修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Eighteen “Human Wrecking Ball”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Eighteen – Human Wrecking Ball

Zuo Mo and Lil’ Miss looked at each other, and understood what the other was thinking.

It hadn’t been long but Vermillion Bird Camp completely finished their recovery. The supplies of Vermillion Bird Camp was generous, and each person carried enough jingshi so that they could quickly recover ling power. He glanced at Shu Long. Noticing Shu Long’s nearly imperceptible nod, he had to silently praise the powerful recovery speed of mo skills.

The power inside his body had also silently recovered. The strength of the Great Day mo physique far surpassed both the Guard Camp and his imagination.

Zuo Mo straightened his spine and looked at the three troops opposite him. His heart was filled with the belief that they would win!

The silent feeling of confidence had formed between these people without their own knowledge.

He shifted his body. Almost at the same moment, Vermillion Bird Camp and Guard Camp started to move.

Vermillion Bird Camp was like a gust of clear wind. As the troop gathered and scattered, it was ethereal and nimble, carrying its unique sharp killing intent that was like a blade. While the Guard Camp was like a dense steel flood. They were not quick, but they were a tyrannical wave of destruction.

Zuo Mo was at the very front of the troop. He pressed his lips together tightly, his eyes slightly slowed as his body stood straight like a spear. The Sonic Lightning Walnuts that flew around his body drew out threads of silver light.

On his left rear flank was Vermillion Bird Camp waiting to act. If one looked closely, they would find the entire Vermillion Bird Camp was like a compressed spring that was silently trembling and filled with the aura of danger. Gongsun Cha did not sit on the broad Green Cloud Sword like he usually did. He had stood up, his eyes curving into crescents, and a shy smile on his face. A blade-like light flashed through the eyes of the Vermillion Bird Camp xiuzhe.

On his right rear flank, the Guard Camp was silent and motionless. They were like a troop of battle servants from thousands of years ago. Shu Long was at the very center of the troop, steady and murderous, yet motionless. The black heavy armor encased them tightly, and separated them from the outside. The fiendishness from the slightly lowered eyes made people feel the battle intent roiling away behind this deathly silent flood!

Zuo Mo and his people’s movements instantly attracted everyone’s attention. Tian Ling Zi’s trio changed expression. They commanded  their troops to retreat fifty zhang. Zuo Mo’s action of taking out twenty Sonic Lightning Walnuts  had destroyed their notions of taking advantage of the situation, but the news that came had given them the hope they could share in the spoils.

They had made the decision to not provoke the Master of Golden Crow City. As long as they managed to keep track of him, then after tomorrow’s battle they would receive some merit. They prepared to distance themselves at any moment.

Zuo Mo decided to fight quickly.

He raised his right hand and then chopped down hard. “Kill!”

A cold light flashed through Lil’ Miss’ crescent eyes. Vermillion Bird Camp who had been waiting for the signal suddenly exploded. Hundreds of sword energies tore the air!

Howls shrieked through the air.

Shu Long gave a low shout, “Kill!”

The black energy shifted and twisted. Thousands of black energy threads gathered and formed a black flood in the general shape of a snake. Waves of deep shrieks came from in inside.

The sky seemed to have suddenly darkened.

The aura of destruction and the terrifying killing energy filled the sky. Everyone paled.

The trio felt their limbs turn cold. Each of them had pale faces. Only now did they realize how idiotic their ideas were! Regret filled Tian Ling Zi’s heart. At this time, he could only shout at the top of his lungs, “Retr… …”

His pupils suddenly expanded. He lowered his head, and saw a hand bursting out from his chest.

The xiuzhe around Tian Ling Zi looked at him as though they saw a ghost. The terror inside their eyes spread through their hearts like spiderwebs.

A figure with golden wings on its back disappeared from their field of view.

This attack was flawless!

The Light Void Wings on his back lightly flapped, and a rich flow of power seemed to flood in like the tide. His figure was like lightning and flew out a great distance. Zuo Mo did not feel any panic at being in battle. His mind was unusually serene. He carefully experienced the power from the Light Void Wings behind his back. Under the terrifying power, it was not an easy matter to control his posture.

This battle, however, was the perfect chance to learn.

As for the Sonic Lightning Walnuts, wastefulness was shameful … …

The Light Void Wings on his back shook, and his vision blurred. He appeared half a zhang in front of a xiuzhe.


Zuo Mo who had just been very smug made a strange sound. Before he could react, he smashed onto the other’s ling shield.


The ling shield instantly broke. Zuo Mo’s earlier momentum did not dissipate, and heavily collided with the other..

Zuo Mo only heard a wail and the sound of bones breaking. It was like he hit a sandbag. He unconsciously moved the Light Void Wings on his back. A strong force passed over, and his figure uncontrollably disappeared again.

He was like a person-shaped wrecking ball that had completely lost control and bounced between the people in the crowd.

But his Great Day mo physique was very strong. Adding on that terrifying speed, bones broke and limbs tore off wherever he passed. The wails echoed in his ears.

He saw the others could not wound him and decided to ignore them to concentrate on controlling the Light Void Wings. Only when he could truly control the Light Void Wings would he have the true assets to fight against jindan. Every one of the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique were powerful. If he could adeptly use them, his power would furiously grow.

Vermillion Bird Camp used a completely different style. Each platoon was like a blade. They were like butchers dismembering ling beasts, accurate, at ease, and without hurry.

Guard Camp was still unmoving at their spot, but the crazily dancing black energy was changing strangely. It suddenly gathered and scattered, sometimes turning into a large snake, and sometimes as countless small snakes. The unpredictability and strangeness of the Little Mo Kill was fully expressed.

However, no matter if it was the waves of charges from the Vermillion Bird Camp, or the Little Mo Kill of Guard Camp, none of them dared to go close to Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo’s dashes and crashes made everyone in Vermillion Bird Camp feel shock, and distance themselves. If they were accidentally hit, they would end here. Any xiuzhe that Boss hit had wailed, flew out a long distance through the air like a sandbag, and was smashed to pieces as they crashed into the ground.

No one was left alive!

No one was left alive if they were hit … …

Their hearts felt a chill. They could clearly see that Boss’ posture when he hit others was very strange. This sign made it evident that Boss could not fully control himself. If they were killed due to being hit while Boss moved uncontrollably, that was a true embarrassment. Who could they complain to?

The xiuzhe of Vermillion Bird Camp distanced themselves from Zuo Mo and traced out a long arc to circle around to kill the xiuzhe that wanted to escape.

Gongsun Cha’s smile had frozen on his face. He was looking with shock at the sky.

Compared to Vermillion Bird Camp’s avoidance, Guard Camp was even more depressed. When they had seen Vermillion Bird Camp moving aside, they had been slightly proud. Since they were attacking from a distance, they were very safe.

But shock quickly came onto Shu Long and the others’ faces.

The black energy of Little Mo Kill would go crazy and become uncontrollable for some unknown reason if it neared Boss and dispersed in all directions. In this short period of time, the black energy expended on the enemies wasn’t as much as the black energy that Boss had scattered.

What situation was this … …

Having met such a strange situation for the first time, Shu Long could only grimace.

Out of helplessness, he could only control the Little Mo Kill and attack the enemy from the fringes .

An extremely strange scene played out in the battlefield in the sky. Little Mo Kill and Vermillion Bird Camp formed the borders of the battlefield together like a steel wall. No xiuzhe was able to escape.

Inside this sphere, the sound of impact continuously rang out.

Zuo Mo saw the other was not able to damage his Great Day mo physique and decided to not care about his posture, and just focus on controlling the Light Void Wings on his back.

Therefore, he used all kinds of peerlessly strange positions and astounding speed to hit one xiuzhe after the other out of the spherical battlefield.

The people of Vermillion Bird Camp were alert. They were nervous about the enemies that were hit. No one would add another blow to these people. What they were alert about was not getting hit by these enemies. There was an unfortunate Vermillion Bird Camp xiuzhe that had been lightly injured by an enemy that had been sent flying.

It was a calamity from the heavens!

After a while, the enemies inside the spherical battlefield had completely collapsed. They furiously attacked the outside border!

In the sky, the blade-like charges instantly started!

Little Mo Kill was activated at full power without anything held back.

The wails of the enemy rang in their ears. Flowers spun out in the sky, and like dumplings, they continuously fell down.

The minds of these Sky Water Jie xiuzhe had been robbed, and their morale was at its lowest point. The entire troop was collapsing at a rapid rate. Having lost the commander, with collapsing morale, without motivation, they were just rabble. In front of elite troops like Vermillion Bird Camp and Guard Camp, they were a group of sheep waiting for slaughter.

The merciless slaughter only continued for a short hour before the entire battlefield was cleared.

None of the spectating xiuzhe were able to maintain their calm. They looked with pale white faces at the empty battlefield, and looked at the Master of Golden Crow City’s subordinates methodically looting the battlefield.

These people’s practiced and crisp actions, these movements that did not have any presence of killing, made the xiuzhe from Sky Water Jie smell the scene of blood and fire after such a battle.




“So weak!” Lei Peng jerked a jade pendant from a corpse as he snorted coldly. “Just this group of trashy people, and they want to attack us. They really don’t know anything.”

“People die for wealth, birds die for food, what’s so strange about that? Weren’t we the same in the past?” Nian Lu did not even raise his head, his movements were clean and brisk.

Lei Peng stilled at the words. Tilting his head to think, he nodded and said, “That’s true.” He then furrowed his brow and said, “But we are no longer the same. But how are we not the same?”

Nian Lu’s hands stopped moving. He straightened his spine, and said seriously. “We aren’t the same now.” But he also could not pinpoint where they were not the same.

After thinking fruitlessly for a while, Lei Peng was impatient. “Whatever, what are we thinking about that for? Just follow Boss. In any case, an was thinking that our way of living now isn’t so bad. It’s worth it even if we die!”

“En,” Nian Lu made a sound of agreement, his eyes deep. “That’s right. We lived long enough since we didn’t die in Little Mountain Jie.”




Zuo Mo panted heavily. It was the first time he tried out close combat fighting in a real fight like this. He hadn’t felt it before, but when he stopped, he felt his entire body was unspeakably sore. He inhaled sharply. It looked as though this Great Day mo physique had its limits. He couldn’t be so brash in the future.

“You guys are too vicious!”

A choked female voice came from the sky. Zuo Mo raised his head and found a female xiuzhe within the crowd was swearing and pointing at his nose.

The surrounding suddenly became silent.

The faces of the xiuzhe beside Zuo Mo all darkened.

“What? Do you want to kill me too?” The female xiu proudly flew out of the crowd. Her eyes held tears, and her expression was excited. “They weren’t even defending themselves. Why can’t you give them a road to live? Why do you have to kill them all?”

Translator Ramblings: I was gone for a few hours and it seemed the comments section exploded. That made for a lot of good reading about the stupidity of certain people. There is a mindset the sects have because they have more jindan than Hundred Flower Alliance, they are prepared, and they have trained battalions which outnumber Zuo Mo’s group so they think they will win. They essentially believe Hundred Flower Alliance lose due to the factor of surprise and they will be “better.” The jindan will be kept in reserve because the sects are prominent ones and they want “face.” It will look like they bully outsiders if they use jindan while the other group isn’t. On the other hand, Zuo Mo and the others are in a mindset of war which means their actions are not “honorable” and they don’t care that much about “face,” not that Zuo Mo cared much about it in the first place.

Zuo Mo’s armies need hazard pay to help them with injuries from their own boss. Nian Lu and Lei Peng are stand ins for the rest of Zuo Mo’s people. They realize they have changed … … killing jindan using teamwork is pretty cool, even if they are not the strongest jindan



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