美人一笑也倾城 Mei Ren’s Smile Is Also Alluring “4 Meat Pastry & 5 How It Ended”

I don’t know how but I forgot there were still outtakes for Mo Zha Ta and KO that I didn’t post until someone commented and reminded me. It was probably TBVW that started and then I did WOC so this dropped off my mind … …


Outtake 4 Meat Pastry

[1] 潮哥: a homeless man that became famous on the internet for his wardrobe. Photo here : http://bbs.tiexue.net/post_4115438_1.html.

On this day, the pair of Mo and K worked overtime at night and it was almost eight when they started heading home. Passing by a pastry shop, Mo Zha Ta’s eyes lit up. “KO, let’s go buy some meat pastries for a midnight snack. This shop is really good. Usually there’s tens of people lining up. There’s not a lot today.”

Of course, KO didn’t have any objections.

There weren’t a lot of people, the wait was only about ten minutes. When it was their turn, who knew that there was only one meat pastry left. The shop owner was very embarrassed. “I’m really sorry, there’s only one pastry left. I don’t have any more supplies to make more.”

“That’s okay, that’s okay.” It was a little depressing but it couldn’t be helped. Mo Zha Ta paid and took the paper bag. He just wanted to say to KO “you eat it,” when he saw KO take the bag, take out the pastry, and slowly take a bite. Then it was another bite, and the whole pastry was eaten. KO hadn’t even left a bite for him.

Mo Zha Ta gaped. He had been planning to give it to KO since he had tasted it before. But giving it to KO and KO taking it for himself, there was a huge difference there.

Mo Zha Ta was unable to express a man’s generosity and courtesy so he could only express a man’s anger. At night, when KO wanted it, Mo Zha Ta kicked him aside. “Go sleep yourself.”

KO stared silently at him and really did leave for his own room to sleep. But it seemed liked he went into the kitchen and started banging for a long time. Mo Zha Ta didn’t know what he was doing but he slipped into sleep in the midst of the noise.

In the morning, he woke to a suffocating weight. In his half-dream state, he left a hard object pressing against his leg. Somebody was biting and licking at his neck. Mo Zha Ta’s own urges were lit by the hot sensations. He was going to reciprocate, but at the exact moment, his stomach broke the mood by continuously grumbling.

Mo Zha Ta froze and the fire extinguished. When he remembered what happened yesterday, he was furious. If it wasn’t for the fact he didn’t eat last night, he wouldn’t be so hungry!

Consequently, he kicked KO. “Shove off, lao zi is hungry, go make breakfast.”

KO paused, panting heavily as he pressed down motionlessly on his body. After a long while, when Mo Zha Ta felt that a certain part that had been pressing on his body wasn’t reacting as strongly, KO flipped offed the bed, threw on a pair of jeans, and walked to the kitchen half-naked without making a sound.

Mo Zha Ta looked at the half-naked figure. The jeans clung tightly to the backside. He silently swallowed and felt a bit of regret. Really, he didn’t have enough endurance, if he had just stayed there a bit longer, lao zi would have let him.

He snorted and flipped over to go back to sleep. Unexpectedly, he couldn’t fall asleep. He still felt the remnants of the scorching impression on his leg. His head was filled with the images of KO’s exquisitely broad back. After rolling around for a full fifteen minutes, the fire increasing with time, Mo Zha Ta finally was furious enough to get up, dress and walk out the bedroom door.

The kitchen was an open area. When he got out of the bedroom, he could see the entire kitchen.

The kitchen was filled with steam. KO was still half naked; the toned muscles radiating strength. It was probably the fact that cooking was exercise that KO’s body was leagues ahead of his purely IT-only figure.

Motherf***er! Mo Zha Ta cursed.

He was more seductive holding a pot than on the bed. And was wearing those low-waist jeans. Way too provocative!

Wait, the jeans looked a bit familiar? Mo Zha Ta took another look. He found that it was actually a pair of his that had been at the back of the closet. For a while, he had wanted to go for the homeless look, so he brought a low-hanging loose pair of jeans [1]. The result was streams of laughter from Yu Gong and the others, so the jeans never touched his body ever again. A while earlier, KO had taken everything out to wash and silently claimed the jeans for himself.

Kao! He wasn’t wearing anything under his (Mo Zha Ta’s) jeans!

Mo Zha Ta felt like he was lit up, his whole body heating, the lust migrating to take over his entire brain, chasing away his reason. He instinctively walked into the kitchen and raised a hand to touch KO’s back.

KO tensed immediately at his touch and then relaxed, lowering his head to focus on what was in the pot, permitting Mo Zha Ta to touch indiscriminately over his body. Mo Zha Ta couldn’t resist gluing his body to the other, biting at his shoulders, his hand creeping forward. After pausing for a while at the chest, the hand patiently rubbed as it moved downwards.

He didn’t know what KO was cooking. At the moment, he felt that he was the one that the stove was heating up. The fire came out of nowhere, almost enough to cause spontaneous combustion.

His hand moved past the line of the jeans. “You didn’t button up.”

KO’s deep voice said, “Help me button up.”


Mo Zha Ta rebelled and pulled the zipper down instead. His hand unhesitatingly grabbed a certain part and started to play … … KO’s body tensed, his head slightly raised, the sound of breathing became heavier and heavier … …

“That’s enough!”

KO’s voice was rushed as he suddenly turned around.

He just didn’t have the endurance, Mo Zha Ta though as he smugly took away his hand and moved back a step. He waited for KO to erupt and leap over but who knew … …

A hot piece of meat pastry was stuffed into his mouth. KO’s deep voice continued, “The pastry’s done. How’s the taste?”

Mo Zha Ta: “… …”

KO said, “Does it taste about the same as that place yesterday?”

Mo Zha Ta chewed savagely and swallowed the pastry. He said furiously, “Multiple times better than that place, but don’t even think about getting on the bed in this lifetime!”

How it ended:

At night, KO made an entire table of food and succeeded in getting Young Master Mei changing the length of banishment from the bed to only the month.

KO ruminated for a beat. “I think today’s the 31st.”

Mo Zha Ta pretended to be shocked. “Really? Oh well, what lao zi has said, grass horses cannot hold it back. Lucky you.”

On the inside: Ha, do you think that lao zi doesn’t know. You can’t go on vacation! Lao zi will not put the comfort of myself below anything else!

KO’s inside” Actually, a month of sofa or washroom or table or refrigerator or the door is also pretty good.

Consequently, the impact of the meat pastry, at midnight, was resolved by harmonious movement.

On time after H, Mo Zha Ta: “Oh hey, KO, what’s your name?”

KO: “After doing it xxxx times, I’ll tell you.”

Mo Zha Ta -_-|||: “By that time, you’ll probably have died of exhaustion, does lao zi have to go to see your gravestone?”

KO: “Based on the frequency, you’ll be dead before me.”

“F— off!” When it came to the honor of a man, Mo Zha Ta’s expression became twisted.

KO was realistic. “I calculated it before.”

Mo Zha Ta: “… …”

KO: “Usually it is me once, you … …”

Kao, lao zi is the one with a normal refraction time.” Mo Zha Ta retorted, “Let’s go, lao zi will wring you dry before dying.”



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    1. There is so many I am a bit intimidated and I haven’t decided if I can squeeze the time to do all of them one by one or do a summary.

  1. Lol Mo Zha Ta and KO are sooo cute. Whew the scene wat hoooooot! Thanks for translating it. =)

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  3. The timing on this post makes me happy as I was dissatisfied with how the tv show left their relationship. Now I feel closure 😊

      1. Well, they didn’t need to show the exact scenes in the book, just something to show Hao Mei finally clued in to the romance aspect of his relationship with KO.

      2. For some reason, I felt the scene with Mo Zha Ta licking his lips is suggestive … … but that probably is because I’ve read the outtakes. Yu Gong also remarked in another episode that Hao Mei looks at KO like he wants to devour the cook at the BBQ.

      3. I’m actually happy that the show did what they could with the censors watching. They followed the book exactly for all their scenes from the book. I’m happy that we see them living together. The rest can be left to the fan’s imagination.

  4. Thanks for the additional outtakes. Once again, I will say I love how you translate, and these were especially fun to read. I love these chances to peek into their relationship and see how the two are settling in together. There are a couple more left, so hope to see those too when you have the time.

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