En, we will go look around the city tomorrow, and see what things we can buy.”

At this time, the subordinate suddenly remembered. “Boss, I remember now!’

“Remember what?” the Head turned his face.

“Bao Yi!” this subordinate said. “Bao Yi is a black market dealer. He had went to Nan Sheng Village, but the Chief Elder of the Outer Hall had enmity against him. Don’t you remember? At that time, you even told me to never go to him to buy anything so the Outer Hall wouldn’t hold a grudge against us.”

“I remember!” After this reminder, the Head instantly recalled it. “It seems he caught onto a big tree this time, and struck it rich! The owner of this city is really daring to not even give face to the Outer Hall.”

“Boss, say, could it be that it was this group that did Nan Sheng Village?” the subordinate said in a quiet voice.

The Head shook and jumped in fright. He instantly reprimanded in a low voice, “Don’t speak nonsense! You can’t say these things, you can be killed for this!”

“Yes yes yes!” The subordinate’s face was slightly pale as he nodded continuously.

Waving his hand to push the subordinate to the side, the Head couldn’t help but think. For some reason, what the subordinate just said whirled through his mind like a ghost haunting him.

Had it been this group who did that?

Before today, he had never thought there could be any faction in Little Mountain Jie that could be this powerful. Even the Outer Hall couldn’t compare. Everyone had already discussed in depth what happened at Nan Sheng Village, and had come to a consensus.

The attacking side’s abilities were not smaller than the Outer Hall!

If it really was them … …

The more the Head thought, the more scared he was. It was fated that he would have a sleepless night.




Golden Crow City, Zuo Mo worked as he asked, “How was it?”

Bao Yi stood respectfully at the side. “They don’t seem to have too much jingshi.”

“No problem,” Zuo Mo said, “we can loan them some.”

“Loan?” Bao Yi was very shocked. “Then wouldn’t it be unprofitable for us?”

“Loan it to them, and they can then sell to other people.” Zuo Mo clearly had great enthusiasm towards jingshi. He even stopped doing his work and snickered. “As long as there is jingshi to be earned, they will work harder than anyone else.”

“But what if they take the stuff and run?” Bao Yi said, full of worry.

“What are you afraid of?” Zuo Mo was unconcerned. “Where can they run to? They won’t run. Here, they can continuously make jingshi!”

Seeing Bao Yi was going to speak, Zuo Mo waved his hand and said. “Even if we lose, it won’t be a lot. Other than making jingshi, it is more important to sell the Black Processing Meditation mat.”

Bao Yi was confused.

“With the Black Processing Meditation mat, do they still need ling grains?” Zuo Mo asked.

“They don’t need it.” Bao Yi shook his head.

“That’s the point,” Zuo Mo patiently explained. “If they don’t need ling grains, they will not be controlled by Clear Sky Sect. In the future when we are fighting Clear Sky Sect, they would not be pressured to help Clear Sky Sect. This is more important to us. Jingshi is much easier to get than ling grains.”

“If Clear Sky Old Forefather comes, they wouldn’t dare … …” Bao Yi said.

“A single jindan ruling a jie, have you ever heard of it?” Zuo Mo asked. Then he answered his own question, “I’ve never heard of it. Why is everyone so afraid of Clear Sky Sect? It is not Clear Sky Old Forefather, but the ling grains. Without the threat of ling grains, everyone will think, I can’t defeat you, but you can’t do anything if I stay away from you. I don’t need your help.”

“In other words, Little Mountain Jie is still a cage, but inside the cage, people won’t have to worry about their cultivation collapsing in the short term,” Zuo Mo said. “No one likes Clear Sky Sect. In the short term without the threat of ling grains, they won’t help Clear Sky Sect when we fight against Clear Sky Sect.”

Bao Yi finally realized and then asked, “Will they help us? If we get rid of Clear Sky Sect, it would be of benefit to everyone!”

“No,” Zuo Mo’s answer was clean. “You aren’t giving jingshi to them, why will they help you? They also have to consider ‘what if we are defeated?’ They still have to stay in this cage.”

Bao Yi was silent. He knew that Boss wasn’t wrong, but for some reason, he was slightly disappointed by this answer.

Zuo Mo knew Bao Yi’s emotions and comforted. “It’s alright, we hadn’t been planning on depending on them in the first place. We rely on ourselves.”

“En! Boss, I know what to do.” Bao Yi nodded his head firmly, a undetectable cold light flashing in his eyes.

His heart was full of enthusiasm for battle. As a successful black market businessperson, he decided to use the truth to tell them why he could establish himself in the black market, and the difference between black market businesspeople and normal businesspeople. It was all one word

–– Black!

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo brings his own unique perspective of the state of Little Mountain Jie. It is not the complete truth, nor is it completely “accurate” but I guess that Fang Xiang’s skills shine through here as he is able to keep the plot happenings and the perspective of the main character separate yet have them join together when necessary. Zuo Mo’s ignorance is deliberately written and it is a long journey to see him “enlightened.”

It is also deliberate but I still find it ironic that Zuo Mo’s running into trouble because of ling grains considering his profession as a ling plant farmer.


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