修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Three “Core Formation”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Three – Core Formation

The entire Hundred Flower Valley started to move.

Core formation!

Someone was having their core formation!

Compared to entering the zhuji and ningmai stages, forming the core made a much bigger spectacle. The sky had just been full of light, but now it was covered in dark clouds. It was possible to see lightning snakes among the clouds, and five colored auroras flowing by. Many people couldn’t help but have admiring expressions. Everyone caused different apparitions when they were forming their core. The exact nature of the apparition was related to the xiuzhe’s own spells, and the laws that they comprehended.

The changes of the world during core formation was extremely important to a xiuzhe because it was the first step for a xiuzhe to comprehend the higher levels of the world’s rules. Higher levelled rules, and deeper comprehension began with the apparition during core formation. Stepping into this door was a brand new world.

This was core formation! The core formation that countless people dreamed about.

Every xiuzhe that entered ningmai had a dream, core formation.

For the great majority of xiuzhe, jindan was the highest target they purused. It mean greater power, higher status, more jingshi, and a freer life! In places like Sky Moon Jie and Sky Water Jie, a jindan was a warlord, and if they didn’t want to waste time on mortal matters, any sect would welcome them with the status of an elder. The tempting benefits meant you did not have to worry about materials, or jingshi. You had great amounts of time to do anything you wanted.

To get all these benefits, you only needed to become a jindan.

The black clouds in the sky roiled. The five colored aurora would occasionally become rainbows that then extinguished. It was very attractive. The mood became even tenser.

Zuo Mo’s mouth was open wide as he looked dazedly at the sky. This was the first time he saw the process of core formation and it gave him an enormous shock. The black clouds in the sky, the rainbows that were born and died, all of this shocked him. His consciousness was very strong, and his sensitivity to ling power surpassed any xiuzhe inside the valley.

He could clearly feel the terrifying ling power that was contained here!

The ling power within a three hundred li radius had suddenly concentrated the moment the black clouds formed. The ling power had all flowed into this ball of black clouds. If these black clouds exploded, the power it would release would far surpass the power of twelve Sonic Lightning Walnut exploding simultaneously.

The entire Hundred Flower Valley would turn to dust. Even Zuo Mo, with his Great Day mo physique, would not be able to avoid this calamity. The pressure that was released by the black clouds was purely caused by the sheer enormous volume of ling power it contained!

Zuo Mo’s expression suddenly became extremely ugly. He noticed many xiuzhe didn’t retreat, but went closer. Core formation was a rare event and had a fatal attraction for everyone. If they could see a bit, it definitely would be of benefit.

This group of people didn’t want to live!

Zuo Mo swore inside and stopped the people going forward, “It is dangerous! Come back! Everyone, retreat out of Hundred Flower Valley!”

Fortunately, Zuo Mo held great authority among this group of people. Everyone hesitated, but they all quickly left Hundred Flower Valley.

Hundred Flower Valley was very close to Bright Water City. Such a strong flow of ling power had disturbed all of Bright Water City. Xiuzhe from Bright Water City continually flew out of Bright Water City to look in the direction of Hundred Flower Valley.




After that night’s battle, the xiuzhe of Bright Water City changed their attitudes towards the Little Mountain Jie xiuzhe who were lead by the Master of Golden Crow City, especially jindan xiuzhe. The ambush during the night had completely destroyed Wood Sword Camp, including one jindan. Up until now, there were five or six jindan that had died in the hands of the Master of Golden Crow City.

This was an number that no one could dismiss.

If it was one or two, it could be said to be luck, but five or six was not something that could be explained by luck. This was why the heavily wounded Wood Sword Sect and Cloud Divine Sect did not launch a counter-attack.

In the eyes of normal xiuzhe, the power of the Master of Golden Crow City was immeasurable. They also found that the construction of Little Mountain City did not affect their lives. These xiuzhe that came from Little Mountain Jie were not as brutal and evil as they had originally imagined. They were very generous and were deeply liked by merchants. Many merchants planned on going to Little Mountain City and open up a store.

“Core formation, they have someone becoming a jindan!”

In the sky, Yan Yang’s expression was dark. A malicious look flashed through his eyes.

He Qiu was silently for a moment before he said, “Yes, they have become even stronger.”

When the figures of Vermillion Bird Camp appeared in the sky, He Qiu sighed. The name of Vermillion Bird Camp had spread through Sky Water Jie. Everyone knew of them. The appearance of this troop meant that the Master of Golden Crow City was still wary of them. Yan Yang did not make a sound. He stared viciously at Vermillion Bird Camp that was swimming through the air.

It was this troop that had sent Wood Sword Camp to their deaths, and had taken the life of his beloved disciple.

He definitely would avenge this grievance!

His gaze was dark. The elders of the sect did not agree to allow him using stronger measures. No elder was willing to fight. This was why he had remained inactive up until now. He did his best to control the hatred in his heart. He was very clear that only an unconventional move could help him avenge this grievance. In the entire Sky Water Jie, no sect would publicly stand with him and become enemies with the Master of Golden Crow City.

Yan Yang did his best to suppress it, but how could he conceal it from the eyes of He Qiu, who had been his opponent for more than ten years? He Qiu instantly knew Yan Yang’s thoughts, but he did not speak of it. If Yan Yang wanted to jump into the fire pit, he wouldn’t stop the other.




At this time, five colored aurora lights suddenly light up the thick cloud layer above Hundred Flower Valley. It was possible to see the shape of a rainbow-colored ling beast swimming inside.

Zuo Mo’s expression was nervous. Xie Shan had reached the most crucial time of a core formation.

He could feel Xie Shan was continuously absorbing ling power from the clouds. That ling beast that was blurry was very resistant to Xie Shan absorbing ling power. Xie Shan didn’t seem to be in a hurry, and just continuously drew out ling power.

Two hours passed. Xie Shan was still absorbing ling power.

Zuo Mo was filled with shock. Up until now, he could generally estimate how much ling power Xie Shan had drawn out from the clouds. Jindan xiuzhe were definitely monsters. The amount of ling power in a ningmai could not compare to what a jindan could contain. No wonder people commonly say that jindan and ningmai were two different worlds.

Pu Yao appeared out of nowhere. “You don’t have to be jealous of him. He has a deep base which is why he has caused such an apparition while he is forming the golden core. If you grasp all six transformations of the Great Day mo physique, other than some rare powerful jindan, no other jindan will be a match for you.”

“Really?” Zuo Mo didn’t quite believe it. Before today, he hadn’t been as fearful of jindan as he had been in the past, but the powerful apparition of Xie Shan’s core formation today had once again shown him the power of jindan xiuzhe.

“To be ranked second among brigadier mo physiques, how could it not have any powerful qualities?” Pu Yao smirked coldly.

His direction changed. “Even if you do not use the Great Day mo physique, you still don’t have to be afraid of him.”

“How so?” Zuo Mo was slightly interested. After Pu Yao had gotten a jindan last time, he had become much more energized, and was chattier. What surprised Zuo Mo the most was that this guy was much more generous than he was in the past. He didn’t hide things like spells and yao arts like he had before.

“If you cultivate [Great Thousand Leaf Hands] and [Little Thousand Leaf Hands], even a jindan isn’t a threat!” Pu Yao said proudly.

“Please,” Zuo Mo smirked scornfully, “who are you trying to fool! I’ve practiced these two, the power isn’t bad, but it isn’t enough to take down a jindan.”

“How much have you cultivated?” Pu Yao volleyed back with the same scornful tone. “It is a waste for them to have landed on your hands. Your brain isn’t very good. Just cultivate Great Day mo physique. That is most suited to people with able limbs and simple minds.”

He then glanced disdainfully at Zuo Mo, “Our yao cultivation has much more to consider than the dumb mo.”

Zuo Mo was not willing to show weakness. He said with a cold smile, “Really? But why haven’t I ever seen it from this honored Sky Yao?”

Pu Yao had a deep hint of mirth at the corner of his mouth. “No problem, I can let you see.”

Zuo Mo’s pupils suddenly shrank. A black dot suddenly appeared in front of Pu Yao, a black dot that was bottomless. When the black dot appeared, it expanded and swallowed the surrounding space at a rapid speed. Zuo Mo could only stare as the surroundings were being swallowed. His body could not move.

In the black void, Zuo Mo faced Pu Yao.

“This .. … what yao art is this?” Zuo Mo gaped as he stammered. He looked in all directions. Everything was a black void.

Pu Yao lowered his head slightly, his blood red pupil narrowing into a line, and the thin lips slightly curved. “[Night Restriction], a very obscure yao art.” Finishing, he gave a strange smile. “You are nervous?”

“Cough!” Hearing this, Zuo Mo pretended to cough. “Nonsense! Just a yao art that is used for scares, and you want to make ge nervous, you underestimate ge!”

Zuo Mo then said suspiciously, “Pu, you’ve recovered your power?”

“A little bit. Just a golden core, there wasn’t much primary essence.”

Zuo Mo sweat when he heard this. Pu Yao’s tone made it seem like he was saying a mosquito didn’t have much meat. Those were jindan, not lettuce.

“What do you want to do by bringing me to this dark place?” Zuo Mo’s expression was righteous. “I’m telling you I have no interest in yao. In the future, I will find a beautiful female xiu to marry!”

“I’m very interested in you!” Pu Yao stared with interest at Zuo Mo like he was seeing some peerless treasure. His eye was red and shiny.

Zuo Mo’s hair rose at his gaze.

“That … … that … … Pu, Xie Shan is undergoing core formation! I’ve never seen a core formation. If I miss this chance, it will be hard to encounter one again, look … …”

“There’s nothing to see in a core formation.” Pu Yao narrowed up his eyes again, and froze Zuo Mo’s heart.

Pu Yao didn’t seem normal today!

Zuo Mo’s heart was beating. An abnormal Pu Yao was much scarier than any jindan.

“It was out of my expectations that you could cultivate to Great Day mo physique.” Pu Yao glanced at Zuo Mo and said lightly, “The Great Day mo physique is unyielding and powerful. I’ve only seen one mo successfully reach it. Ten years later, I discovered he died.”

“Died? How did he die?” Zuo Mo instinctively asked.

“They failed and died during advancement. If xiuzhe fail during advancement, they fail, and they themselves are not damaged. But the progression of a mo physique is very dangerous. If it fails, then their soul is destroyed.”

Pu Yao’s words were like the sharp cold wind of the winter, making Zuo Mo’s face turn pale white.

Translator Ramblings: Tradeoffs, faster growth, higher risk of death. It’s nice of Pu Yao to tell Zuo Mo this after such a long time … …

Xie Shan  is the first to reach jindan and this shouldn’t be a surprise considering Fang Xiang mentioned it way back that Xie Shan had humongous ling power stores compared to most ningmai.

Pu Yao said one golden core and I kept it as such since Fang Xiang wrote it that way. It’s possible that one was eaten to heal himself and he used the second for other purposes.


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