修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Seven “Shadow Mo Guard A Wen”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Seven – Shadow Mo Guard A Wen

Ever since the Guard Camp was established, it seemed fated to have a hidden competitive relationship with Vermillion Bird Camp, even though the majority of the camp guards were once Vermillion Bird Camp’s captives. At the start, Vermillion Bird Camp had been unparalleled in its strength, and dominated all of Little Mountain Jie. In reality, for a very long time after the camp was formed, Guard Camp had been in a very awkward state. They were weak offensively, could not fight for Daren, and in many occasions, they were a burden.

Even many people from Vermillion Bird Camp could not understand why Daren would set up Guard Camp who was so weak in battle.

Everyone in Guard Camp had a grudge. They furiously cultivated without holding back any energy back. They never asked why they were cultivating, why were they cultivating like this. They only buried their heads and cultivated. Hardship? They were xiu slaves, they were not afraid of hardship.

Finally, the situation changed when Shu Long formed his armor. After forming his armor, Shu Long did not just recover his youth, but his combat abilities had become comparable to the top tier under Daren’s command. The Crow Fiend Mo Kill Formation was finally effective in battle, but the main force in battles was still Vermillion Bird Camp.

Their heavy and clumsy armor caused their movements to be slow. This made them take up a more defensive position in battles.

The situation had finally changed now.

Shu Long tightly grasped the long halberd in his hand. A cold feeling passed back as though a burst of strength burrowed into his body. His chest was filled with motivation.

It wasn’t as simple as just getting a weapon!

Shu Long suddenly saw Zuo Mo and A Gui in the doorway, and hurriedly bowed.

Zuo Mo looked around. Seeing everyone working hard, a smile came onto his face. “Not bad.”

Zuo Mo had been worried about morale previously. Seeing the business of the campsite, his heart relaxed slightly. In reality, Guard Camp’s morale had been good all along. This place was filled with black fiendish energy. It gave the Guard Camp the hope of surpassing Vermillion Bird Camp. They worked even harder on their cultivation. Vermillion Bird Camp’s morale was more severely affected, but after Zuo Mo threw them [Fiend Ling], they had settled down.

The path to leave this land could be slowly searched for, but if they did not even have the ling energy to cultivate, that was a blade that hung above the necks of xiuzhe.

A Wen saw Zuo Mo and ran over. “Daren, Daren.”

When Zuo Mo saw A Wen, he asked with a smile, “A Wen, how’s your cultivation going?”

A Wen was much healthier than when he had been rescued. His exquisite armor did not feel clumsy at all, but nimble and light.

“Ha ha, Daren, look.” A Wen held up his black spear as though he was presenting a treasure. “My weapon formed too! And I also comprehended some fun things!”

The completely black long spear had no adornment, but it gave the feeling of being finely crafted. The lines were smooth and flowing, two grooves on either side of the spearpoint. The fiery red charm hung at the head of spear and caused the black spear which originally seemed murderous and cold to have a hint of fire.

“Can the spear leave your body?” Zuo Mo asked.

“No.” A Wen scratched his head and said, “The black speak is condensed from killing energy. If it leaves my hand, it will dissipate.”

Zuo Mo’s interest was stirred. “Come, show me.”

A Wen obeyed. With a somersault, he flew out twenty zhang. Seeing this, the other people in the campsite stopped what they were doing and cheered A Wen on.

“Little Monkey, one more!”

“Little Monkey, don’t embarrass yourself in front of Daren!”

“Ha ha, Little Monkey, if you can’t do it, switch for someone else!”

When A Wen had been rescued, his figure had been very small. Even though he was much healthier now, but among this camp of burly men, his figure really was on the small side. Adding on that A Wen’s personality was lively and active, he was also clever, everyone called him Little Monkey.

“Ha, just be jealous!”

A Wen shot back. His smiling face suddenly turned serious as he stood holding his spear.

The noisy camp instantly quieted. Everyone’s mirth retreated, their expressions becoming serious. A Wen might be young, but he was exceptionally talented, and was firmly held his spot as the second strongest member of the Guard Camp, his strength just a bit less than Shu Long’s. They were also very curious about what A Wen had comprehended from staying in meditation for so long in the fiendish mist.

Shu Long had a gratified expression. He was the oldest, his personality was steady and well-established. His competitive desire was weak. He had basically taught everything to A Wen. Seeing A Wen improve rapidly, he was very happy.

A Wen’s expression was serious. The air flowed in streams around him and gradually sped up. In an instant, the air started to hiss like an arrow travelling at a high speed.


With the sound of metallic impact, many black and gold plumes popped out of the black armor.

Zuo Mo was very shocked.

A Wen’s figure was thin and slender to begin with. With the addition of these long feather-like black gold plumes, he looked even more nimble. A Wen bent his legs slightly and then his figure disappeared from his spot.

So fast! Zuo Mo’s pupils slightly shrunk. His eyes were not ordinary but he could only see a streak of black. He was shocked. Unless Zuo Mo used the Light Void Wings, he would be left eating dust behind A Wen with that speed.

“This boy’s talent isn’t bad.” Pu Yao couldn’t resist popping in. “Look, this is the difference! He can cultivate to this step using a trashy [Hardship Guard]. Don’t you feel ashamed?”

“Ashamed? Why should I be ashamed?” Zuo Mo did not turn his eyes and responded, “It’s better the stronger he is.”

Pu Yao finally recalled the person in front of him had such a thick face that he was immune to mockery of this degree.

Zuo Mo rubbed his chin and said directly, “Not bad, not bad! This fast, we don’t have to use turtle tactics in the future. Can he fly? It will be great if there is flight!”

“Don’t think so optimistically.” Pu Yao could not bear to see Zuo Mo’s content state, and smirked. “This boy is very talented. The other people lack greatly compared to him. They can only be heavy armor Hardship Guards.” His tone then turned. “So many cultivation sects, they are all blind to dismiss such a good seed.”

Pu Yao started his usual habit of mocking everyone.

Zuo Mo ignored him and looked seriously at A Wen. A Wen’s speed was extremely fast, and rivaled the sword xiu when they flew on their swords. His nimbleness was actually better than sword xiu.

Zuo Mo, who could be considered to be an old-timer, was very clear how much of an advantage such speed would be in combat.

Midair, A Wen flipped again, and the black spear in his hand suddenly thrust.


A section of the spear-point suddenly appeared out of the air in a place thirty zhang from his body!

“What is that?” Zuo Mo’s expression changed.

“Air-breaker, a little technique. Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.” Even though he said this, Pu Yao could not disguise the pride on his face. “So young and he comprehended Air-breaker. It can be considered rare for mo guards.”

Pu Yao’s tone turned to be slightly regretful. “Actually, Shu Long’s talent is also not bad, but it is a pity that his age when he started cultivation is slightly old.”

All of the others sighed in shock. They widened their eyes in fear of missing any detail. Many of the techniques that A Wen was showing now was great inspiration to him, especially the camp guards that had broken through and formed their weapon.

In the air, A Wen seemed unconstrained by space. The tip of his spear thrust would appear in any place within one hundred zhang of him according to his will.

In a good mood, Pu Yao started to urge. “Actually, hardship guards like this boy’s kind is rare. The greatest duty of mo guards are to protect their master, not to kill enemies. That is why mo guards are frequently large blockheads. These people from Guard Camp are too weak. The best mo guards are Mountain Range Bull Mo, and Stone Rhinoceros Mo. If they cultivate [Hardship Guard], tsk tsk, they are just moving mountains. If it is the mantis mo that cultivate [Hardship Guard], it is more common for shadow mo guards specialized in speed to appear. But mantis mo are guys who will die if they are touched. Who would use them as guards?Maybe if they do not want to live a long time.”

Hearing this, Zuo Mo noticed the other people in Guard Camp. As expected, they were all big blockheads. Each person’s body was full of exaggerated muscles. Their figures were half again as large as normal people on average. Adding on the thick armor, they were like mobile steel forts.

At this time, the red charm on A Wen’s black spear suddenly turned to a thread of fire and wrapped around the tip of the spear.


A Wen shouted. A light that intermingled red and black tore apart the air.


Everyone felt their vision light up. A burning and fiendish wave of air blew through the entire Guard Camp.

When the air gust subsided, a deep pit about five zhang wide appeared on the corner of the campsite.

It was an easy matter to make a pit five zhang wide. However, this pit seemed slightly deep. Zuo Mo flew to beside the pit, and looked inside. His heart was instantly shocked. This pit most likely was not less than twenty zhang deep.

Making a pit with a width of five zhang was not hard, but a pit that was deeper than twenty zhang was very difficult to accomplish!

This pit was formed like a knife cutting tofu. The bottom and top part of the hole were the same width. This showed one thing. A Wen’s attacking force was concentrated and evenly distributed.

Zuo Mo judged that if he was hit, he would probably lose half of his life.

A Wen’s figure flashed and he appeared next to Zuo Mo.

“Not bad, Little Monkey,” Zuo Mo praised. “You have really broadened my vision.”

A Wen’s face suddenly became flushed, and slightly embarrassed. “Daren, do not ridicule this humble performance.”

“Ho, Little Monkey, you’re embarrassed now?”

“Ha ha, Little Monkey’s face is very thin!”

The people in the surroundings instantly started. A Wen was even more embarrassed. He scratched his head and stood at the side. Seeing this, the other people laughed even more happily.

Zuo Mo also couldn’t resist roaring in laughter.



“Is what you say true?”

The elders in the room exploded. Many of the elders unconsciously stood up. These elder’s emotions were turbulent, and they forgot to keep their strength back. All the furniture in the room creaked and exploded in pieces.

Cang Ze’s scalp turned numb. He did not dare to breath. “He said so.”

“How can he know how to cultivate Grey Scar Art? He definitely is a liar!”

“Who cares if he is a liar. Catch him and then we will know!”

“Catch? What if he really knows? If we offend him, we will really lose greatly!”

The Grey Clan elders talked over each other, their faces red and their necks thick as though they were going to kill someone.

Cang Ze buried his head lower, and grimaced inside.

“Alright, all of you shut up!” A deep voice sounded. All of the voices disappeared.

The Chief Elder finally spoke. Cang Ze wiped away the cold sweat and celebrated inside.

‘What conditions does he have?” The Chief Elder opened his eyes in his wrinkle-filled face.

“Ten Golden Souls. Each Year.”

The enormous elder room was deathly silent.


Translator Ramblings: Guard Camp is growing in this environment that suits them better. Zuo Mo is lucky he is the leader of himself and doesn’t have to answer to elders or family members any longer … … other than Pu Yao. He has a lot more freedom than typical protagonists who have to do missions for the sect, help get revenge slights against this ally or this girl.

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