修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Six “New Changes”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Six – New Changes

“Ask him what level of Grey Scar Art he has cultivated to?”

Zuo Mo immediately detected Pu Yao’s urgent tone when he suddenly spoke. After being in contact with Pu Yao for a long time, Zuo Mo gradually learned some of Pu Yao’s habits. Usually, Pu Yao looked down his nose at the great majority of matters, but when it was something that was of great help to him, he would not disguise his urgent desire.

Speaking from this perspective, Pu Yao was very straightforward. However, the great majority of the time, his straightforwardness was not very easy for a person to accept.

For example, he did not disguise his desire for the Golden Souls. Also, for example, if Zuo Mo did not get the Golden Souls for him, then what was waiting for him were countless pitfalls.

Pu Yao’s threats were bare naked.

Zuo Mo knew this very well. He coughed lightly, and said, “What step have you reached with your Grey Scar Art?”

Cang Ze was very shocked. Grey Scar Art, the other knew Grey Scar Art? Nan Yue detected Cang Ze’s shock from the side. She thought inside, was this another yao art like the [South Sky Arrow Art]?

Daren was really mysterious!

Cang Ze tightly stared at Zuo Mo as he wanted to see hints from Zuo Mo’s face.

But Zuo Mo was a very experienced person. He stiffened his face, and copied Pu Yao’s expressionless face very well. Inside, he muttered, I was such a pure and generous person before. After staying so long with Pu Yao, I’m now skilled in conning and lying.

Of course, he would not feel any guilt. He was trying to act out his role properly.

Cang Ze could not find any clues. Since the other could say the name of the Grey Scar Art, he should not be speaking nonsense. Of the many yao arts that existed now in the Grey Clan, [Grey Scar Art] was very unnoticeable. Those youths of the clan who had the slightest talent would not choose this yao art as their primary cultivation. They would like yao arts such as [Grey Sea Art] or [Grey Cloud Art] that were more powerful.

But as the grandson of the clan leader, he knew more than normal Grey Clan members. For example, the council of elders had never stopped their secret studies of the [Grey Scar Art].

The Grey Clan had so many yao arts, but why did the other just mention the [Grey Scar Art]?

Countless thoughts flashed through Cang Ze’s mind He lowered his head and said respectfully, “This one has not cultivated Grey Scar Art.”

“Not cultivated?” Pu Yao stilled.

Zuo Mo reacted rapidly and stilled as well. “You have not cultivated Grey Scar Art?”

“Has the Grey Clan created some other powerful yao art?” Pu Yao murmured to himself. His brows furrowed, and he was slightly surprised.

“Has your Grey Clan created some powerful yao art?” Zuo Mo learned and sold it at the same time.

Cang Ze gritted his teeth. “Not created new yao art, but this student is stupid and has not been allowed access to Grey Scar Art.” His heart beat wildly, his term for himself changing from “this one” to “this student.”

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao’s brow smoothed as he released a breath. “Tell him you will teach him Grey Scar Art, and exchange for five Golden Souls each year.”

“You know Grey Scar Art?” Zuo Mo asked Pu Yao suspiciously.

“That thing is very simple, it just curves from normal.” Having found his confidence, Pu Yao waved his hand with bravado.

Zuo Mo was both trusting and suspicious. Pu Yao really knew too many things. However, his thoughts did not affect his reaction. He lightly coughed, “I happen to know a bit about cultivating Grey Scar Art.”

Cang Ze felt a strong feeling of happiness burst over his mental defenses. He actually felt a thread of dizziness.

His voice trembled slightly. “Really?”

“Yes,” Zuo Mo forced himself to say.

At this time, Cang Ze showed his quality as the grandson of the clan leader. He did not lose control due, but suppressed his excitement. He asked respectfully, “What can my Grey Clan do for Teacher?”

Zuo Mo looked with praise at Cang Ze. He thought inside that this boy was very adept. However, he did not give the other a discount due to his praise. “Ten Golden Souls each year.”

When he opened, Zuo Mo doubled Pu Yao’s price.

It’s not ge is greedy, ge has a home and people to support!

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao gazed with bulging eyes.

Hiss, Cang Ze sucked in a breath. Even though he had predicted that the price the Grey Clan would pay would not be low, but ten Golden Souls annually, this price still far surpassed his estimate.

“This matter is grave. This Student needs to ask the elders of the sect.”

Cang Ze carefully answered.

“Alright.” Zuo Mo did not waste words. He pointed at Nan Yue and said, “She is my follower, just find her in the future.”

Hearing this, Cang Ze hurriedly exchanged spirit imprints with Nan Yue. A simple “Grey” character flew in front of Cang Ze. At the sides were two grey-green sparse shrubs. Nan Yue also took out her own spirit imprint. Her spirit imprint was the two characters “South Sky” formed by a curved purple vine.

Noticing Nan Yue’s spirit imprint, Cang Ze’s heart moved. In his investigation, Nan Yue did not have much of a background. She was born from a very small clan, their living conditions were difficult, and they were very normal. Seeing her spirit imprint, he couldn’t help but be shocked.

Being from an influential family, he naturally would not lack knowledge about spirit imprints. The way that the “South Sky” was written was completely different than what it was written like now. This kind of spirit imprint would mostly appear on those clans with long histories.

He noted it down, and planned on making an investigation when he returned. He reached out with a finger and gently poked the “South Sky.” A purple light flew into his spirit imprint. Nan Yue did the same.

After exchanging spirit imprints, the two sides would easily get in contact.

Cang Ze hurriedly bid farewell. He was in a hurry to go back and report. He had a feeling that this chance was very likely to be a chance in the Grey Clan’s fortunes.

After Cang Ze left, Zuo Mo taught Nan Yue for a while before he left.



“So he went the way of deconstruction.” Qian Liu was slightly puzzled. “A pretty unique style.”

The fire-faced person seemed to be uninterested in the Wasteland Beast Chessboard. Looking around, he suddenly snickered and said, “Those little brats probably can’t stop themselves now.”

Qian Liu knew the people the fire-faced person was referring to. He smiled but did not speak. He continued to observe the Wasteland Beast Chessboard. He had left Vast Water Clear Skies three hundred years ago when he had broken the prison. He had not paid much attention to this incident in the past.

But his curiosity did not decrease today. He could not remember how long it had been since he came to Vast Water Clear Skies. As an expert that stayed in the seventh prison, the first prison was really a distant memory. Today, he had come especially to take a lot what the newly constructed prison by the guy who had broken his Vast Water Clear Skies looked like.

“I heard he is also very young?” Qian Liu asked interestedly.

“Very young!” The fire-faced person’s eyes raised his eyebrows. The face inside the ball of fire raised his brows with schadenfreude. “He’s probably on the list of the little brats as a target to challenge.”

“That’s not bad.” Qian Liu said neutrally, “Competition is good.”

He took back his consciousness and said with regret, “Pity I cannot activate the prison-breaking battle. The powerful stuff is all in there.”

The conditions to activate the prison-breaking battle were mysterious. For example, no one had activated the first prison, Vast Water Clear Skies, in the three hundred years. However, in the last  three hundred years, the second, fourth, and fifth prisons had all been activated. The pattern involved was hard to predict.

Qian Liu had activated a prison-breaking battle and knew much more than normal people.

The conditions to activate the prison-breaking battle did not have a direction connection with power, but the level of the person. It was also a very subtle connection. It would not work if the person’s level was too high, like he was currently. He could activate the first prison’s prison-breaking battle three hundred years ago, but the present him could not do so.

It would also not work if their level was too low.

Also, the Ten Finger Prison seemed to favor young yao. More accurately, young yao with high levels.

It really was a pity!

Qian Liu shook his head regretfully. The other’s most powerful yao art imprint was inside the prison-breaking battle. The Wasteland Beast Chessboard was filled with profound and exquisite deconstructing yao arts. It was like a rich sea of problems.

Qian Liu had fought against many experts before but it was the first time he had seen such an unique style. His heart itched and was hard to resist.

The fire-faced person saw the regret on Qian Liu’s face and suddenly crowded over. “I have a solution.”

“What solution?”

“Get the group of brats to come.” The fire-faced person seemed to want the world in chaos. “That group of brats definitely is full of motivation right now. Let them come break the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.”

Qian Liu’s thoughts shifted, but he shook his head and said, “The prison-breaking battle is not so easy to activate.”

“Hee hee, that isn’t our business. I speculate that the group of old farts is also interested,” the fire-faced said and snickered. He then said with righteous magnanimity, “Don’t worry about this matter, I’ll get them to come!”

Qian Liu was truly curious about Zuo Mo’s yao arts. He smiled and did not stop the other, only saying, “Don’t make it too big.”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry.” The fire-faced person’s expression was excited.



Zuo Mo came out of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard and felt a warm gust of air on his face.

He shook, and hurriedly opened his eyes. A familiar face was almost pressed to his.

“A Gui!”

He released a breath. Holding up A Gui’s face, he asked curiously, “What were you doing?”

A Gui stared dazedly at him and did not reply.

When Zuo Mo finished speaking, he stilled. Wait. Joy suddenly came into his eyes. “A Gui, A Gui!”

A Gui stilled looked dumbly at Zuo Mo without any response

The joy on Zuo Mo’s face gradually retreated. He examined A Gui closely. Her eyes were still empty and wooden. He couldn’t help but have a disappointed expression. A Gui had not recovered. He shook his head, and mocked himself. He was really too greedy.

He quickly recovered from his disappointment. Even though A Gui had not recovered, but she was much more lively now compared to before.

At the very least, this was a sign of a good turn of fortunes!

Thinking it through, the depression over Zuo Mo’s heart instantly swept away, and he roused himself. Jumping up, he picked A Gui up and put her on his back as he charged outside.

“A Gui, let’s go. We’ll go to Shu Long’s place to play!”


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