修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Fifteen “Flower Slaves”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Fifteen – Flower Slaves

The last gamble!

Even the slowest person could clearly feel that the moment that determined life and death had arrived!

The black serpent suddenly turned into a ball of thick and vicious black energy, and then it shot towards the fire begonia that was diving towards it from the sky.

A cold light flashed through Zuo Mo’s eyes. The Light Void Wings shook slightly, and his figure disappeared in the air.

The Seventh, Ninth and Tenth Divisions of Vermillion Bird Camp attacked at the same time like three blades flashing across the sky. With the presence of death, they viciously sliced at Elder Mei.


Everyone felt their vision darken, the earth shake like the world was ending. And then the sky filled with a blinding light illuminated the sky, formed from countless streams of fire shooting in all directions before disappearing.

All of Bright Water City was alarmed by such a terrifying collision. Countless xiuzhe flew into the sky and looked with terror in the direction of Hundred Flower Valley.

The powers that had been preparing to come to the aid of Hundred Flower Valley saw this. They were shocked and stopped their movements.

This was a collision on the level of jindan!




Compared to the earth-shaking black serpent, Zuo Mo’s attack was silent without even a whisper. Like a ghost, he appeared behind Elder Xiao. The glass-like right palm lightly pressed on Elder Xiao’s glowingly alluring back.

His action was warm, gentle, and without any presence. When Zong Ru saw Zuo Mo’s move from a distance, his expression changed slightly. He felt awe that Boss could cultivate [Sky Glass Wave] to such a fantastical level.

Elder Xiao’s figure suddenly froze. She seemed to hear an authoritative low growl echoing throughout her body. The explosive power erupted like a volcano and the channels inside her body were instantly shredded. What made her feel as though she was going to die was the golden core inside her body had stopped revolving. No matter how she tried, the golden core did not move even a sliver.

A hand suddenly grasped the golden core.

Endless blackness swallowed her like a tide.




Everyone in the Seventh, Ninth and Tenth Divisions raised their flying swords together. Everyone’s blood was boiling in their bodies, their battle intent filled their bodies and almost causing them to combust. They furiously accelerated without keeping anything back. Accelerate! Continuous acceleration!

There was only one goal in everyone’s eyes!

The leaders of the three divisions shouted at the same time, “Hundred Kill!”

“Hundred Kill!”

The xiuzhe of the three divisions howled angrily, their flying swords slicing down. The three sword energies that flashed passed at high speed gave off a blinding light in the air as their killing intent locked onto Elder Mei.

Elder Mei’s hair was loose as she glared, blood seeping out of the corner of her mouth.

Facing the three enormous sword energies, she had a slight smile. Wave after wave of attacks had pushed her nerves on edge. She had long been at the end of her rope, and just hanging on by a breath. The plum tree in her hand had broken into pieces a long ago, just leaving behind the bare main trunk.

The three enormous sword energies headed straight at her face. The presence sharp sword essence was enough to freeze her blood.

Was she going to be finally released?

This was the last thought that flashed through her mind. The three enormous sword energies exploded at the same time. The blinding light consumed her.




The Begonia Palace Lantern was destroyed. Elder Wang was heavily injured and spat out three mouthfuls of blood. The black serpent swam and coiled in the air, and growled successively. One of the black horns that had just grown had been broken. It clearly was very furious about that.

The black serpent had a vicious look in its eyes. It suddenly turned to a ball of black energy and smashed towards Elder Wang.

It came extremely quickly. Elder Wang’s movement was affected by her injuries and she was struck full on by the black energy.


Like a meteor, Elder Wang was thrown into the ground.

The pitiful Elder Wang wasn’t a body cultivating expert like Zuo Mo. Such a strong crash was a fatal blow to her weak body. She was instantly killed.




Su Yue’s face was pale white, her eyes filled with hopelessness. The death of three jindan elders was a loss that Hundred Flower Alliance could not bear. There was still a troop brimming with murderous intent in the sky. A thought suddenly flashed through her mind, was today the day that Hundred Flower Alliance would cease to exist?

The Light Void Wings on Zuo Mo’s back slowly faded. The rich and explosive power inside his body quickly disappeared like a retreating tide.

He looked at the other people. No matter if it was Vermillion Bird Camp or Guard Camp, everyone was furiously panting for breath. It was possible to see how fierce these battles had been. But all of them had smiles on their faces. Only they, especially because they had experienced the battle with Clear Sky Old Forefather in Little Mountain Jie, could feel the difficulty of this battle, could feel the improvement of their strength!

This battle had disturbed all of Bright Water City. Countless xiuzhe flew from Bright Water City towards Hundred Flower Valley.

Zuo Mo glanced at the battlefield and grabbed Su Yue.

Su Yue seemed to have lost her soul. She did not resist Zuo Mo capturing her.

Zuo Mo was slightly reassured and said to Shu Long, “You guys go search and see if there is anymore people you are familiar with. We’ll take all that you recognize.”

Shu Long was moved. Without another word, he nodded and left with Guard Camp.

Zuo Mo held Su Yue and led the group to start looting Hundred Flower Alliance. Su Yue’s last thread of hope was destroyed and she was abnormally obedient.

Zuo Mo felt great shock at the wealth of Hundred Flower Alliance. It definitely was one of the richest sects he had ever seen.

Ling Ying Sect which had been famed for its wealth in Sky Moon Jie, but it was very poor in comparison to Hundred Flower Alliance. Su Yue was skilled in management. After twenty years of accumulation, the wealth of this enormous sect caused Zuo Mo to sink into an extreme frenzy.

In the storeroom, third-grade and fourth-grade materials were piled up in mountains. Fifth-grade materials were not rare. Zuo Mo even saw a large number of sixth-grade materials. His drool almost spilled out. There were all kinds of ling flowers, including the seeds of rare ling flowers.

To a person like Zuo Mo who would even pluck the feathers off a goose, how could he pass on such a good opportunity?

Everyone in the forging division were sent over to transport the materials to the slave transporting ships. Zuo Mo decided to loot all of Hundred Flower Valley.

The treasure rooms of the elders gave Zuo Mo joyful surprises again, especially Elder Wang’s room which held many of her craftwork. The great majority of these were fifth-grade talismans and above. Most of those were various kinds of flower lanterns. Even though there were not many items in the treasure rooms, but all of them were of very good quality.

Zuo Mo did not hesitate in sweeping them all into his ring.

The jade scrolls, including the jade scrolls the elders collected, and the ones that Hundred Flower Alliance had bought or obtained through other channels were also swept clean by Zuo Mo.

Looking at the disciples that fled in fear, Zuo Mo was filled with scorn. After he finished looting, Hundred Flower Alliance would truly be dead. If this was a cohesive sect, all the disciples would have started to attack at this time, and not just watch as the elders risked their lives.

This had to be said to be the tragedy of Hundred Flower Alliance.

Shu Long found Zuo Mo. His expression was grave, and his eyes pained and sorrowful, “Boss, come look.”

Zuo Mo stilled, and followed Shu Long into an extremely deep cave in the mountain valley. When he saw the terrifying scene, his skin uncontrollably prickled.

Hundreds of xiu slaves had all kinds of strange ling flowers tangled on their bodies. The roots of these ling flowers were rooted in their bodies. Their gazes were unfocused, strange smiles on their faces. The ling flowers on their bodies were alluring as they were blooming. However, Zuo Mo who possessed Ling Eyes could clearly see the vitality of these xiu slaves were slowly being lost.

It seemed as though something suddenly exploded inside Zuo Mo’s body. An unprecedented anger swept his body like it was burning. He suddenly gripped Su Yue’s throat, and jerked her in front. Su Yue’s face was twisted as her eyes showed pain. Zuo Mo’s viciousness and brutality made her feel terror.

“You group of scum!”

Zuo Mo squeezed the words one by one through his teeth. His hand tightened and crushed Su Yue’s throat!

Su Yue’s gaze became muddled. Even until death, she could not understand how Zuo Mo could bear to act against her? Countless people showed goodwill towards her, and used all kinds of methods to curry her favour. She had always assumed no man would willingly kill her because of her unparalleled appearance!

As long as she was docile and obedient, they wouldn’t bear to.

Zuo Mo distastefully threw Su Yue to the ground.

“Boss, what to do with them?” Shu Long could not disguise the sorrow in his voice. As someone who had also been a xiu slave, he felt it even more deeply. He could detect the vitality of these xiu slaves were slipping away bit by bit into the ling flowers on their bodies.

In Zuo Mo’s mind, Pu Yao suddenly said to him, “Don’t remove those ling flowers. If you move them even one bit, they will immediately die.”

Pu Yao’s voice contained a rare thread of anger. “Flower slaves, I hadn’t thought this method would have been passed down. Ling flowers grown on the bodies of flower slaves will take the flower slave’s purest vitality. The ling flowers grown this way will be extremely high in quality. If you want to save them, there is only one method.”

Zuo Mo finally understood why Hundred Flower Alliance had so many high grade ling flowers. The rage rampaged in his chest. He forcibly suppressed it, and asked in a deep voice, “What method?”

“The primary energies of the flower slaves is being taken away, and they cannot escape death. There are only two ways to save them. The first is to replenish their energies using lingdan and such. The other method is to use reverse-absorption!”


“En, yes! The ling powers can absorb the primary energies and vitality of the flower slaves, so why can’t the flower slaves absorb the primary energies and vitality of the ling flowers?”

Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up. “How do you reverse it?”

Pu Yao threw a ball of light to Zuo Mo.

“I’ll give you this [Flower Yao Coexistence Art].” Pu Yao’s voice was slightly heavy, and carried an imperceptible sorrow. “In the past, during the war between xiuzhe and yaomo, many yaomo were like them. After they were captured, they were implanted with ling flowers. They would die after a length of time after they were rescued. In order to save them, this [Flower Yao Coexistence Art] was created. I hadn’t thought that this yao art would be used again after thousands after years.”

Zuo Mo bit his lips and turned to say to Shu Long, “Take them all onto the boat.”

A hint of joy flashed through Shu Long’s eyes. Boss definitely had a solution. He and Guard Camp hurriedly transported the hundreds of flower slaves to the slave transporting boats.

Zuo Mo’s mood was extremely bad. He felt there was a fire burning in his heart that could not be vented. He never thought of himself as an ally of justice. However, the treatment of the flower slaves had broken through his bottom line. He could not suppress his fury.

Suddenly, he raised his head to glance at the sky and the several troops rolling in.

Zuo Mo suddenly smirked coldly.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo finally gets to loot a sect after missing Clear Sky Sect. Pu Yao gets another golden core but not all three. I’m very curious how many jingshi is a golden core worth since they only seem to exist inside jindan and it is difficult to extract them.




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69 thoughts on “修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Fifteen “Flower Slaves””

    1. What final jindan? All three already RIP.
      Looking at the name [Flower Yao Mutual Existence Art] I think they will combine the slaves’ body with the flower and living as a… chimera? The flower will become a part of their body.
      Maybe they’ll create another division, Pretty Flower Boys Camp.

      1. I agree, they will probably end up in symbiosis with the flowers. And gain some special powers, I reckon.

      2. Yeah all three(Wang, mei, xiao) is RIP…
        But su yue as a leader should be one(she has lead for 20 yrs )

  1. …think he can swing some diplomacy using the flower slaves? I doubt the local powers really care what happens to slaves, but the method seems repulsive enough that they might find it hard to openly support the flower whatever sect.

    Add in an explanation that one of his troops were former slaves, and that this was a personal grudge and not some repeatedable power grab… maybe mention that he plans to leave the jie soon… yeah, maybe he can make it “not worth it”. Heck, toss some of the 4th through 6th grade materials as bribes.

    1. How about toss some “Hundred Kill!!” instead?
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  2. Don’t think it was ever mentioned but was Su Yue, the sect leader, a Jindan? The 3 elders were Jindan and there was also that one at the river entrance but I don’t remember whether the sect leader was said to be Jindan. This would mean he got 2 Jindans this fight if we assume Vermillion Bird camp destroyed one; 3 if they grabbed the one killed by the snake.

    1. She is not a jindan. She is kinda like a Prime Minister while the jindans are like a royal family. The jindans are too lofty (lazy) to take care trivial things.

      1. Yeah, I just wasn’t completely sure. I mean it seemed like everyone in Sky Moon Jie that was a sect leader was a Jindan. But in Little Mountain Jie the leader of Clear Sky Sect was only Ningmai, but I assumed it’s because they only had one Jindan. So wasn’t sure how this Hundred Flower sect was.

    2. The thing about Sky Moon was that it was rather small and poor. It is doubtful that most of the sects had enough going on that things really needed to be delegated too much.

      But this flower whatever sect is large and has a lot of lucrative businesses with their flower materials, flower lanterns, and (flower) slaves. The things they are selling are likely rather labor and skill intensive, and need the jindan to watch over them (I can’t really see you making 6th grade materials on your own otherwise). So they probably picked a more normal disciple to act as public relations and overseer of the ‘little people’.

    3. now we get on the mc sword sect that has 4 jingans, and had to bow down to a bigger power.

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    I also haven’t really seen a black market yet. Maybe future?

    1. Just like how there are cannibals in real life, I’m pretty sure there are those out there that use golden cores for their cultivation. It’s probably just one of those things that are known to be used by “vicious and cruel” Xiuzhe that are feared by everyone, while everyone else that does it just keeps it a secret.

    2. Uh, the one that use golden cores is Pu, not Zuo Mo.
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      Unlike jindan cultivators, humans are not basically walking nuclear reactors. We don’t have valuable materials in us. But jindan do. The only reason more people don’t do this is because the core is rather ethereal and evaporates if you don’t have someone like Pu Yao using special techniques to store it. That, and obviously it is very, very hard to kill a jindan and steal the core. So for most, it just isn’t worth it to try, really.

      I am sure some of the super sects do it. They have the strength and the knowledge base to pull off hunting random jindan for their cores. We just haven’t gotten that far in the story, to the point we see people that can casually do this.

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    So, after Zuo Mo stripped the sect down to the bone, it turns out that they’re performing hideous flower experiments so Zuo Mo is now the hero of justice and we can hate the Flower Alliance safely. I dunno, it just seems over the top, even for a world where lesser cultivators are considered insects.

    1. Even without the flower slaves he would still have felt justified in attacking because the Guard Camp had a grievance against them. The flower slaves just guaranteed that it would be a massacre rather than a robbery and a few selective killings and beatings.

    2. That’s how a real world situation would progress, when you have subordinates who have a vengeance against a clan its best if you help them out making them a better asset for you.

      Its not like he has the power to be a hero and rescue all xiu slaves. Then the question of what to do with them also comes into play.

      He attacked them because they already got into a fight, if they backed out now the flower clan would have gathered support and messed with them. Also the black platoon wouldn’t fight until death for him. His move was decisive and he played for the loot and morale of his troops. Most importantly he did a premtive strike which will ensure no other faction will mess with him now.

      But yeah I don’t know what his bottom line actually his, his sky yoa did some crazy things to those slaves when he made the golden sentinals.

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    “It seemed as though something suddenly exploded inside Zuo Mo’s body. An unprecedented anger swept his body like it was burning.”

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    These quotes pretty much sum up why Zuo Mo is the hero of this story… instead of, say, Wei Sheng or Luo Li, who probably wouldn’t have batted an eyelid at the woe of the Flower Slaves. What’s the crux of being a hero? It’s not about being an ‘ally of justice’ — it’s about having a human heart.

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      Morality, by definition, is personal lines. Since the flower slaves have an emotional connection to Pu Yao or course it’s repugnant. I actually enjoyed seeing this side of Pu Yao.

      As for the uglier side of humanity. This is the slow build up that has been happening for the entire novel. None of the races are noble. The yaomo were just written off as evil because the “then” winners, the humans, write history.

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