修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Eight Six “Arrival!”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Six – Arrival!

Rong Wei watched the troop disappear into the horizon, her heart was filled with shock that she could not voice.

After personally watching the entire battle, this troop of six or seven hundred people had left a deep impression on her. The knife-sharp charges had caused her to momentarily think of turning and fleeing

There was no challenge in the entire battle. It ended in an extremely short amount of time. This troop was like a keen blade that dismembered the enemy in moments. Yes, other than dismembering, she could not think of any other descriptor that could express the scene she saw.

Their opponent had been a troop of a thousand people.

The compound guards next to Rong Wei stared in disbelief with gaping mouths at the empty sky. The scene just now had given them too much of a blow. The unstoppable and keen charges pierced their hearts like a bolt of lightning!

The thousand man troop had seemed to be made out of paper-mache. With one clash, they had shattered into pieces. Rong Wei had never thought that when the howls and sharp presences of sword energies gathered together, that it could be so spectacular, so soul-stealing. Even they, the spectators, felt their scalps prickle, their limbs cold. What must it like to be the troop that was facing such a terrifying scene directly?

No one laughed at the troop that was defeated.

How could there be such a strong troop in Little Mountain Jie.

Even in Sky Water Jie, there were only one or two troops that were said to be at such a level.

“Head, there are people following behind us,” Xie Shan said to Gongsun Cha in a low voice.

Many of the people in the troop had noticed a troop of people following behind them. However, they were not worried, just slightly curious. After fighting for so long, people who saw them fight all fled with the wind. It was the first time they saw someone who followed them like this.

Gongsun Cha looked back. “Oh, go ask.”

Xie Shan admonished himself for being chatty. Wasn’t that finding more work to do for himself? However, since Lil’ Miss commanded it, he could only fly towards that troop.

Truthfully, Rong Wei’s heart was also very insecure. If the other unreasonably charged over to kill without any cause, they could only flee. However, she noticed that the other side didn’t seem to be obsessed with killing, and hadn’t pursued their enemies who had fled.

She was really too curious about this troop. She was very learned, and naturally could see the bones of an army in this troop. She knew very well that building an army was not a simple battle. The members had to be picked with thought, there had to be skilled members, and there were enormous expenses … …

There were many sects in Sky Water Jie, but only two had an army.

She had followed the Marquis for many years, and knew the Marquis had had the notion for a long time. However, he struggled with the problem of manpower. The only people that had the abilities to build an army were battle generals, but only large sects had the abilities to groom battle generals.

The compound guards under her command looked like the elite, but if they were compared, the difference was instantly visible. Rong Wei’s eyes were not ordinary. She could see the average power of the troop’s xiuzhe wasn’t as high as the compound guards under her command.

But if the equal numbers of people were fighting, the ones to die first would be the compound guards. She actually wanted to see if she could hire this battle general, or hire this entire troop.

But she knew that it was a fantasy. It clearly had been some time since this troop had formed. A sect that didn’t have some power wouldn’t be able to support them, but since they had been raised, then the sect supporting them definitely had power.

The possibility of hiring them was minuscule.

One reason that she had given the ordered to follow was curiosity. The other reason was that she was clear that such a strong troop definitely was a significant power in Little Mountain Jie.

Even if she could not recruit them, it wasn’t a bad choice to partner up with them.

Hadn’t she been puzzled regarding the question of ‘how they were to investigate Stars in Daytime? If she partnered up with such a strong faction, it would be much easier to accomplish.

But the compound guards did not know Rong Wei’s thoughts. Each of them were shaking in their boots, preparing to take Rong Wei and flee at any second.

Suddenly, someone from the troop up ahead flew towards them.

The compound guards instantly became nervous.

Rong Wei’s heart settled down. What she was most worried about was the other would kill without asking any questions. Since the other had sent someone over, then it meant she had the room to speak.

“Who are you? Why are you following us?” Xie Shan asked.

Rong Wei bowed and said, “We are disciples from Sky Water Jie’s House of Marquis Wu, and have come with an order to investigate the Stars in Daytime in Little Mountain Jie. Is it possible to travel with your division? It is for safety. This is a small token of our appreciation, please take it.”

She took out some pieces of fourth-grade jingshi.

Xie Shan looked at the jingshi on her hands but did not take them. He nodded and said, “I’ll report the request for you.”

Finishing, he turned and went back to the troop.




“To travel with us?” Gongsun Cha was slightly surprised.

“Or does she want to pursue one of us?” Lei Peng snickered. At the side, Nian Lu shook his bangs, and followed up, “Who else other than me?”

Everyone ignored them. Even Zong Ru couldn’t bear to look at them. How had he been on the same team as these two clowns before? So embarrassing.

“That’s what she said, and they are from Sky Water Jie’s House of Marquis Wu,” Xie Shan continued.

“Which of you have heard of them?” asked Gongsun Cha.

“We are all country people, who’s been to Sky Water Jie,” Ma Fan mocked.

“What do you want to do?” Xie Shan gazed at Gongsun Cha.

“We don’t have the time to tangle with them.” Gongsun Cha shook his head.

“Such a pity, that is a great beauty.” Xie Shan’s tone was slightly teasing.

Gongsun Cha glanced at him and Xie Shan instantly shut up. Do not provoke Lil’ Miss, otherwise, their outcome would be very tragic

A paper crane suddenly flew out of the sky and landed in Gongsun Cha’s hand. Opening the paper crane and taking a quick look, Gongsun Cha’s expression changed slightly. The paper crane was passed quickly onto the hands of other people. Everyone’s faces became grave.

No one joked, no one wasted words. The mood instantly became tense. The Vermillion Bird Camp instantly organized their ranks and raced with their fastest speed to Sky Star Peak.




Rong Wei looked with astonishment at the troop that disappeared at the horizon. What was this?

The compound guards all released a breath. They had been scared half to death. A compound guard carefully said to Rong Wei, “Miss, they’ve gone away.”

Rong Wei woke from her trance, and responded, “Follow them.”

The compound guards that had just released a breath instantly grimaced. Rong Wei ignored them and flew out first. The other people could only follow helplessly.




Zuo Mo opened his hand, and a lightning bullet twirled in his hand. This was the [Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning] that he was so familiar. Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning required using the consciousness to manipulate the sparse lightning power in the air to form hard lightning. Due to the unique method, the hard lightning created was both extremely yang and hard.

Zuo Mo was extremely familiar with this move now. With one thought, the hard lightning would form.

He continued to gather hard lightning, and then beat it to smithereens. He was experimenting. The process of forging the Sonic Lightning Walnuts was very successful. He had comprehended some methods for hard lightning, and hoped to merge these understandings into the spells that he knew.

[Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning] was his primary attack move. It was faster than [Sky Wave Fist], and was extremely powerful. The only flaw was that there was a lack of variation. When Zuo Mo had comprehended those hard lightning formations, the first thing he thought of was [Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning.]

Continuously adding comprehensions to spells was something every xiuzhe had to do. This was also why disciples of the same sect would practice the same spells, but the results were different. Each person had different comprehensions, and the road they walked was naturally different.

The lightning bullet continued to change in his palm. Suddenly, a net with a small mesh size covered all of Zuo Mo’s palm, and then it suddenly turned into a lightning arrow. The lightning arrow suddenly dissipated and turned to countless tiny lightning snakes. The snakes suddenly gathered and turned to a lightning bird … …

Gradually, Zuo Mo felt he had gained greater control. The hard lightning on his hand seemed like a part of his body and could change according to his thoughts.

Zuo Mo quickly judged the quality of each change.

Hard lightning heavily leaned towards offense and seemed to have almost no defensive power when it turned to a lightning shield. When it became a lightning arrow or spear, it was unstoppable. The other attribute of hard lightning was that it was extremely quick. It probably was one of the fastest of all the spells.

Hard lightning was hard and ferocious, and extremely hard to compress. Zuo Mo had tried all he could, but could not condense the lightning power even more. It was possible to see the value of Sonic Lightning Walnuts from this. The amount of lightning power contained in Sonic Lightning Walnuts was so much one couldn’t imagine it.

After forging, the power of the Sonic Lightning Walnuts had increased. Zuo Mo was full of anticipation about its power, but he didn’t test it as he couldn’t bear the loss.

Zuo Mo suddenly opened his eyes. Looking into the distance, a cold smile came onto his face.

He controlled the lucky cloud to slowly land in Golden Crow City. Once he landed, he stored away the lucky cloud. Zuo Mo’s calm and unflustered state resolved some of the nervousness of the xiuzhe in the two camps.

“Everyone, pay attention. They have come,” Zuo Mo shouted out.

Everyone’s hearts jumped. However, they had already prepared for battle, and lined up neatly. The lights of the formation battle watchtowers started to light up one after the other.

The city gates slowly closed. All of the noise inside the city instantly disappeared.

The xiuzhe behind Golden Crow City also noticed it and started to shift.

“The Outer Hall has come! The Outer Hall has come! It’s going to begin!”

“Everyone, careful! If you see the situation isn’t right, start running!”

“Haha! I’ve never seen something as big as this, this is really broadening my vision.”




The noise of the surroundings passed around. The middle aged person, the large male, and their group also flew into the sky. Infected by the others around him, burning desire for battle lit up suddenly in the eyes of the large male, and a slight blush came onto the face of the middle-aged man.

Who had ever seen such a large-scale battle before?

“You have to watch closely. This is a rare chance. Just a little bit will be enough to greatly benefit you,” the middle-aged man lectured the guards around him.

The large male knew the middle-aged man was actually reminding him. However, he was staring fixedly at the distant horizon.

A large dense patch of black dots appeared on the horizon like a black cloud, and slowly flew over.

The noisy xiuzhe all simultaneously inhaled sharply, the sky completely silent.

As the Outer Hall neared, everyone’s faces couldn’t help but pale.

Seven thousand xiuzhe gathered in the sky like a flood that could not be stopped as it rolled forward. It was not very fast, but the pressure that came with it made the people feel suffocated. It seemed to be using this method to show its power to destroy everything!

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