修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Three “Spread”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Three – Spread

Wei Sheng progressed with difficulty. Each step required a great deal of concentration from him.

His clothing was in tatters and covered in dust, his entire person looked very fragile. Only that pair of black eyes showed a sharp light that seemed to penetrate the thick fiendish mist.

The dangers of this journey was hundreds of times greater compared to this trip in the sword cave.

Those soul beasts that could take form were especially vicious and cunning. They seemed to be one with the fiend mist, would silently approach to ambush and were hard to defend against. They also had an endless supply of illusory techniques that enchanted a person’s mind. If it wasn’t for the strength of Wei Sheng’s resolve, he would have fallen a long time go. They came like the wind, their speed was lightning fast, their attacks vicious. If he was the slightest bit careless, he would land in a precarious situation.

In the most dangerous incident, he had encountered three fiend soul beasts. What surprised him was that these three fiend soul beasts knew to cooperate among themselves. In that battle, he had been wounded in a dozen places. The most serious wound was so deep his rib bones could be seen.

If he did not have healing lingdan in his dimension ring, he would have died from the wound alone.

However, Wei Sheng was still Wei Sheng. Having left the sect to come to such an unfamiliar and dangerous place, it was as though he had been released from a heavy burden. The chains on his heart were shattered. He was like a bird that had escaped the cage and was unspeakably relaxed. He did not feel uncomfortable at the dangers in front of him.

He continuously experienced the ambush of all kinds of fiend soul beasts, the illusory techniques that ensnared a person’s mind. These dangers did not made him want to retreat, but tempered his sword heart even making it more refined and pure.

His talent in cultivating the sword was very exceptional in the beginning. The worldly apparition when he entered zhuji had caused everyone to feel anticipation about his future. Even Lin Qian of mysterious origins treated his talent slightly favorably. It was possible to see just how talented he was.

Having rediscovered the calm of his sword heart, and adding on the honing from the dangerous situation, he was like a treasure sword uncovered from the dust, and gradually showed his sharpened edges!

There wasn’t much ling power left.

He thought inside as his gaze looked towards the depths of the fiendish mist. Previously, sword essence had exploded suddenly in the direction he had been travelling. This gave him hope. He had a strong feeling that he was not far from his target.

But right now, he needed to think of everything he could do and control the consumption of ling power.

He was like the most frugal miser. If he could use one thread of ling power, he would not use two threads. He also tried to absorb ling power from the jingshi in the dimensional ring, and tried to purify it of impurities. He did everything he could do.

Even so, he was a sorry figure.

Caressing the black sword in his hands, he raised his head again and walked forward with determination.

He trusted the sword in his hands.




Shixiong fainted again?” Gongsun Cha gazed curiously at the unconscious Zuo Mo. He reached out to poke and see if Shixiong was really unconscious.

The “again” of Gongsun Cha’s words made the other people’s features twitch.

“Ehm, Daren must be cultivating a special technique.” Xie Shan found a shoddy excuse. Zuo Mo was his boss. He had to help disguise it.

Shu Long’s mouth imperceptibly curved up but he quickly became stern again.

Gongsun Cha’s face was regretful as he muttered, “I had been hoping he could help me fish today … …”

“Hm, Daren will rest. He probably will wake up soon,” Xie Shan could only say.

He had checked. There were no problems with Daren’s body.




Shu Long had been planning on reporting to Zuo Mo. He could only leave now. He was the leader of the Hardship Guards. There was a pile of matters waiting for him everyday.

The camp of the Hardship Guard was always set up separately. Walking into the camp, it was very busy.

For other people, the abundant black fiendish energy was akin to poison, but for them, it was nothing less than the best nutrients.

“Head, when will Daren come to the camp?” When A Wen saw Shu Long, his eyes lit up, and he ran over with his black spear. The other Hardship Guards also crowded over.

Shu Long felt a head but still said expressionlessly, “Daren is cultivating now. When Daren finishes, I will report at the first moment.”

“Oh.” Everyone’s sounds carried slight disappointment.

In this period of time, the Hardship Guard had all improved greatly. There were many people that had finished forming their weapons. Almost half of the Guard Camp had finished forming their weapons. Compared to before, their combat capabilities were much stronger. Some more accomplished, like A Wen, rocketed in their improvement.

In this short amount of time, he had become the second strongest in Guard Camp after Shu Long. He had just woken up from his meditation, and had gained greatly. He was very innocent and he desired Daren’s praise. Everyone in the camp had improved greatly. Every one of the flower slaves had comprehended a few spells.

Shu Long also hoped that Daren could come to the camp. That would greatly increase morale.

He hadn’t expected that Daren was unconscious again.

He could only go tomorrow, Shu Long thought.



Nan Yue rubbed her forehead as her head ached. Being forcibly ejected from the Ten Finger Prison meant that her consciousness had been wounded slightly. But at this time, she did not put any attention on her lightly wounded consciousness.

She only wanted to know one thing now—had Daren finished the prison-breaking battle!

She wanted to enter Vast Water Clear Skies again, but before her consciousness recovered, she had no way of entering Vast Water Clear Skies.

Tightly biting her lips, her heart was in the air. What would Vast Water Clear Skies look like now?

But she could only be impatient. She comforted herself, tomorrow, by tomorrow, she would know the result. No matter if Daren had completed the prison-breaking battle or not, this matter would spread tomorrow, and the result would naturally float to the surface.

Daren had accidentally activated the prison-breaking battle. Due to this, other than the first and second prison, no one had managed to rush over in time. Right now, the news had not spread, but she dared to guarantee that by tomorrow, this matter would shake all of the yao world.

This was a prison-breaking battle!

She suddenly became excited. To be able to follow such a daren, what honor this was!

In the yao word, powerful yao would usually have many followers. Many of them would become their daren’s students, but most of them would only have the identity of a follower. However, this did not mean that they were lower than others. The guidance of a master, even if it was just a tiny bit, would greatly benefit them.

Even more, Daren had promised to pass her [South Sky Arrow Art]!

Thinking about this, she unconsciously tightened her fisted hands.

Nan Yue, you have to work hard, and cannot disappoint Daren!

She repeatedly motivated herself, her little face filled with determination. She understood her responsibilities. South Sky Wisteria Clan had already declined and was tiny. She did not think about recovering the past prosperity of the Wisteria Clan of the South Sky. Her only hope was to use her efforts to help the clansmen leave behind their situation of poverty. At least, they would have better lives.

Nan Yue, you can do it!

She told herself.



The vast ocean seemed borderless.

Water shifted at a part of the ocean, and in a moment, a terrifying whirlpool over two hundred li in diameter formed. The whirlpool spun with astonishing speed, the strong force pulling the center of the whirlpool to collapse into itself.

A deep passage appeared in the center of the whirlpool.

A handsome male flew out of the passage. His features were soft in its lines, a warm and elegant smile on his face that would create positive feelings, and had a transparent crystal on his forehead.

“He broke Vast Water Clear Skies, and swallowed my water breath bead as well,” the male shook his head and smiled. “Looks like a pretty talented young little yao.”

Just as he was talking to himself, a dash of fire landed from the sky.

“Ha ha! Little Qian Qian, your Vast Water Clear Skies was broken!”

A face appeared in the mountain-sized ball of fire. He was roaring with amused laughter.

Hearing the other’s appellation of him, Qian Liu’s forehead twitched. But he knew if he argued with this unreasonable guy, that was definitely going up against a wall. He could only smile and say, “Three hundred years have passed, it’s time for it to be broken.”

The fire-faced person that had been laughing at his misfortune a moment ago couldn’t help but snort. “Hmph! Three hundreds years and no one came out. That group of old guys talk that whole set every day, there’s no use.”

Qian Liu hurriedly urged, “That can’t be said. Even though there are no experts, but their methods at nurturing intermediate level yao is very effective.”

The temper of the fire-faced person was very explosive. He swore, “Effective my ass! No experts, there won’t be one to be able to be seen in public.”

“They have it hard.” Qian Liu sighed. “Supposedly, a few good seedlings have come from the yao art houses. They can be considered to have set up a path.”

The fire-face person’s temper lowered slightly, but he still growled, “It’s too late. We’ve already started the battle with the xiuzhe. If they came a few years earlier, then that would have worked.”

Qian Liu said with a smile, “It may not be a bad matter for them to arrive in time for this great battle. Without the tempering of true battle, it is hard for these people gain strength.”

“In any case, you always have excuses!” The fire-faced person clearly was impatient and did not want to stay on this topic. He changed direction. “What, don’t you want to know what the new first prison looks like?”

Qian Liu blinked. “There is still one day until the new first prison will form.”

The flames around the body of the fire-faced person stilled. He had forgotten this. He hurriedly glossed over. “What do you think this boy’s origins are?”

“How can I guess? I’ll know when I see tomorrow.”

“Hee hee, I can’t wait.”



Vast Water Clear Skies had been broken.

The news quickly spread through all of the large yao jies like it had wings, and instantly created waves. Right now, the yao army was winning on the front lines. This news was a boost in morale for the troops. All of the yao felt excited.

Was a new era about to come?

The prison-breaking battle that had not been activated for three hundred years once again entered everyone’s view. Some old yao were so excited they started to reminiscence about the prosperity of the yao before the thousand year war.

However, no one knew the origins of the mysterious guy.

All kinds of recording yao arts appeared, but people quickly found that all the recording yao arts did not have an ending, lacking the most important and crucial part.

Speculation and discussion filled every corner of the yao world. Each yao was waiting for the arrival of the second day, waiting for the new first prison to take form! Each yao desired to know—

——What would the new first prison be like?


Translator Ramblings: Wei Sheng keeps going and becomes a miser to survive. Zuo Mo is unconscious and Xie Shan is such a good subordinate to make excuses for him.

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