修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Five “Battle General!”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Five – Battle General!

Vermillion Bird Camp did not immediately act.

They were like patient huntsmen waiting for their prey to reveal a fatal weakness. Continuous combat had caused them to mature quickly. Not just Gongsun Cha, it was also true of everyone else. In the present, they didn’t need Gongsun Cha to send down orders. Every person knew what they should do.

Gongsun Cha’s eyes were sparkling, his face holding the bashful smile that was unique to him. He clearly had been induced to elation by Shixiong’s suggestion.

Seeing the smile on Lil’ Miss’ face, everyone understood that Lil’ Miss was getting serious. They hurriedly became one hundred and twenty percent alert and gathered their mind. If they couldn’t complete it well, then what was waiting for them would be inhumane … …

They collectively shook.

Everyone wiped their eyes clean, and revealed a light that made others feel trepidation.

The first to act was the Outer Hall. The five thousand strong army suddenly divided into five troops. Two of the troops charged straight forward, and another two circled around to the flanks.

“They want to surround us?” Ma Fan was stunned.

“Ha!” Xie Shan smiled, filled with killing intent.




Everyone could see that the Outer Hall wanted to swallow this elite force of Golden Crow City in one go.

“This troop from Golden Crow City is overconfident.” The large male shook his head. “At least this time, the Outer Hall didn’t do anything stupid. They finally understand that their greatest advantage is their numbers. If they can bog down this troop, they can slowly grind them dead.”

The middle-aged person was silent. He didn’t speak, but he agreed with the large male inside.




Naturally, they were not the only ones who could see this. Rong Wei also saw this.

She looked with puzzlement at this troop that was about to be surrounded. After following for so many days, she had her own opinion about this mysterious troop.

This was a true elite troop!

They were skilled in tactics, had outstanding individual manpower, was well organized, persistent, and had endurance in combat. How could such a troop make such a common and low-level mistake? They were elite, but the difference in numbers was truly too great. In the present situation, their best tactic was to use their own actions to continuously manipulate the enemy, and find chances to continuously gnaw on them.

But Vermillion Bird Camp seemed to be unaffected about being surrounded.

She felt pity inside. Such an elite troop would die here. She had originally wanted to have a partnership with the other. Looking at it now, she had to find another way.

Just as the others were feeling pity, Vermillion Bird Camp finally moved!

Without any finesse, the charged directly at the two troops that were flying at them.

Everyone was filled with bewilderment. The two troops that were directly in front of them added together was nearly two thousand people. It was the direction that had the greatest number of people, and should have been the least likely choice to make a breakthrough.

But Vermillion Bird Camp chose to directly breakthrough!

Acceleration! Acceleration without any hesitation!

In the sky, tearing howls rose.

Ma Fan and Xie Shan lead the first charge. They instantly attracted everyone’s gaze.

Ma Fan’s illusory movement method was at its highest. The howling in his ears gradually faded as they were left behind him due to his fast speed! In the sky, a string of afterimages blossomed, and then were dissipated by the members that followed tightly behind him.

He didn’t need to look to know that Xie Shan was definitely near him. They had partnered up multiple times and were very in sync with each other.

His speed was so fast he could not even see the faces of the enemy clearly. He  bent his head down, and he focused while the flying sword appeared in his hand

The enemy neared at a shocking speed. The battle intent that was simmering inside his body reached a peak in an instant, the ling power already prepared erupting out through the flying sword!

Shadowless Sword of Destruction!

The intimidating sword essence gathered at the tip of each sword energy. With long afterimages trailing behind, the sword energies flickered bright and dim.

The three xiuzhe targeted by the sword essence changed expression, and fled to the two sides in panic!

Xie Shan had the highest cultivation, but in terms of talent in the sword and comprehension of sword essence, Ma Fan was the number one in Vermillion Bird Camp. Each sword essence would create three to five afterimages that made it hard to determine which was real and which was not. The sky full of sword energies made a person feel unable to dodge. The dot of sword essence at the tip of each sword energy was extremely pure and unable to be destroyed.

When every Outer Hall xiuzhe faced it, it felt as though the sword energy was pointed directly at their brow. Their hearts were stunned.

The Outer Hall xiuzhe retreated to the two sides like a retreating tide everywhere Ma Fan passed.

The ling power of Xie Shan’s body was channeled to the extreme. The pressure exuded by a terrifying cultivation of over one hundred and eighty jing was enough to drive a person insane. The Outer Hall xiuzhe suddenly thought of that terrifying ningmai third stratum xiuzhe that had almost destroyed Nan Sheng Village on his own.

The spectators rumbled and flew into the sky to looked with shock at the battlefield.




Each person could clearly feel the waves released by Xie Shan. A ningmai third stratum xiuzhe with a cultivation surpassing one hundred and eighty jing was the peak existence in ningmai.

However the middle-aged person next to the large male favored Ma Fan more.

“It is rare for someone so young to possess such a pure sword essence. In the future, he would easily become an expert. If there is a chance, it is good to recruit him.”

The large male disagreed inside. In the sect, there were many shidi who possessed such power. He lacked interest in Ma Fan.

The middle-aged person knew that the large male was thinking, and sighed inside. In his view, the fact that Ma Fan could cultivate such a pure sword essence in such an environment was enough to prove his outstanding talent. The disciples from the sect were good in their strength, but how much lingdan and wondrous medicines had been used to build that up?

However, he did not persuade further.




Another who had the same view as the middle-aged person was Rong Wei. However, she knew the power of Vermillion Bird Camp and did not have any intentions of recruiting the other. However, the shock she had increased. This troop was filled with all sorts of talents, and was even more powerful than she had imagined.

She suddenly glanced at the male that was floating on the lucky cloud above Golden Crow City. Just now, she had heard him shout “Shidi.” Was he the one in charge? When her gaze landed on the mask wearing female xiu next to the male, she had a strong feeling that the power of this female xiu wasn’t simple, though she could not see it.

This group of people were not simple!




The expressions of the Clear Sky Sect disciples were all ugly. The strong combat abilities shown by Ma Fan and Xie Shan caused the Outer Hall xiuzhe to retreat. No one dared to block them for an instant.

Quickly, four Clear Sky Sect disciples charged at the two people at the same time.

Xie Shan snickered, the flying sword in his hand rising as he suddenly accelerated. His entire figure turned into a smear of multi-colored light as he charged towards the four!

In sync, Ma Fan’s figure swerved and left the four people behind but still charging forward. Behind him, Nian Lu instantly took his place. Beside Nian Lu, Lei Peng had a snarling smile as he charged at the four Clear Sky Sect disciples that Xie Shan was covering. Beside Lei Peng, the other expects all moved forward, brimming with murderous intent.

They didn’t give anyone the chance to fight on their own. Taking advantage of Xie Shan trapping the disciples, the sabre and sword energies of Lei Peng and the others silently flashed by.

A line of blood simultaneously appeared on the throats of the four people.

Their eyes were wide, terror frozen on their faces as if they wanted to say something.

No one paid attention to them. None of the xiuzhe from the Sky Peak Platoon looked at the four  Clear Sky Sect disciples and raced passed them.

Having gotten rid of what was behind him, Ma Fan was alone as the head of the arrow. His wrist shook and the sword energies that had been prepared long ago, pew pew pew, were like a sword energy rain. Everyone suddenly felt their vision light up. The sword energies carried a sky-covering presence as the keen sword essence covered everything. Everyone felt their scalp prickle, and their expressions changed.

Their minds stolen away, they instinctively dodged.

Sky Peak Platoon was like a burning hot blade slicing through butter. Without any resistance, it easily divided the troops in two.

What was following tightly after was the six divisions of Vermillion Bird Camp.

Different from the unparalleled keenness of Sky Peak Platoon, what the six divisions displayed was power. If Sky Peak Platoon was a sharp knife, then the six divisions were six heavy hammers, thirty thousand catties heavy, and unable to be stopped!

In front of the six divisions, the two thousand people were like paper-mache, and easily penetrated. When they passed, they left behind a straight line of bloody rain.

In the blink of an eye, the situation of the battlefield instantly reversed. Everyone gaped.

Having broken through and messed up the ranks of the two thousand people at the front, the advantages of the two sides instantly reversed. At this time, Vermillion Bird Camp held the advantage.

This … … this … …

Countless people gaped. They looked dazedly as Vermillion Bird Camp broke through the ranks of two thousand people in an instant. That was two thousand people! That number was three times that of Vermillion Bird Camp!

The xiuzhe that lost organization were like headless mosquitoes moving in random directions. It was useless no matter how Hong Jun Xuan shouted and raged.




The faces of the large male, the middle-aged person, and Rong Wei changed at the same time!

Their eyes were keener and more acute. The collision between the two sides had just been a short instant, but this short instant had given them too much of a shock, and too much content that they needed to digest.

More than ten xiuzhe that comprehend sword essence!

If it was just based on numbers, the large male shouldn’t be so shocked. There were many disciples inside the sect that comprehend sword essence. But those were disciples. When these disciples entered the battalions, they were the backbone.

To use experts that comprehended sword essence to specially construct a little troop for charging … …

He had never heard of such a thing, much less seen it.

It was too luxurious!

The large male felt he was almost going insane. He started to doubt. Was his sect really a large sect? Why did he feel he was poor?

Rong Wei looked at the chaotic battle field in the air. She had made a high estimate previously about the combat abilities of this troop of seven hundred or so people, but after seeing them fight with her own eyes today, she found that she had greatly underestimated them.

Battle general!

This was definitely a troop that possessed a battle general, and a battle general that was not of a low-rank.

The brutal and sharp charge was like a blade that accurately dismembered the opponent. The cooperation and support between each troop, including their advancing paths and the timing of attack was flawless!

Rong Wei felt cold sweat stream down. The Marquis had done his best to teach her. She had also learned how to be a battle general. Otherwise, the Marquis would not have sent her on this mission.

As early as when she was fifteen, she had received the Green Bronze Battle General Medal from the licensing office. Her talent had been astounding.

Comparing herself to that young person, she secretly rejoiced that she hadn’t hung that Bronze Battle General Medal on her waist.

She looked from a distance at the young person that was tightly guarded in the middle, and felt it was hard to comprehend. From childhood, what she had heard the most of were praises of how talented she was. Today, she had personally seen a young person who wasn’t much older than her, but was much more skilled than she was.

Gongsun Cha did not detect that someone was looking at him. His eyes were like stars in the night spreading a glowing light.

Constantly paying attention to the changes on the battlefield, he suddenly spoke.

“Prepare to begin.”

Translator Ramblings: There is five troops, two at the flanks, two attacking from the front, and one at the back coughClearSkySectdisciplescough.

I like how Gongsun Cha’s ragtag army of sword xiu is such a blow to the worldview of Rong Wei and the large man. But it is survival of the fittest. Only the relatively strong survived the chaos, then there was Lil’ Miss’ training camp, then there was the sword formation, so these people are strong for their category.



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