修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Two “Fiendish Mist”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Thirty Two – Fiendish Mist

Hoo, finally finished learning the three hundredth little yao art.

Zuo Mo exhaled deeply. Little yao arts were not complicated at all, but there were so many kinds it was a headache. If it wasn’t that his consciousness’ foundation wasn’t bad, it probably would be much harder.

He suddenly raised his head. A disturbance was occurring at the front.

There was a situation!

Zuo Mo was not frightened and was happy. After so many days that he couldn’t even remember clearly, they hadn’t encountered anything ever since entering this damned ancient battlefield. His figure shifted and he appeared at the very front of the troop.

Not far away was a spread of thin bloody mist that seemed to have things moving inside it. The bloody mist was very vast, and showed no end.

Out of caution, the troop had stopped.

Pu Yao came out and looked gravely at the bloody mist up head. “Careful, this is fiendish mist. Inside are fiend soul beasts.”

It wasn’t the first time Zuo Mo had heard Pu Yao mention fiendish soul beasts. Every time Pu Yao spoke of them, his tone was very grave. He couldn’t resist asking, “Are those things very powerful?”

“En,” Pu Yao looked at the bloody mist up head, amazement unable to be disguised in his bloody pupil, “In any battlefield that has souls that have not transcended after death, the souls of those dead would roam the battlefield. If the fiendish energy of the battlefield is heavy, these souls will not dissipate, and will absorb fiendish energy to form fiendish souls. Over time, fiendish souls will become fiendish soul beasts. This fiendish mist is a size never heard of before. The fiend soul beasts inside will also be great.”

Pu Yao’s words made Zuo Mo feel hesitant. If it really was so dangerous, going into this bloody mist … …

After a few moments of thought, he ordered for camp to be set.




Golden Crow Camp had completely transformed.

Golden Crow Hall was filled with people that gathered in groups of three to five to discuss their studies. It was very noisy. This was an unique habit that they had formed during their time in Little Mountain Jie. Everyone had come from small sects, and were limited in their knowledge. Many of the problems that they encountered were not ones that could be resolved by themselves. Out of helplessness, consolidating everyone’s strength became the only choice. Over time, this became an unique habit of Golden Crow Camp.

The unique open environment of Golden Crow Camp and the trust built up due to persevering through  hardship together was the most fertile ground to grow these relationships. Zuo Mo’s jade scroll was like a spring rain that instantly created vitality.

But today, they had not gathered to discuss problems of formations.

“The fiendish mist is in front of us. Even though Daren has decided to temporarily make camp, we need to prepare for entering the fiendish mist,” Sun Bao said seriously.

Everyone listened careful. After they had all sworn the killing heart oath, they became much closer. If before they were more like partners working together, then now everyone was of the same sect.

“I don’t want to interrupt everyone’s cultivation plans, but the situation is an emergency,” Ji Wei continued. “Our Golden Crow Camp must not drag Daren down, and needs to do our best to help Daren. Otherwise, aren’t we useless?”

Everyone nodded their heads with expressions of agreement.

Sun Bao nodded his head inside, and said in a deep voice,  “So, I and Master Sun Bao have decided to gather all the strength of the camp to forge a talisman!”




The five hundredth type!

An exhausted Zuo Mo collapsed onto the ground.

Zuo Mo had furiously cultivated the little yao arts just so he could get that spell from Pu Yao as soon as possible. If they entered this fiendish mist, the ones in most danger were Vermillion Bird Camp and Golden Crow Camp.

Entering the fiendish mist was truly stepping into the inner span on the ancient battlefield.

Even though it was dangerous up ahead, but Zuo Mo saw more hope than in the desolation that he had seen these previous days. Pu Yao also supported this. The closer they were to the center of the battlefield, the more likely he could recognize where they were.

Unless they could find a working transportation formation, finding the general position of this jie was their only hope of leaving this place.

The bean-sized beads of sweat gathered in streams that flowed down his face. Zuo Mo didn’t wipe them off, and said in a hoarse voice, “Pu, spell!”

“Alright.” Pu Yao did not waste words and briskly handed over a jade scroll.

Grabbing the jade scroll, Zuo Mo felt he had recovered some energy and forced himself up to run towards Vermillion Bird Camp. Behind him, Pu Yao’s eyes flashed with an unusual light. He imperceptibly murmured, “Divine Summon Art … … really makes me anticipate … …”




In front of Gongsun Cha, Vermillion Bird Camp finished their organization.

Everyone was silent and their eyes were full of anticipation. This was the first time they had gathered after entering this ghastly place. Was there a mission? Many people couldn’t help but feel excitement. These battle maniacs felt moldy after spending every day on the boats.

“From today, all of your training missions are temporarily cancelled, and changed to cultivating this spell.”

Gongsun Cha smiled slightly, and then Zong Ru and the others beside him quickly handed jade scrolls to every person.

Everyone had a puzzled expression. Cultivate a new spell? But they suppressed their curiosity and remained motionless.

“Take a look.”

Only when Gongsun Cha said these words did they hurry to read the jade scroll in their heads.

[Fiend Ling]

Gongsun Cha saw the shock and joy on all the faces, and smiled. With this spell, the combat abilities of Vermillion Bird Camp would not drop but go up a level.

However, his own strength … …

His gaze turned to Zuo Shixiong who was cultivating in the distance and suddenly smiled.

After some more time, maybe he could give Zuo Shixiong a surprise.

The troop camped down at the border of the fiendish mist. The entire camp was busy. Even Zuo Mo was cultivating. With the fiendish mist in front of their eyes, there was nothing else that could motivate Zuo Mo even more. If he increased his strength by a fraction, then his chance of surviving would increase by a fraction.

Motivated by the looming threat of impending doom, Zuo Mo uncovered his own potential, and progressed quickly.

Right now, he had cultivated to the third transformation of the Great Day mo physique, [Day Script Palm]. He felt very excited at the power of this move. This move would gather an enormous golden palm over ten zhang in size. Under a palm strike, half of a mountain peak would disappear. Even Xie Shan and Shu Long couldn’t help but turn pale when they saw Zuo Mo perform this move.

Xie Shan rejoiced greatly now that he hadn’t let achieving jindan go to his head . He didn’t know where Daren had learned this strange moves from. Each move was enormously powerful. He was certain if he fought against Daren, he had no chance of victory.

The longer he stayed with Zuo Mo, the more respect and awe Xie Shan felt. In his eyes, Zuo Mo was filled with mysteries and enigmas.

Zuo Mo’s face was dusty. The palm of his hand hurt like it had been sliced with a blade. Three golden lines could be made out on his palm. Relative to the power of the [Day Script Palm] was its cultivation difficulty. Zuo Mo needed to cultivate to the point that his entire hand was covered in golden lines that formed a network. At that point, the [Day Script Palm] could be considered somewhat complete.

Each transformation of the six transformations of the Great Day mo physique was vast profound, easy to learn but hard to master.

Pu Yao was unusual in that he did not disturb Zuo Mo’s cultivation of Great Day mo physique. Did this guy also know it was dangerous up ahead? Zuo Mo was slightly reassured. If Pu Yao went crazy, no one could stop him.

He raised his head and saw that everyone else was focusing on their cultivation. He was instantly filled with motivation. So what if it was the fiendish mist? With this group of brothers, even if it was places more dangerous than the fiendish mist, he was not afraid!

Having understood something, Zuo Mo said to Tenth Grade that was playing with Lil’ Pagoda and Lil’ Fire, “Tenth Grade, you have to work on your cultivation, and do not slack off!”

Tenth Grade felt humiliated and his little face dropped. He looked with trepidation at Silly Bird, and coincidentally saw a cold light flash through the small crack of Silly Bird’s eye as she was resting. Tenth Grade‘s body froze, and fully felt the impact of Lil’ Pagoda’s nudge.

Lil’ Pagoda was so excited it spun, and Lil’ Fire chirped happily from the side.

Silly Bird glanced at Tenth Grade and then closed her eyes.

Tenth Grade felt coldness shoot up from his spine and turned back to docilely play with Lil’ Pagoda and Lil’ Fire.

Zuo Mo did not detect the strangeness of it. In his view, it was normal for Tenth Grade to play with Lil’ Pagoda and Lil’ Fire. He turned his face, and looked with concern at A Gui.

Grabbing A Gui’s hand, a thread of consciousness was put into her body. Zuo Mo frowned. The purple light inside A Gui’s body was very weak and showed no signs of strengthening. However, what reassured him was that the black fiendish energy had no effect on A Gui.

Zuo Mo marvelled at this point. A Gui’s spells and secret techniques were strange and profound. Even Pu Yao who thought himself as knowledgeable did not know of its origins.

However, Zuo Mo did not care about all that.

“A Gui, we will definitely get out.”

Zuo Mo’s voice was not loud, but was filled with determination.

Tenth Grade was filled with humiliation. To him whose goal was to become tenth-grade, it was a great blow to submit to Silly Bird’s power even if it was done out of helplessness.

He had originally assumed he was Master’s strongest ling beast but he hadn’t thought there would be one even stronger!

Truthfully, Tenth Grade did not like Silly Bird at all. This narcissistic and show-off bird had a cold attitude towards Master, and should be executed for! He had the thought multiple times of taking care of this silly bird for Master.

He hadn’t expected he would be taken care off first … …

He wasn’t just taken care off, but like an idiot, he had to play with these children of low intelligence… …

Such a dark life!

Lil’ Pagoda didn’t know Tenth Grade’s depressed mood. It was playing very happily. Having successfully nudged Tenth Grade just now, both it and Lil’ Fire were greatly motivated to continue playing. That was the first time they had managed to catch Tenth Grade .

Without noticing the three little ones gradually neared the fiendish mist.

Tenth Grade was enveloped in his low mood after being dominated while Lil’ Pagoda and Lil’ Fire had completely gone off playing.

No one noticed the arrival of danger.

A dark red light suddenly flew out of the fiendish mist, and accurately struck Lil’ Pagoda.

The happily playing Lil’ Pagoda suddenly froze and dropped down like dead weight. This dark red light rolled up like the long tongue of a monster and pulled Lil’ Pagoda to burrow back into the fiendish mist.

This change happened without warning and was lightning fast.

Another dark red light leapt out at Lil’ Fire, and was going to strike Lil’ Fire.

Tenth Grade finally reacted by this time. The dark little face filled with killing intent, the two eyes glaring angrily as the flying black crescent blade turned to a black light and struck the red light.

The red light hissed and fled towards the fiendish mist.

Silly Bird suddenly opened her eyes, viciousness flashing through both of her eyes. With a call, her figure disappeared.

Translator Ramblings: The easy peace has been broken … … peaceful arcs are much easier to translate.

The Little One a.k.a Zuo Mo’s quasi-son is now in trouble. I’m sorry you didn’t get to see the yao arts even though Zuo Mo has master all five hundred little yao arts but that will come in the future.

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      An exhausted Zuo Mo collapsed onto the ground.

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