修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Eight “Brute!”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Eight – Brute!

Zuo Mo gave everyone a look. They all understood and purposely walked towards a less populated area.

“Is there a reason Sir is following us?”

Zuo Mo looked coldly at this xiuzhe wearing almond-yellow Taoist robes, with white hair yet had a child-like appearance. There were still many people passing by. When these xiuzhe saw the yellow-robed old Taoist, they all changed expression and hurriedly left!

“Little baby is pretty clever to have noticed Old Forefather.” This old person’s tone was very proud. Facing Zuo Mo’s procession, he showed no fear.

The three divisions of Vermillion Bird Camp silently prepared to fight and could attack at any moment.

“I urge you to not move.” The yellow-robed old Taoist snickered. “Otherwise, this Old Forefather would make you feel it.”

Zuo Mo rolled his eyes. Why did everyone speak so much these days?

However, Zuo Mo didn’t want to make trouble right after arriving in Bright Water City. He glanced at the yellow-robed old Taoist. “Sir has followed us for this long, it shouldn’t just be to chat, right?”

“Hee hee, little baby, you have a talisman. Since you can’t use it, why don’t you give it to this Old Forefather?” the yellow-robed old Taoist said cheerfully.

Zuo Mo was slightly surprised. He said, “Talisman? I have many talismans. Which one is Sir speaking of?”

“You have a pile of scrap metal. There’s only one that can be considered a talisman, it should be a sixth-grade talisman!” The yellow-robed old Taoist narrowed his eyes that twinkled with greed.

Sixth-grade talisman. Zuo Mo’s heart shook. The number of people that knew the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk had landed in his possession was pitifully few. How could this old Taoist know?

“Sir is joking! A sixth-grade talisman isn’t something someone like this one can possess!” Zuo Mo refuted.

“Don’t pretend in front of this Old Forefather.” The expression of the yellow-robed old Taoist turned cold and he seemed impatient. “Old Forefather doesn’t want to hear you blab. If you are wise, hand it over. Old Forefather naturally won’t forget to give you something in return.”

“Sir means?” Zuo Mo said lightly, his eyes turning cold.

“Ha, don’t think that Old Forefather doesn’t dare to attack you because you glued yourselves onto the House of the Crow Marquis. Hmph, even if the Crow Marquis personally comes, he can’t save you!”

The presence of the yellow-robed old Taoist suddenly grew. The ling power in the surroundings seemed to become chaotic and become abnormally restless.

The faces of Zuo Mo and the others changed dramatically!


This yellow-robed old Taoist was actually a jindan!

“Hee hee! Be wise, and take it out. Don’t make Old Forefather personally act. It won’t look good then!” the yellow-robed Taoist said darkly.

The strong ling pressure was like lead that pressed down on them to the point of suffocation. Zuo Mo and the others had never directly faced a jindan at such a close distance. Their battle against Clear Sky Old Forefather had been in the air. The feeling now was completely different. In their eyes, the figure of the yellow-robed old Taoist was as high as a mountain. They were as small as insects, and unable to shake him.

At such a close distance to a jindan, just this terrifying ling pressure was enough for the great majority of ningmai to lose their will to resist.

“Hee, I hadn’t noticed that you do have some talent!” A flash of shock passed through the eyes of the yellow-robed old Taoist and then he snickered. “Pity that it isn’t enough in front of Old Forefather!”

A light flashed through the eyes of the yellow-robed old Taoist.

Everyone suddenly felt their body be pulled down and could not move. They couldn’t even raise their arms. Everyone had shocked expressions.

Power of the earth!

“You … …” Zuo Mo glared angrily, but his body didn’t move at all. He finally knew why the other wanted the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk! The other cultivated earth element spells.

What … … what earth element spell was so tyrannical!

Xie Shan gave a muffled grunt and forcibly channeled his ling power to activate his sword scripture.

“Somewhat interesting. It seems you are almost at jindan.” The yellow-robed old Taoist had a surprised expression again. However, he then was unconcerned. “It’s a pity that your luck isn’t good.”


Xie Shan felt the ling power in his chest reverse. He couldn’t not stop himself from spraying up a mouthful of blood.

“Don’t struggle!” The yellow-robed old Taoist looked scornfully at Xie Shan. “It is useless. There is just one line between us, but this one line is the difference between heaven and earth.”

Finishing, he ignored Xie Shan and turned to walk towards Zuo Mo.

“Hee hee, why did you have to force Old Forefather to act?” The yellow-robed old Taoist smiled smugly and casually walked in front of Zuo Mo and slapped Zuo Mo’s face. He roared with laughter. “Old Forefather’s luck today is really good, many thanks to you!”

The xiuzhe of Vermillion Bird Camp all glared angrily, furiously channeling their ling power to struggle!

“They are pretty loyal to you!” The yellow-robed old Taoist snickered and continued to slap Zuo Mo’s face. “But so what? Ha ha!”

Zuo Mo bore the pain and asked through his teeth, “How did you know I have this talisman?”

The yellow-robed old Taoist was very proud. “I’ll teach you a lesson. Sixth-grade talismans have cognition, and Old Forefather knows a spell to find cognition.”

He examined Zuo Mo from head to toe. At the end, his eyes landed on the rings on Zuo Mo’s hand. His eyes suddenly lit up, and he laughed loudly. “Old Forefather is getting a tidy sum today! So many dimensional rings!”

As he spoke, he reached out to grab at a ring on Zuo Mo’s finger.

Just as his finger touched Zuo Mo’s finger, a change suddenly happened!

This motionless hand that was wearing several dimensional rings flipped upwards without a warning, and grabbed his hand!

The expression of the yellow-robed old Taoist suddenly changed. “You … …”

A terrifying force passed from his hand. He could not control his body and was slammed towards the other.

Not good!

The yellow-robed old Taoist reacted quickly. He was just going to activate his ling shield when his eyes suddenly bulged, his figure felt numb, and curled upwards.

A punch that could break rock slammed into his abdomen!

Zuo Mo’s features were twisted. Half of his face was still red as he bellowed, “Ge has had to bear with you for a long time already!”


The body of the yellow-robed old Taoist shook. The enormous force caused his entire face to deform.

After practicing [Vajra Profound Sutra], Zuo Mo’s strength had increased greatly. The present strength of Zuo Mo who had a Great Day mo physique had reached a terrifying level. The flesh of mo were all extremely strong, and how could Great Day mo physique which ranked second of all brigadier mo physiques lack in this regard?

It wasn’t lacking, and was stronger, much stronger than Zuo Mo had imagined.

When his body had been restricted earlier, he had held some power back. He had personally experienced the restrictive abilities of the Nine Turn Sky Earth Disk, and therefore didn’t panic. The power of the Great Day mo physique was much stronger than the time he had been trapped by the Nine Turn Sky Soil Disk. But no one else in his group had the same terrifying strength he did.

As a single person, he definitely could not defeat the other. Zuo Mo could only feign weakness to bait the enemy.

At this time, he felt satisfaction. He had never felt that his fists were so filled with power, each punch seemed to vent the anger inside of him into the body of the yellow-robed old Taoist.

“Old Forefather! Ha, don’t you know ge already killed an Old Forefather?”


“Dare to steal ge’s treasures! Do you want to live?”


“Dare to slap ge’s face! You’re finished!”

Bang bang bang!

Zuo Mo handed out more than ten punches, each one landing on flesh. When a wallop landed on the body of the yellow-robed old Taoist, it was possible to see his body shake, and his flesh ripple. Zuo Mo hadn’t vented his anger yet. Holding the neck of the yellow-robed old Taoist, he threw the other onto the ground like throwing down a bag of sand.


Simultaneous inhales came from the surroundings, including Xie Shan who was injured and also looked with abject shock at Boss who had totally gone berserk.

Boom boom boom!

The stone tiles on the ground cracked, stone flying with every blow.

Pia, the ling armor of the yellow-robed old Taoist couldn’t tolerate such brutal strikes and shattered.

Zuo Mo’s hand paused. The ling armor of a jindan should be worth a lot of jinshi!

His heart suddenly started to hurt. He suddenly became furious, and continued to slam the yellow-robed old Taoist into the ground a dozen more times before he stopped. He raised his head with satisfaction, one hand holding the neck of the yellow-robed old Taoist and turned to face the other people.




“Are you guys okay?”

Whoosh, everyone simultaneous stepped back.

There wasn’t any anger left in their eyes. They looked with sympathy at the yellow-robed old Taoist that was being held by the neck by Zuo Mo like a rabid dog. The pitiful yellow-robed old Taoist was not shaped like a person any more. He was completely swollen from the beating and was unconscious.

Pitiful, so pitiful!

They had never seen such a pitiful jindan, one that had been punched to the point of being misshapen.

They should never offend Boss!

Even a rough man like Lei Peng was pale with fright like a little girl, his heart shaking rapidly. Zong Ru, who had once taught Boss fist scriptures, had an ashen face. He dared to guarantee that he had not taught this … …

What was wild? What was brutish? What was savage?

In comparison to using brute force to hit a jindan to the point of unconsciousness, becoming misshapen due to swelling of the entire body and leaving compound fractures.

We are xiuzhe, we specialize in techniques and ling … …

So when Boss turned with a reddened face, his face ferocious as he panted, they all retreated a few steps.




Zuo Mo glanced at the yellow-robed old Taoist that he was holding, and felt very good inside. He finally caught a jindan this time! He had promised to give Pu Yao a golden core. He hadn’t expected that he would encounter such a stupid jindan today. At this time, he completely forgot how he was completely suppressed before.

“Back to the camp!”

He waved his hand grandly and flew at the front.




Far from where they were, Su Yue’s face was slightly pale. It was the first time she had seen such a savage and brutish person.

When she had seen the yellow-robed old Taoist go to make trouble for Zuo Mo, she had taken note. She wanted to see just how powerful this group was, but there was much to be wary of. The appearance of the yellow-robed old Taoist was a great opportunity.

She recognized the yellow-robed Taoist. This person was vicious and cruel and had killed many people. Even other jindan xiuzhe were wary of him.

The beginning of the incident did not deviate from her imagination.

Anyone that had a bit of common knowledge knew the difference between jindan and ningmai. She even felt that Zuo Mo wouldn’t dare to rebel, and obediently give up the talismans. When the yellow-robed Taoist had activated his spell, she had secretly shaken her head and sighed. This Master of Golden Crow City really wasn’t a smart person.

But the scene immediately after struck her dumb.

The Master of Golden Crow City had suddenly moved and grabbed the yellow-robed old Taoist. Without using any ling power, definitely without any ling power like a street-roaming gangster, he had beat down a jindan with his fists.

But … …

The fist that had no ling power actually had beaten the yellow-robed old Taoist to the point of being misshapen.

Was he a body cultivating xiuzhe?

What stage had he cultivated to in order to be able to beat a jindan xiuzhe to this state?

The simple and rough barrage from the Master of Golden Crow City made her pale and uncontrollably feel a thread of fear.

This was a true brute!

Translator Ramblings: This only became so one-sided because the jindan was captured when he was off-guard, was not able to utilize his speed and got beat up before he could use his spells to attack Zuo Mo. But this does show that Zuo Mo’s physical strength has increased and his power up is significant.

Not a lot of plot progression this chapter … … just action. This might make up for the melancholy of the previous chapters. Or Fang Xiang is doing one of his abrupt changes in tone.




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