修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Twenty Six to Thirty

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Chapter Twenty Six Appearance Changed and Mind Erased

Zuo Mo raised his head.

Shi Feng Rong walked gracefully in front of him. Carefully examining for a few seconds, her brows suddenly furrowed. “You are the child that Sect Leader Shixiong picked up?”

Zuo Mo blanked. He nodded and answered, “Yes.”

“You cannot remember anything from before?”

Zuo Mo’s heart suddenly started to beat furiously, blood rushing up to his head. He felt that he was trembling, his entire body uncontrollably trembling lightly. He heard his trembling voice answer, “Yes.”

“Oh.” Shi Feng Rong nodded. She hadn’t planned on saying anything, turning to leave.

Zuo Mo almost unconsciously yelled, “Shigu!”

Shi Feng Rong stopped, expression irritated as she looked at him.

Zuo Mo didn’t know where he got the courage to intently stare at Shi Feng Rong, eyes full of terror and hope. “This disciple has nothing left of the previous memories. What this disciple is called, who are the parents, nothing. Thinking about it every time, the heart is grievously sad, and begs for Shigu’s guidance!”

Shi Feng Rong looked at Zuo Mo for a beat and shook her head, “For you, it is better not to know.”

“Please, Shigu, fulfill this desire!”

Zuo Mo almost used up all the strength in his body.

Shi Feng Rong slightly wrinkled her bows, coldly stating, “Since you want to know so much, then I will tell you. If I haven’t observed incorrectly, you might have been the target of a technique to have your features changed. Someone had changed your appearance.”

“Changed… …” Zuo Mo muttered to himself absent-mindedly.

“As to your previous memories, it should have been erased by someone. I don’t know who has such deep enmity against you.” Finishing, she gave a look deep with meaning at Zuo Mo. “Changing your appearance or erasing a mind, it all needs great cultivation. You should just obediently take care of the ling fields for me.”

It was as though Zuo Mo was struck by lightning and frozen to his spot!




When his mind slowly came back, the sky was dark and Fourth Shigu had left long ago.

Zuo Mo was muddleheaded, his eyes bleak.

Changed appearance… … erased mind……

So his memory had been erased by someone, so his face had been changed … …

So that dream……


Why was it like this… …

He lowered his head, his fists unconsciously clenching, knuckles cracking, fingertips white. The bamboo-like body was like a dry stalk of grass waving in the wind, small and weak. The temperature of Cold Mist Valley in the night time was extremely low and the humidity high. Small tendrils of cold permeated into Zuo Mo’s body, and also into his heart.

The puzzle that had perplexed him finally had been solved at this time, but even more puzzles were lying in front of him.

Who am I… …

Who did it… … the messy mind instantly quieted.

Zuo Mo raised his head, his eyes as though they were dyed by blood, a patch of red. He had expected that he would be furious, would shout. But he didn’t. His heart was encased in ice as though he was an outsider watching from the sidelines.

His heart was an iced object. Under the thick layer of ice, a vague hint could be seen to the undercurrents roiling in the deep.

Fourth Shigu’s words echoed in his ears. Someone that even Fourth Shigu would call of high cultivation, at the very least, one of their hairs would be thicker than his leg. Even if he wanted to settle a score, he couldn’t manage it.

Suddenly everything in these two years, sunlight, ling grains … … it was like a dream and an invisible great hand forcibly squeezed it to dust!

It was gone.

He relaxed his fingers, stepping in the sea of consciousness where the flames were dancing.

Just like normal, Pu Yao was still sitting on the gravestone shrouded in black smoke. Seeing Zuo Mo, the corner of his mouth rose.


Reckless and crazy laughter rang out in the sea of consciousness.




Wei Sheng closely followed behind Sect Leader and Xin Yan Shishu as they walked in the back of the mountain. The two elders were both extremely solemn as they silently walked at the front. Wei Sheng was also cautious as he closely followed. This was a forbidden area of the sect. Master and Xin Yan Shishu had cast more than twenty spells on the way here to open the path. It could be seen just how protected this place was. He had just entered zhuji, his willpower ten times what it had been previously but the pressure that the jinzhi exuded, it still made him feel as though he was suffocating.

So the sect had a place as strong as this!

He felt his blood was gradually warming up, he was full of hopes to the Sword Cave that they were going to arrive at!

After walking for four hours, the three finally stopped in front of the mouth of a cave.

Nervousness came upon both Pei Yuan Ran and Xin Yan’s face. The sect leader Pei Yuan Ran said solemnly, “This Sword Cave, it had been created by this sect’s first leader. It was used for the sect disciples to refine their sword essences. Only disciples below jindan can enter.” Some shame suddenly made its way across his face. “The ancestor’s power was astounding. To open this sword cave, it requires two jindan to simultaneously act. This sect has declined. In the generation above us, there was only one jindan so this sword came was never opened. Your shishu and I practised our sword essences by ourselves in the Yao Hunt. When we reached jindan, we could not go in. What is actually in this sword cave, we don’t know either. You have to explore for yourself.”

Wei Sheng listened closely, his expression calm.

Pei Yuan Ran looked at his disciple, concern in his eyes. “Every ten days, we will prepare enough ling food for you. Right now, your fourth shigu has returned and you don’t have to worry about herbs and dan. But the sword cave is dangerous and you need to remember your own safety. You have just entered zhuji and your cultivation is low, so in reality, you are not suited to enter the sword cave. But you have immense talent in the sword that we have never seen before. To not hinder you, we have decided to make an exception and let you enter the sword cave. If you encounter any danger, you need to leave the sword cave immediately!”

On the last warning, Pei Yuan Ran couldn’t help raising his voice. This sincere and honest disciple in front of him had talent that was astounding and surpassed all of their expectations. He seemed to have been born a sword xiu. Other than his cultivation that needed to steadily progress, any sword scripture that entered his hands would quickly become familiar and flowing.

Even the strongest Xin Yan was shocked at Wei Sheng’s progress. Other than joy, they couldn’t help but be worried. Such a good piece of jade, if they didn’t nurture properly, wouldn’t it disappoint the ancestors?

They had pondered for a long time and in the end, decided to open the sword cave. Other than the legend about the sword cave in the sect, they hoped that Wei Sheng could practise the complete Void Sword. Void Sword was the strongest sword scripture of the sect and the greatest accomplishment of the first ancestral master, Wu Kong Zhenren. But when it came to their generation, they didn’t have a complete [Void Sword Scripture]. Xin Yan’s [Ice Dragon Sword Scripture] had been created by one of the ancestral masters but was not the strongest sword scripture of the sect.

Before, they had put their hopes on Luo Li who only managed to achieve Empty Sword. Who could have thought that Wei Sheng , who had once been Luo Li’s sword servant, would have even greater talent than Luo Li?

Even more, Luo Li had outstanding talent but his personality was arrogant. Compared to the honest and humble Wei Sheng, he was quickly defeated.

In their hearts, Wei Sheng was the present and uncontested head of the disciples.

“Disciple understands!” Wei Sheng’s expression was grave.

Pei Yuan Ran and Xin Yan exchanged a look and nodded their heads. Both started to channel their ling power, casting a spell.

Two jindan undertaking a task at the same time, the commotion was extremely alarming! Over their heads, clouds gathered from every direction. In a few blinks of an eye, the small mountain valley was shrouded by roiling black clouds, dark as night. On the outside wall of the mountain cave, countless seals started to light up and flash. The jinzhi in the surroundings also lit up, countless seals floating mid air as though they were communicating with the seals that were carved into the mountain.

Feeling the shock and shivering that came from the bones, Wei Sheng’s calm gaze seemed to have been ignited and he excitedly went forward.

Pei Yuan Ran and Xin Yan’s expressions were grave. Both of them simultaneously shouted, “Open!”

The seals turned and the formation changed.

The mountain cave suddenly became dark and deep, as though it was a void. Wei Sheng, who had already prepared, didn’t hesitate and rushed in!

At this time, Pei Yuan Ran and Xin Yan finally gave a breath of relief. The two slowly let go of the spell, dispersing the ling power on their hands. The seals on the mountain and on the jinzhi slowly faded. The thick clouds overhead spread out, sunlight once again reaching the valley.

“Let’s go, he needs to walk the road himself.” Pei Yuan Ran sighed.

“Of course.” Xin Yan treated words like they were gold.




In the sea of fire, Zuo Mo sat not far away from Pu Yao, listening attentively.

“What are yaomo? There are many ways of distinguishing but the most important is the method of cultivation. Xiuzhe, extract the ling energy of the world to use for themselves. What they cultivate is ling power. And yao, what they care about is the spirit shaking the sky, primarily cultivating the spirit. And mo? That group of people whose absolute majority is stupid to the point of no return can only cultivate themselves by using their bodies as talismans.”

Zuo Mo seemed to understand but didn’t really understand.

“Oh, all of this is nonsense. Okay, we’ll talk something practical. You were not incorrect to use sword moves to manipulate the aged gold energy. However, it is a pity that you aren’t your shixiong. Based on your speed, I estimate it would be at least two to three years.” Pu Yao suddenly smiled strangely, revealing half of his crimson tongue. “But I have a quick fix. Do you want to try?”

“Quick fix?” Zuo Mo’s eyes were lit up, his body slightly leaning forward.

Pu Yao’s eyes narrowed even more, his voice full of enticement. “Exactly, very fast! Within one month, you definitely would break to the third level of [Art of Aged Gold].”

“Really?” Zuo Mo was slightly suspicious. Pu Yao’s expression gave him a bad feeling.

“You won’t know until you try,” Pu Yao shrugged his shoulders, “there isn’t a free lunch in the world. To get power, how can you not pay?”

Zuo Mo fell silent.

To find the answers, to find the person that changed him, he needed power, desperately needed power! Pu Yao wasn’t wrong. To get power, it required a certain cost. He was a little xiuzhe who hadn’t even entered zhuji, what could he rely on to find the answer?

The only one he could ask aid from was Pu Yao. He still didn’t know what Pu Yao wanted but did he have a choice?

Choices were a question that only those that were strong would face.

What he was glad about was that Pu Yao was willing to help him. Regardless of Pu Yao’s reasons for doing so, he would accept it.

“Alright.” He stood up.

Pu Yao’s blade-like mouth once again skewed towards one side. He laughed lightly, declaring, “Ha, what is more simple than sword scriptures? After being sliced a few thousand times, you’ll learn it!”

The words hadn’t landed when a vast snow white sword essence came down from the heavens, easily slicing Zuo Mo’s consciousness in half.

A heart wrenching pain came on. Zuo Mo felt that his body had been cut into two halves.

The pain came on and he straightforwardly fainted!

Chapter Twenty Seven Looking Up in the Darkness

Shixiong, is your body ill?” Xiao Guo had fought the urge for a long time but couldn’t resist asking.

“It’s nothing.” Zuo Mo’s voice was raspy as he replied and continued to walk forward.

Xiao Guo looked worriedly at Zuo Mo, gathering her courage to state, “Shixiong, if you don’t feel well, we could change to another day.”

“I said it’s fine so it’s fine!” Zuo Mo glared at Xiao Guo.

Xiao Guo couldn’t help but shrink back. She muttered, “But, Shijie said taking care of your body is the most important.”

Zuo Mo decided to shut up and not argue with this little girl. He didn’t have the energy. Anyone that was sliced in half by the sword essence of a jindan over and over again definitely wouldn’t have the energy.

Pu Yao was insane. Certifiably insane!

Xin Yan Shishu’s sword essence far surpassed what he could endure. Each time that he faced the vast snow white sword essence, he felt that he was at death’s door. The terror that seemed to come from the deepest part of his heart made him tremble. The difference between the two of them was too large, so large it didn’t have meaning. Even this terror that seemed to happen right before death, Zuo Mo would only have a brief instant to feel it before his consciousness would be cut in half. His only outcome was fainting.

But he would quickly wake up because of pain! The enormous pain due to his wounded spirit would wake him up.

The only thing he could do was grit his teeth and practise [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. Only that thing could heal his spirit and lessen the pain.

Before he could take a breath, another sword essence would drop down from heaven and he would faint again.

Just like that. Slice, faint, wake up due to the pain……continuously repeating. In one day, he would faint a few dozen times. One could imagine, how could his state be good?

If he had the time, he would be doubt himself of being able to endure to that day. However, Pu Yao wouldn’t even give that amount of time to him. Later on, the pain turned to numbness.

Only when Xiao Guo came to find him did Pu Yao temporarily let him go.

Xiao Guo came to find him to take a look at the ling grasses. After the weed incident, all the girls on the Eastern Peak were scared. Li Ying Feng became an inner sect disciple, entering Yan Le’s doors. Other than cultivating, she had to follow her master to learn how to take care of the sect’s assets and had no time to come to the Eastern Peak. But the girls still remembered Zombie Shixiong Zuo Mo, and before Li Ying Feng left, she had especially given notice with him in hopes he could help these female disciples.

After a certain amount of time, they would always pull Zuo Mo over to inspect the ling grass.

There weren’t any big problems with the ling grass, other than some problems that would occur due to improper care. For Zuo Mo, who planted ling grains, these were all simple problems. Most of the attention of the female disciples was on the ling beasts. Planting ling grass was only to provide food for the ling beast so they did not put much attention and care into the grass.

Looking at the ling fields being wasted, Zuo Mo felt pain. If all of these ling fields were planted with ling grains, think how much jingshi there would be.

Shixiong, these little things aren’t worth much but are a token of our thanks. Please accept them.”

A female disciple handed over the gifts that they had prepared beforehand.

He understood the intention of these female disciples. No matter where, female disciples were always more vulnerable, especially the kind of outer sect female disciples. Li Ying Feng had left, and had no time to spare to look after them. They needed someone with the power to protect them. It wasn’t surprising. Most of the female disciple’s cultivations were around level five or six of lianqi and no one was able to shoulder the burden.

Zuo Mo thought for a second but accepted the gifts. Even if this matter was slightly troublesome, if they really encountered something serious, he believed that Li Ying Feng definitely would get involved.

Seeing Zuo Mo take the gift, the crowd of female disciples had relieved expressions.

Everyone had a hard time surviving, Zuo Mo thought silently.




Returning home, he opened the gift box. Inside were all kinds of ling worms and ling beasts. Similar to mud turning earthworms, they could even qualify to be ranked with a grade. A large majority were first grade, and there were only one or two at the second grade. But it could be seen that they had taken some care with the ling worms and animals. Even if the grade wasn’t high, but they were all quite useful.

Pu Yao suddenly erupted, crouching in front of the ling worms and beasts, “Talking of playing with worms, tsk tsk, us yaomo is the true masters in this area.”

He randomly flipped through the ling worms, extremely disappointed. “All of these are low level, not worth much.”

Zuo Mo was extremely speechless but couldn’t resist objecting, “They are outer sect disciples, where would they get high level ones?”

Pu Yao nipped one up and examined it for a long while. Then he carelessly threw it in front of Zuo Mo, “Here, this one is barely acceptable. Throw out all the others.”

The one Pu Yao picked was a black armored worm, slightly larger than a fingernail. He flipped through the jade scroll that they had also given to find out that this black armored worm was called Black Gold Worm, fond of eating gold metal. Its wings could be sold for a pretty good price. Other than that, supposedly it could also be used to find sources of water.

Zuo Mo was slightly disappointed. To him, the Black Gold Worm didn’t have much use.

Pu Yao’s interests clearly had been evoked by these worms. He excitedly said, “Playing with worms, there’s a lot to attend to. Especially the techniques, they vary by person. Before, I saw one highly skilled with worms, called Blood Mosquito Taoist. This guy was very strong. Somehow, he managed to create countless souls, and bound them to a group of blood mosquitoes. And then he travelled through a hundred jie. Every time he reached a jie, he would leave behind a few blood mosquitoes. His enemies had a whole bunch of people and pursued him countless times but still couldn’t kill him.”

“I played with Black Gold Worms before too, but it isn’t this kind of cheap trash. There isn’t much use in the low level ones, this thing’s true purpose is to use it to seek out ling veins……”

Ling veins?” Zuo Mo asked suspiciously, “Isn’t it used to seek out water?”

“Water?” Pu Yao sneered, retorting, “If you don’t know, then don’t pretend. That’s for low level Black Gold Worms. Black Gold Worms above fourth grade can seek out ling veins, seventh grade is able to find ling sources. Ha, but ninth grade is the truly good stuff. As to tenth grade, I’ve never seen one.”

He continued to explain, “Picking ling worms, definitely have to pick those with good aptitudes. Like this Black Gold Worm of yours, if you raise it correctly, it can enter fourth grade. These other ones, it doesn’t even have the chance to increase to third grade.”

“Then, um, how can this Black Gold Worm raise to grade four?” Zuo Mo consulted with a fawning tone.

Fourth grade Black Gold Worms could find ling veins……this was endlessly tempting to Zuo Mo.

This time, Pu Yao didn’t make it difficult for him. He briskly said, “Very simple. Don’t you have a small section of ling vein in your seclusion room? Put this Black Gold Worm and a piece of pure gold ore in a jade box and bury it in the area surrounding the ling vein. After a month, it should increase to the third level. To get it to the fourth level, it probably would take about three months.”

“Alright, let us continue.” Pu Yao waved his hand and said impatiently.

Before he finished his words landed, a snow white sword essence once again cleaved Zuo Mo’s mind in half. Zuo Mo, who had been memorizing what Pu Yao just said instantly fainted.

After an unknown amount of time, sharp pain once again woke Zuo Mo up. Zuo Mo’s first thought was, did he remember the method of raising the Black Gold Worm to the fourth grade?

Great, he remembered!

So painful! He couldn’t help but start to wail, rolling on the ground.

Why did it become painful?

The tearing pain tortured his fragile nerves. He could only start [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation]. A ball of air moved continuously through his body, giving out cold stands, seeming to inhale through all the openings in his body and then spreading through the body.

The flames swayed in his sea of consciousness. That dim star in the void seemed to have become much brighter, the enchanting sea of flames could not take away its light.

Fainting, waking with pain, fainting again, waking up with pain again……

The amount of time that Zuo Mo had to comprehend was extremely short. After repeating for a few hundred times, he still endured.

“Pain is the tastiest thing in this world. You have to finely savor it, enjoy it, the flavour fresh and sweet as it permeates your marrow. Even your soul is trembling!” Pu Yao stuck out his bright red tongue, licking his lips and slowly said, “Death is like a firework. You can continuously experience the process of blossoming. How lucky you are!

Damned renyao!

Zuo Mo recited in his mouth. However, his eyes were opened to the widest, unwaveringly staring at that lightning fast snow white sword essence!

He knew that the kind of pain that was coming. Just like Pu Yao had said, his soul was trembling. Regardless of how many times he had been cut, whenever he practised facing that snow white sword essence, he was still terrified, incomparably terrified. When he was clear headed, he didn’t dare to even think about it. He was afraid that recalling any memory would make his fragile psychological barrier instantly collapse.

His trembling bones and flesh was like a blade of grass that was going to break any second in the storm. Maybe the next second, he would fall down.

But his eyes still firmly stared forward!

The direction that the snowy white sword essence would appear from.

But Xin Yan Shishu’s sword essence, was it something he could see clearly?

The difference between the two was like the sky and earth. Xin Yan Shishu was a tried and tested jindan, a sword xiu that even Tian Song Zi admired. And Zuo Mo was only an outer sect disciple with a cultivation of lianqi eighth level; the total amount of time that Xin Yan shishu had spent in the flying sword was over two hundred years, and Zuo Mo hadn’t even learned the most basic sword arts.

On the surface, all of this looked futile.

However, he still trembled as he stared fixedly at the front, his mouth unconsciously cursing “Damned renyao, damned renyao.”

Snow white, blindingly bright, flying down from the sky like the Milky Way!

Zuo Mo tried his best to widen his eyes. At this moment, his body stopped trembling, the mutters from his mouth gone. The entire world was a patch of snow white. He needed to strenuously search in this sea of snow white, searching for the quintessence of this sword essence.

The time that was given to him was extremely short, not even the blink of an eye.

He was like a crazy gambler, betting on that chance that wasn’t even one in ten thousand.

However, he didn’t have a choice. He didn’t have another road.

His pupils suddenly dilated and it didn’t have the time to recover.

Whoosh, the snowy white sword essence sliced Zuo Mo in two.




After an unknown period of time, it was still the sharp pain that woke Zuo Mo up. Opening his eyes, Zuo Mo wanted to roar with laughter, but when it came up, it became groans and wails.

“Ah! So painful!” “Ah!”

Fighting to climb up, he resisted the great pain and started [Embryonic Breathing Spiritual Cultivation].

Strands of coolness entered his body. The pain instantly lessened greatly.

When he opened his eyes again, they were full of ecstasy!

Chapter Twenty Eight The Doorway

Zuo Mo finally found the doorway!

This sword essence appeared to look like snow, but he managed to faintly see countless smaller sword essences. These tiny icicle-like sword essences were enormous in number, and were densely packed together, moving in layers. Each tiny sword essence was like a drop of water. And countless drops of water created the ocean, the movements forming a tide.

Xin Yan Shishu’s sword essence was like a little tide, a little icicle tide!

For the first time, he forgot the pain from his injured mind.

The scene he had just seen was extremely short but what he had seen was enough for him to think for a long time. Dazzling tiny sword essences like ice crystals, moving like the tide. In the vastness and danger was a certain kind of beauty. Even someone like him that didn’t understand the sword, he couldn’t help but sigh in amazement.

He suddenly realized that the snow dragon that Xin Yan Shishu had released wasn’t a real one. It was also constructed out of countless thin snow white sword essences.

Dazedly standing in the yard, his mind was enthralled until deep into the night.




Early morning on the second day, Zuo Mo ran over to Cold Mist Valley. Having changed from temporary worker to official worker and adding on the benefit of a Zhuji Dan, for the money-grubbing zombie, it hit the key points and he put more care in.

He was clear on the goal that he wanted to find answers but he deeply understood the matter had to be done step by step, especially for outer sect disciples like him who had nothing.

Compared to before, his workload was much greater now. Fourth Shigu had given him a jade scroll. Inside were all the points that needed to be attended to for all kinds of ling herbs. About ninety percent were things that he had never known before. For him, it was a completely new challenge.

But luckily he could slowly learn. The ling herbs in the medicine fields looked to be in great condition at the moment.

In the corner of the medicine fields, the Fire Dragon Grass had already sprouted. The Fire Dragon Grass seed that Wei Sheng Shixiong had given him had been planted.




Today, he needed to accompany the female disciples to Dong Fu. It was called accompaniment but truthfully it was more like protection.

Sitting on the flying paper crane, Zuo Mo followed about thirty meters behind the female disciples.

This group of women were really chatty!

The sounds of their chatter could be heard from far away. Hearing it, Zuo Mo felt irritated.

After being fixed and improved, the flying crane was much steadier and more comfortable. He thought silently that the three pieces of jingshi that he paid was really worth it. Sitting on the paper crane with nothing to do, he started to once again examine Xin Yan Shishu’s sword essence.

Even though he wanted to die each time, but he knew very well how valuable this experience was. For an outer sect disciple like him to be given a chance to learn from Xin Yan Shishu, other than Wei Sheng Shixiong he didn’t even need to think about it. He didn’t know why Pu Yao would keep Shishu’s sword essence, but for Zuo Mo, this sword essence was undoubtedly a treasure trove.

It wasn’t likely for him to learn all of it. But just learning a little was enough for him to reap endless benefits.

Just at this time, a clamor came from the front, startling Zuo Mo from his musings.

His heart instantly wasn’t happy.

Several unfamiliar male xiuzhe seemed to be in a tangled with his sect’s female disciples. Zuo Mo sighed. These days, it wasn’t easy to accept gifts!

Taking down the paper crane, he slowly walked forward. This was the main path to Dong Fu. Zuo Mo wasn’t afraid that the other would really do something too outrageous so he was extremely confident.

“Ha, heard that your Li Ying Feng Shijie went into zhuji? Good news, good news.” The male xiuzhe in the front said in a smooth tone.

The other male xiuzhe in the surroundings laughed.

At this time, a male xiuzhe fawningly said, “Shixiong, I wasn’t wrong about the level of these women, they are much tender then the shrews in our sect.”

“True, true!” The leader smiled nefariously, warning, “But be careful, if they hear what you said, you won’t have a good time.”

“Haha, of course.”

Zuo Mo lightly coughed. The female disciples instantly created a path. Since he had accepted the gifts, he couldn’t really just stand by.

“What is this? Everyone? Blocking the road for looks?” Zuo Mo walked out of the crowd, stealing a look at the other, smiling coldly.

This group of people looked like the dregs at a glance, each of them with the head of a deer and the eyes of a mouse. Especially the leader. Looking at that face, Zuo Mo had the impulse to raise his fists and beat him into a bun. Compared to the others in the sect, Zuo Mo’s experience on the outside was much richer, his eyes could be said to be shrewd. This group looked just like those on the fringes of society. To deal with these kind of people, the more polite you were the more they felt that you were soft and easy to bully.

In reality, the biggest weapon that Zuo Mo relied on was the [Golden Sword Ring] on his hand. There were three sword energies stored inside. To use it to scare people was pretty good.

“So it was a change of owners.” The leader smirked, examining Zuo Mo, the disdain on his face was evident. “Just lianqi eighth level and dare to try to be the hero. You really don’t know your own abilities. Even if Li Ying Feng is here, she wouldn’t dare talk like this.”

Did this person really have a strong background? Zuo Mo’s heart was uncertain but he didn’t show it on his face. “Such boasting. With such abilities, why don’t you go to our sect’s gate to shout? Running here to bully girls, tsk tsk, really strong, really strong!”

The female disciples in the surroundings covered their mouths and laughed.

The person’s face became ugly. He snorted, “Heard that Wu Kong Sword Sect had a genius? Is it such trash like you? Shixiong today will let you know what are manners!”

His voice landed and a flying sword suddenly appeared in front of him!

Zuo Mo instantly was stupefied. The other actually had a flying sword!

The first word in his mind was zhuji! He hadn’t thought that this mouse-like person was actually zhuji. Those with lianqi cultivation could not imprint on flying swords. Even Wei Sheng Shixiong, before he entered zhuji, he had never had a flying sword.

Incredibly nervous as he stared at the flying sword floating in front of the other, Zuo Mo swallowed tightly.

This was the first time he saw a flying sword!

It was entirely green, about three feet long with a narrow body, light gleaming off the sharp edge. If the blow landed, a bloody hole would certainly be the result.

The expressions of the female disciples also changed dramatically! They hadn’t thought that they would encounter a zhuji xiuzhe this time! They had originally been full of confidence for Zuo Mo but it instantly evaporated. There was a large chasm between lianqi and zhuji. To have a lianqi face a zhuji, there wasn’t any room at all for resistance.

The power of the flying sword wasn’t something that sword energy could contend against.

Xiao Guo’s apple-like face was pale in fright, terrified as she looked at the flying sword.

The person laughed darkly, “Let’s give you a good taste of ye’s Green Point Sword!”

At the same time, his fingers came together as they swept through the air. It was as though the flying sword was intelligent as it suddenly sliced toward Zuo Mo!

The instant the other’s flying sword moved, Zuo Mo calmed down. All the nervousness seemed to have disappeared. He stared straight at the flying sword just like how, in these past days, he waited for that snow white sword essence!

The flying sword moved, and his heart instantly became serene.

The green flying sword might have looked scary but this guy’s power was limited and the feeling of danger that it gave him was far below the pure sword essence from Xin Yan Shishu!

Only a beautiful appearance!

The sword essence was flimsy and insubstantial. It actually wasn’t condensed into form, simply just unbearable to look at.

The ling power in his body revolving quickly, he calmly looked at the flying sword speeding closer. In a flash, his fused fingers lifted up and pointed into space.

A gold sword energy ripped out of his hands.


A crisp sound, the sword energy accurately hitting a spot three centimeters behind the sword point. The flying sword shook slightly.

“Humph!” The other snorted. The ling power revolved and the flying sword turned in midair, creating a half circle of light in the air, extremely beautiful.





A sound of metal crashing suddenly sounded. The flying sword had suddenly stopped, the half circle of light dissolving. It was like a dancing goddess that right at the climax of her dance  suddenly sneezed. All the beauty and elegance instantly disappeared.

The other was shocked and angry!

He could see the person in front of him was relying on a talisman. However, being interrupted two times by the other and the other was still unharmed, he felt it a blight on his reputation. Facing a lianqi disciple, and two of his moves were ineffective. If this passed into the sect, his shixiong would laugh.

The previous two moves had been made with the intention of teaching the other a lesson but now, he didn’t care and furiously revolved his ling power!

The worst that could happen was that he would be punished after getting back!

Gathering the ling power, the power of the flying sword was drastically different.




The flying sword flew on top of Zuo Mo’s head, a skin of faint sword energy appearing on the sword, emitting a whining sound like an excited animal preparing to leap at its prey.

Zuo Mo raised his head. Shining in his narrowed eyes was a hint of excitement and craziness!

Hitting the target two times in a row greatly increased his confidence. He had no experience fighting against anyone else previously. Last time with Li Ying Feng Shijie, it had only been one move. And facing Xin Yan Shishu’s sword essence in his sea of consciousness, he didn’t even have the power to resist. Not just resist, in front of the vast sword essence, he couldn’t even manage to raise a finger.

But facing the flying sword here, he had successfully blocked two attacks!

Just this kind of battle success, it was enough for him to be proud. But at this time, he was completely caught up in a kind of strange excitement and zealotry.

He suddenly had an insane idea!

Break this flying sword!

He didn’t know why he would suddenly have such a crazy idea, but this idea was extremely intense once it appeared, so intense that he didn’t go to even think if it was realistic.

The time wasn’t enough for him to think. Under the influence of this crazy idea, he also gathered up the ling power in his body.

Narrowing his eyes, he closely followed the green flying sword above his head!

Scenes passed in front of his eyes.

The pure, concentrated, vast, and dangerous sword essence of Xin Yan Shishu, the image that it was a tide of icicles seemed to be even clearer in front of his eyes. It was like a great entity, slowly moving, and that feeling of cold didn’t lessen in the least.

Every bit of pain when his consciousness was cleaved seemed to become abnormally clear at this time. He didn’t know if it was the stimulation from the pain but his consciousness was extremely clear as though everything in the surroundings had calmed.

The ling power in his body swelled and rushed towards the Golden Sword Ring.

He raised his right hand, his fingers fused together as they pointed at the air!

Chapter Twenty Nine Sword Essence

“Has Shixiong ever heard of Wu Kong Sword Sect?”

Two people were on a mountain, each riding on a green bull. The two green bulls were entirely dark green, their hair smooth, the horns on their foreheads pure black, and their manner leisurely as they slowly travelled. It was extremely steady, the two people on their backs as though they were statues, not moving a sliver.

“Haha, with such a ruckus made recently, it would be hard to not have heard.” The older man was called Shi Xiang, a disciple in Chi Sword Sect. The other was his shidi, Liang Luo. Chi Sword Sect was slightly famous in the region of Dong Fu. The two’s innate talents were exceptional. Even though they were limited by their age, but they had power and a reputation.

“Ha, yeah, it’s all so unusual and mysterious, I don’t really believe it.” Liang Luo said as he shook his head.

Shi Xiang glanced at his shidi, laughing inside. Everything about Shidi was good except that he was too proud, but he could understand. Shidi was ten complete years younger than him yet their cultivations were almost the same. If Shidi was in a larger sect, he most likely would have limitless potential.

“I saw the sword energy that night as well. It really was an apparition.” He mused, “To be able to cause an apparition in the world, this person’s comprehension of the sword is astounding.”

Liang Luo was unconvinced. “Pity we can’t encounter him and then have a good practice bout, wouldn’t that be a great thing? I have never heard of this Wu Kong Sword Sect before, I wonder what great luck they ran into.”

Shi Xiang said with a mirthless smile, “Wu Kong Sword Sect has been low-key these past years. With four jindan masters at their back, it definitely is enough to enter the top ranks of Dong Fu.”

“Four jindan masters?” Liang Luo was dumbstruck and couldn’t believe it. “Shixiong, are you sure? Our sect only has three jindan masters? That Wu Kong Sword sect has four?”

“Yes.” The smile left Shi Xiang, his heart heavy. The division of power in Dong Fu’s surroundings had been at equilibrium for a long time ago. Such a strong sect suddenly appearing would definitely affect this kind of equilibrium. Additionally, Wu Kong Sword Sect had been biding their time, people couldn’t help but think anything else.

“Of the four, the most powerful is Elder Xin Yan. If it wasn’t Elder Tian Song Zi that exposed his identity, who would have thought the honoured [Ice Dragon Sword] was in our Dong Fu. There’s now one more strong entity in Dong Fu.”

Liang Luo couldn’t help ask, “This Ice Dragon Sword is well-known?”

Shi Xiang smiled, replying, “I had never heard it before, but according to the elders, he has some notoriety. He became known in the Yao Hunt, his kill count is very high. In the past, there were large numbers of yaomo that died under his sword.”

Liang Luo inhaled sharply. To be able to survive the Yao Hunt, then he was already not a simple character, but to gain a reputation in Yao Hunt, it meant the other was truly strong. He knew this kind of common knowledge.

Just at this time, the two suddenly raised their heads, looking forward.

“Such strong sword essence!” Liang Luo’s expression changed and urged the green bull under him forward. The warm and slow green bull became a blur and then he disappeared.

Shi Xiang was also slightly shocked. He hurriedly pushed the green bull forward and vanished.




Zuo Mo felt the right hand that was wearing the golden sword ring weighed thirty thousand catties. Raising his hand one inch would use up all the energy in the body. All the ling power inside was like a wild stallion that had broken free of its ropes, uncontrollably and crazily rushing towards the golden sword ring on his right hand.

His consciousness sunk into a strange kind of void and serenity. The dancing flames in his sea of consciousness froze, as though under a Body Paralysis Spell, frozen and quiet.




In the sky of his consciousness, that star suddenly released a blinding light as it slowly revolved.

Sitting on the gravestone, Pu raised his head. Looking at the shining star above his head, he laughed soundlessly.




Zuo Mo had never felt his mind so clear. Everything seemed to be under his control. He just knew that he needed to quickly send out this sword energy, otherwise the sword energy was very likely to  explode in his body and he would become a mess of blood and flesh. He also knew that on the other’s flying sword, with its uneven sword energy, he could find at least seven holes.

Yes, he couldn’t find any other descriptor. “Holes”, this label, he felt it was just appropriate.

It was much a wondrous feeling!

He was drowning in enjoyment.

Yet in the eyes of Xiao Guo and the others, at this time Shixiong seemed to be a sword exuding coldness! Every gaze that met his eyes felt their hearts shake. The usually warm and peaceful black pupils were entirely gray white, indifferent and empty, like a borderless tundra.

Even Liang Luo and Shi Xiang who just managed to arrive were shocked. Liang Luo couldn’t control his exclamation, “Whoa!”

Shi Xiang was a much steadier person and saw in more detail. But when he found the other just had a cultivation of lianqi eighth level, his expression couldn’t help change slightly.

The flying sword, shrouded in a green light, turned into a stream of light and howled as it shot at Zuo Mo!

Just at this time, Zuo Mo’s slow moving right hand finally pointed.


It was like a strange beast baring its teeth. The two noises made by the energies ripping through air were dissonant and entirely different.

The temperature in the surroundings plummeted.

A white frosted sword energy leapt from Zuo Mo’s fingertips!


Two streams of light, one green, one white, furiously slammed together!

There wasn’t the imagined explosion. The white sword energy that Zuo Mo released seemed like a patch of mist, hitting the other’s flying sword.

The other’s flying sword froze, paralyzed in midair.

That person’s expression changed drastically.

Ding, the flying sword landed on the ground, unmoving like a dead fish.

The weakness due to all the strength in his body being pulled out caused his consciousness to go blank. That strange feeling was like the tide as it quickly retreated. But before that, he managed to make out his ice frost sword energy had accurately hit the flying sword in a spot near the back!

That was the most serious “hole” that Zuo Mo had found before. He instinctively chose it as his target of attack.

It was a pity that he hadn’t broken it!

Zuo Mo was regretful but his mind swirled and he fainted on the ground.




The female disciples behind him instantly screamed in fear.

That disciple whose expression changed ran over to pick up his flying sword. When he saw the body of the sword was full of cracks, he instantly became angry and sad. When he looked at Zuo Mo on the ground, hatred rose up in his head. He couldn’t help roaring at his other fellow disciples, “You group of trash, what are you standing there for? Chop up this damned guy for me!”

The other disciples murmured but didn’t dare to go up. Zuo Mo’s bravery just now had deeply shocked them. And they weren’t dumb. From the looks of it, this incident would get big. Jumping out at this time, wasn’t it seeking death? The sect elders were too lazy to care about the little incidents that happened daily, but if they really wounded someone else, and the other’s elders went to their mountain, then they wouldn’t end well.

Seeing his friends were unwilling, the leader didn’t waste words. His face was twisted as he held up the flying sword and walked towards Zuo Mo!

Xiao Guo sobbed as she leapt over Zuo Mo’s body. Her small apple face was full of fear but she still kept Shixiong behind her. The other female disciples saw the circumstances, exchanged a look and gritted their teeth as they stood up.

“What do you want?”

“In the daytime, you dare commit a crime?”

“I’m telling you, I’ve endured you guys for a long time. Come on, chop me up! If we don’t find your elders this time to discuss everything, I’m telling you, I’m not a woman!”


It might have been they got into the swing of things but as one added a sentence here and another there, the vigor of the female disciples increased.




Watching from far away, Liang Luo also understood the situation. He said in shock, “He really just has lianqi eighth level in cultivation? How can he have such a pure sword essence?”

“There are so many geniuses in this world.” Shi Xiang couldn’t resist sighing, “Just lianqi and having such pure sword essence, his potential is limitless! And it was originally a gold sword energy but it could transform into such an icy sword energy. Whose sect has such a disciple?”

Liang Luo was still staring in disbelief at Zuo Mo lying on the ground.

Even now, he still couldn’t believe a lianqi disciple could have such a pure sword essence!

For a sword xiu, the most important and the hardest to practice was sword essence! In the beginning, what they learned was all kinds of sword scriptures. After enduring countless battles and training, they would gradually comprehend sword essence. Sword essence was unable to be conveyed through language. It depended on each individual to comprehend. Sword xiu that comprehended a sword essence were the only kind of real sword cultivators. Even if they didn’t have a flying sword, they still were sharp and unstoppable.

Sword scripture was a model, ling power was the connection, but the true quintessence was sword essence!

Both of them had a cultivation of ningmai, and had only just entered the doorway to understanding sword essence. Suddenly seeing a lianqi disciple having such pure sword essence, how could they not be shocked?




Holding the cracked flying sword, listening to the curses of Wu Kong Sword Sect’s female disciples, the person’s face turned black and then white, harshly yelling, “All of you, get out of my way!”

“Ah!” The female disciples that had just been aggressive instantly screamed and scattered in fear.

Only Xiao Guo remained as she cried and unwaveringly protected Zuo Mo.

That person held the flying sword, a face full of viciousness as he shouted at Xiao Guo, “Get out of the way!”

Xiao Guo whined as she protected Zuo Mo, furiously shaking her head.

“You bitch!” The other was enraged. Lifting the sword, he made the motion to slice, frightening Xiao Guo to close her eyes.


Without a warning, the person suddenly seemed to have been hit by a large hammer. His entire body flew away five yards and didn’t move.

“Committing a crime publically in broad daylight, which sect are you from?” A calm voice suddenly sounded from behind Xiao Guo.

Two xiuzhe slowly came over, riding on green bulls. The one who spoke was Shi Xiang.

With one move, Shi Xiang had intimidated everyone. Even the most idiotic person knew that the other’s power was several levels higher. Fear came onto everyone’s faces but no one spoke.

“En?” Shi Xiang heavily harrumphed in dissatisfaction, “Didn’t you hear me speak?”

At this time, a xiuzhe trembled as he came out. He gave a bow, responding, “We are disciples from Dong Qi Sword Sect. Offending Elder, sorry, sorry!”

Dong Qi Sword Sect. Shi Xiang and Liang Luo exchanged a look, and imperceptibly furrowed their brows.

Shi Xiang sneered, “At what time was Dong Qi Sword Sect able to freely harass the female disciples of other sects? I should go ask Zuo Mei Tian if this is how he teaches the disciples?”

The name Zuo Mei Tian instantly caused everyone’s expressions to change drastically, turning into terror.

“Leave! If you do this again, don’t blame me for not being courteous!” Shi Xiang waved his sleeve and ordered for them to leave.

The disciples of Dong Qi Sword Sect hurriedly carried their shixiong and ran frantically as they left.

Turning his face, Shi Xiang looked at the crowd of female disciples. In a warm voice, he said, “Don’t worry, this little brother is only suffering from exhaustion of ling power, nothing major. Which sect are you from?”

Chapter Thirty Schemes

“Greetings to both elders. We are disciples of Wu Kong Sword Sect,” a sensible female disciple hurried answered. The other’s cultivation was astounding, and he had helped them out of trouble. He shouldn’t have any enmity.

Wu Kong Sword Sect!

Shi Xiang and Liang Rong’s expressions instantly became strange. They hadn’t thought that right after discussing someone else’s sect, they actually saved a whole crowd of disciples from that sect.

The two’s gazes uncontrollably landed on Zuo Mo’s body.

“This little brother is?” Shi Xiang tried to make his expression seem normal. In reality, his expression was still strange. This disciple lying on the ground only had a cultivation of lianqi eighth level and naturally could not be Wei Sheng.

When did Wu Kong Sword Sect produce another genius?

Shi Xiang was full of surprise. He had personally seen the apparition when Wei Sheng entered zhuji. The picture of the sword energy rising to the heavens was deeply ingrained in his mind. Every time he thought of it, he would be left in awe. Originally, he had assumed that all geniuses in the world would be like that yet what he saw today shocked him deeply once again.

He had never heard of a lianqi disciple that could comprehend sword essence!

That disciple’s sword essence was not whole. With his experience, he naturally could see at first glance that this disciple had just touched the door to sword essence. His sword essence could only be called in the fledging stage. But this was enough to surprise him. Even more, this lianqi disciple’s sword essence was extremely weak but it was extremely pure.

This quality made him extremely puzzled.

Normally at the very beginning when a xiuzhe first comprehended the sword essence, it was always extremely heterogeneous. Only after going through the trials of time, the trials of one’s temperament, it would slowly turn and become pure.

Just touching on the door of sword essence, and having such pure sword essence, it was something completely unimaginable! Thinking about his hard work these years, his heart didn’t feel good.

When did sword essence become something that even lianqi disciples could play with?

Wu Kong Sword Sect!

This unknown sect suddenly became mysterious in Shi Xiang’s eyes.

A Wei Sheng who caused an apparition in zhuji, and now adding on an unknown disciple who could comprehend sword essence in the stage of lianqi!

“This is our shixiong Zuo Mo.” The female disciple said proudly, “Shixiong is the strongest in our outer sect disciples!”

The other female disciples all nodded their heads in agreement.

What had just happened totally changed their impressions of Zuo Mo. Zombie Shixiong might be a bit greedy, but he wasn’t soft in the face of danger and had a sense of responsibility! When Zuo Mo had comprehended the sword essence and released that last blow, that terrifying presence made them feel deeply intimidated.

Outer sect disciple……

A vein throbbed in Liang Luo’s forehead. A genius that could comprehend sword essence in the stage of lianqi was only an outer sect disciple……

He was very suspicious that he heard it wrong.

Shi Xiang’s expression froze as well before quickly returning to normal. The smile on his face became even warmer, “As expected, it really is that heroes come from the youth. Oh, I have a Ling Restoring Dan, it’s just perfect for this. Come, I’ll help him use it.”

He took out a jade bottle from his bosom and poured out a dan about the size of a mung bean. He got off the green bull and coming to Zuo Mo’s side, he shoved the ling restoring dan in Zuo Mo’s mouth.

Liang Luo stared with wide eyes at Shixiong’s enthusiasm. Ling Restoring Dan wasn’t something cheap. One pill was twenty pieces of second-grade jingshi. Even they only were given a specified portion each month. Shixiong actually gave it to a stranger.

He stared dazedly at Shixiong who seemed like a completely different person feed another ling herbs and even aided him in absorbing the ling herbs.




Zuo Mo slowly woke up. When he opened his eyes, he saw a strange face. He was instantly startled and unconsciously sat up.

“Little brother, don’t be scared. We don’t have malicious aims.” The other said with a smile and flashed to the side.

The befuddled Zuo Mo stood up and suddenly found his body was warm, wisps of ling power spreading through his body. The previous exhaustion had all been swept away. Seeing him wake up, the female disciples instantly crowded over, talking over each other as they narrated everything that had happened.

It was only now that Zuo Mo knew he had been saved by the other people. He quickly went in front of Shi Xiang and Liang Luo to bow and give thanks, “Many thanks to both elders for your rescue! This junior can’t thank you enough!”

“Little brother Zuo doesn’t have to be so courteous. I felt you familiar at first sight. Just a minor thing, don’t keep it on the mind.” Shi Xiang smiled and responded, “We are from Chi Sword Sect. Actually, Chi Sword Sect and Wu Kong Sword Sect aren’t that far away. Everyone is like one family.”

Liang Luo wanted to roll his eyes hearing that. What was called not that far away? He had never heard that there was a Wu Kong Sword Sect in the surroundings. What was with shixiong today? Why was he so strange?

Zuo Mo said gratefully, “If the two elders hadn’t lent their aid……”

Shi Xiang waved his hands, interrupting Zuo Mo’s words, “We’ll regard each other as the same generation. I’ll call you Little Brother Zuo. Haha, Little Brother Zuo has a limitless future, maybe it is us that are social climbing.”

“Elder is exaggerating.” Zuo Mo couldn’t understand the other’s meaning. This kind of praises made him puzzled, “Junior is only an outer sect disciple, there’s nothing to speak of in terms of future.”

Shi Xiang brushed away his annoyance, “Is it that Little Brother Zuo doesn’t like us two? Elder, elder, it really is irritating.”

“Uh……” Zuo Mo couldn’t help but struggle. In the world of xiuzhe, other than in the same sect, there wasn’t any distinction of age between different sects. There was no age in cultivation, and it was hard to distinguish from the appearance. Usually, most of it was divided by the level cultivation. Those stronger were elders, no matter their age.

Even though he couldn’t detect the other’s cultivation, but to be able to easily make that crowd leave, these two people were more than sufficient to be called elders by him. He was very sensible. Like that little thousand crane. If he hadn’t been certain that the other wouldn’t find him, he wouldn’t have written such a reply.

Right now, facing the others, he was naturally docile.

Just at this time, Shi Xiang smiled and informed, “You can call us Big Brother. I am Shi Xiang, he is my shidi Liang Luo.”

Zuo Mo was incomparably obedient and bowed again. “Big Brother Shi, Big Brother Liang!”

The female disciples all looked with admiration at Zuo Mo. To have relations with strong xiuzhe, there were naturally many benefits. This elder in front of them clearly was admiring of Zuo Mo Shixiong. Shixiong really hit the jackpot!

As expected, they heard Shi Xiang continue, “Since you have called me da ge, as the brother, I naturally have to have a meeting gift. This [Ice Crystal Sword], even if it is third grade, but its attributes lean towards cold and yin. I saw that Brother Zuo’s sword essence leans towards ice and this flying sword is perfect for you.”

Under a crowd of drooling gazes, Zuo Mo dazedly received this flying sword.

The sword was about two feet and seven or so inches long. The body was translucent and sparkling as though it was carved from ice, and emitted cold air.

A pie had fallen down from heaven and hit him unconscious. The appearance of this flying sword wasn’t ordinary, Zuo Mo straightforwardly converted it to jingshi in his mind……

So many jingshi……

Shi Xiang kept giving looks at Liang Luo. Liang Luo helplessly reached into his bosom and after fishing for a while, took out a folded seal paper with some pain. He threw it at Zuo Mo, coldly informing, “Spirit Travelling Seal.”

Zuo Mo was so happy right now he almost fainted!

He wasn’t clear about the price of the flying sword but he had some knowledge of the price of the Spirit Travelling Seal. The conditions for a person to use the spirit travelling seal were not high. It was one of the rare paper seals that a lianqi could use. Putting this seal on the legs, travel a thousand miles without being tired. It was much faster than his flying paper crane.

Carefully taking the spirit travelling seal, he took a look, and determined inside that this was a third grade Spirit Travelling Seal!


This two were so generous! However, this caused the suspicions in his heart to increase rather than decrease.

There was no such thing as uncalled for love in this world. These two items, each one was worth more than all of his wealth. The other had no reason to carelessly give to someone. This was what really puzzled him.

“Today, we still have other matters so farewell! After a few days, we’ll go to Wu Kong Mountain to find you and have a drink!”

Shi Xiang smiled as he bid farewell to Zuo Mo and, along with Liang Luo, rode the green bulls as they quickly disappeared.

Zuo Mo was dumbstruck. Seeing the two vanish, after a beat, he suddenly said to the female disciples, “Someone pinch me, is this a dream?”

Seven or eight hands simultaneously reached over.

A shriek echoed on the mountain path!




Shixiong, what were you doing?” Liang Luo was slightly discontent. A Spirit Travelling Seal naturally wasn’t anything big to him but he wasn’t so generous to give it to a stranger. If it wasn’t that he was extremely trusting of Shixiong, he wouldn’t have even paid attention.

Sitting on the green bull, Shi Xiang was pleased, “He is an outer sect disciple.”

“What about an outer sect disciple? There are many outer sect disciples in this world.” Liang Luo said unconcernedly.

Shi Xiang glanced at Liang Luo. He asked in return, “What does Shidi feel about Zuo Mo’s talent?”

Liang Luo choked. A moment later, he squeezed out a sentence, “Not bad, better than me.”

Shidi has no need to undervalue yourself. If you train hard, you will naturally win over him.” Shi Xiang was afraid that his shidi’s confidence would suffer and comforted. He then said solemnly, “However, with such talents no matter which sect, he should be one of the more important disciples in the sect. But he actually is only an outer sect disciple!”

Liang Luo wasn’t stupid and instantly reacted, “Shixiong wants to recruit him into our sect?”

“Why can’t I? Such potential, that Wu Kong Sword Sect hasn’t recognized it, wouldn’t it complete us? An outer sect disciple entering another sect, if Wu Kong Sword Sect came up to our door, they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.”

Liang Luo knew what Shixiong said was true. The turnover rate and mobility of outer sect disciples were extremely high. Those that entered another sect were countless. If they swindled Zuo Mo over, Wu Kong Sword Sect could not move based on this.

“Such potential, are his elders blind? Could it be an elder purposefully putting him in the outer sect disciples to toughen him up?” Liang Luo voiced a doubt.

Shi Xiang answered, “Haha, remember how he answered when I praise him for his limitless future? What he said proved that he definitely wasn’t put in the outer sect by the elders. Thinking about that, I feel there is another possibility. It is probable that he only just comprehended the sword essence and his sect elders haven’t found out yet.”

Liang Luo’s mind jumped. “Then why didn’t we just take him with us right now? If he returns to the mountain and something else happened, wouldn’t it be ruined?”

“Don’t panic. I saw that he was very cautious of us, and there were too many people. If we try too hard now, it would be unlikely to succeed. It’s better to back off first and wait for a few days before we go find him. Move with feelings, entice with benefits, I’m confident it will work.” Shi Xiang explained confidently.

Liang Luo realized. “Shixiong is wise!”

The two smiled at each other.

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