修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty “Prelude”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty – Prelude

Outside of Nan Sheng Village.

“Hee hee, they definitely would never expect that we would return,” Lei Peng looked at the newly rebuilt Nan Sheng Village, his bearded face snickering.

The other people all had strange expressions.

No one had expected that Lil’ Miss would sneak all the way to Nan Sheng Village.

However, they were full of enthusiasm about destroying the enemy’s main base again. Everyone was drooling while staring at Nan Sheng Village, howling as they charged at Nan Sheng Village.

Hopelessness floated on to the faces of the enemies.




Golden Crow City.

“We have all kinds of talismans for all types of xiuzhe, the offensive type, the defensive type, the supporting type. You can see them all. A good talisman can save your life at a critical moment, and they are not expensive … …”

“This is a special product of our city, fourth-grade Golden Crow Fire. I think that I don’t need to introduce this. If you have enough jingshi, we can provide you with an unlimited amount. Of course, something as good as this needs a price suitable for it … …”

“What you see right now is a top-secret talisman, Black Processing Meditation mat. When you possess this, you do not need to worry about relying completely on ling grains. What? You don’t believe me. Oh oh oh I can understand! No matter, what can be more effective than personally experiencing it? Out of consideration for our customers, we provide trial service. Please come with me … …”

“You do not have enough jingshi? Oh, I need to consider this. You know that all of our merchandise are good items that are in high demand. No xiuzhe would be able to refuse this Golden Crow Fire. Black Processing Meditation mat, oh, this definitely is an mighty talisman! Yes, it is not outrageous to use mighty to describe it. It can help you get rid of your reliance on ling grains … …”

“Oh, so it’s like that! I can understand your difficulties. Since you are so sincere, we can both move back a step. You can first borrow a batch of merchandise from our city, but it will not be a huge amount. I trust that you have the abilities to quickly sell all of it with your power. We will not interfere with how much you sell it for. I feel that the large profit involved is enough for your purchasing power to quickly increase in a short time.”

“But considering that we do not have a history of cooperating together, you need to provide a guarantee. Anything can work, I see that your fourth-grade flying sword appeared very good … …”

“Oh, a gentleman will not take another’s items. Since it is so meaningful to you, then this one will not demand it. Then we only have one option, a lien through people. You only have to provide one hundred people as collateral… …”

“We will have a great relationship!”

When the Head came out of Golden Crow City, he shook his slightly inflated head. That slender bamboo rod really knew how to talk. Those good items still seemed to be swaying in front of his eyes. The cold wind that blew against his face cleared his mind. Looking at the faraway mountain peak, he took a deep breath. He knew an outrageously good opportunity was in front of him!

If he could catch this chance, his strength would quickly go up a few levels!




Shu Long carefully listened to the voice that came out of the necklace. However, the person who was speaking this time seemed to be arguing with someone.

“They can only cultivate mo, they can’t do what the yao do.” Shu Long was very familiar with this voice that was always slightly scornful. It was this one that had taught them how to cultivate.

Boss’ subordinate was so mysterious, he had never shown his true face.

However, he didn’t dare interrupt. This daren’s temper was not good.

“Oh, you aren’t wrong. The boy is even more outrageous now. We can’t let him continue to be so smug. We are people of status.”

“Okay, we can try what you suggest.”

Listening to this daren talk to himself, Shu Long perceptively stayed silent.

“Shu Long,” The necklace passed through the daren’s call.

He hurriedly responded, “This one is here.”

“From today onwards, the cultivation plan is being changed.”

“Yes.” Shu Long did not argue or object. They would cultivate whichever way Daren said to. Before this, they didn’t know anything about cultivation.

Daren listed all the places that needed to be modified in detail. Shu Long noted all of them down. When he met places he did not understand, he would ask for clarification.

Pu Yao clearly was very satisfied with Shu Long’s attitude, but he still added, “Oh, you need to supervise them. With your turtle speed, when will you even cultivate to an acceptable level?”

“Yes!” Shu Long seriously answered.

“Especially that [Crow Fiend Mo Killing Formation], you need to rehearse it well.”




In the tunnel, Zuo Mo wiped the sweat off his forehead, a satisfied expression on his face. The four sides of the tunnel had to be carved with formations to create a complete formation. The amount of work Zuo Mo had to complete this time was vast. The nine formation belts interlocked together, each of them with a fourth-grade formation as the core, and thirteen third-grade formations set up in the perimeter.

Nine fourth-grade formations, one hundred and seventeen third-grade formations. He almost didn’t even dare to think about it.

But he still gritted his teeth and started!

If he couldn’t charge out of here, he would die in here sooner or later.

He had struggled greatly when setting up these formations. Every day, his ling and spiritual power were greatly used exhausted.

However, his labor hadn’t been wasted. He had finished one-third of it. Thinking about it, he felt it was impossible. He had never completed so much before.

Releasing a long breath, the golden threads of fire flying in the air were as mischievous as pixies and flew in front of him.

In the fire light, he looked at the female xiu nearby.

She stood there motionlessly like wood. There was a mask on her face again. Zuo Mo had reforged a black mask for her. Her eyes were grey and empty, only flashing with the purple light when she was fighting. This woman who was covered in mysteries!

Looking at her, Zuo Mo’s thoughts wandered.

Who are you!

He shook his head hard and threw away these stray thought. Right now, he needed to think how to finish the big formation. For him, he had never thought of such a large formation belt before.

From the planning to fruition, it had been all completed by him. Every time he thought of it, his blood heated up.

When ge gets this done, what Hero’s Pass, what sect jinzhi, all of that is nothing.

He gathered one hundred and twenty percent of his mental effort and went back to his work.




In the forging division, Sun Bao wiped away the sweat and said with a grimace to Ji Wei, “Boss’ pace is too astonishing, we really have it hard.”

Ji Wei could only grimace along. “What can we do? I don’t know if Boss is made out of metal or something. We forged so many parts, he shouldn’t be so fast even if he was eating them.”

The two could only grimace at each other before bending down to forge.




Gongsun Cha looked at Nan Sheng Village under his feet that had been once again turned to ruins, his face expressionless. He knew this was only the start. It was like a war that had just started. The following battles would be their true test.

Daren, where are we going now?”

Xie Shan asked with anticipation. He was totally won over by this Head who was much lower in cultivation than him. Boss and Lil’ Miss’ ages were not high, but why were they so strong? Supposedly, they were disciples of the same sect. It was very rare to see such strong disciples at such a young age.

The ambush this time was not as fierce as last time, but this kind of disciplined style made Xie Shan feel very good inside. In such a short period of time, everyone had made such large improvements. He felt it was incredible when he thought back.

The other people looked towards Lil’ Miss with anticipation. When Lil’ Miss personally led the troops, he would always give them unexpected surprises.

“Didn’t they create cadet halls? Pick one to start with.” Gongsun Cha’s face had a rare cold expression, his tone murderous.

This group of battlemaniacs instantly became excited.

Only a rare few realized the abnormality of the mission this time and from Lil’ Miss’ unusual attitude. They looked at each other.

Was the final battle going to start … …




Sky Water Jie, a grand yard filled with grass and ling beasts frolicking about. In the very center, there was an ancient copper diffuser as high as a person. Beside the stove, there was a middle-aged xiuzhe sitting cross legged on a meditation mat, surrounded by the smoke.

Suddenly, a paper crane flew out of the sky and landed in front of the middle-aged xiuzhe.

The middle-aged xiuzhe opened their eyes, and looked at the paper crane with a surprised expression. He hurriedly opened the paper crane. After carefully reading it over, he sank into deep thought.

After a while, he raised his head. His finger flicked and a sword light flew out. Shortly after, a female xiu flew in front of the middle-aged xiu, and bowed slightly, “Why has Daren summoned me?”

The female xiu wore deep red ling armor, her features pretty and her mannerisms restrained.

“Do you know the situation of Little Mountain Jie?” the middle-aged xiuzhe asked solemnly.

“I know some.”

“Oh, speak.”

“Little Mountain Jie is managed by Clear Sky Sect presently. After the yao army passed through, the ling energy there has withered. Many xiuzhe have become trapped inside because the Clear Sky Sect blockades the jie river,” the female xiu paused slightly, “the Hundred Flowers Alliance and other sects have relationships with Clear Sky Sect, and have made private transactions.”

“Clear Sky Sect’s guts isn’t small.” The face of the middle-aged xiuzhe was slightly heavy. “It looks as though they want to turn Little Mountain Jie into their own private property. Who’s the leader of Clear Sky Sect right now?”

“It is Clear Sky Old Forefather.”

“That old man,” the middle-aged person said with a smirk, “there naturally will be people to sort him out.”

The female xiu did not speak and waited silently.

The middle-aged person took out a token and threw it to the female xiu. “Go pick two hundred people to go with you to Little Mountain Jie. With this token, that old person will not block you.”

“What is this subordinate’s mission?”

“You only need to accomplish one matter this time,” the middle-aged xiuzhe said. “Stars in Daytime appeared in Little Mountain Jie, you will go investigate this matter.”

“Stars in Daytime?” the female xiu had a shocked expression.

“Yes, it has also appeared once in Sky Moon Jie. There is most likely a connection between these two occasions. You have to pay special attention to those xiuzhe that escaped from Sky Moon Jie to Little Mountain Jie.”

“If we find this person, what should I do?” the female xiu, bowing.

“Bring them back!” the middle-aged person said.

“I understand.”

Translator Ramblings: The title says it all about this chapter. Bao Yi’s sales tactics are truly devious. I would call him a snake oil salesman except what they are selling are actually effective in what they are said to do.


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