修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty “Shu Long’s Black Halberd”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty – Shu Long Black Halberd

“In the past, I had a nickname in the yao world … …” Pu Yao said but he seemed to realize something and switched the topic. “Oh, let’s not mention what is in the past. The people you have don’t have bad personalities, but their talent isn’t great.”

Pu Yao had a face full of helplessness. Zuo Mo knew he had more to say, and didn’t interrupt.

“You have been practicing the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique, and you have let go of your yao arts. There hasn’t been much development in your study of formations.” Pu Yao’s expression darkened. “Hmph, that guy took all the benefits.”

Zuo Mo knew that Pu Yao was speaking of the gravestone. He rolled his eyes. “Don’t say that I’m not cultivating the yao arts. Who made it that your [Little Thousand Leaf Hands] isn’t as strong as the Great Day mo physique. You can’t have me lose my life.”

Pu Yao stopped speaking. The Great Day mo physique was domineering and unyielding. It really wasn’t an easy matter to find a yao art that could rival it at this stage. The few that he knew were extremely rigid in their cultivation. Actually, the progression of Great Day mo physique was extremely difficult, but Zuo Mo had muddled through it and succeeded. Pu Yao felt very surprised at that fact.

Was Zuo Mo fated to cultivate mo skills?

Pu Yao felt even more discontent.

“Ha, I don’t care about that.” Pu Yao smirked. “Don’t you want spells? No problem. Here, this is the Little Yao Art Record. It is a very simple thing. Five hundred types. When you can cultivate all of them, I will give you a spell.”

Finishing, he threw a jade scroll at Zuo Mo. Ignoring the gaping Zuo Mo, he disappeared.

This guy was crazy!

After a while, Zuo Mo’s first thought was that Pu Yao was crazy. He then was furious. This guy didn’t look at the time. In such a dangerous place, he had the idle time act passive-aggressively against the gravestone.

“Pu! Come out!”

“Idiot, ge is telling you. If you don’t want to live, don’t pull ge along!”

No matter how Zuo Mo swore, Pu Yao did not respond. After swearing for a while, Zuo Mo was tired, and sat down. Scanning the jade scroll, his expression instantly became bitter.

He had once been troubled by the lack of spells. He had never thought there would be a day where he would be troubled by having too many spells and yao arts to practice.

The power of the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique was out of his imagination. He liked them a lot. He naturally would practise such life-saving moves everyday. The six transformations didn’t have many changes, but each transformation was vast and profound. It wasn’t an easy matter to master them.

He had just familiarized himself with the second transformation [Golden Crow Feet]. How couldn’t Zuo Mo be angry about Pu Yao doing this at such an important time?

If he could master all six changes, Zuo Mo’s power would rival that of a jindan third stratum xiuzhe!

Zuo Mo suddenly swearing made everyone else still where they stood, their faces puzzled.




Shu Long’s entire body was covered by thick black energy. In the last three days, he was motionless like a statue wrapped in black energy. The entire Guard Camp was on their guard. Shu Long was the first to make a breakthrough among them, and had attracted all of their attention.

The black energy roiled like countless snakes slithering about.

Two balls shocking red light suddenly lit up among the thick inky black energy. The blood-thirsty savage eyes of a wild beast were Shu Long’s eyes.


Shu Long’s right hand rose in front of his chest, then his right hand pressed against the air as he made an extremely strange posture. He suddenly made a hoarse and deep roar.

The black energy around his body seemed to be stimulated and started to furiously flood towards his hands. Large volumes of black energy flowed on his arms like a black snake.

In the blink of an eye, the black energy on his hands was so thick it seemed tangible.

The inky black energy dripped and flowed down to form a black stream about one zhang long.

The black energy on Shu Long’s body continuously flowed towards this slender black flow. The shocking red eyes revealed a hint of pain. The black energy around Shu Long’s body suddenly shook, and showed signs of dissipating. The surrounding people exclaimed in shock. But the light of the red eyes brightened, and the slightly unsteady black energy seemed to be steadily attracted by an invisible force. Everyone in the surroundings released a breath.

Between the two hands, the slender black flow slowly flowed and became even thicker and more viscous. The speed of the flow became increasingly slow.

Even Zuo Mo ignored his headache and ran over. The other people didn’t even dare to blink. They all knew that Shu Long’s weapon was about to form.

The black energy of the black slender flow suddenly grew. At the same time, Shu Long’s eyes brightened. His two hands that had been grasping at air suddenly tightened.


The two large hands were like two pincers that suddenly gripped the black slender flow.

The threads of black energy spreading around the black slender flow dissipated. A long black spear appeared on front of everyone. Hiss, the black energy around Shu Long’s body burrowed into his body, and revealed his black armor.

“Shu Long has fortunately succeeded!” Shu Long suppressed his excitement, and came in front of Zuo Mo to bow.

After leveling up, the authority that Shu Long exuded was even more stern, and his power had clearly gone up a stage.

“Good good good!” Zuo Mo was very happy. On one hand, he was happy that Shu Long had made a breakthrough. On the other, the success of Shu Long’s breakthrough created a great increase in morale.

Zuo Mo’s eyes quickly landed on the long black halberd in Shu Long’s hands. The long halberd was about one zhang long, with a crescent curve, and a point. The shape was old-fashioned. The body of the halberdwas as thick as a goose egg, smooth and glowing, it was extremely fine. At the blade of the halberd was a hint of eerie red like the fangs of a wild beast tinged with blood. Deep thick killing essence came from the body of the halberd. Looking at it from afar, it definitely was a vicious weapon

Shu Long didn’t just get the addition of the black halberd in this breakthrough. His armor had also changed greatly. The thick black scales of armor became much thinner, the black color even purer. The thick clumsy feeling had disappeared, and it seemed to become nimble.

The other people in Guard Camp couldn’t resist any long and flooded over.

Seeing the situation, Zuo Mo smiled and stepped to the side.




Lei Peng looked from afar at the joyful Guard Camp and muttered, “Shu Long’s bunch is really weird. They can even use black fiendish energy. We are unfortunate. We have to stay on the boats every day. It’s enough to suffocate us to death.”

Blue-white sword lotuses bloomed and died among Nian Lu’s fingers. He said without raising his head, “If you have the energy to complain, spend some time practicing your sabre scripture.”

Lei Peng’s expression became even more depressed. “Cultivate my ass! An isn’t like you, if an cultivates that sabre scripture, this boat will break.”

Nian Lu’s sword scripture did not lack exquisite and small sword moves, but Lei Peng’s sabre scripture was wide and broad. If he left the slave transporting boats, under the corrosion of the black fiendish energy, it wasn’t just dangerous but the rate that ling power was expended was also multiple times what it usually was. He would run out of ling power after just a few moves.

Ma Fan coincidentally passed by the two. Hearing this, he stopped and stared at Lei Peng.

At the beginning, Lei Peng didn’t care, but after being stared at for a while, and seeing Ma Fan still remain silent, he said self-consciously, “What, why are you looking at an?”

Ma Fan thought and then said, “Your sabre scripture is powerful and domineering, but if you could get it to become finer, its power will definitely go up a step.”

Lei Peng stilled and then started to ponder it. He looked rough, but he wasn’t dumb. If he was dumb, he couldn’t have comprehended sabre essence. Ma Fan’s words caused him to sink into deep thought.

Ma Fan prepared to leave after speaking, but Nian Lu hurriedly pulled him back, and said fawningly, “Head, how can you be so cruel? I’m also your vice commander! Teach me something!”

Ma Fan had an expression between smiling and crying. Two vice commanders, Lei Peng’s temper was explosive, but he was a chatterbox, while Nian Lu was warm, but he was a show-off. He lowered his head to think. “Your [Blue Lotus Sword Scripture] has many complex transformations, but if you want to progress, don’t linger on these transformations. You have to make the complex simple, using sword essence at the core.”

“Sword essence at the core … …” Nian Lu murmured unfocusedly.

Ma Fan silently left, but he also looked outside the boat and felt dejected. Xie Shan becoming a jindan had been a great stimulus to him. His talent at cultivating the sword was exceptional, and he had progressed very quickly when he focused, especially in the area of sword essence. He had touched the border of sword essence manifestation. The only thing limiting him was his cultivation.

But who would have thought they suddenly landed in this ghastly place. The ling energy was thin, and that horrid black fiendish energy made it even worse than Little Mountain Jie. While Little Mountain Jie was thin on ling power, but there was jingshi. They had jingshi right now, but everyone didn’t dare to use it to cultivate. Who knew how long they would stay in this ghastly place? If they encountered danger, these jingshi would be life-saving!

Stuck at this point, how could his mood not be terrible? But his mentality was much more stable than Nian Lu and Lei Peng and he could suppress it.




Zuo Mo stared in a daze as he held the Records of Little Yao Arts. Little Yao Arts were another name for basic yao arts. They weren’t anything profound, but the contents were something every yao had to practise. As he flipped through, Zuo Mo found that the difficulty of these little yao arts were not hard. He didn’t immediately start cultivating them, but pondered on what Pu Yao’s goal was.

Pu Yao was whimsical and ever changing. Zuo Mo had learned this countless times before, but he had a strong feeling this time – this was just the beginning of something.

This was the part that Zuo Mo really had a headache about.

He didn’t know what was going on in Pu Yao’s mind but it seemed he was very determined this time. What would happen after would definitely affect his practice of the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique. At this time, these six transformations were the basis of his life-saving measures!

Zuo Mo rubbed his forehead in a headache. He had to think of a way to satisfy both.

Zuo Mo suddenly thought of the matter where Pu Yao had gotten him to study mo matrixes. His mind moved. Was this Pu Yao’s true goal? He remembered very clearly how much Pu Yao had cared about formations. Even though he had eaten a jindan’s golden core, and Pu Yao looked to have recovered greatly, but upon deeper thought, if Pu Yao could be healed with a single golden core, he definitely wouldn’t have been so nervous back then!

Was it the study of formations? Zuo Mo was slightly unsure.

After leaving Little Mountain Jie, Zuo Mo had been rushed by the series of events and hadn’t had the time to calm down to study formations. Zuo Mo was very clear about the value of formations. If he slacked off right now, it was a pity. But right now, he didn’t have the time to personally work on it.

After thinking for a long time, Zuo Mo still couldn’t get Pu Yao’s goal, but he still decided to restart his study of formations.

This time, he decided to make it a big move.


Translator Ramblings: In the middle of Pu Yao’s plot. Zuo Mo can’t do anything except go along when he has no leverage.

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