修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Nine “The Reappearance of the Sound Storm”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Eighty Nine – The Reappearance of the Sound Storm

The city master of Golden Crow City was an extremely mysterious individual. No one knew his origins, and nothing was learned from the spies that the factions had sent in.

Before the battle started, this young person had sat on the lucky cloud, a mask-wearing female xiu standing by his side, his expression calm. From beginning to end, he had only spoken two words: “kill.”

He completely didn’t realize that he was the center of everyone’s attention.

No one dared to underestimate this young person. Even if he looked very young, so young that it seemed almost impossible. But no one dared to doubt his abilities. How many people could found such a property in Little Mountain Jie?

The trap just now had also been outside of everyone’s expectations. The results had also been unexpected. At the most dangerous moment, everyone’s hearts suddenly rose for some unexpected reason when they saw him suddenly stand up.

After he stood up, Zuo Mo detected that the hard lightning released by the formation battle watchtowers had stabilized again.

It was time.

His mind moving. Lil’ Pagoda who was connected to his mind suddenly started to rapidly spin.

The light from the golden sun grew, and turned to a flaming ball of fire. The fire followed the threads that dangled down in the sky and spread throughout the formation. When it passed by a ring of light, the ring of light would shake and lightly ring.

For some unknown reason, this sound made everyone’s hearts jump.

It was like a golden gada’s blow, deep and murderous!

Clang clang clang!

The continuous and rapid string of deep chimes made their minds tremble. Like a relay, the chimes became even deeper and powerful, accompanied by an ethereal chanting that made their hearts beat rapidly.

If people from Sky Moon Jie saw this scene, the would definitely recall that scene at the Sword Test Conference!

Second Elder’s expression changed slightly. As a ningmai third stratum, his sense of danger was more sensitive.

Not good!


Like the ringing of a far away temple’s bell, this ring seemed to strike his heart. The sound was first too soft to hear, but then suddenly rose. The hard and dignified presence was like water breaking through the dam, and sweeping forth unstoppably!

The strongest killing move of the Skyring Moon Chime Formation, [Moon Chime Sound Storm]!

This [Moon Chime Sound Storm] had tormented the disciples from various sects at the Sword Test Conference. Now that he had added the fourth-grade Buddha Sound Hoop, and the Skyring Moon Chime Formation used the thirty six formation battle watchtowers as a foundation, it was much stronger than the Skyring Moon Chime Formation made that day using metal nails and jade tablets.

Zuo Mo had also discovered the formation technique of the fourth-grade Buddha Sound Hoop.

[Buddha Chant]!

The Buddha sound was like a knife that killed without blood. If one wasn’t careful, it would corrode their minds and was unable to be dodged.

In everyone’s eyes, an invisible ripple suddenly exploded outwards with Golden Crow City as the center. The Outer Hall xiuzhe were unable to dodge in time and received the full brunt of the attack. No one escaped.

Xiuzhe who were slightly weak instantly bled from their orifices, their innards pulverized.

Xiuzhe who were stronger, like Second Elder, paled, and their figures couldn’t help but pause.

This pause was a chance to the xiuzhe inside Golden Crow City!

The hard lightning from every formation battle watchtower instantly smashed towards the remaining xiuzhe. The Buddha sound in the ears of the Golden Crow City’s people was like a blessing from the heavens. Their exhaustion disappeared, and their minds cleared. The energy of the two camps instantly grew.

With the aid of the Buddha Sound Hoop’s chanting, the xiuzhe inside the formation battle watchtower performed above their usual skill. The hard lightning they shot was frighteningly accurate. The xiuzhe who had been wounded by the Buddha sound were at their weakest state. Even if they had the energy to block the hard lightning, they were still penetrated. Bloom after bloom of blood red blossoms appeared in the sky, and the energy of death rose.

After a single wave of hard lightning, there were only a few xiuzhe left in the sky.

Second Elder was one of them. His face was ashen as he looked dazedly at the corpses on the ground. He suddenly raised his head, shouting furiously with all his power, “Master of Golden Crow City! Do you dare fight?”

On the lucky cloud, Zuo Mo rolled his eyes. “Idiot.”

Even Silly Bird couldn’t resist rolling her eyes at Second Elder.

Zuo Mo saw there was no noise from below him, and was very discontent. He shouted down, “What are you doing standing around? Do you want to invite him in for dinner?”

The formation battle watchtowers below had a ruckus. Whoosh, a large patch of hard lightning flew out and dazzled the eyes.

Second Elder’s eyes were open very wide, his face filled with disbelief.

There were at least a dozen hard lightning bolts that struck him. He stared fixedly at Golden Crow City, as he dropped from the sky like a bag of sand.

The one thousand and five hundred people had all been killed!

The Outer Hall xiuzhe lost their capabilities of speech. Each of them had pale white faces. They had had smooth sailing previously, and had only needed to use the slightest of efforts to flatten the factions that had tried to resist. They had never encountered such fierce fighting before.

Outside the Golden Crow City, more than one thousand burnt black corpses were scattered everywhere. Dismembered limbs and flesh could be seen everywhere. The ling power turbulence lingering in the air reminded everyone just how cruel and fierce the fight had been!

Even He Xiang who wanted Second Elder to die did not feel any joy right now. His face was as pale as paper. He had finally realized how idiotic his optimistic prediction had been!

This bone was much harder than they had imagined!

The dark circle of spectators was also completely silent.

They had remained here because they wanted to see a good fight, but right now, they were shocked by the fierceness of this fight. Usually, everyone would charge up together, furiously competing to take the spoils from the corpses. But looking at the mountains of corpses, they had no impulse at all. They only dazedly looked.




The middle-aged person and the large man also had dazed faces.

They were also shocked.

Yaomo were rampaging about now. Everyone knew that large scale battles could not be avoided. But when they finally saw a large scale battle, they found that these battles were far crueler than they could imagine.

“What is the use of individual bravery?” the large man sighed emotionally with slight dejection.

For a long time, increasing individual strength and going to Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie to become famous was the path to success of every young xiuzhe. Now, he found that the individual strength they had pursued with such hardship was almost ineffective in large scale battles.

The middle aged person knew the large man had received a blow and urged, “Daren, there is no need to be demotivated. If a jindan came, the results would be completely the opposite.”

The large man’s expression cheered up slightly. Upon further thought, he found that it was right. If a jindan came, they would have defeated this city long ago. They had all seen the strength of jindan experts before. Even such a strong city would probably be unable to stop the steps of a jindan expert.




Contrasting the deathly silence, the cheers coming from inside Golden Crow City rolled into the surroundings.

In reality, Golden Crow City was also on its last legs. The ling power of the two camps was almost completely used up. If they didn’t have so many people, with such ferocity and unfettered disregard of the consequences as they released the waves of hard lightning, they would have quickly left all of the xiuzhe unable to even stand up.

Lil’ Pagoda was drooping. That [Moon Chime Sound Storm] had used all of its power. Zuo Mo carried it in his hand with heartache. He had to throw a few talismans to it before it recovered some energy.

“Good son, Daddy knows you are the best.”

Lil’ Pagoda was very happy at receiving praise and twirled in Zuo Mo’s palm. Silly Bird looked disdainfully at Zuo Mo. That disdain seemed to say, fooling little child … …

Zuo Mo faltered slightly. However, he decided to disregard this unlikable person. He couldn’t help but mutter inside, Silly Bird’s expressions were becoming increasingly varied. It seemed she had gained many benefits this time.

Scanning Silly Bird, Zuo Mo increasingly felt this one was fat and rich. He wondered if he could squeeze some oil out.

Seeming to detecting the danger coming from Zuo Mo, Silly Bird hurriedly increased her distance from Zuo Mo. Lil’ Fire, on the opposite hand, found it fun and chirped. Like a bubble, it slowly flew over to join the fun.

“Boss, outside the city … …” Bao Yi put out his head and twisted his lips at the outside.

“Outside the city?” Zuo Mo’s expression was puzzled, and then he realized. He rubbed his chin and said, “Get the Guard Camp to go!”




Shu Long’s expression was stern as he methodically listened to the xiuzhe that came to pass on orders.

In reality, his attention was completely focused on the bellows coming from inside the necklace.

“First mission, all of you, pay attention! Whoever makes a mistake, whoever makes me lose face, hee hee, just wait! Hm, as the first batch of subordinates of this seat for nearly a thousand years, if you humiliate my name as a Sky Yao, I will kill all of you … …”

“Once out of the city, instantly assemble in the formation. Take out everything you have trained usually … …”

Seeing the xiuzhe who had delivered the orders leave, Shu Long swallowed and said, “But Daren, Boss’ orders is only for us to take the spoils … …”

“My ass! Using the troop of a honored Sky Yao to do something like pick up trash? I cannot bear the embarrassment! Listen well, this mission is your monthly test. If you make a mistake, there will be good days for you next month.”

His heart shook, and coldness shot up from the bottom of his feet. The monthly test was the most terrible days in a month. Every time it occurred, wails rang into the landscape.

This daren was not some generous one. It would be more accurate to describe him as one that would always get even. If they provoked him this time, everyone could not live in the future.

Also, in the deepest part of his heart, he wanted Boss to see their results!

Even though they did not have to worry about food, shelter, there was no hard labour, and they only cultivated everyday, but whenever danger approached the Boss would never think of the existence of Guard Camp. All of Guard Camp were holding a breath. They knew their foundations were terrible, and their strength weak. They could not do anything major. Consequently, everyone cultivated using their life. Injuries due to cultivation were the most frequent event in Guard Camp.

This breath was like an invisible whip furiously striking them.

Had their day finally come?

Under Shu Long’s weathered face, his heart started to ripple. He adjusted the ling armor on his body and suppressed his excitement. He tried to make his steps as steady as usual and walked out of the tent.

Outside the tent, everyone in Guard Camp had finished gathering.

Everyone had excited expressions. It was possible to see that they were trying their best to suppress their excitement.

Looking at the organized troop with new uniforms, Shu Long suddenly blanked. The scenes of the past flowed like water passed his eyes. Panicked and in a sorry state as they huddled together, their clothing unable to cover their bodies, their hopeless and dead eyes … …

He took a deep breath and tightened his grip on the talisman on his hand. All of the scenes in his mind instantly shattered. Looking at the gazes full of life, his gaze became determined as he ordered.



Translator Ramblings: Highest body count for Zuo Mo as commander so far. I actually wonder how high Gongsun Cha’s accumulated body count is.


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