修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Five “The Prison Battlefield”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Five – The Prison Battlefield

Nan Yue hadn’t expected to meet her schoolmates here, and silently thought this was a terrible situation. She discretely looked to Daren. Inside, she secretly prayed that this incident would not infuriate Daren! This was the second time she had met Daren and she did not know what Daren’s temper was like.

However, she had heard that many daren did not like their movements to be known.

“Student Nan Yue, this is?” A deep and calm voice suddenly sounded out by her ears.

She raised her head and felt that the situation was now even worse. This was Teacher Chi! Chi had been one of the teachers that had sought her out after the house exam and wanted to take her as a student. Chi was born from the Fire Clan and was very skilled in fire yao arts. Among the teachers of the house, his power was enough to rank him in the top five.

Seeing so many yao art once, Zuo Mo felt his vision was broadened. This group of yao were of various shapes, most of which were humanoid. There were two individuals that were very eye-catching. One of them had the body like a crisp green tree. Their numerous roots were like unusually nimble feet. They seemed to have a very lively personality, the tree branches were like soft whips that waved in the ar. The other one’s body was made from hundreds of flowers that gathered and dispersed in the air as they changed shape.

Looking like this, how was it possible to distinguish between the sexes?

This slightly profound question troubled Zuo Mo.

Chi’s fire red hair and lion-like features were not all that attention-grabbing in this group of weirdos. However, Zuo Mo noticed him at first glance because he was the strongest of this group of yao, and wasn’t just marginally stronger.

Hearing what Chi called Nan Yue, Zuo Mo instantly understood Chi’s identity.

“Sir is Nan Yue’s teacher? Sorry, sorry! I am Nan Yue’s cousin,” Zuo Mo raised his folded hands and said with a smile.


The group’s gazes swept between Nan Yue and Zuo Mo, and their expressions instantly became suspicious.

Daren’s skill at lying really sucked! Nan Yue felt very ashamed. From any angle, Daren showed no hint of being of the same clan as her. However, since Daren had said it, she could only force herself to say, “My distant cousin.”

Distant… the yao all had understanding expressions.

Such a terrible lie could only fool naïve students, but how could it fool an experienced old yao like Chi? However, since the other was not willing to state his origins, Chi did not have to pry.

Everyone had secrets.

“Nice to meet you.” Chi politely bowed to Zuo Mo. Zuo Mo’s consciousness was not as high as his, but it was above these students. Considering the other’s age, he clearly had great talent.

Great talent … …

Chi’s thought moved, and he pretended to unconcernedly ask, “Which house is Sir in?”

“I’m not in a yao art house.” Zuo Mo shook his head honestly.

Not in a yao art house. The yao couldn’t believe these words.

“Why not?” The tree yao waved its branches. This guy looked like an outgoing one and it quickly rushed to be the first to ask.

“I’m being taught by a teacher.”

Zuo Mo’s response instantly caused murmurs of admiration. Yao art houses were pretty good places for normal yao, but students of a teacher could receive more guidance. Chi nodded his head inside. Zuo Mo had not lied this time.

He suddenly thought of the string of little yao arts that Nan Yue had showed during the exam. Had it been this cousin of hers that had taught her? The more he thought, the more Chi found it likely. He had taught Nan Yue’s class before, and understood this student well. There was nothing to be said of Nan Yue’s dedication and work ethic, but her talent could only be considered good. The dazzling performance of her last exam really was not her style.

Chi finally realized why Nan Yue had refused his invitation. It must be that the teacher of her cousin had also chosen to take Nan Yue on as a student.

“Can I ask for the name of your teacher?” Chi asked respectfully. That glimpse of the tip of the iceberg had been enough. Those little yao arts had shocked Chi for a long time.

“Oh, he’s called Pu,” Zuo Mo’s thought moved as he said.

Pu? Chi careful searched his memory for this name but did not find anything. It didn’t seem to be a very famous yao.

Nan Yue wanted to roll her eyes when she heard it. Daren’s skill at lying wasn’t just terrible! Nan Yue thought the “Pu” that Zuo Mo spoke off was just a random answer. Which yao would be so casual with their teacher’s name?

As expected, the flower yao snorted coldly. “If you don’t want to say, don’t say. There’s no need to lie!”

The other yao had expressions of agreement.

Zuo Mo was confused but he did not argue. He took the chance to go into the sea of consciousness and mock Pu Yao. “Pu, aren’t you a Sky Yao? How come no yao knows you? You really ended up terribly!”

Pu Yao’s expression was visibly unwell.

Having gotten his face back from Pu Yao, Zuo Mo did not care for the cold snort of the flower yao.

Nan Yue secretly glanced at Zuo Mo and thought inside, Daren’s lying skill was somewhat terrible, but his face was thick enough.

Chi did not think that Zuo Mo was lying. He had met many powerful and great yao before, and knew many yao had weird personalities and did not care for these things. However, he did not plan on wasting too much time on chatter. He said with a smile, “I came today to show them the prison battlefield. It is getting late  so we will bid farewell.”

Zuo Mo hurriedly bowed with his hands. Chi took the bunch of little yao and quickly disappeared.

After they went far away, Zuo Mo turned to ask Nan Yue, “What is the prison battlefield?”

Nan Yue’s expression instantly became slightly strange. Did Daren not know the prison battlefield? She didn’t quite believe it. What yao didn’t know the prison battlefield? However, she suppressed the suspicion inside and obediently answered, “The prison battlefield is the place for real combat practice. There are many yao formations inside which can only be solved with yao arts.”

Yao formations?” Zuo Mo’s eyes lit up. Just this phrase stirred great interest in him. Yao formation, true to the name, should be the formations that yao use. Was there any differences compared to the seal formations that xiuzhe used?

He instantly said, “Oh, take me to see.”

Nan Yue found it even stranger, but still said respectfully, “Yes!’

Twelve hours was plenty of time for Zuo Mo. He wasn’t in a hurry and taught Nan Yue yao arts along the way. He explained in great detail the many variants of the little yao arts, and along the way, explained why he had deconstructed yao arts last time.

Nan Yue learned a lot, and unknowingly arrived at the prison battlefield. It was the first time she found time passed so quickly.

Daren, this is the prison battlefield!”

Zuo Mo curiously examined the prison battlefield. After the first glance, he couldn’t move his eyes away.

Countless curved streams and rivers criss-crossed and passed through the void like glowing pipes. Some of these water flows were slow, some soft, some flowed against the current, and there were all kinds of weird ones. Among the river flows, there were some that had all kinds of strange water grasses growing in them and others had multi-colored fish that swam within. Zuo Mo’s eyes landed on an enormous fish that was thirty zhang in size that occasionally opened its gigantic mouth. Zuo Mo’s heart tightened as he looked at it.

Other than the river flows, the other places were all filled with other things like lightning balls, and clouds of fire which could be seen everywhere.

Such powerful yao formations!

After looking closely, Zuo Mo felt dizzy and shocked! No matter if it was the river flows, the water grasses, the fish, the lightning balls or the clouds of fire, they were all part of the bigger formation. One move against them would affect the entire entity.

This was a “living” great formation. Any change of one part of the formation would cause a change in the entire formation.

After observing for a long time, he turned and asked Nan Yue, “How do you play?”

“Play?” Nan Yue stumbled over Zuo Mo’s strange way of asking. She could only say, “Just go in. There are three levels to the Clear Skies prison battlefield. If you can enter the innermost level, you can enter the second prison.”

“The second prison?”  Zuo Mo was yearning to try. Were there ten levels in Ten Finger Prison? He was already so amazed at the first prison. What was the second prison like?

“Come, let’s go try it out!” Finishing, he pulled Nan Yue and charged in.

Nan Yue hadn’t expected Daren to charge when he said so. She saw how excited Daren appeared. Had Daren really never came before? Thinking to that, she couldn’t help but hurriedly remind him, “Daren, if you fail, it may wound the consciousness.”

“No problem.”

Before Daren’s words landed, Nan Yue felt the scenery in front change and become bright red!

Not good, a fire cloud!

Her expression changed drastically. In the prison battlefield, the yao arts that she was most afraid of were those like the fire cloud.

A dragon made out of fire seemed to smell them and with a burning presence, leapt over.


Daren’s voice came over from the side. She finally remembered that Daren was beside her, and her heart instantly was greatly reassured.

Zuo Mo really felt it was interesting. This fire dragon was made from seven interlocking fire yao arts and was very clever. The seven fire yao arts were all little yao arts, and were not complex yao arts. What it tested was the reaction abilities of those trying to go through the prison.

There were many ways of dealing with the fire dragon. Zuo Mo chose the simplest one.

Little Yao Art—Water Blade!

A transparent water blade entered the center of the fire dragon


The fire dragon instantly turned to seven balls of fire and exploded.

Nan Yue’s eyeballs almost dropped out. She had clearly seen the little yao art that Daren had just casted. She was able to generally estimate the power of the fire dragon from its presence . She did not doubt that Daren could overcome this fire dragon.

But it was only a Water Blade!

There wasn’t any difference compared to the Water Blade she could cast. How was it possible … … how was it possible … …

She looked dazedly as the balls of fire flew.

Zuo Mo noticed Nan Yue’s expression and recalled that he had this “follower.” He explained, “You have to look at the structure of the fire dragon. It was made from seven interlocking fire yao arts. If you can find the crux of this kind of yao art, it really saves energy.”

There wasn’t time to say more. A lightning arrow shot in front of Zuo Mo.

Zuo Mo unhurriedly raise a finger, and a transparent water ball appeared in front of him.

Little Yao Art—Water Ball!

The lightning entered the Water Ball. Countless arcs of electricity sparked and crackled on the surface of the water ball.

“There is no trick to this. Just respond quickly,” Zuo Mo flicked the Water Ball covered in layers of electricity and said sedately. “When casting little yao arts, the most basic point is speed.”

Before his words landed, countless water grasses in the surroundings suddenly and violently headed over!

Zuo Mo flipped his hand and a fire dragon that was just the same as the one before swam around the two of them. Everywhere it passed, the water grasses turned to dust.

“You have to learn and use … …”

He appeared to have the mannerisms of a master, and was very composed. He enjoyed Nan Yue’s awestruck gaze, and his ego was very satisfied.

What Zuo Mo did not know that his three continuous attacks seemed to rouse the silent prison battlefield out of its slumber.

Translator Ramblings: Zuo Mo is very ignorant but it is not his fault. Who expects to be pulled into a completely different culture without their permission? Nan Yue continues her education by a half-educated Zuo Mo. It is the blind leading the blind except Zuo Mo is being led by someone who isn’t but still likes seeing him trip.



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