修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Six “Silver”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Six – Silver

After such a charge, over five hundred of the two thousand people had been killed.

“Scum,” Lei Peng’s voice was full of scorn as he said and continued, “So many people but they can’t even stop one wave.”

Nian Lu said unconcernedly, “Isn’t this better? Otherwise, we would need to have spent more effort. Careful that we can’t finish Boss’ mission.”

“We’re really going to kill all of them?” Lei Peng grumbled.

“You think? Don’t think you can get out of it!” Nian Lu brushed the bangs in front of his forehead as he said, “Boss said it in front of this many people. If we can’t finish, hee hee. We cause Boss to lose face, that means we cause Lil’ Miss to lose face. If we lose Lil’ Miss’ face, you don’t need me to say the rest.”

“I know that.” Lei Peng adopted the mannerism of one looking for defeat. ”I just feel that there is no joy in defeating this kind of enemy.”

“Enemy? Oh, you are wrong, they are just fat sheep. The pleasure in killing fat sheep is to strip them, not defeat them.”

The two didn’t have the time to chat. Lil’ Miss’ orders quickly passed over. The two rapidly gathered their minds and turned around.

Vermillion Bird Camp that had just thrust their way to the back lines of the enemy had suddenly turned and charged back.

The chaotic mess of over one thousand xiuzhe that had just been scattered by the charge instantly started to wail. Lacking effective organization, they ran in all directions in panic.

But there was no place to escape. They immediately met the Vermillion Bird Camp xiuzhe that had already sneaked their way to the flanks. After a few dozen were killed in a row, the rest of people were scared half to death and turned to run.

The platoons that swam at the ranks did not pursue them. They were only responsible for herding the xiuzhe that were preparing to flee back into the big group.

The Vermillion Bird Camp that had turned back to kill seemed to be herding sheep as they continuously herded the one thousand people that had been robbed of their courage.




Hong Jun Xuan’s limbs felt cold, his expression hopeless as he stood dazedly in the sky. He continuously saw the Outer Hall xiuzhe move past him, their faces filled with terror and hopelessness. All of his set up had been disrupted. The Outer Hall xiuzhe that came flooding into the remaining three troops.

Terror quickly spread. The troops that had already had low morale instantly collapsed, they had been routed.




On top of the lucky cloud, Zuo Mo looked at the chaotic battlefield. He couldn’t help shaking his head, and said, “This kind of troop is only strong on the surface.” He then smiled, and snickered, “It’s all ours.”

The female xiu stood by him like a wooden mannequin.

Zuo Mo actually was just talking to himself. He didn’t hope that the female xiu would give a response. If the female xiu suddenly talked, he would definitely be scared.

The Vermillion Bird Camp’s simultaneous shouts of “Surrender to not die” could be heard from far away. The hopeless Outer Hall xiuzhe all surrendered so easily that even Zuo Mo was shocked.

The direction of the entire battle was unexpected to everyone. Even Zuo Mo and Gongsun Cha almost couldn’t believe that more than four thousand people could give up resisting so easily, and collectively surrender.

The other people were stunned.

The middle-aged person was the first to respond. He shook his head and sighed. “What the Outer Hall does is not righteous in the end. A troop constructed in this manner had nothing to speak in terms of discipline. There’s no problem usually, but if they encounter danger, they cannot withstand a single blow.”

The large male objected, “If it is the elite from our sect, it is unknown who will win.”

The middle-aged person smiled while he spoke, “The elite from the sect can compare to this troop, but what about the battle general?”

The large male stilled. A thousand soldiers were easy to obtain, but one general was hard to request. It was hard to raise a battle general. There were rarely those that could come out of the wild. Only large sects would be able to educate some. Of all the licensing offices, the battle general licensing office was always the least populous, but after the incident at Bloody Sky Metropolis Jie, the battle general classes were as common as rain.

Of course, those were just to con people of jingshi.

But from the side, it was possible to see the desire of all sects regarding battle generals. Presently, battle general had become the most popular and employable profession. The sect had three or five battle generals, but they only had Bronze Medals.

The battle general of this troop definitely was not just a Bronze ranked general.

The level above Bronze Medal was the Silver Metal. Each Silver battle general was a rarely found talent. The price to recruit a Silver battle general was even higher than a jindan sword xiu.

Was he a Silver battle general … …

The large male stared at Gongsun Cha’s bashful and delicate face. He almost couldn’t believe it.




Rong Wei was just as shocked as he was. However, Rong Wei wasn’t just postulating, she was sure of it. She herself was a Bronze battle general, and had a more accurate judgment of Gongsun Cha’s skill.

This young person with a shy and bashful smile like that of the neighbour’s little boy definitely was a Silver ranked battle general!

Clear Sky Sect really kicked a metal board this time!

Rong Wei stared at the battlefield without a word. Behind her were the shocked faces of the compound guards.

Her gaze suddenly landed on the black young person sitting on the lucky cloud. That was the master of Golden Crow city. She imperceptibly furrowed her brows. The master of Golden Crow City seemed to be admiring the bare feet of the female.

She hadn’t expected him to be a lusty person.

She felt pity inside. The future of such a young Silver battle general was unlimited, but he was under the command of such a lusty person. She felt great regret.




Zuo Mo stared at the perfect bare feet of the female xiu, saying to himself, “Tell me, will Clear Sky Forefather come this time?”

After the previous experience with the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk, Zuo Mo’s relationship with the female xiu had unconsciously became closer. Even he didn’t seem to realize it.

The bare feet of the female xiu would unconsciously attract his attention. At the beginning, he had been slightly embarrassed, but afterwards, he found that the female xiu did not care at all, so he did it openly.

This was in pursuit of beautiful things! Zuo Mo’s reason was righteous.

“He should probably come soon.”

Zuo Mo didn’t move aside his eyes as he spoke to himself.

“Clear Sky Old Forefather … …”

The female xiu was silent.

Gathering the spoils was a very familiar practice for Vermillion Bird Camp. Bao Yi also hurried out of Golden Crow City to help. It didn’t even take two hours for all of the captives to be completely stripped clean.

The spectating xiuzhe all watched with burning eyes. They wanted to go and get some benefits as well. However, after just seeing the strong combat capabilities of Vermillion Bird Camp, no one dared to act.

When Hong Jun Xuan and the other Clear Sky Sect disciples were taken to Zuo Mo, each of them only had their pants left.

“If you dare to even harm one of our hairs, the Old Forefather won’t have mercy on you!” a Clear Sky Sect disciple said severely.

Crazy, Zuo Mo rolled his eyes. Look at the situation, saying these words, did he not want to live?

Hong Jun Xuan suddenly shouted at this disciple, “Shut up!”

He dismissed the disciple and turned to Zuo Mo to say, “We are all core disciples of Clear Sky Sect. If Sir can give us a way to survive, we are willing to pay an appropriate price.”

Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up. Nothing was more attractive to him than jingshi, but his mouth went, “Oh, but you do not have anything right now.”

“Please give me a paper crane. This one believes the price will definitely satisfy Sir.” Hong Jun Xuan recovered his previous calm.

Zuo Mo thought, and then shook his head.

“Why?” Hong Jun Xuan instantly started to panic. If the other did not agree, then his little life was in danger. He thought the other was unsatisfied. “Two hundred pieces of fourth-grade jingshi? This price … …”

The shidi in the surroundings all inhaled sharply as they looked in disbelief at Second Shixiong. None of them had expected Second Shixiong to be so wealthy.

Where had Second Shixong gotten this much jingshi from?

Zuo Mo still shook his head.

“And half of the profits from the Outer Hall!” Hong Jun Xuan said painfully, “Sir should also know how much the Outer Hall can earn in a year. If Sir allows us to survive, the Outer Hall is still under our control … …”

“Second Shixiong, you’re crazy … …” a Clear Sky Sect disciple couldn’t resist saying.

“Shut up!” Hong Jun Xuan’s face was black, tendons bulging. “Do you want to die here?”

The other people instantly stopped talking.

Hong Jun Xuan was like a gambling addict that had lost everything. He looked at Zuo Mo. “How about it?”

Zuo Mo still shook his head.

“What do you want?” Hong Jun Xuan was almost going insane.

“To kill Clear Sky Old Forefather,” Zuo Mo said calmly.

All the Clear Sky Sect disciples first stilled and then laughed as though they had heard an impossible joke.

Hong Jun Xuan almost couldn’t breathe from laughing so hard. After a while, he stopped, and said with a mocking smile, “Don’t joke. You want to kill Old Forefather? Just you guys? I feel that you should consider my previous suggestion.”

Zuo Mo said with interest, “Oh, what? Our power isn’t enough?”

“It’s not just that it isn’t enough.” Hong Jun Xuan said with a cold smile, “Old Forefather has jindan cultivation, his power limitless. You may have some power, but in front of Old Forefather, you basically have no room to move. How about it? Consider my suggestions, people have to be realistic.”

A hint of pride unconsciously came onto Hong Jun Xuan’s face.

Zuo Mo did not have any interest in wasting words with them. He turned and left. Everyone’s perspective was different. Hong Jun Xuan and the others could not understand many of his thoughts. He waved his hand without turning his head. “Don’t keep these people, make sure they won’t come back to haunt us in the future.”

Hong Jun Xuan and the other’s faces instantly turned as pale as paper.




After such an encounter, Golden Crow City’s name had truly spread through Little Mountain Jie. The rise of this group of people and this city was completely without warning. No one knew their origins.

But even the dumbest person knew that the final battle between Golden Crow City and Clear Sky Sect was coming.

No matter if it was the Black Processing Meditation mat or this big battle made it so the two could only fight to the death.

After this great battle, the gates of Golden Crow City remained tightly shut and under heavy guard. No one knew what was happening inside the walls. The sounds of explosions occasionally came from inside the city. Some xiuzhe that were daring desired to fly up into the sky to look, but they were almost killed by the hard lightning released by the formation battle watchtowers.

The Golden Crow City that was entirely preparing for battle made the other xiuzhe feel the tenseness of the situation even more. There was no one within one hundred li of Golden Crow City. Even though they wanted to see with their own eyes like they did previously the great battle that was coming, but they didn’t dare this time.

Coming from Clear Sky Sect this time would only be one person, Clear Sky Old Forefather.

–– The only jindan remaining in Little Mountain Jie!

The following days were cloudy and unspeakably foreboding.

A storm was approaching.


Translator Ramblings: Battle generals have their rankings but the author did an oopsie on the naming. In this chapter, it is “moon silver” but over the rest of the story, he always used “white silver.” Then there is “green copper” before that, and in the future, these is “yellow gold.” To simplify things, and to avoid having to figure out if it is moon silver or white silver, I am just using bronze, silver and gold. It is also somewhat superfluous to repeat the color of the metal for silver and gold. Bronze is copper with tin added and it turns green if buried which is what the Chinese used to name bronze.

Poor Hong Jun Xuan. He doesn’t get it.

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