Recap: A Slight Smile Is Devastating a.k.a Wei Wei Yi Xiao Heng Qing Cheng Episodes 5 & 6

The recaps for today’s episodes have been combined together.

Episode 5

Xiao Nai and Cao Guang start their match. Xiao Nai’s friends remark that Xiao Nai is only playing at half-strength and that Cao Guang cannot win even then. After a few rounds of back and forth, Xiao Nai stops but then Da Zhong (Xiao Ling’s boyfriend) remarks that Cao Guang is pursing Bei Wei Wei. Xiao Nai drops his stuff and challenges Cao Guang again, remarking that he had been showing mercy before.

The friends staring in shock as Xiao Nai throws his backpack on the ground. Xiao Nai: What? You dare pursue my wife?
The friends staring in shock as Xiao Nai throws his backpack on the ground. Xiao Nai: What? You dare pursue my wife?

Yu Gong feels killing intent and Mo Zha Ta states that even the weather has changed. Xiao Nai beats Cao Guang even more mercilessly.

Wei Wei and Xiao Nai’s group kill Boss Meng who appears as a snake-like monster. As in the novel, Wei Wei is inspired to make a video.

For all those MVs that have already been made of the play, this one is fully canon and extremely well-done.

Wife and husband conversing.
Wife and husband conversing.
The musician hugging the dead bandit he killed.
The musician hugging the dead bandit he killed.


Er Xi has started out in the beginning village and she enlists Wei Wei to help her. When Wei Wei is helping her master skills, the classmate that Cao Guang asked for help from in the past episode comes into the room and distracts Er Xi. She rationally assumes that Wei Wei is playing on her own account and remembers the name which she messages Cao Guang.

Meng Yi Ran is being an assistant-intern at her uncle’s company, Zhen Yi Technologies. She persuades the assistant for the intern applications to let her see the applications and tells the assistant to reject Wei Wei and her friends as Na Na has told her that Wei Wei also likes Xiao Nai.

Xiao Nai’s parents finally appear in the drama. Xiao Nai’s father has a go game with Xiao Nai and they converse about his ambitions to start a gaming company. Xiao Nai tells his father that it is not a lifetime ambition, but just until he is twenty-five. He then informs his father he is going to support his father’s history class by attending.

Xiao Nai's parents.
Xiao Nai’s parents.

Xiao Nai attends his father’s history class where, coincidentally, Wei Wei is also in attendance. He asks to sit by her and Wei Wei agrees. His presence quickly attracts attention and helps fill the nearly empty auditorium. When Professor Xiao comes in, he asks what had been taught in last class and picks Wei Wei who was in attendance and manages to answer.

Wei Wei extremely awkward next to Xiao Nai. She remarks mentally that she seems to be seeing him everywhere since she told Cao Guang she liked Xiao Nai.
Wei Wei extremely awkward next to Xiao Nai. She remarks mentally that she seems to be seeing him everywhere since she told Cao Guang she liked Xiao Nai.

After class, Wei Wei has to go past Xiao Nai in order to exit and only says “thank you.” Xiao Nai watches her scurry away.

I sat next to you and you ignore me! Don't run ... ... I'll keep stalking you.
I sat next to you and you ignore me! Don’t run … … I’ll keep stalking you.

Back at dorms, Wei Wei and her friends discuss Xiao Nai. When Wei Wei and Er Xi go to get water, Cao Guang sees them but walks away with his friends after stating he now has a plan.

The episode ends with Wei Wei in the library on her computer with Xiao Nai sitting on a table diagonally behind her where he can see her back.

Episode 6

Cao Guang registers for the game and is bewildered by the number of servers. He doesn’t know her server but knows Er Xi’s ID so he ends up … … in the wrong server.

Back in the library, Wei Wei is studying when she checks her computer to see if Nai He has sent the MV at the appointed time. When she receives it, the camera moves to where Xiao Nai was to show an empty seat and he is shown in the bookshelves diagonally in front of Wei Wei. He then peeks through the books to get a view of her face.

He is able to watch Wei Wei’s reaction through the gaps in the bookshelves.

Creeping ... ... stalking in the library.
Creeping … … stalking in the library.

Xiao Nai ends up moving a chair and his computer to the book aisles to keep his view.

Xiao Nai watching and smirking as Wei Wei sobs in the background as the video ends.
Xiao Nai watching and smirking as Wei Wei sobs in the background as the video ends.

Er Xi has reached level 30 on her game character but bugs Wei Wei to help her kill monsters. Along the way, she saves a new character named Wei Guang (hem … …) who then begs to be Er Xi’s disciple. Er Xi is overjoyed at having someone following her.

Ni Ni makes the same offer to leave the video contest as in the novel to Wei Wei. Wei Wei and Nai He get their prizes for the video contest and Wei Wei reflects on if she would see Nai He again if she stops playing the game.

Xiao Nai is seen moving back to the dorms by his three friends having to wash their socks and clean up the room. The males cry over their predicament and recall back to when they first came to the university and had to sort out their ranking. Since there is only four people in the room (rather than six in the novel) Yu Gong is first, then Hou Zi Jiu, Mo Zha Ta, and Xiao Nai is last. Xiao Nai challenges them and ends up winning but takes the ranking of third so he can avoid doing any duties (and not second because … … you know.)

The tragic trio crying over their pitiful fates at the hand of the evil demon king.
The tragic trio crying over their pitiful fates at the hand of the evil demon king.

Yu Gong receives a call from the assistant of Manager Li and is invited to a dinner with the manager alone. The friends realize that the company is trying to headhunt and Xiao Nai informs them that they have succeeded before with another small company. He states that it is a good opportunity but refuses to explain to his friends by saying they should eat first.

The four of them arrive at a cafeteria which happens to also be frequented by Wei Wei and Er Xi for lunch. Xiao Nai ends up in the line that is beside Wei Wei’s line and the two reach the counter at the same time. They both order sweet and sour pork and is refused by the server who stares at the two of them and then states there is only one portion left.

The four of them on view in the cafeteria.
The four of them in the cafeteria. Kudos to the costume director that kept Xiao Nai’s friends in blue so he’s the one standing out.
Server refusing to give both of them sweet and sour pork.
Server refusing to give both of them sweet and sour pork.

Xiao Nai changes his order and so does Wei Wei. The two of them are interrupted by Mo Zha Ta who bursts between them and says he’ll take it. The server gives him all of it (which is the size of three typical portions.)

Favoritism ... ... Each of those little squares should be a portion and all three are filled.
Favoritism … … Each of those little squares should be a portion and all three are filled.

At the table, Mo Zha Ta remarks that he likes this new cafeteria that they never go to because it is very far from their dorms as he got a lot of meat from the server. Yu Gong complains about the lack of meat in his dishes.

The episode ends with the two of them discussing the beginning of the Couples PK Tournament.

My speculations: I don’t want to read too much but the server is a very suspicious person. Apparently, male servers are rare on campus cafeterias and this one was particularly nice to Mo Zha Ta. Maybe he’s a cook? (cough cough) Cao Guang thinks Wei Wei’s avatar is Huan Tian Xi Di while it is actually Er Xi. I can see a lot of drama happening with this since Er Xi has such a negative opinion of Cao Guang at the moment.

The camera spends a lot of time on Xiao Nai’s facial expressions and I have to admit Yang Yang holds a stony face well. I’ve also learned that he is voicing Xiao Nai so it is his own terrible enunciation but the voice is deep and pleasing.

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  1. Thanks for your recap 🙂

    The server is KO!!! (ahem, ahem)… I’ve been following your recaps and when I was watching the library part, I immediately think of “stalker”

    1. Lol. I had to rewatch the cafeteria part a few times because I couldn’t get why the server gave Mo Zha Ta so much when he said that there wasn’t enough for Wei Wei and Xiao Nai’s portions. Then I realized if he gave Wei Wei and Xiao Nai, there would be one portion left which wouldn’t last until it was Mo Zha Ta’s turn in line after his friends… … KO must have already hacked the server … …

  2. Thank you so much. Thanks to the long road ride yesterday and today giving me the time to finally being able to catch up the first 4 episodes. So today I am able to hopefully catch up the next 2 episodes. I love XN look in the game 😍😍😍

    1. I think they all have bigger eyes in the game and colored lenses … … looks very cool. I hope you recovered from your travelling.

  3. Yay! Thank you for recapping this drama. I accidentally watched the first episode and this is my new crack drama!! Came here to reread the story you translated and was pleasantly surprised that you are also doing recaps/summaries 🙂 The camera stayed too long on the server… I was wondering if it could be KO but thought I was thinking too much… Guess I’m not ^-^ Can’t wait for the next two episodes!

    1. If you watch the server’s eyes, he stares at the two of them, looks away and then back at them (or Mo Zha Ta who is behind Yu Gong) before saying there isn’t enough … …

      1. This is so cute! I was initially perplexed at why the cook would say there’s not enough food when there’s obviously three servings left. Now I know hehehe… Didn’t thought they would start developing this story arc so early in the drama though. I’m so excited for more! Can’t wait for Xiao Nai & Weiwei to ‘know’ each other in real life too.

  4. I can’t believe Zhang Vin is playing K.O. !! He was Zhang Shuang’s childhood sweetheart in chronicles of life. I can totally see him as K.O. except I don’t want to think of the character “eating MZT”
    I think it’s cute that DaShen stalks WW. Anyone else, now that is totally creepy. Heck I bet WW agrees.
    Thank you so much for the recaps. Im slow on the videos. The recaps are such delicious appetizers! !
    BTW those little rain girls. They are even more annoying acted out.

    1. I don’t know who the actor is so thank you for informing me. It will be really subtle if there is anything between Mo Zha Ta and KO in the drama though Gu Man has admitted she reads a lot of BL novels.

      I like how she is so open and willing to connect with Nai He in the game but in real life, she runs from Xiao Nai as though he’s the devil.

  5. Lol… I love your caption of the pic… they are very funny…

    Thanks for the recap.. I watch the drama unsub….. then rewatch when the sub is complete.. did they air the drama every day?

  6. Thank you for all the recaps…, I can’t watch xiao nai without thinking of what you said…..creepy stalker!!!……and he looks the part too😉

  7. Viki pulled down the videos unfortunately. However, dramafever has picked it up but I don’t know what their release schedule is.

      1. Since it was a fan channel and Dramafever has rights to the drama, I think they were asked to take it down. I hope they get the licence though. I prefer their subs over DF. I’m not sure if they’ll ever get it…

    1. The voices of all the people in dramas are added in post-production, whether by the actors or voice-actors since there are stray sounds and voices when recording the scene. Most dramas use voice actors but Yang Yang seems to be an exception for this drama. Voice actors usually have very clear voices which is probably why Yang Yang’s voice acting stood out to me.

      1. How does the voice “dubbing” work in Chinese dramas? Particularly in this drama, I can kinda tell that Wei Wei and Xiao Nai’s voices are dubbed over, but everyone else’s sound pretty natural if you compare it to their voices from the press conference?

      2. They might have done their own voice work or else the professionals did it in time to the actor’s lip movements. Someone did an English interview with a pretty famous Chinese voice actor who explained how it works … … I can’t remember where I read it. She did the main character in Zhen Huan Zhuan.

  8. hi..where can we watch the drama even if it’s unsub? i used to watch it on viki but it looks like they took the videos down. i wanna watch episodes 5 & 6 even if its unsub hehe too excited and cant wait..hust wondering if you know any sites..ive tried to look for it on other sites but there’s only til ep 4..thanks


  9. When i was watching this ep I also thought that Xiao Nai looks like a stalker, but he is such a beautiful stalker 🙂 And omg yes my first thought was that that cook looks familiar and after repeating the scene i few time i was like oh it’s KO, it’s nice to see him so early in the drama 🙂
    Thanks for the recap.

  10. I’ll have to come back and read all your views on the drama…I’m watching it with English subtitles right now…finished 10 ep in less than 24 hours so far lol

  11. how i love the drama and the novel translation and your recap but i cant help but be turn off by the movie version , the actors are good but i was totally captivated and smitten by the drama leads that i cant see anyone playing the characters excdpt them loving them so munch

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