修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Nineteen “If You Want a Fight, Fight!”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Nineteen – If You Want A Fight, Fight!

Zuo Mo rolled his eyes.

He decided to ignore her. This kind of woman didn’t have a clear head. Since the two sides had started to fight, if one spoke of benevolence, wasn’t that just asking for death? Crazy person!

“Let’s go!” He turned his head and said.

Shu Long led Guard Camp back to the slave transporting ships. They were able to fly for short distances, but their speed was slow. They liked using the steady slave transporting boats more. The Vermillion Bird Camp swam in the sky as they warily looked at the surrounding xiuzhe.

“Come on, kill! Kill!” The emotions of the female xiu became increasingly excited. “You killed so many people already. You shouldn’t be afraid of killing one more! What? You don’t dare? You people from Little Mountain Jie come to our Sky Water Jie and the first thing you do is to kill. Go back to your Little Mountain Jie, we don’t welcome you!”

The surrounding Sky Water Jie xiuzhe shifted.

The female xiu’s words really struck many of the Sky Water Jie xiuzhe’s hearts. They were already very resistant to the xiuzhe of Little Mountain Jie. Many people’s eyes became unfriendly. Some of the powers that had been observing started to shift.

Zuo Mo’s face suddenly became cold. He stopped in the air.

Vermillion Bird Camp started to consolidate. Having just stepped onto the slave transporting boat, Shu Long’s face darkened. The faces of the other people became ugly. They came from Little Mountain Jie and were abnormally sensitive to the atmosphere of their surrounding environment.

They felt enmity.

Zuo Mo did not speak. He was not shocked at this scene. To the xiuzhe of Sky Water Jie, they were just outsiders. The arrival of xiuzhe from Little Mountain Jie had already significantly changed the status quo in Sky Water Jie which was why their enmity was so strong.

“You won’t even have mercy on women?” The more the female xiu shouted, the more sorrowful and angry she became. “Didn’t you kill Sect Leader Su Yue? What? If you have the guts, then kill me … …”

The voice suddenly stopped.

The head that flew into the air, her expression full of disbelief. She seemed to still be unable to believe that Zuo Mo dared to kill her under the eyes of the public!

The xiuzhe of Sky Water Jie instantly rumbled. Many people also had expressions of disbelief.

“Too arrogant! Everyone, let’s kill them!”

“The people from Little Mountain Jie dare to come run amok in our Sky Water Jie, everyone, fight together!”

The crowd was extremely furious. Many people had blood-filled eyes as they yearned to fight. The powers that had been observing from the side were slightly wavering. Their subordinates had already sank into argument.

“Listen well.”

Zuo Mo coldly stated.

For some reason, there seemed to be a fire burning in his chest. While in Little Mountain Jie, he had assumed that after leaving Little Mountain Jie he would find paradise. Yet what he never thought was that he would immediately encounter something that broke through his bottom line in Sky Water Jie.

He thought of those flower slave with scattered minds and dazed expressions, entirely wrapped in ling flowers.

The scornful ruckus in the surroundings entered his ears. He wanted to laugh, but he found that he wasn’t able to laugh. There seemed to be a breath stuck at his chest. Savagery and killing intent twisted and roiled in his chest.

Therefore, he spoke.

The surroundings instantly became silent.

“I don’t care who you are. If you want to fight, fight.” His eyes were deep, and his voice seemed to float across from far away. “Don’t waste words. We can’t compare to you, we are much cleaner and in the open.”

The surroundings were deathly silent. The people looked dazedly at the Master of Golden Crow City in the air. No one had expected that the Master of Golden Crow City would say such arrogant and tyrannical words at such a time! Was this person crazy! Did he really think he could really do what he wanted in Sky Water Jie with just the people he had?

Everyone was shocked by Zuo Mo’s words. No one spoke.

Zuo Mo slowly looked around. His sharp gaze made many people have the impulse to turn their face away.

He raised his right hand in the air.

“Anyone that attacks, kill them!”

The voice was like the wind and snow that blew in the winter, not loud, but it was chilling to the bone as it swept everyone’s hearts.

No matter if it was Vermillion Bird Camp, or Guard Camp, everyone, including the forging division, all of them felt their blood boil. An indescribable feeling came from their hearts. They couldn’t help but shout together, “Kill!”

The shouts of several thousand people together were like thunder as it spread.

The Sky Water Jie xiuzhe that had been wanting to fight were all stunned by this shout. Their slightly heated heads instantly cleared. They had never heard such a fierce and domineering presence from any other troop.

The Master of Golden Crow City and Hundred Flower Alliance had personal grievances. That wasn’t a secret in Sky Water Jie. Ever since the Master of Golden Crow City had led tens of thousands of people out of Little Mountain Jie, he had instantly entered the attention of the large powers of Sky Water Jie. The origins of the Master of Golden Crow City were mysterious and were hard to find. But the presence of the Hundred Flower Alliance insignia on the five slave transporting boats gave them a great deal to speculate on.

One factor for their attention was that they desired the wealth of the Master of Golden Crow City. Supposedly, the five slave transporting boats were packed with large numbers of talismans and materials. After defeating Hundred Flower Alliance, the spoils would be even richer, and greed made their hearts move.

Another factor was the rejection of Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe by Sky Water Jie xiuzhe. The factions were especially unaccepting of any power that could destabilize their influence.

Just as the factions looked at each other and wanted to discuss, their expressions changed, and looked towards the sky.

Large patches of dots appeared in the sky. Before they could see clearly, the blinding sword energy that lit up when people were flying on the sword at their fastest speed lit up the entire sky, and forced them to narrow their eyes.

“City Master!”

“Ha! It’s the City Master!”

The shouts came like a tide.




These Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe that had come to help were very excited at this time. All of the surviving xiuzhe from Little Mountain Jie were ningmai, and they were in their forties or above. They were used to the way of the world. However, none of these people could keep their composure. Fei Shan was not an exception. He found he could not calm down.

He suddenly recalled the magnificent battles at Golden Crow City. They were deeply embedded in his heart. He still remembered his emotions at that time, especially when the City Master had led everyone to swear at the Clear Sky Old Forefather. He had imagined how exhilarating it would be to fight under the command of the Master of Golden Crow City. He hadn’t thought such a day would really come. He was very excited.

The Master of Golden Crow City looked to be in his early twenties. Among these fifty and sixty year old ningmai, he was somewhat outrageously young. But this youth that was outrageously young seemed to have a charisma that made people trust and obey him, and to be willing to fight for him!

The Sky Water Jie xiuzhe jumped in fright, and hurriedly rode their swords to flee.




In a short while, all of the Sky Water Jie xiuzhe had left the enormous Hundred Flower Valley. This change was so sudden that some Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe were too excited and wanted to chase before they were pulled back by their fellows.

“Stop shouting! Listen to the City Master! Which of you is more able than City Master!”

“Everyone listen to the City Master!”

The heads of the little factions in this crowd of xiuzhe spoke, and those xiuzhe making a fuss instantly closed their mouths. In terms of command, no one dared to compete against Zuo Mo.

At the beginning, Zuo Mo was quite puzzled. When he was informed that these xiuzhe had all heard that he was in danger and came to help, he was dumbstruck where he stood. He was very moved. Truthfully, he had never thought of these people when he fought with Clear Sky Old Forefather. He just did it for himself.

So he had never thought these people would remember this.

His heart was very warm. The darkness created by Hundred Flower Alliance was swept away. The sun seemed much brighter. He bowed towards the people, “This one thanks everyone here!”

This group of xiuzhe instantly became panicked.

“What is City Master doing?”

“City Master saved our lives, this is what we should do.”

“Yes, yes … …”

The people spoke over each other as they returned the bow.

After standing up, Zuo Mo swept the surroundings and said with a smile, “Let’s go down to rest!”

The people all agreed and landed on a mountain in Hundred Flower Valley.

Everyone felt very close upon seeing each other, and they were even noisier when they gathered together. Each person had a sunny smile on their face. Some chatty people had grouped together and started to converse.

The heads of some of the factions were circled around Zuo Mo as they held a discussion.

“City Master, I just received news. Cloud Divine Sect and Wood Sword Sect have gathered more than ten smaller sects and are planning to attack us tomorrow,” a faction head said worriedly. To be able to become a leader, he naturally had his talents. This leader’s abilities could not be underestimated as he was be able to place spies in Bright Water City so quickly.

Seeing many people were unmoved, he hurriedly explained the status of Cloud Divine Sect and Wood Sword Sect in Sky Water Jie. After his explanation, everyone all inhaled sharply.

Zuo Mo’s expression was normal as he raised his folded hands to this leader. “I have not asked for this big brother’s name.”

This leader said with some panic, “City Master is really troubling this one. This one is Zheng Wei. City Master can just call me by name. Don’t say anything more about big brother.”

Zuo Mo smiled. “Can Head Zheng give us some more details?”

Zheng Wei hurriedly narrated the news that he had just received from the beginning, and introduced the sects. After he finished, everyone was silent. The other side’s strength far surpassed their imagination.

If there really were so many people … …

Everyone turned to look at Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo unconsciously furrowed his brow. He felt shocked at this news. If he had received this news in any other circumstances, he would only do one thing: take everyone and flee.

But … …

Right now, he would not flee. He was sure that if he fled, the other xiuzhe of Little Mountain Jie would become the targets to vent hatred. The xiuzhe of Sky Water Jie would use this chance to weaken the powers of the Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe until they were sure the xiuzhe of Little Mountain Jie were not a threat to them.

He previously had not felt these xiuzhe had any connection to him, but now that he knew he could not just leave and end it.

Many paper cranes suddenly flew in from the sky and into the crowd of people.

“Ha, Li Xiao Si can arrive tonight!”

“I just knew they wouldn’t be able to stop themselves. Ha ha, Old Man Yang has his brothers and is hurrying over!”

Several paper cranes flew into Zheng Wei’s hands. After Zheng Wei finished reading, he was overjoyed. He said excitedly, “City Master, they’ve all come! Everyone is coming!”

A blush came onto Gongsun Cha’s face. His smile was even more bashful and shy as his eyes flashed with an unusual brightness. Shu Long stood silently beside Zuo Mo, but his heavy breathing exposed the desire for battle inside.

Zuo Mo’s mood was unsteady. He suddenly stood up as he looked towards Bright Water City.

“Well then let’s f***ing fight!”

Translator Ramblings: This really isn’t a cliffhanger. A battle is coming and Zuo Mo’s good deed of killing Clear Sky Old Forefather has really paid off for him now.

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