修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Four “Great Formation!”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Eight Four – Great Formation!

In an enormous and deep pit, Zuo Mo continuously dug down.

The hole above his head seemed to be palm-sized. The depth of this place was fifty zhang below ground level. The pit was about one zhang in radius. The female xiu stood nearby. Looking up, the height of fifty zhang was enough to make one feel suffocated.

Suddenly, Zuo Mo stopped his movements, a surprised and joyful expression on his face.

“Let’s go up,” he said to the female xiu. Even though the female xiu couldn’t hear, but he still said it. Then he started to fly up, the female xiu followed closely behind him.

As he flew up to the entrance of the hole, Zuo Mo stopped and took a deep breath.

With all his power, he punched out a Sky Glass Wave!

A glass-like fist brutally entered the pit, and smashed heavily on the bottom.


Bright red lava sprouted out, continuously sprouting up like an ancient wild beast released from its cage. From far away, Zuo Mo was still able to feel a burning presence rush against his face.

The deep red lava would occasionally spit out flames. Facing the power of nature, Zuo Mo’s expression couldn’t help but change. If he accidentally got caught by the earth fire, unless he had jindan cultivation, his bones would not survive.

Other than shock, joy also made its way onto his face.

He pulled the female xiu as he kept on flying up. The lava finally reached the surface. This place was the core of the big formation Zuo Mo had set up. The deep red viscous lava slowly flowed. As it flowed into the tunnels, the formations on the walls of the tunnel started to light up.

Zuo Mo finally could not stop himself from showing a smile!

He had succeeded!

Finally succeeded!

Right above his head, Golden Crow City suddenly lit up in the night. Countless golden lights like golden fish leaping against the current flew into the sky above Golden Crow City. These small golden energies spread and gathered above Golden Crow City.

All the people in Golden Crow City were alarmed by such a loud change. They all walked out of the buildings, raising their faces to look at the golden energies covering the sky!

The xiuzhe that were skilled in formations all changed expressions. They could occasionally see the shadow of formations in those golden energies that swam like fish. Was this some powerful formation? This was so unfathomable! They didn’t know what kind of formation could create such a world-shaking apparition.

The large factions that had camped outside the camp were also disturbed.

“What is that?”

“Is it some treasure coming out of the ground?”

In the dark of the night, Golden Crow City’s lights grew dramatically. It was covered in a blinding golden cage of light like a sun against the black sky.

“Such vast craftsmanship!” On a mountain peak, a bearded middle-aged person sighed with shock. Beside him was a stocky large male.

“How so?” the large male asked.

“This city most likely is hiding a very powerful formation. This presence clearly is the scene that occurs when a large formation has just formed. When we entered the city yesterday, I had found that the materials used in the city are extremely special. Daren definitely cannot guess it,” the middle-aged person said with a smile.

“Oh, what kind of high-level material did it use?” The large male was slightly curious.

“It is just the opposite of what Daren is thinking. The bricks used in the city are just normal bluestone.”

“How is it possible?” the large male paused and then shook his head. “If blue stone can create such an impenetrable city, Little Mountain Jie should be covered in cities.”

“Ha ha, it is bluestone, but this blue stone has been forged in Golden Crow Fire.” The middle-aged person grinned.

“So that’s why!” The large male finally understood.

Admiration floated onto the face of the middle-aged person. “This person is very clever. Even though the city is small, the method he really used is forging methods.”

“Forging methods? Did he think of Golden Crow City like a talisman?” The large male was stunned again.

“Exactly. All of Golden Crow City is covered in formations. All of the buildings are connected into one entity by formations. It forms a situation where all of them prosper or fall together. During the day, the sunlight will form a pillar of light and enter the city. Has Daren noticed it?”

“Is there something about that too?”

“The sunlight contains slight amounts of Golden Crow Fire which is continuously absorbed by Golden Crow City. Over time, this city would become even purer. Isn’t this a forging method?” The eyes of the middle-aged person flashed as he sighed in praise. “The daylight is good, but it requires time. This city master clearly cannot wait that long. If I am not wrong, he should be using earth fire to temper this city. This is why this subordinate calls it great craftsmanship.”

“Using earth fire to temper this city?” The expression on the large male’s face was slightly stunned. After a beat, he shook his head and said, “I hadn’t thought that such powerful people were hiding in Little Mountain Jie. Someone this powerful. If I just let them slip by, I am not satisfied. What does Teacher think, can we hire them?”

The middle aged man shook his head. “It is good that Daren is desirous of those with virtues. However, I see that this person already has his own power. He actually has battle generals. His origins are probably not simple. Even more, Daren’s command posts have been filled. If we get him, where shall we put him?”

Hearing this, the large male paused for a while before sighing.

Daren doesn’t have to be sorrowful,” the middle-aged person comforted. “Our sect’s power is vast, and full of resources. We only need Daren to first establish himself in the sect. It is not difficult for Daren to find talented people. This time, the sect leader’s intentions of nurturing Daren is evident through sending Daren to investigate the affairs of Little Mountain Jie. Daren only has to complete his duty. There is no need to feel frustration over one person.”

“Teacher is right.” The large man’s expression turned normal. Then anger was evident on his face. “Hmph, Clear Sky Old man is too daring, he dares to ruin a jie so, he doesn’t want to live.”

What he had seen on the way here was peerlessly cruel.

“Now that the news has spread, his days won’t be easy.” The middle-aged man’s eyes flashed with a cold light. “It is retribution that his disciple was killed. This one speculates other factions will soon enter.”

The large male suddenly said. “Do you think that it might be the people inside that killed Huang Zhuo Guang?” He pointed at Golden Crow City.

The middle-aged person paused, and then his mind moved. “It is possible! However, this doesn’t have much to do with us.” He thought, and said as he shook his head, “We have our business to attend to. The appearance of Stars in Daytime is a rare opportunity for Daren. Daren’s luck is not bad.”

They had been sent to investigate the matter of the yao army appearing in Little Mountain Jie, and to find the chaos rift. They hadn’t expected to encounter the apparition of Stars in Daytime in the middle.

“But we do not have any results even now,” the large male said helplessly.

“We can proceed slowly, rushing does not help.” The middle-aged person also had no solution.

Little Mountain Jie had become a mess. The unprecedented moves that the Outer Hall has made and the sudden rise of Golden Crow City had caused the two to become the most popular topic of Little Mountain Jie. All kinds of information were continuously passed out. Only one-third of the Outer Hall’s cadet halls still remained.

Not two days after that, they heard that mysterious troop had successively defeated three troops of reinforcements the Outer Hall had sent out.

The xiuzhe that had been defeated and fled all described the power of this troop. The fear still lingering on their faces became the most convincing evidence. The news quickly spread, and the Outer Hall, in complete reversal of its usual attitude, gathered its power and advanced continuously towards Golden Crow City.

Those that had the slightest smarts instantly realized the connection between the mysterious troop and Golden Crow City.

The factions positioned between the two forces quickly relocated behind Golden Crow City’s location. Everyone was waiting to see the clash between the two major factions.

The clash this time would be the clash between the two strongest factions of Little Mountain Jie.

Nothing more had to be said about the Outer Hall. Even though they had lost three thousand people, but they still had an enormous troop of more than seven thousand people. This enormous troop was like a juggernaut. All factions that dared to resist in its path were crushed under them completely with the weight of Mount Tai.

Golden Crow City leapt into view. In tens of days, it had jumped to become an existence just below the Outer Hall. Golden Crow Fire, Black Processing Meditation mat, the thirty six formation battle watchtowers, and the mysterious troop had caused Golden Crow City to become the center of Little Mountain Jie.

Golden Crow City seemed to not feel the pressuring steps of the Outer Hall. It still was furiously selling Black Processing Meditation mats. This also caused it to become an essential stop for the xiuzhe that were retreating. Everyone did everything within their abilities to buy Black Processing Meditation mats.

Black Processing Meditation mats might be expensive, but compared to ling grains, it had too many benefits.

In the midst of it all, many factions suggested they could help defend the city, but Bao Yi adeptly refused them. This caused everyone to be even more curious. After they bought the Black Processing Meditation mats, they didn’t leave, but set up bases behind Golden Crow City.

Looking from far away, it was not possible to see the end of the densely packed xiuzhe behind Golden Crow City. Half of all the xiuzhe of Little Mountain Jie had gathered here. They wanted to personally see this rare clash between titans.

The result of this clash would directly relate to their future life.

Privately, about eight-tenths of the xiuzhe favored the Outer Hall. The terrifying power of seven thousand xiuzhe combined made everyone fearful. Even if that mysterious troop belonged to Golden Crow City, but their numbers were too few. They could be used to harass, but they were not able to be significantly effective, especially with Clear Sky Old Forefather, a jindan, standing guard.

They were just curious how long Golden Crow City could withstand the Outer Hall’s attack.

But contrary to everyone’s expectations, the Outer Hall started to slow down its advance.While the speed of the army’s advancement slowed, the pressure only made them feel more suffocated. Those that had some knowledge understood the Outer Hall was resting up and preparing for the final battle.

Golden Crow City still performed business as usual. Many of the xiuzhe behind the city were sighing. If Golden Crow City really landed in the hands of the Outer Hall, it really was good for them. No one could determine how much wealth Golden Crow City really had, but the items definitely were piled up in mountains.

Black Processing Meditation mats were not cheap!

Golden Crow City was the wealthiest place in the present Little Mountain Jie.

After opening the flow of earth fire, Zuo Mo became idle. Half of his heart had landed when the formation was finished.

A big battle was coming up, but he was not panicked, instead he acted calm and casual. When each person saw Boss was so composed, the nervous atmosphere instantly relaxed to the highest degree. Everyone’s enthusiasm quickly grew.

As long as Boss was here, they didn’t have to worry about anything.

Zuo Mo flew to the formation battle watchtower.

The thirty-six formation battle watchtowers had become the busiest places. The Eastern and Western Camps were nervously training before the battle. They were all clear they were the main force in the battle to defend the city this time.

Each person was rubbing their hands and furiously trained. If they performed well, they may even be promoted to Vermillion Bird Camp. That was the place that everyone in the Eastern and Western Camps yearned to go into. This battle was their best chance.

Zuo Mo exchanged a greeting with the commanders of the Eastern and Western Camps, and flew to the highest level.

He had come this time to look at the Lightning Sonic Walnuts that had been nurtured in the formation battle watchtowers.

Translator Ramblings: We’re getting closer and closer … … this is like the Sword Test Conference, Fang Xiang needs to put down preparations before the fight.

Some more people have arrived to look at the spectacle and even more people have come for the Stars in Daytime. Zuo Mo, do you know how much jingshi is being spent to search for you?

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