修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Nine “Activation”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Nine – Activation

Sword essence!

There was sword essence within the fiendish mist!

Zuo Mo’s eyes flashed. The sword essence coming from the fiendish mist was faint, but he was sure it wasn’t an illusion. Out of caution, he closed his eyes and spread out his consciousness. A moment later, he opened his eyes. They were ecstatic.

There were people!

There were people inside the fiendish mist!

Nothing could excite him more. He hadn’t been this excited even after he completed the prison-break battle. Ever since they stepped into this vast, desolate, and mysterious ancient battlefield, uncertainty and worry had always been clouds over his heart regardless of how calm and composed he appeared.

There was no sign of life to be seen on this unknown ancient battlefield. This place was silent and barren, filled with danger. All the signs supported that this was a land of death. The scariest part of a dead land was the dangers all around it. The impoverished and dangerous environment meant that Zuo Mo and the others did not even have a chance to breathe.

But now, Zuo Mo suddenly found that there were people existing in a place he assumed was dead. How could he not be ecstatic? It was like searching endlessly in the darkness, and suddenly seeing a glimmer of light. At least, they had a chance to rest. Zuo Mo believed that if they had enough time, they could definitely walk out of the ancient battlefield.

“There are people ahead!” Zuo Mo pointed excitedly at the depth of the fiendish mist as he said to Gongsun Cha.

“People?” Gongsun Cha was stunned. After a moment, he suddenly reacted. “There are people inside?”

“En.” Zuo Mo nodded heavily. “Someone is using sword essence in there. In that direction. It’s a bit far from us, but not impossibly so. I can feel it, but it is not very strong.”

“What should we do?” Gongsun Cha hurriedly asked.

“Gather everyone, and we will advance in that direction. We need to be fast, or we will miss them.” At this time, Zuo Mo showed the decisiveness of a leader and did not hesitate in issuing instructions.



Wei Sheng stared at the fiend soul beast in front of him, the black sword in his hand slightly raised. However, his heart sank slightly. The body of this fiend soul beast was longer than three zhang. It was shaped like a scorpion. Between the two pincers, he was able to see the criss-crossing teeth that sent chills through his heart.

It’s body was completely covered in shiny, black armour covered with red seal scripts that curved like earthworms. There were two dark red dots for eyes that lit up in the fiendish mist, and shocked one’s soul.

Its body was close to the ground, the two pincers slightly raised as a dark and vicious presence tightly locked onto Wei Sheng.

This fiend soul beast had silently closed in with intentions of ambushing him. If it wasn’t for the fact that Wei Sheng’ cultivation level had progressed greatly, his sword essence spiritually clear and taken to heart, Wei Sheng himself was not sure he could survive after an ambush by such a vicious beast.

However, Wei Sheng did not panic due to his shock. He was not willing to show weakness, and his sword essence locked onto the other.

This fiend soul scorpion seemed to know the prey in front of it should not be underestimated. It did not dare to move rashly, and it seemed very wary of the great black sword in Wei Sheng’ hands.

The two descended into a stand off.

Wei Sheng closely watched  the fiend soul scorpion, the black sword in his hand did not tremble at all. He had killed his every step the entire way on his trip  through the fiendish mist. After continuous, hard battles, his body was very tired and at the end of its strength. The black sword seemed to lose its spirit. The aura had gradually faded. This caused Wei Sheng to feel it progressing was even harder, and basically had left him no opportunity to rest.

The exhaustion of his body was like a tide, wave after wave crashing against Wei Sheng’s mental defenses. Suddenly, Wei Sheng recalled the time when he had been a sword servant. Just with his simple and crude sword art, he had been searching for his sword path in the wilderness.

At that time, he had been so innocent and so satisfied!

There were no conflicts inside the sect, no unspoken criticism about the sect, no other thoughts. He was like the sword in his hand, simple to the utmost.

He lightly sighed.

There were many matters in the world that people were helpless against, could not brush off or dodge. Like this patch of fiendish mist. It continuously corroded his ling power. Now he understood why so many xiuzhe would stay in a distance place away from the troubles of the world.

As Wei Sheng’s mind was distracted, the cunning and vicious fiend soul scorpion instantly seized at a chance.

The glowing red eyes drew out two soul-shaking streaks in the fiendish mist. The speed of the fiend soul scorpion was like lightning. It was so fast, and the sound was so muffled that there wasn’t even a vibration in the air.

Wei Sheng’s heart was shocked. He knew he was in an unprecedentedly dangerous situation. When he had sighed just now, he instantly knew. That the wandering thought was a sign of extreme danger. It mean that his body was weak to the point of collapsing which was why his mental defenses had been so lax.

But he had not expected this vicious beast to be so sensitive and cunning to accurately seize this chance!

His wrist flipped, and the horse-chopping sabre that was up to Wei Sheng’s chest seemed to be as light as air as it block in front of his chest.


Among the sound of steel striking, Wei Sheng’s body shook and he retreated seven steps.

Wei Sheng grimaced inside. If his condition wasn’t so poor, then he wouldn’t have retreated even one step under such a force. But his endurance, and ling power had reached their tail ends. His battle experience was rich and he knew that the vicious beast in front of him was cunning and deceitful. It definitely had detected that he was weak inside.

As expected, the red light of the fiend soul scorpion exploded. It did not attack but like before, it dashed forward.

Such a cautious beast!

Wei Sheng did not have the time to finish praising it when a great force passed over. He made a muffled grunt, and took ten steps back before he steadied his figure.

Was he going to be buried here today?

Wei Sheng sighed inside.

Only now did the fiend soul scorpion truly confirm that Wei Sheng had reached his last legs. It attacked without hesitation. It was very cunning, and knew that Wei Sheng had almost no strength left, so it tried to use brute force to destroy Wei Sheng.

Dong dong dong!

The sound of impacts were endless like a tempest.

Wei Sheng struggled to endure like a little boat in a hurricane, suddenly moving up and down as though he could be swallowed by the waves at any moment. The attacks of the fiend soul scorpion were relentless and as fast as lightning. Wei Sheng was surrounded by danger. The already tattered clothing at this time was destroyed by the small yet sharp turbulence like butterflies in flight.

A stream of blood came from the corner of Wei Sheng’s mouth. The ling power in his body was drained, his channels started to crack. He would not be able to persist for much longer, as his channels would shatter into countless pieces, and his cultivation would instantly collapse.

The black sword that had seemed vicious before was like a dull sword of ordinary metal without any sheen.

Was he really going to lose his life here?

Wei Sheng was in a daze, his moves slow as though he could fall at any moment. Yet unexpectedly, after more than ten continuous attacks, he was still standing, barely. If one looked closely, they would find that when the fiend soul scorpion’s pair of pincers was going to strike him, the black sword in his hand would coincidentally appear in front of the giant pincers.

The moment his body was in danger, Wei Sheng would always make an instinctive response.

Without conscious thought, without ling power, his mind was completely blank.

Dong dong dong … …

The hurricane was ongoing, so long it made one feel hopeless.

Yet the scene was filled with weirdness. Wei Sheng’s eyes were wooden, empty and without thought, his movements were slow. Yet the instant the giant pincers were going to touch his body, his hesitation would disappear. His movements would be unspeakably simple and crisp, but when paired with his wooden expression, it was even stranger.

It was as though if one more straw was added to his load, Wei Sheng would fall.

But no matter how the fiend soul scorpion tried, even when the giant pincers tore the air apart in their attacks, they were stopped by Wei Sheng’ movements that were filled with strangeness.



Nan Yue stood on the borderless Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

She bit her lips tightly. Just on her way here, she had already seen seven groups of people from the Genius Alliance. The Genius Alliance did not have any intentions of disguising its retaliation.

Dozens of the Genius Alliance Supervisors continued to announce that they would definitely break the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

The Genius Alliance were usually high-profile, but declaring such a thing in public had never happened before. Anyone with eyes could see the master of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard had infuriated the Genius Alliance. A guy that offended the Genius Alliance, what good outcome would he have?

How could Nan Yue, who had been hearing of the Genius Alliance since she was very young, not know this? Before, the Genius Alliance was a place that was high and out of reach. She did not dare to even think of having a connection with the Genius Alliance, much less entering it.

But in a night, the Genius Alliance actually became her enemy. How could she not feel terror? She knew they were targeting Daren; but as Daren’s follower, Daren’s enemies were her enemies!

She felt great pressure from the groups of Genius Alliance members that appeared on the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.

Nan Yue did not know how many yao were paying attention to the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, but she could clearly feel that there were multiple times more yao at the Wasteland Beast Chessboard than there were normally.

“Hey, has there been a result?”

“No. Supposedly, the Genius Alliance of Fixed Sky Jie have come. This is going to be something good to see.”

“Fixed Sky Jie also came? Then isn’t it already six jie that have come?”

“It’s the eighth jie! Central Pond Jie and Lilium Jie also came.”

“Wow, this scary?”

“Yes, none of the Genius Alliance is willing to be defeated. How can they rest? In my view, even if this matter concluded here, this conflict won’t end!”

“In your view, who do you favor?”

“It’s hard to say. On the surface, the Genius Alliance of course has the advantage, but a person that set down the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, can he be a nice guy? Only idiots would believe such a thing! Look at how many people came from the Genius Alliance, but no one has activated the prison-breaking battle … …”

Hearing the discussion drifting into her hears, Nan Yue felt unspeakably irritated and fretful.

Which damned guys dared to slander Daren. They should be slowly sliced to death!

At this time, a wave of sound suddenly came over.

“Prison-breaking battle!”

“Someone activated the prison-breaking battle!”

The soundwave came from far and rolled over. Nan Yue’s head rang and blanked.

Her face was pale as she was stunned where she stood.

The yao in the surroundings hated that they were born without two more legs as they furiously charged towards the prison battlefield. Countless yao of different shapes formed a flood towards the prison battlefield.

Nan Yue was sandwiched in the middle and uncontrollably followed the flood towards the prison battlefield.

How was it possible … … how was … …

Was the Genius Alliance really this powerful?

Her expression was filled with hopelessness!


Translator Ramblings: A string of Lil’ Cliffy. I think Lil’ Cliffy is breeding … …

Zuo Mo thinks there are inhabitants on this jie, Wei Sheng is now in danger and Nan Yue fears for her daren. So many points of view in a chapter.

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