修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Four “Ten Finger Prison”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty Four – Ten Finger Prison

Pu Yao’s words made Zuo Mo’s heart beat rapidly, but he quickly calmed down. After he had experienced so much, his mind was much stronger than before. Having dealt with Pu Yao for so long, it was clear that Pu Yao said all this for a reason.

Pu Yao saw that Zuo Mo didn’t speak, and was not surprised. He said, “Xiu spells, mo skills, yao arts, the differences between these three are not so absolute and opposed as you imagine. When you reach the higher levels, you will encounter things you cannot imagine now, like a mo general suddenly attacking with a sword scripture move, or a xiuzhe casting a yao art. Everyone has different paths, but they all lead back to the same destination.”

“Oh, this is just idle talk, this has nothing to do with you.” Pu Yao’s blood pupil flashed with a bloody light like a red and glittering ruby. He stared at Zuo Mo, and had an interested expression as he said amusedly, “What I want to say to you is that I am planning on doing a little experiment.”

Zuo Mo suddenly had a bad feeling. “What experiment? Hey, Pu Yao, I’m telling you, don’t do … …”

“Hee!” Pu Ya’s blade-like lips slightly curved. His hands spread out like wings, the ten fingers seemed to be pressed against water and creating ten dots of intangible ripples.

“[Ten Finger Prison], that is a place any yao with ambition will go to!”

The ten ripples spread, and the space surrounding Zuo Mo started to waver.

When he opened his eyes again, he was dumbstruck where he stood. Above his head, a river slowly flowed. It was not supported by anything. Zuo Mo could clearly see a rainbow and vivid schools of fish swimming in the river and the threads of black and green water grasses.

Below his feet was a piece of rock about ten zhang in radius that was floating in the air. In front of him rocks, large and small, floated without end. The river curved and flowed between these floating pieces of rock.

Some rocks had flowers and grasses growing vibrantly on them.

Zuo Mo’s mouth was wide open. Looking at this scene that far surpassed his imagination, he was flabbergasted.

“Oh, this place changed a lot.” Pu Yao’s mood seemed to be pretty good as he looked around.

After a while, Zuo Mo recovered. He carefully walked to the edge of the rock and looked down. What was below was a blurry space that nothing could be made out.

“Below is the endless void. Don’t fall down.” Pu Yao smiled freely, “If you fall down, I can’t save you.”

Zuo Mo’s body froze as he carefully shrank back to the center of the rock. He suddenly turned to stare hard at Pu Yao and gritted through his teeth, “You perverse renyao! Send ge back!”

“Hee hee.” Pu Yao was not angry. “Relax. Right now, you are just a thread of primary soul that has been pulled into the Ten Finger Prison, it’s not like your real body came.”

Zuo Mo was slightly reassured, but Pu Yao’s next words caused the anger in his heart to erupt.

“Oh, but if this thread of your soul can’t return, it isn’t any different than death.”

“Pu, what do you really want to do?” Zuo Mo bit each word out as he asked.

“It is such a familiar smell.” Pu Yao smelled the air of the Ten Finger Prison and showed an intoxicated expression. A moment later, he opened his eyes. “The Great Day mo physique is unyielding and peerlessly powerful, you know this. But you definitely don’t know that compared to the strength of the fleshly body, what the Great Day mo physique requires most is the strength of the inner heart, the strength of the soul, that is the crux to advancement.”

“This place cannot exercise your body, but it can exercise your heart and soul.”

“Welcome to the First Finger Prison of the Ten Finger Prison, Vast Water Clear Skies.”

Pu Yao bowed his body slightly, and made a very elegant gesture.

Zuo Mo quickly composed himself, and started to patiently listen to Pu Yao’s introduction. The more he heard, the more reassured he was. There was a time limit to the Ten Finger Prison. With the strength of Zuo Mo’s consciousness, he could only stay a maximum of four hours in here each time. Even Pu Yao had no way to change this.

Just four hours. The shadow over Zuo Mo’s heart instantly dissipated greatly.

“Ten Finger Prison is also called the Yao Training Prison. Any yao that has a little bit of accomplishment would basically have come here. The Yao Art Houses will even form teams and have events to increase the combat abilities of their students. Oh, you xiuzhe have similar places. Like Wu Kong Sword Sect’s sword cave, but that place is very small in comparison. Large sects like Kun Lun have their own training grounds. They are very big, about ten jie or so. We yao aren’t so extravagant. Oh, we’re so poor there’s no other way.”

Zuo Mo found that as Pu Yao entered the Ten Finger Prison, his words became more abundant, and was almost chatty. However, this matched his wishes. He could get some information from this guy’s mouth.

“Then won’t I encounter yao here?” Zuo Mo said doubtfully. He then became slightly excited. In any case, it was just four hours. Thinking that way, this trip to the Ten Finger Prison was more like a vacation.

“Right,” Pu Yao then twisted his mouth, “but this is the First Finger Prison, they will all just be beginners.”

“Oh. If they all like coming here, then this place should have some benefits.” Zuo Mo instantly showed his practical side.

“The Ten Finger Prison was supposedly created by an ancient Great Yao, and includes almost all the yao arts. Of course, that’s just a boast, you can just listen to it. But it does have a lot of yao arts. For example, the First Finger Prison, Vast Water Clear Skies, it is made from thirteen thousand low-level yao arts. I counted when I was young.” Pu Yao said with interest.

Zuo Mo looked at Pu Yao like he was looking at a monster. Alright, this joke was slightly bad.

“You were so idle when you were young.”

When the admiration in his heart reached his mouth, it became scorn. From this, it was possible to see that Zuo Mo was still angry over Pu Yao pulling him into the Ten Finger Prison for a four hour trip.

“Yes!” Pu Yao responded emotionally as though he was thinking of the times in the past.

Zuo Mo’s mind shifted. “Pu, what were you like when you were young?”

“A person as weak as you cannot understand.”

Pu Yao’s answer instantly smashed the remaining good feeling in Zuo Mo’s heart. He rolled his eyes. “So the powerful you came here to count? Counted all the way to thirteen thousand?”

“Ha ha!” Pu Yao laughed freely.

Zuo Mo flew among the rocks. He was very careful. Every rock, flower, grass, and drop of water here was related to the yao arts. Of the forty-six pieces of rock Zuo Mo had passed, every one of them had a different attribute.

Pu Yao continuously explained the different yao arts to him, how to use them, and how to deconstruct them. Zuo Mo found that Pu Yao actually did have some skill. Pu Yao could confidently talk about every kind of yao art, explain it effortlessly and was simple to understand. Having already learned the Great and Little Thousand Leaf Hands, Zuo Mo did not have a hard time understanding low level yao arts, but deconstructing them still required some effort.

What depressed him the most that the four hours was spent between these forty-six rocks. He had originally assumed that he could see some exotic locations. Zuo Mo was very disappointed. To leave each rock, it required deconstructing them.

Did this guy pull him here to destroy rocks?

What heart and soul becoming stronger … …

Zuo Mo was very suspicious this was an excuse this guy made up on the spot. He did not doubt this guy would do such a thing.

The power of low level yao arts were very limited, and far less than the Great and Little Thousand Leaf Hands. After learning the forty-six yao arts, there was no actual benefit to his combat abilities.

It was just four hours, Zuo Mo could only comfort himself so.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw a shadow flying towards him. His mind became alert, was he going to encounter a yao?

Just as he was filled with admiration, his surroundings rippled like waves and became blurry.

Damn it!

His vision blurred and Zuo Mo returned to reality. His expression was very ugly. He didn’t leave early or late, but returned at the most interesting moment. This made his four hour tour of Ten Finger Prison turn into a trip to view rocks.




Just after Pu Yao and Zuo Mo disappeared, a figure flashed past the rock the two of them had been on and couldn’t help but make a slight sound of surprise.

An expression of shock flashed across her face.

When her gaze landed on the other pieces of rock, the surprise on her face increased. She seemed to have seen something that was impossible.




Zuo Mo shook his head. His head still felt dizzy. Everything in front of him seemed slightly unreal.

Daren, are you alright?” Shu Long asked in concern. He was slightly worried. Daren’s attention had been unfocused in the past four hours.

“Oh, nothing.” Zuo Mo suppressed the depression in his heart and raised his head to look in the direction of Hundred Flower Valley. “Has Xie Shan done anything?”

“Nothing.” Shu Long shook his head.

Just at this time, the black clouds above Hundred Flower Valley started to move forcefully, the five colored aurora moving in layers, and the outline of the multi-colored ling beast became even clearer.

Zuo Mo became alert. He felt the rate that Xie Shan was absorbing ling power suddenly increased.

It had come!

A rainbow light suddenly lit up in the black clouds like hundreds of rainbow needles piercing the eyes of the onlookers. Even Zuo Mo unconsciously closed his eyes.

The rainbow light was visible for hundreds of li.

A long howl passed from inside Hundred Flower Valley and rang into the surroundings!

When everyone opened their eyes, the black clouds in the sky had completely disappeared. There were no clouds for ten thousand li, and the sky was clear blue.

A figure shot from Hundred Flower Valley into the sky. It was Xie Shan. He looked around and then suddenly disappeared in the air.

Sighs rose among the crowd. Only jindan could possess such fast speed!

Xie Shan’s figure seemed to flash and then appear in front of Zuo Mo out of thin air. At this time, he was like an unsheathed sword with all his edges revealed. The presence of his body continuously smashed against the surroundings. Shu Long’s figure waved, and his expression changed to a wary one.

Zuo Mo was like a spear and remained motionless. He was not affected by Xie Shan’s presence at all.

Daren, Xie Shan is a jindan!” Xie Shan respectfully bowed, his presence instantly decreasing.

Zuo Mo was stunned, and then a joyous expression came onto his face. He had originally assumed that Xie Shan would leave after becoming a jindan. In his view, that was normal and logical.

“Xie Shan hopes to follow Daren like before,” Xie Shan said with a serious expression.

“En, good.” Zuo Mo pressed his lips together tightly. He didn’t know what to say but his heart felt warm and moved.

Ma Fan, who had been nervous, seemed to be relieved of his burden and gave a blinding smile. No matter if it was Vermillion Bird Camp, Guard Camp, or the forging division, everyone’s mouths uncontrollably opened, their grins reaching their ears.

In an instantly, the cheers thundered!

Translator Ramblings: No, Xie Shan is not going to stay behind, and he wants to go with Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo has gone on a nice field trip as Pu Yao shows how much he has recovered by eating that jindan.

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