修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Nine “The Great Formation and Sonic Lightning Walnut”

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Chapter Two Hundred and Ninety Nine – The Great Formation and Sonic Lightning Walnut

The Clear Sky Old Forefather felt an angry energy roiling restlessly inside his chest. Without a care to anything else, he took out his flying sword and said darkly, “You all will die!”

Before the sound landed and Zuo Mo was even able to see the appearance of the flying sword, the flying sword disappeared from in front of Clear Sky Old Forefather.

Everyone in Golden Crow City felt the entire sky start to slowly spin. Everything in the surroundings started to become blurry.

Zuo Mo suddenly remembered that Huang Zhuo Guang used the sky sword essence. Then Clear Sky Old Forefather’s sky sword essence would probably be multiple times as pure.

Damn it! It would be better if the guy would fly a bit closer!

Zuo Mo glanced at Clear Sky Old Forefather that was still far away from Golden Crow City and had to admire the person. Even though he was so angry, he still kept his calm. As expected of a jindan expert!

The spinning sky suddenly lit up with many dots of light like countless stars being ignited.

A feeling of extreme danger came into Zuo Mo’s mind. He didn’t dare to be careless, hurriedly activating the formation. Countless formation scripts suddenly lit up on the walls of Golden Crow City like complex flower patterns.

A half transparent golden ling shield wrapped Golden Crow City inside.

Everyone’s hearts eased slightly. At this moment, they heard Clear Sky Old Forefather say clearly, “Land!”

The dots of light above their heads lit up, and countless swords of light fell from the skies like a rainstorm, crashing against the ling shield of Golden Crow City!

The ling shield trembled heavily. The sharp sounds of collisions were as rapid as raindrops. Everyone felt their hearts jump at each sound.

Zuo Mo pulled Shu Long over. “Use the move you used last time!”

Shu Long understood and hurried back to the ranks.

Shu Long’s long hair flying, the black crystal on his forehead, and his eyes bent down. He shouted gravely, “Kill!”

Threads of black energy erupted from their bodies at an astounding rate. In the blink of an eye, the ranks of Guard Camp were covered in a black energy that blocked out the sun! As the black energy rose, it was not affected by the ling shield, and gathered in the sky above Golden Crow City.

A ball of restless black clouds covered all of Golden Crow City. The raindrops of sword energies instantly became invisible as they landed in the black cloud.

“Hm!” The Clear Sky Old Forefather showed surprise again.

Even with all of his knowledge, he did not know what powerful spell the other was using.

In the Zuo Mo’s sea of consciousness, Pu Yao unconcernedly said to the gravestone, “This old fart, just a jindan and he dares to posture in front of this Sky Yao. He doesn’t want to live.”

His eyebrow rose, and he snorted, “F*** him!”

He suddenly found his tone when he said this was truly too much like Zuo Mo. He instantly chose to close his mouth. As a Sky Yao, copying other people’s way of talking, especially Zuo Mo, made him feel he was losing face.

“It’s just a pity that Shu Long and his group has only cultivated for a short amount of time. Otherwise … … hmph hmph … … so boring!”

Pu Yao said to himself.

For the first time, Clear Sky Old Forefather had a serious expression. It had been a scheme of the other that had caused him to be struck by the formation battle watchtowers. But this black cloud clearly was some kind of spell or formation. This was true power. To be able to stop the attack of a jindan xiuzhe, it truly could be called powerful.

It didn’t seem too much like a spell. With a ningmai cultivation, it wasn’t possible to cast such a powerful spell.

The only thing he could think of was formations. But a normal sect couldn’t possess such a powerful formation. This group of people probably had mighty origins!

Clear Sky Old Forefather’s heart jumped.

He wasn’t afraid of this group of ningmai. Even if he had to kill all of them, it would just take him some more time. What he was worried about was if he killed the young ones, the old one would come. With the wealth of Clear Sky Sect, they didn’t have such a powerful formation. If an even more powerful expert came, then he would have a terrible ending.

Clear Sky Old Forefather knew how much he was worth. Being a ruler in an out-of-the-way place like Little Mountain Jie was achievable, but if he was in the larger jies, he would never get a turn.

However, he turned his thinking around. Since the grievance between the two had already been set and could not be resolved, the best solution was to kill this entire group and prevent the news from spreading.

Thinking about this, the viciousness in his eyes grew, and he was filled with murderous intent.

He had spent great amount of time on [Clear Sky Sword Scripture]. Other than this flying sword, he had nothing else on his body. He reached out with his finger, and a sword energy multiple zhang thick shot down!

The sword energy seemed to collide with the black cloud when it suddenly turned to countless tiny sword energies that nimbly went around the black cloud and smashed on the ling shield of Golden Crow City.


The countless sword energies were like countless transparent snakes that hit the ling shield at the same exact moment. When the sound of the collisions gathered together, it was one sound that entered everyone’s ears.

The ling shield of Golden Crow City shook fiercely. Zuo Mo’s expression changed slightly. He controlled all of Golden Crow City, and he was aware just how strong this attack had been.

If something like this came a few more times, the ling shield of Golden Crow City would collapse!

He bit his lips tightly. Xiuzhe at jindan were too outrageously powerful!

What was the grade of this old fart’s flying sword?

Countless thoughts flashed through his mind. At this point, there was no time to think, they could only bear it. Clear Sky Old Forefather flew in the sky and didn’t land at all. He was too far away and so they couldn’t use any other moves.

His mind suddenly moved. Pointing above his head, he shouted at Shu Long, “Can you change that to a different shape and cover the ling shield?”

Shu Long grimaced and didn’t dare to speak. The Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation was at its limit, the black cloud slowly started to land. In the end, it landed on the ling shield. Following that, it started to fall against the ling shield. After a while, it completely covered the ling shield.

Everyone felt the sky darken and the city was in darkness.




Clear Sky Old Forefather saw this and was overjoyed. This way, didn’t they trap themselves inside? The black cloud might increase the defenses of the ling shield, but they had block their own sight.

Even he couldn’t see what was inside the black cloud. He didn’t believe the other could see.


However, this was the difference in strength. The difference between the two sides was too great. The murderous intent in Clear Sky Old Forefather’s eyes reached a peak. How could he miss such a good opportunity?

He didn’t seem to move but suddenly disappeared from his spot and appeared dozens of zhang above Golden Crow City!

Looking at Golden Crow City under his feet that was wrapped in the black cloud, a cruel smile was on his lips.

“All of you should die!”

He raised his palm. A flying sword as blue as the sky appeared at the center of his palm and floated silently. He gently pushed up. The flying sword turned to a blue light, flew into the sky and disappeared.

Suddenly, a bright dot of light appeared in an extremely distant place far above his head!

A smug expression came onto his face. How long has it been since he used this move? Too long! His famed killing move appearing again. It really was emotional!

No one could stop this killing move, no one ever had!

Golden Crow City was soon to disappear, to be forcefully erased from Sky Star Peak. He felt a slight bit of regret. Truthfully, he liked this little city a lot.

It was a truly enchanting little city!

But everything would be destroyed!

The smile on his face suddenly froze.

He saw the mountain peaks across from him suddenly shake vigorously. Large patches of earth shifted in rock slides and revealed the granite underneath.

What was this … …

His body was suddenly restrained by an enormous force. The air in the surroundings seemed to become solid and heavy. He tried to move his body. Each movement became extremely difficult. He felt as though he had landed in an enormous spider web.


His head rang and blanked.

Immediately after, large burst of lava sprouted out of the earth and slowly advanced along the hills.

He saw a soul-shaking scene underneath his feet. There seemed to be an invisible red pen drawing out vivid red lines among the mountains. These lines were determined in their advance as they created a strange picture.

Clear Sky Old Forefather felt there were countless strong and heavy chains tying him tightly so he couldn’t move.

At this time, the black cloud outside Golden Crow City had dissipated. The damned person flew into the sky.




Zuo Mo was very proud inside. Did you think ge couldn’t see? Ge has Ling Eye, understand?

But he knew this wasn’t the time to celebrate. His hand flipping, a Sonic Lightning Walnut covered in golden patterns appeared on his palm!

“Sonic Lightning Walnut!”

Clear Sky Old Forefather saw the Sonic Lightning Walnut in Zuo Mo’s hands. His expression changed dramatically.

Zuo Mo didn’t waste words, raising his hand and smashing it at Clear Sky Old Forefather!


When the Sonic Lightning Walnut left Zuo Mo’s palm, it turned to a golden ball of flame the size of his face surrounded by countless silver electrical energies. The sound of the explosions continued, and was extremely shocking!

Clear Sky Old Forefather’s eyeballs almost fell out. This guy actually used Sonic Lightning Walnuts to make one-use talismans?

Was this guy crazy?

Sonic Lightning Walnuts were fourth-grade materials … …

He suddenly reacted, and his soul almost left his body! Damn it! This was a fourth-grade material!

He didn’t have the attention to spare for preparing his killing move. The flying sword turned to a stream of light and shot at the Sonic Lightning Walnut flying at Clear Sky Old Forefather.

Before he could rejoice, he saw another Sonic Lightning Walnut in Zuo Mo’s hands. The surface was covered with golden patterns, just like the previous one!

Clear Sky Old Forefather instantly turned white!

He couldn’t spare the energy for anything else. He furiously channeled his ling power to break from his restraints.

All the ling power inside his body was used. His figure started to move bit by bit. After a while, the speed increased greatly.

Seeing the situation, Zuo Mo knew this was the most important moment. Disregarding the pain in his heart, he threw and then another walnut appeared in his hand … …

In one go, he threw out more than ten Sonic Lightning Walnuts!

The golden balls of fire carried a savage presence as they headed for Clear Sky Old Forefather who was moving at turtle speed.

The sky filled with the sound of explosions like countless waves of lightning rolling past and caused the mountains to shake.

Clear Sky Old Forefather’s complexion could not be described by white any longer. He didn’t have the bravery. He had never seen someone forge Sonic Lightning Walnuts into one-use talismans.

How wealthy was that person that he dared to do so?


Clear Sky Old Forefather’s flying sword accurately struck a Sonic Lightning Walnut and exploded!

Zuo Mo felt light explode in his vision. The light was so blinding that only golden light remained in his eyes and he was unable to see anything else.

Boom boom boom!

Zuo Mo’s eyes could only see golden light, so bright that he was blind. He felt an enormous beast had charged at him, and his entire body was thrown into the air.

He was dumbstruck.

Translator Ramblings: Earthquake! Drop, cover and hold!

For those of you asking why Zuo Mo was so chatty, he wanted the guy enraged and closer to the city.


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