修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Eight “Fight!”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Eight Fight!

The thirty six formation battle watchtowers suddenly light up, the dazzling silver light breaking through the clouds. The Outer Hall xiuzhe that were charging felt their vision fill with a snowy brightness, so bright they could not keep their eyes open!

The charge of the Outer Hall xiuzhe could not avoid pausing.

Hundreds of streaks of silver lights shot out of the formation battle watchtowers like sharp swords.

Pew pew pew!

Dozens of xiuzhe wailed as they were instantly penetrated by the hard lightning! No matter if it was the cloud energy that flickered around their body, or the ling shield of the ling armor, they could not stop the hard lightning for even a moment.

Zuo Mo had used the Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning as his basis for building the formation battle watchtowers. The power was even stronger than the Yang Fiendish Hard Lightning that Zuo Mo himself could cast. How could these xiuzhe that wore just third-grade ling armor stop such a destructive attack?

The loss of several dozen members was not much towards a troop of one thousand and five hundred people. Second Elder shouted, “Charge! Don’t stop! The speed of the formation battle watchtowers are very slow!”

Hundred of hard lightning bolts only stopped them for a moment.




The middle-aged person that was watching from a distance couldn’t help but shake his head. “The city master doesn’t seem to know how to use formation battle watchtowers. The rhythm isn’t right.”

“How so?” the large male hurriedly asked.

‘Formation battle watchtowers are powerful, but the time it takes takes time to prepare. Due to this, the rhythm is extremely important,” The middle-aged person said, “The thirty six formation battle watchtowers can cover for each other, and continuously attack. That way, they can drag down the enemy’s rhythm and obtain more time for themselves.”

“So that’s it!” The large male understood.

“Golden Crow City’s attack didn’t hold anything back, firing all at once. There will definitely be a short pause.” The middle-aged person stared unblinkingly at Golden Crow City and said, “For the Outer Hall, this is a chance! If they could get close, even if the formation battle watchtowers start attacking again, they cannot stop the Outer Hall from advancing!”

The situation was as he expected. The formation battle watchtowers of Golden Crow City stopped firing. The speed of xiuzhe was fast to start with, and quickly charged to within ten li of Golden Crow City.

There were occasionally some bolts of hard lightning that shot out of Golden Crow City, and struck a few xiuzhe, but this kind of scattered attack could not stop the advancing steps of the Outer Hall xiuzhe. The morale of the xiuzhe led by Second Elder rose! Looking as Golden Crow City came closer, everyone became extremely ecstatic. They howled crazily, activating the ling armor as they raised the flying sword in their hands in anticipation of reaching Golden Crow City and slicing down!

There were countless jingshi and talismans waiting for them … …

The hard lightning shooting from Golden Crow City was still scattered. Under such a ferocious attack, it seemed so weak and helpless.

Eight li!

The xiuzhe that were watching Golden Crow City from afar sighed. It was over, Golden Crow City was finished! If they went another four or five li, the Outer Hall xiuzhe could attack Golden Crow City.

Even a jindan would not be able to stop the simultaneous attack of one thousand and five hundred xiuzhe, even if it was the accumulated power of a second-grade spell from each person. A jindan could not destroy one thousand and five hundred xiuzhe. When jindan could not win, they could run. This meant that he always had the initiative in battle.

The coordinated charge of thousands of xiuzhe was a nightmare once they closed in.

Spells and sword energies would rain down, unable to be stopped.

All of them could predict the terrible loss that was waiting for Golden Crow City!




Second Elder’s blood was boiling in his body. He was so excited he was trembling. He would become the first elder to enter Golden Crow City. He could pick three talismans of his choosing, the shining accomplishment would give him more power in the Outer Hall.

“Kill!” he furiously yelled.

“Kiiiillllllllllll!” The xiuzhe around him all simultaneously bellowed!




Zuo Mo narrowed his eyes. Every formation battle watchtower under him was filled with xiuzhe at this point.

“Stand at the positions!”

“Prepare to take over at any moment!”

“Don’t hold any energy back! Use everything when you get up. When your ling power is used up, immediately give up the position. Remember the location of the exit and do not block other people.”

“Don’t panic, just be like when we usually practice. Don’t aim, just throw at places with more people.”

Each formation battle watchtower was extremely tense. The faces of every xiuzhe was grave. They were not afraid. Even though they were captives, they had lived for a long time in Little Mountain Jie. Their discipline had been loose before, but after this recent period of training, they finally looked somewhat acceptable.

The backbone of the Eastern and Western Camps had come from Vermillion Bird Camp. They had completely transferred Lil’ Miss’ people over.

When the last order was issued, every stray noise disappeared. Each person’s nerves were tight as they waited for the order from the Boss.

The thirty-six formation battle watchtowers were so quiet at this moment it was possible to hear a needle drop to the floor.

Zuo Mo looked at the xiuzhe covering the sky as they raced closer. Having gotten used to Gongsun Cha’s three section wave killing charge, there wasn’t any ripple in his heart when he saw the enemies charge. His mind furiously calculated the distance between the two sides. His eyes were looking at the sky without blinking.

As the distance grew smaller, the ranks of the other side became tighter as well.

The Outer Hall xiuzhe furiously flew towards Golden Crow City, but Golden Crow City was only a little city. If they wanted to get close, they naturally had to squeeze towards each other. In the eyes of the spectators, these one thousand and more xiuzhe were like a flood when they gathered together. The sound of howling in the air multiplied and shook their souls!

The xiuzhe in the surroundings felt the sky and earth change color, the mountains collapsing, and the earth breaking. Each of them paled. The lips of some of the less brave xiuzhe uncontrollably trembled.

Looking at the other’s dense ranks, Zuo Mo’s eyes suddenly became sharp. It seemed to heavily come out of his chest, the killing intent undisguised as it echoed in Golden Crow City. “Kill!”

In an instant, the dim thirty six formation battle watchtowers suddenly bursted with light!

Countless hard lightning bolts gathered like a silver flood.

It was too fast!

The Outer Hall xiuzhe felt their vision fill with light and were extremely shocked. Before they could react, they felt they had been heavily struck by something.

The two opposing waves collided without any finesse!

Pia pia pia!

The rattle of collisions was like a rushed drum beat. The xiuzhe at the front that were pierced lost control and their speed dipped. The xiuzhe in the back did not have to the time to slow, and could only stare as they crashed.

More than one thousand people instantly turned to a mess!

The hard lightning had arrived so rapidly, no one was able to dodge in time. As their speed had been pushed to their maximum, they did not have the energy to do any other action at this time.

“Charge over! Charge over!” the elders shouted at the top of their lungs. Their faces were slightly pale.

“Charge … …”

An elder’s shout suddenly stopped. Five bolts of hard lightning hit his ling shield at the same time. The fourth-grade ling armor broke. He was torn to pieces by the powerful force.

The power of hard lightning was clearly displayed at this moment. Normal third-grade ling armor could not stop it. It would frequently penetrate through one xiuzhe, and the hard lightning would still have enough energy to strike the ling shield of a second xiuzhe.

The thirty six formation battle watchtowers had all concentrated their shots in an area no wider than ten zhang, and didn’t give any space to dodge.

This attack came so suddenly and ferociously that the Outer Hall xiuzhe were dumbstruck.

The thirty six formation battle watchtowers had also become chaotic at this time.

“Don’t keep ling power back, do not aim at a target. Quick, with all possible speed!”

“Faster, faster! Next rotation!”

“Good, go!”

Several people were to assigned to a team that would shoot out as much hard lightning in the shortest time possible before instantly flying away. Then the next team that had already prepared would rush to the set positions and take over in a cycle.

Hard lightning continuously flew out from the formation battle watchtowers, and smashed into the ranks of the Outer Hall that had squeezed into a ball.

In the blink of an eye, more than half of the Outer Hall had fallen, leaving slightly more than five hundred people.

Second Elder had been struck dumb by this round of fierce attacks. However, he truly was a character, and knew that the situation had reached its most dangerous moment. At this time, he couldn’t spare the effort for anything else, and took out all the defensive talismans he had

Several layers of ling shield appeared on his body. His eyes red, he suddenly charged to the very front. “Kill!”

He was like a wild beast being backed into a precipice!

If he lost this battle, there would be no place for him in the Outer Hall.

The hard lightning hit his ling shield. Pia, one ling shield broke, a talisman on his body broke. He ignored it, and did not slow down.

As Second Elder led the attack, the morale was instantly boosted. Everyone crazily charged towards Golden Crow City!

At this time, there were less than five hundred people left so they were not as tightly arranged as they had been. Adding on they deliberately spreading out, the situation instantly turned for the better. The response from Golden Crow City was half a beat slower, and their accuracy rate lowered drastically.

The Outer Hall xiuzhe took the opportunity to get even closer.

Three li!

At this time, they had already entered the attack range of the xiuzhe. The remaining Outer Hall xiuzhe were even more excited! Even though there were less than three hundred people remaining, but everyone believed that they other’s moves had all been used. They were only one step away from conquering Golden Crow City!

The flying swords they had already prepared were going to be sent out.




Sitting on a lucky cloud, Zuo Mo sighed inside. The skill level of the Eastern and Western Camps were still lacking when compared to Vermillion Bird Camp. When the enemy had suddenly scattered just now, their rhythm instantly stumbled. More than half of the hard lightning had missed. If the rhythm hadn’t stumbled, the enemy fatalities would be another one hundred people.

However, he also knew this was the necessary learning process.

This string of changes dazzled the eyes of the spectators. They almost forgot to breathe. From the Outer Hall’s confident charge, everyone had thought that Golden Crow City was finished. But the battle situation was completely unexpected. The brief pauses of Golden Crow City’s defenses had clearly been planned. That was just a trap dug for the Outer Hall.

When the hard lightning flood and the xiuzhe flood smashed together, everyone’s minds went blank.

They lost the ability to think. They could only gape as they watched the collision, such a magnificent yet cruel scene! A brutal yet tragically beautiful scene!

Then they watched as Second Elder went to charge at the front, the Outer Hall xiuzhe furiously charging towards Golden Crow City. The presence of the remaining hundred people suddenly became savage. Everyone was dumbstruck where they stood and inhaled sharply.

They watched as Second Elder led his people to within a li of Golden Crow City, there was only one thought in everyone’s mind. Golden Crow City was finished!

But just at this time, in the sky above Golden Crow City, the very center of everyone’s attention, the young person sitting on a lucky cloud moved.

He stood up.


Translator Ramblings: I’m afraid that your acquaintance with Lil’ Cliffy is to be extended.

This is the first time attack ranges of swords are mentioned but it is rational to expect that the energy in a sword strike would dissipate over long distances. Zuo Mo’s souped up battle formation towers are pretty deadly and WanderingGummiOfDoom said this was trench warfare like the world wars.

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