修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Six “Yi Zheng of the Great Buddha Temple

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Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Six – Yi Zheng of the Great Buddha Temple

Opening his eyes, Zuo Mo felt a splitting headache. He finally recalled that he and Shixiong had drank all night and apparently had gone crazy later on, singing and dancing. He didn’t even know how they had finally passed out.

He struggled up and walked out of the room. The outside was still misty.

Not far away, Xie Shan was respectfully asking Wei Sheng for advice. He occasionally nodded and was as obedient as an underling. Zuo Mo lifted the corners of his mouth and silently snickered. It must have been that Shixiong’s worldly apparition that had had deeply shocked Xie Shan.

Zuo Mo did not disturb the two and randomly walked about. The five slave transporting boats were placed apart and formed an enormous circle around the campsite.

Having suddenly added a strong member, everyone’s morale grew. They put even more effort into their daily cultivation. The worldly apparition when Wei Sheng had his breakthrough hadn’t shocked just Xie Shan.

A Wen had awoken. Thinking about how the fiend soul beast had forced him into such a state, and especially in front of Boss, he was very dejected. Starting early in the morning, he started to run around the campsite wanting to encounter another fiend soul beast to defeat. The warlike Tenth Grade was not willing to fall back and tightly followed behind.

Lil’ Pagoda and Lil’ Fire affectionately nudged A Gui. A Gui was wooden and would only respond once in a while. Whenever it happened, Lil’ Fire and Lil’ Pagoda would be very excited. Silly Bird raised her head high, and stalked around with her unique bird walk as she passed majestically beside Zuo Mo without even glancing at him. For some unknown reason, Zuo Mo’s heart was filled with warmth. His mood seemed full of sunlight and was unusually bright. Even the blood-red sky seemed to become much more amicable.

He suddenly remembered that the fiend soul beast A Wen had killed had left behind a paw and a bead. He hurriedly took them out. The paw was as hard as steel, deep black and shiny. The claws on the paw were especially sharp. When he gently swiped it against the ground, it created five deep scratches. With Zuo Mo’s eyes, he was unable to distinguish what kind of material it was.

“This is a fiend heavy weapon, very rare. It is a natural weapon. It is the first time I have seen a fiend heavy weapon of such quality. You brat, you really have good luck. Only a vicious fiendish land sealed for tens of thousands of years like this can form such powerful fiend soul beasts, and produce these kind of fiend heavy weapons.”

Pu Yao was filled with emotion.

Zuo Mo waved the paw around a bit, and felt it was not very comfortable. He said, “This is probably worth a lot of jingshi.”

The emotional Pu Yao stopped breathing. His temple throbbed. He forcibly suppressed himself. “This isn’t for xiuzhe use, it’s for yao.”

Zuo Mo was very disappointed, and his expression was disinterested. If something could not be traded for jingshi, how could it be considered good? He had so many subordinates that cultivated a mo skills, but there were none that cultivate the yao arts. Wait, he suddenly thought of the flower slaves in Guard Camp. Didn’t they cultivate yao arts?

“They can’t use them.” Pu Yao finally learned the joy of beating down Zuo Mo’s hopes, and drawled, “What they cultivate is the [Flower Yao Coexistence Art]. Their weapon is the ling flower in their bodies. Oh, they should be called yao flowers now. Fiend heavy weapons are vicious things, they are not something that normal yao can use.”

Could not be traded for jingshi, none of his subordinates could use it, and neither could normal yao … …

Was this just trash?”

Without another words, Zuo Mo threw it into the ring, and picked up the bead.

“Hmm, this is something good!” Zuo Mo became alert. He didn’t understand something like the fiend heavy weapon, but he could recognize this bead.

Normal fiend souls would have a thread of soul base source. How could fiend soul beasts not have any? This bead was their core, and inside was a huge amount of soul base essence that was extremely pure. Upon further thought, Zuo Mo understood. These fiend soul beasts were formed from fiend souls. They consumed other fiend souls and continuously grew. It would take at least a hundred thousand fiend souls to form a fiend soul beast. Fiend souls beasts had a basic intelligence and instinctively understood how to cultivate the rudimentary spells of the fiendish energy.

No one had disturbed this ancient battlefield for tens of thousands of years. The fiend souls formed here had experienced the cruelest slaughter. It could be imagined how strong their soul was.

Zuo Mo instantly found that the “fishing” they had been so proud of before was really very inefficient and idiotic … …

Out of the corner of his eyes, he coincidentally saw Gongsun Cha coming over. His body flashed and he jumped next to Gongsun Cha. Before Gongsun Cha could relax, he shoved the bead into Gongsun Cha’s mouth.

With a moment of inattentiveness, Gongsun Cha’s eyes bulged out as he was tricked. One breath later, Lil’ Miss’ shy face that originally had a faint blush became completely red.

Gongsun Cha’s entire body quickly became red. He pointed with a trembling finger at Zuo Mo but could not say a word.

His eyes suddenly widened, and then he ran away.


Behind him was Zuo Mo’s heartless laughter.

The fiend heavy weapon was useless, the core bead was used to trick Lil’ Miss, Zuo Mo suddenly felt that there was nothing to do. The troop was temporarily resting at this spot. Through Shixiong’s description, Zuo Mo knew that the size of this fiendish mist surpassed his imagination. The native beings that he had originally thought were present turned out to be Eldest Shixiong. Now he wasn’t in a rush to advance.

“Golden soul! Did you forget Golden Soul?” Pu Yao couldn’t resist reminding.

Zuo Mo hit his head. Right, how could he forget that matter.




Yi Zheng’s shock grew. He might not be a core disciple of Great Buddha Temple, but he had rudimentary knowledge. Great Buddha Temple was already a strong sect in their jie but … …

His eyes swept across those xiuzhe working hard at their cultivation. Even though it was not the first time he saw them, his heart couldn’t resist jumping. The cultivations of these xiuzhe were not high, and their ningmai cultivation were comparable to the normal disciples of the temple. However, if the disciples of the temple had a conflict with these group of people, not even their bones would remain!

This was killing intent!

Killing energy that made his heart beat rapidly. Elite! This word suddenly jumped into his head. Only those elite that had experienced hundreds of bloody fights would have such concentrated killing energy.

The temple also had these kind of elite dhyana soldiers. He had seen them before. Those dhyana soldiers did not have high individual cultivation. One would only know how strong they were only when one fought them. They were vicious and battle hardened, and did not care about sustaining wounds. Yi Zheng had once been completely suppressed by a dhyana soldier with a cultivation lower than his own. In the following five on five match, they had not even lasted for twenty breaths before they lost.

If it wasn’t that it was a match with the sect, they would have died.

“This shixiong, greetings.”

A warm and gentle voice sounded from behind him.

Yi Zheng’s mind shifted. Turning around, joy instantly came onto his face. He was facing a dhyana xiu. This troop actually had dhyana xiu! Yi Zheng carefully examined the other. Even though the other was not wearing a monk robe and a kasaya, but the trace of a dhyana xiu aura could not be faked. He instantly felt much closer to the other and hurriedly returned the greeting. “This little monk gives greetings!”

“This little brother is Zong Ru. If Shixiong has any matters, you can find me.” Zong Ru had a faint smile hanging on his face.

Yi Zheng felt astonished inside. The other’s cultivation was not lower than his. Dhyana xiu emphasized their Samadhi skill the most. He gave a slight smile as well, and bowed deeply. “Shixiong is too courteous. This little brother is of low cultivation, I am currently lost and in need of help. Please, Shixiong, take care of me.”

“Everyone is together in this dangerous land. Helping each other is rational.” Zong Ru smiled and waved his right hand. “Why don’t we go this little brother’s room. If Shixiong has any questions, please ask there.”

“Yes!” Yi Zheng hurriedly said.

He followed behind Zong Ru and walked as xiuzhe occasionally bowed to Zong Ru along the way. He thought inside, it seemed that this Zong Ru Shixiong had a high status among this group.

Zong Ru’s room was very simple. Other than the two meditation mats, there were no other objects.

“A simple place, you have seen a joke,” Zong Ru said with a smile.

“No, no! Shixiong’s place is perfect for the serene Samadhi path. This little brother feels admiration,” Yi Zheng hurriedly said.

Zong Ru smiled. “Which sect does Shixiong come from? Where did you cultivate before?”

Yi Zheng thought inside that the true aim had come out. He answered, “This little monk is a disciple from Great Buddha Temple, and cultivated at He Residence Mountain before.”

“Great Buddha Temple?” Zong Ru made a sound and suddenly thought of something. He asked with shock, “Great Buddha Temple of Temple Sea Jie.”

Shixiong knows this humble temple?” Yi Zheng slightly let out a breath at the other’s shock. To his shock, he found that everything he had seen in this day and night had unconsciously put pressure on him.

“Ha ha, the honored temple’s [Great Buddha Dhyana Records] is one of the Eight Great Dhyana records of Xuan Kong Territoires and is renowned. This little brother may be sheltered and ignorant but still knows the honored Great Buddha Temple.”

Yi Zheng did not feel any smugness. If it really was like the other had said, Zong Ru would not have made a sound like he did. His mind shifted. “Where did Shixiong learn?”

Zong Ru gave a reminiscent expression. He said with a smile, “Speaking of that, I’m not afraid Shixiong would laugh. This one has no teacher. This one only encountered a master in the past that passed on some basic dhyana spells.”

Yi Zheng did not believe it. Zong Ru’s cultivation was clearly not weaker than his, and his Samadhi skill was even deeper. The study of any other spells could have the possibility of a shortcut, but not Samadhi. Even if it was a fundamental, but there was no room for shortcuts. Zong Ru’s ling power ripples were as deep and steady as the ocean. His Samadhi skill was clearly very high.

Seeing Yi Zheng’s expression, Zong Ru understood. He did not explain. “Shixiong has come from the Xuan Kong Territories, we have come from the Kun Lun Territoires. There are thousands of li between us. It is a matter of dhyana karma that we have met on this ancient battlefield.”

Yi Zheng nodded. “Shixiong’s words are great kindness!” He already believed the words. Almost all the dhyana xiu temples of the world gathered in the Xuan Kong Territories. The Kun Lun Territories were famed for their sword xiu. He had never heard of them having a large dhyana xiu temple.

Upon closer examination, he found that while Zong Ru had deep dhyana cultivation, but it was possible to see signs of age and hardship between the brows. He clearly had gone through hardships in his cultivation. The dhyana xiu disciples of large temples did not like luxury, but they did not have to worry about material things. They could rest their hearts and cultivate their dhyana, and it was rare for them to have hard times.

He suddenly thought of the “ancient battlefield” that Zong Ru had just mentioned, and couldn’t help but ask, “This is an ancient battlefield?”

“En. We came in from the outer fringes, and saw many corpses and bones along the way. But it has been too long, and they would disintegrate when touched. Daren said that this ancient battlefield is tens of thousands of years old.” Zong Ru did not conceal it.

“Tens of thousands of years?” Yi Zheng’s expression shifted, and then he sank into thousand, “Ten thousand years … … ancient battlefield … … ancient battlefield … …”

The Great Buddha Temple was one of the Eight Great Temples. With a long history, it had many temple records. He thought back and tried to recall what records would match this.

Seeing Yi Zheng in deep thought, Zong Ru did not hurry him and patiently waited.

A long while later, Yi Zheng suddenly murmured in a low voice, “Can it be … … can it be … …”

Deep terror suddenly appeared in his eyes.


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