修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Four “The Return of Lil’ Miss”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Four – The Return of Lil’ Miss

The spoils from two thousand and five hundred people was astounding.

Other than large amounts of normal third-grade talismans, there were also twelve fourth-grade talismans. The elders had been very rich. Of course, that Cloud Formation Silk naturally wouldn’t have been lost. The number of materials and jingshi were also very astounding. The spoils this time filled all of the date seed ship.

This was an astonishing amount of wealth.

So when Zuo Mo saw the inventory list Bao Yi gave him, he was turned dumb by such enormous wealth. However, upon further thought, he felt it was normal. The Outer Hall xiuzhe were wealthier than the average xiuzhe to start with, and since it was two thousand and five hundred people at once, the amount could be imagined.

In the next few days, Zuo Mo was immersed in great happiness.




Hong Jun Xuan did not dare to act rashly. He had personally saw the Guard Camp destroy one thousand people with the flick of a finger. He was especially wary of the deathly black energy that could ignore ling shields.

He sank into a situation where he could not retreat.

“What good ideas do you have?” He Jun Xuan’s eyes were bloodshot and his voice hoarse.

The other shidi looked at each other. After a while, a shidi said, “There’s so many xiuzhe behind Golden Crow City. Why doesn’t Shixiong recruit them? I saw that the state of those heavy armor xiuzhe wasn’t so well after the battle. Golden Crow City may not be as strong as we imagine. If we can recruit more people, our chances of victory would increase.”

Hong Jun Xuan shook his head. “If we win and order them to submit to us, none of them would disobey. But now that victory is undecided, they will only watch. They would only obey if Master came.”

Everyone sank into silence again.

They had been hoping to get some achievements this time. Looking at it now, there was no hope left. It was a disappointment that they would not get any achievements, but it was much better than losing their life. The strength of Golden Crow City was beyond their imagination. Unless Master personally came, they didn’t feel that any faction in Little Mountain Jie would be able to conquer this little city.

Hong Jun Xuan knew what the shidi were all thinking, but he didn’t have a solution at this time. It was a great misstep to have come this time. The authority that he had managed to accumulate would probably be lost this time.

But he was a decisive person. He understood the only solution now was to ask for aid from Master.

Before Master came, if he could preserve the power of the present Outer Hall, even if he did not earn any great accomplishments, he would be noted for his work. After thinking it through, he instantly made his response. “Let’s stay on the defensive. I’ll trouble one shidi to go make a trip and send a letter to Master for me.”

Several shidi instantly jumped out. They all wanted to leave this nightmarish place faster.

Seventh Shidi happily put away the jade scroll that Hong Jun Xuan handed over, and made his farewells. He quickly flew into the air and left on his sword. The other shidi were all discontent, but they didn’t have any way around it. Seventh Shidi flew the fastest among them all.

Just as everyone was grumbling, a sword light flew at astounding speed towards the camp.

“Hm, why has Seventh Shidi come back?” one of the people remarked in puzzlement.

They saw Seventh Shidi land in the camp with a terrified expression. The moment he stepped on the ground, he stumbled, his face full of panic. “Second Shixiong! Second Shixiong! Not good! People are coming over … …”

Boom, the camp instantly became a mess. All of the Clear Sky Sect disciples had expressions of anger. Had Clear Sky Sect really become a softy for anyone to squeeze? Any random person could run and shit over their heads? Hong Jun Xuan, who had lost at Golden Crow City, instantly became angry!

“Hmph! They really dare to rebel against the heavens! After this Golden Crow City, they all think that they are Golden Crow City!”

The Clear Sky Sect disciples hurriedly agreed. With a rumble, everyone rose into the sky.




After resting from battle for a few days, the xiuzhe in the surroundings had become slightly bored. Seeing the Outer Hall fly into the sky once again, they instantly became alert.

Were they going to continue to attack Golden Crow City?

Many people secretly shook their heads. Many of them had been thinking, out of boredom, these days on how to attack Golden Crow City, but they found that this little Golden Crow City wasn’t something they could swallow. Only two of Golden Crow City’s cards had been revealed, and they destroyed two thousand and five hundred people from the Outer Hall. Who knew how many more tricks did they have up their sleeves?

To say of nothing else, just the city walls that exuded a faint solar aura was already extraordinary. These people had all went inside Golden Crow City to buy Black Processing Meditation mats. The dense and dizzying formations that could be seen everywhere in Golden Crow City made many xiuzhe that thought they were skilled in formations feel embarrassed.

If there wasn’t a jindan expert, such a strong city could only be taken using lives.

However, the direction the Outer Hall was facing … … seemed to be opposite to Golden Crow City.

Everyone watched in astonishment. What was the Outer Hall doing? They saw a seven hundred or so troop appear in their view and understood. The news that the cadet halls of the Outer Hall had been attacked had long spread throughout Little Mountain Jie. Many people speculated this unusually mysterious and strong troop was very likely to be a force from Golden Crow City!

The six divisions of Vermillion Bird Camp silently floated in the air as they faced the Outer Hall.

“Such an elite force!” A bright light suddenly exploded in the eyes of the middle-aged person who couldn’t help but exclaim.

“How so? Their numbers seem too few,” said the large male as he looked with shock at the middle-aged person. It was extremely rare to hear this person praise others usually. He hadn’t expected that Golden Crow City, and now this troop, would receive such high praise in the last few days.

“The only weakness is that there is not enough people!” The middle-aged person said, “Daren, look closely at this troop. The shape of this troop is not as strictly organized as the armor-wearing xiuzhe from two days ago, but in reality, it only appears loose on the outside, but is tight on the inside. This is a quality that would only appear on troops that are experienced at battle. Facing so many enemies, they are not the least bit panicked or rushed. This means that they are confident.”

“If this kind of troop is in our sect, what could it rank?” the large male asked in curiosity.

“It should enter the top ten,” the middle-aged person said gravely.

The large male suddenly changed expression. He finally started to look seriously at this troop that was only seven to eight hundred people. The top ten troops in his sect were all famous in their jie. His dream was to possess a troop that could enter the top ten, but up until now, he was very far from his goal.

People who had keen eyes were not few. The biggest feeling that Vermillion Bird Camp gave everyone was a pressure that blew straight at them.

They just stood there, yet an invisible pressure unconsciously spread out.




Gongsun Cha glanced at the naked corpses that covered the mountain, a rock inside his heart landing. Mirth floated at the corner of his mouth. Only Shixiong could create such a spectacular scene. To not leave even one pair of pants behind, that was the classic style of Shixiong.

Narrowing his eyes to look at the other side, Gongsun Cha smiled again. With his present eyes, he could see with a glance that the Outer Hall had been greatly impacted, their morale at a low.

It seemed that Shixiong had been a bit heavy-handed!

When the other people saw the bare corpses under their feet, all of their expressions were extremely strange.

Zuo Mo received a report that Gongsun Shidi and the others had come back. He hurriedly climbed onto the lucky cloud, and took the female xiu as he slowly floated into the sky above Golden Crow City.

Seeing that the expressions of Vermillion Bird Camp were slightly tired, but the morale was high, and there were no fatalities, a rock landed in his chest. He decided to exchange greetings with Shidi, but when the words reached his mouth, they instantly changed flavor.

Shidi! Don’t let go of any of them!”

Zuo Mo shouted at the top of his lungs. His voice echoed in the mountain valleys.

The spectators realized at this time that this troop of seven hundred people was, as expected, the elite of Golden Crow City. The middle-aged person and the large male’s hypothesis that Zuo Mo came from a hidden sect was reinforced by this call of “Shidi.”

A thought floated on everyone’s minds. It seemed that the master of Golden Crow City was full of confidence towards this elite force. He actually didn’t want any of the enemy to escape. The grievance between Golden Crow City and Clear Sky Sect seemed to grow. Golden Crow City wanted to massacre the Outer Hall.

As expected, this wasn’t an ordinary person. Just this mannerism was extraordinary.

Zuo Mo then gravely added a sentence, “They are all fat sheep! You can’t let any of them go!”

Everyone collectively turned to stone. The praise on the face of the middle-aged person suddenly froze.




Hong Jun Xuan felt he would die from embarrassment. When were Clear Sky Sect disciples that led five thousand people called “fat sheep” by others, and also “not let any of them go?”

Humiliation! This was true humiliation!

The faces of the Clear Sky Sect disciples flushed red. They stared hatefully at the procession of Gongsun Cha. They didn’t dare to attack Golden Crow city. However, a troop that wasn’t even eight hundred strong dared to be so arrogant in front of them, and said that they would all be defeated! Even if they went back to the sect now, they could never raise their heads in front of the other disciples.

“You don’t need me to say anything.” Hong Jun Xuan said darkly, “When has us Clear Sky Sect disciples been humiliated so?”

“Don’t worry, Shixiong!” A shidi’s face was filled with killing intent. “Leave none of them standing! We need to let them taste what it is like to leave none of them standing!”

“Yes! At that time, we will also strip their corpses!” another shidi viciously said.

Hong Jun Xuan said gravely, “I won’t say too much. If anyone dares to retreat and fear battle today, I will personally execute them! I believe that even if Master was here, he wouldn’t blame me!”

“Yes!” everyone’s hearts shook as they responded together.




Rong Wei along with the two hundred compound guards flew as fast as they could. That troop had been too fast. They had used all their power, and just managed to not lose track of the troop. The other clearly had an emergency and ignored their group, who followed behind.

After flying for several days and nights, she was exhausted. However, she found it was unimaginably queer that the troop did not show any signs of exhaustion.

How was it possible? Were they metal people?

When she saw the mysterious and strong troop up ahead, she released a breath. She hadn’t lost them. After following for so many days, she was finally slightly familiar with this troop. This was a true elite force. Even if they were in a crowd, she could easily find them.

However, she immediately stilled.

Because facing against this troop was a vast troop of approximately five thousand people!

Were … … were … … they going to challenge an enemy who had numbers about six times their own?

How … … how was this possible? Were they crazy? After flying continuously for so many days, how could they still have the energy?




Gongsun Cha did not notice this gaze that was filled with disbelief behind him. He gave a shy and bashful smile. The people around him shook simultaneously. These few days, Lil’ Miss’ face had remained cold. Now he was showing his trademark smile, they felt their hair stand up on end.

“Do you all understand what Boss means?”

“Understood!” everyone instinctively replied.

“Then let’s begin.” In the depths of Gongsun Cha’s shy and smiling pupils, a cold blade-like light suddenly ignited.

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