修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty One “Gradual Advance”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty One – Gradual Advance

Nan Sheng Village had been destroyed again!

This was like a peerlessly loud slap that landed heavily on He Xiang’s face. He Xiang felt a rush of blood rush up his throat and he almost fainted. The expressions of the other elders were also terrible. They had achieved great victories recently, and saw the hope of survival.

But at this time, they were hit over the head with a stick.

“Who! Motherf***ing who!” an elder lost control of his emotions, and shouted at the top of his lungs.

“It definitely is that group! It has to be them!”

The crowd was furious. All of the elders were like a pack of wolves that were pushed to the precipice, their faces red as they breathed heavily.

He Xiang steadied his mind. He tried to calm himself down. He raised a hand and stopped the shouts of the elders, saying, “We need to retaliate! A hard counterattack! Old Forefather is watching at us. All of Little Mountain Jie is watching us. If we are so easily defeated, no one will listen to us again. Old Forefather will lose his last thread of patience, and we will be finished!”

“Catch them! Defeat them! At any cost!”

He Xiang gritted through his teeth.

“The final battle has started! This is our final battle! This battle will determine if we live or die!”

No one spoke. The eyes of every elder were red, their faces twisted.




Ji Wei and Sun Bao carefully entered the tunnels. Their eyes uncontrollably looked at the complex formations on the walls of the tunnels with intoxicated expressions. They were like unworldly country bumpkins that had entered the city for the first time, feeling as though their eyes were not enough to take in the sights.

Their gasps occasionally rang out in the silent tunnels.

“Look at this, it can be interlocked like this!” Ji Wei pointed at a place, and praised. “I don’t know what is inside Boss’ head that he can think of a solution like this!”

“Yes!” Sun Bao replied, but his gaze didn’t bear to move away. “Boss’ learning in formations is growing deeper.”

“Oh, I feel that Boss might be able to get a Formation Grandmaster medal to play with,” Ji Wei said.

“Boss won’t be interested,” Sun Bao got a hint, and contentedly shifted his eyes away. “What use is that Formation Grandmaster jade medal to Boss? Will Boss depend on it for his meal ticket? We should probably get some so that we won’t end up without the qualifications to be Boss’ assistants. Look at these formations, they are as beautiful as a picture. There’s nothing to say about Boss’ skill with fire. I say that if Boss forged, we could only be his assistants. Think about it, how old is Boss?”

Hearing this, Ji Wei nodded emphatically. “You are right. We need to work on the little group of brats. Ai, it would be great if they had half the talent of Boss.”

Sun Bao smiled scornfully and said, “Half of his talent, don’t dream. We aren’t young people, but have you ever seen someone as monstrous as Boss? Heavens, he isn’t a person. He built this Golden Crow City by himself, and used fire forging methods. You might not have noticed but I was dumbstruck on the spot.”

Ji Wei nodded with empathy. “Yes, I was also stunned. Even with all of us assisting, we almost didn’t manage to keep up the supply. I didn’t sleep well any of those days in fear we couldn’t keep up. Boss’s fire paper technique, tsk tsk, it is a pleasure to see, I didn’t want to move away.”

Sun bao snickered. “Everyone is the same. Who has seen such wonderful fire forging technique? It is enough to scare me to death. And those formation battle watchtowers. Thirty six towers. Motherf***er, we’re lucky Boss is Boss. If it was any other person, everyone else would lose their meal ticket.”

“With the city, and the formation battle watchtowers, our Golden Crow City is probably unique among Little Mountain Jie,” Jie Wei said, full of pride.

“Of course!” Sun Bao also had a proud expression. He looked around, and then lowered his voice to say, “But from what I see, Boss might not stay in Little Mountain Jie. Look at these tunnels, this formation belt. It is very big. Other than jindan, I can’t think of anyone who needs such preparations.”

Ji Wei was silent for a moment before saying, “In any case, I’m planning on going with Boss. I’m not young anymore, I see the world clearly. There’s nothing to say about how Boss treats us. As to the other, life and death, I’m too lazy to think.”

“Your words are wasted on me,” Ji Wei said unconcernedly. “No one among us will run now. If any of the brats dare run, watch me break his legs. I’m confident in Boss. Just this Little Mountain Jie cannot trap Boss.”

“Then why are you saying this?” Ji Wei glanced at the other out of the corner of his eyes.

Sun Bao said excitedly, “Aren’t you excited? We are going to deal with a jindan! Jindan!”

Ji Wei rolled his eyes, and said rudely. “You’re a pretty old person, why are you still so childlike? Quick, quick, stop wasting time. We need to deliver this to Boss, he’s waiting.”

“You aren’t excited at all? Jindan, that is a jindan … …”

“Oh, very excited.”

“You aren’t excited at all, how can you not be excited? You … …”

“Since you have this much energy, go back and forge some more Black Processing Meditation mats. The slender bamboo almost can’t meet the demand … …”




Bao Yi looked at the mountains of jingshi and materials in the storeroom and his face blossomed. Boss was right. The domino effect was really too fast! After that Head had left, several more group of xiuzhe had arrived shortly after. Some people had bought Black Processing Meditation mat from others, and then came in search of more. Others were just passing by.

They had to thank the Outer Hall. As the Outer Hall pushed forward, the xiuzhe along the way continued to retreat, and run. Consequently, many xiuzhe would pass by Golden Crow City. Every xiuzhe that passed by would gape when they saw Golden Crow City, so shocked they would almost drop from the sky.

And what the city was selling made everyone go crazy.

The appearance of the Black Processing Meditation mat was a great explosion. The number of people that came to buy Black Processing Meditation mat everyday was so much they had lined up. It wasn’t realistic for each person to by one. Usually it was a group and they would buy a few dozen each time. About three people would share a single mat and could satisfy their daily needs.

However, the direct result of the Black Processing Meditation mat was the jingshi that everyone had thrown to the side before increased in value. With the Black Processing Meditation mat, jingshi was equivalent to ling grains. Many xiuzhe couldn’t bear to use jingshi to purchase, and mostly traded using materials.

So all kinds of materials flooded towards Golden Crow City, causing Bao Yi to increase the standard for taking in materials.

Bao Yi’s face was flushed, his mind excited. He had been a black market dealer for so long, but had never done business like this. What he was selling now would directly change the situation of Little Mountain Jie. He felt so happy he was going to faint.

The supply was not keeping up with demand, and gave him enough space to express “black” to its limits.

Talismans, materials, jingshi … …

We’ll take them, take them all!

Expensive? Oh, very sorry, we don’t have discounts!

The feeling of richness that he never had before took over his entire body.

His life like this, what else could he ask for!




The sky was dark and bloody, the ground was barren. This was a certain place in Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie.

A troop of yao camped surrounding a spring that looked like fresh blood. This was a blood spring. Blood springs were frequently seen in Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie. For yaomo, blood springs were very good places. Yao could use it to calm their energies, and mo could directly consume the spring blood to recover their strength. But for xiuzhe, blood springs were a terrible place. The closer it was to the blood spring, the more brutal and restless the ling power was. The spring blood of the blood spring was also a fatal poison for xiuzhe. If xiuzhe under jindan came into contact with the slightest bit of it, they would be poisoned. If they were not careful, they would die.

This troop of yao was about one thousand people.

“How far away are we from Little Mountain Jie?” the leading commander asked.

“About fifteen days of travel,” his vice commander hurriedly said.

Suddenly, a bead on the bracelet on his wrist lit up with a blue light. He made a light sound. “Blue Hyacinth! Orders from the Elder Council!”

He took down the bead glowing with blue light and threw it onto the ground. Pia. As the bead landed, it burrowed into the ground. Quickly, a blue plant grew with speed visible to the naked eye, flowered, and produced fruit.

From beginning to end, it took just two breaths.

The blue fruit produced a faint blue mist. The mist moved and roiled, forming an old face.

“Sir Tian Sheng, after the discussion of the Elder Council, you have been commanded to move your division at the fastest speed possible to Little Mountain Jie, take over and hold the jie river of Little Mountain Jie to Sky Water Jie, and are not permitted to fail!”

“Yes!” Tian Sheng gravely responded.

Pah, the mist dissipated. This blue hyacinth quickly withered and turned to dust. With a gust of wind, nothing was left.

“Send the order down. Gather immediately to travel,” Tian Sheng said gravely.

“Yes!” the vice commander hurriedly followed the order.

Tian Sheng was still thinking over the order just now. In all the military orders of the yao military, only the orders from the Elder Sect could use blue hyacinths. In other words, this order had come directly from the Elder Council. This kind of situation was extremely rare, and the first time he had encountered it.

Something definitely had happened in Little Mountain Jie.

Even though they had not rested for long, and everyone had not recovered from their exhaustion, the good discipline of the yao military was fully expressed now. They quickly packed up.

“Little Mountain Jie, travel at our fastest speed!”




Dong Cheng idly stretched out. It was very hard to be able to live such an idle life in Little Mountain Jie. He was secretly proud of his perceptiveness. As the first faction to submit to the Outer Hall, he became the example, and was put in charge of the first cadet branch of the Outer Hall.

The first one of the Outer Hall. He narrowed his eyes, and enjoyed the sunlight falling on his face. Just this name was enough for him to have a good life in the future.

Even though each month’s jobs were not light, but it was a great improvement over his past life.

Oh, he had to make a request for a batch of xiu slaves from the main hall.

Suddenly, a subordinate stumbled into the yard and shouted in panic, “Daren! Daren! It’s not good, it’s not good!”

Dong Cheng’s dream was disturbed, and he was very discontent. He furrowed his brow. “What are you panicking about. I haven’t died yet!”

“It’s not good! Daren! It really isn’t good … …”

“Hmph, say, what isn’t good?” Dong Zheng was even more discontent. He decided that if this guy couldn’t mention a great matter, he would punish the other well.

“Someone has attacked us … …”

“My ass!” Dong Cheng snorted. “In Little Mountain Jie, no one dares to come to our Outer Hall to … …”

His voice suddenly stopped, his body freezing as he looked dazedly at the sky.

In the sky, a troop was looking down at them.

Suddenly thinking of something, Dong Cheng’s face was drained of blood in an instant, his limbs went cold!

Translator Ramblings: I wonder if Zuo Mo knows that he can gain a formations jade medal … … he’s only ever focused on getting the ling farmer one so I wonder. If this was a time of peace, he would be making loads of jingshi.

As the chapter title says, this will proceed “gradually.” Patience is needed … …

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