修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Eight “Battle of Tongues”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Sixty Eight – Battle of Tongues

As the exceptional successor of the young generation of the Blue Flower Family, Qinghua Zang Shui had an talent unrivalled within the clan. Cloud Ridge Blue Flower had been a famed and influential clan that flourished for thousands of years and never declined. Each generation had outstanding descendants. If they went back a few hundred years, the Blue Flower Clan had occupied a seat on the Council of Elders that oversaw the entire yao world.

The present Blue Flower did not have the status of its past, but it was still a large sect that was firmly established and admired. Compared to them, the Grey Clan was just a wild, little clan from some backwater mountain, so when Cang Ze heard the other’s name, he instantly became silent.

Usually, just based on the words “Cloud Ridge Blue Flower,” Qinghua Zang Shui could charge recklessly anywhere. When had he ever been humiliated so?

When had the Blue Flower Family ever been humiliated like this?

Qinghua Zang Shui was so ashamed that he could die. A burst of hot blood rushed into his head. His eyes glaring, he pointed at Zuo Mo and gritted, “Those that humiliate my Blue Flower Family shall die!”

Zuo Mo rolled his eyes. “Are you mental? Am I humiliating your Blue Flower Family?”

“So- you … …” The anger in Qinghua Zang Shui’s chest calmed slightly before he was interrupted by Zuo Mo.

“Who I am humiliating is you.” Zuo Mo looked at Qinghua Zang Shui like he was looking at an idiot and said mockingly, “Just a person like you, you aren’t ashamed to be called a genius? Don’t come out to frighten people? Oh, you definitely want to kill me right now, I know this. So, people like you only have this little bit of patience, only this bit of breadth of chest! Compete with me?” He suddenly increased his volume. “What qualifications do you have to compete with me? Does the Blue Flower Family have more face than other people? You who eats soft rice, go and break the prison. Don’t bother me before you break the prison. Ge is very busy, understand?”

Qinghua Zang Shui’s face flushed turned black and then white. His entire figure wavered unsteadily.


Qinghua Zang Shui’s blurred figure suddenly exploded into a ball of light and disappeared.

Zuo Mo shook his head and sighed. “He is mentally weak, his mind is really low in quality!”

Turning around his face, he looked at the gaping Nan Yue and Cang Ze. He said, “Ooh, let’s continue.”





A shriek filled with fury came from the room. Ji Cheng stopped in his steps and then forced himself to push open the door. Pia! An extremely fine crystal decoration smashed loudly beside his feet into countless pieces.

Ji Cheng did not dare to block the shrapnel and allowed the crystal shards to hit his body. He wore a smile as he said in a fawning tone, “Sis, what is the matter? Who made you so angry? I’ll go beat him up! Grind his bones into powder, skin him and pluck out his tendons … …”

His voice suddenly stopped. Ji Li Yu stared fiercely at him.


Old Sis’s angry face was filled with killing intent. In that pair of eyes that enchanted countless male yao was burning fire!

Heavens! Ji Cheng felt his scalp tighten. He had never seen Old Sis so angry ever. He didn’t know which pitiful person had infuriated Old Sis. So pitiful!

In her anger, Old Sis did not recognize anyone. Ji Cheng was filled with regret. Why had he been so dumb to stare down the barrel of this gun.

Ji Cheng knew the time to show his loyalty had come. He pretended to be angry and said, “Sis, don’t be so anxious! I’ll go send for people! They dare to provoke my sis, they must not want to live!”

Ji Li Yu stared at Ji Cheng for a while, which caused Ji Cheng’s hairs to stand up.

“Alright! Don’t act in front of me!” Ji Li Yu snorted coldly and sat down. There was still anger on her face, but she finally calmed down. She propped up her chin, and it was unknown if she was in a daze or considering something.

Ji Cheng released a deep sigh inside. The most dangerous moment had past. However he knew that if he left at this time, he would definitely receive retribution. He carefully and curiously went forward. “What happened?”

Which saint had caused Old Sis to be so furious? That skill wasn’t just high! Ji Cheng was full of admiration towards this unknown expert to the point of kowtowing to his or her skills. Of course, he didn’t dare to show any of it on his face.

“My [Charm Clothing] was defeated.” Ji Li Yu said lightly.

“Ah!” Ji Cheng was stunned. He was sincerely concerned now. “Are you wounded?”


Ji Cheng released a breath but still wasn’t able to believe it. “How is it possible? How can [Charm Clothing] be defeated?”

The Ji Family’s [Sky Clothing] was full of transformations and was one of the few remaining earth level yao arts in the yao world. Many of the parts had been previously lost. Afterwards, the Ji Family had founded the Sky Clothing Yao Art House. Under accumulation of research and study over years, they finally recovered the original appearance. There were nine transformations of the Sky Clothing, [Charm Clothing] was one of them.

But compared to the [Emperor Clothing] and [Domination Clothing] of the Ji Family, those that knew the [Charm Clothing] were the least common. Of the generations of Ji Family disciples, there were rarely those who cultivated the [Charm Clothing]. The conditions to cultivate [Charm Clothing] were extremely strict. It demanded that the one cultivating it was naturally beautiful with a flawless consciousness; but the most important part was that their heart had to be as clean as jade and untainted. The purer the heart, the stronger the power was in their hands.

Even in the Ji Family, it was one of the most tightly guarded secrets that Ji Li Yu had successfully cultivated [Charm Clothing]. There were less than five people who knew. The most powerful quality of the [Charm Clothing] was that it was intangible and invisible as it affected others. It was one of the best illusory arts.

Using the power of the [Charm Clothing], Ji Li Yu lived a really a good life. Ever since she was little, she was someone who had always been liked by all. After entering the yao art house, she became blinding and dazzling, she was the dream lover of countless young and accomplished yao. The second year she entered the yao art house, she entered the Genius Alliance and received attention from the leader of the Genius Alliance, Ming Yue Ye. The third year, she entered the Genius Alliance council of elders and became the youngest elder in the Alliance’s history. After becoming the youngest elder of the Genius Alliance, she was appointed by Ming Yue Ye as the Relations Minister of the Genius Alliance and was specifically in charge of recruiting talent.

She had completely utilized the powers of the [Charm Clothing]. These years, she had outstanding results, and her seat as an elder was rock solid.

Even as the successor of the Ji Family and someone stronger, Ji Cheng still lived in her shadow.

No one other than Ji Cheng who also cultivated [Sky Clothing] knew how powerful [Charm Clothing] was. From a certain perspective, it was a nearly undetectable illusory art, and its effects directly gripped the heart. He had personally seen countless vicious serial killers and mass murders face Old Sis with a face full of warmth.

What kind of monster could bear to attack her?

“It is that prison-breaking yao.” Ji Li Yu’s expression was slightly ugly.

“Prison-breaking yao?” Ji Cheng stilled and then reacted in a moment. He stammered, “The master of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard? Old Sis, why did you provoke him? Did Ming Yue Ye send you to deal with him? It shouldn’t be so, when did it become the elder’s turn to attack?”

“Who said we are attacking him?” Ji Li Yu rolled her eyes, and her expression became even uglier. “The masses are talking so much about our failures. If the prison-breaking yao joined the Genius Alliance at this moment, what expression do you think those people would have?”

Ji Cheng pondered it for a while and then nodded. “This move is great! Completely pulling the carpet from beneath them! And then? You went to find him?”

“En, I had people keeping watch on that little girl called Nan Yue.” Ji Li Yu’s expression suddenly became black as she gritted. “I just spoke, and that guy instantly flipped. Without a word, he used four attacks of a very strange yao art.”

“Attacked without a word?” Ji Cheng’s expression became slightly strange. “Old Sis, is this a romantic debt that you left behind in the past?”

Ji Li Yu’s eyes glared and frightened Ji Cheng to shrink his head back into his neck.

But he could not bear his own curiosity and said, “And then?”


“Nothing?” Ji Cheng was confused.

“I was directly thrown out of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard.”

“Directly thrown out of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard … …” Ji Cheng stammered and then inhaled sharply! Whoa, this guy was that vicious? The first meeting and he threw Old Sis out of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard without a word … ..

On pain of his death, Ji Cheng could promise Old Sis wouldn’t easily let this matter go. He carefully asked. “Old Sis, what are you planning to do now?”

“Hmph, this isn’t finished!” Ji Li Yi spat out with a dark face.

In this instant, Ji Cheng was filled with sympathy for that vicious prison-breaking brother!




Qinghua Zang Shui’s body uncontrollably trembled, his teeth were creaking. He was going mad from anger!

He had been humiliated! The Blue Flower Family had been humiliated!

Eating soft rice … … no qualifications … …

The words were like a poisonous snake continuously tearing and consuming his peerlessly proud heart.

He suddenly raised his head, those who humiliate me, die!




“That right now wasn’t good?” Cang Ze weakly said. He suddenly remembered who that seductive female yao was. His heart had almost stopped breathing. He suddenly felt that the decision by the elders was a humongous mistake. Daren’s conduct was completely unpredictable. In the blink of an eye, he had offended two big families.

The Ji Family and Blue Flower Family!


Either of these families could lift a little finger and swept the Grey Clan out. He had just watched as Daren had humiliated the two big families. His heart was freezing cold.

“We need to save time.” Zuo Mo said unconcernedly, “Who has the time to waste on these nobodies?”

Nobodies … … the Ji Family and the Blue Flower Family were nobodies … …

Cang Ze trembled. Just this matter was enough to create a conflict where blood would flow like rivers. He intelligently skipped past this problem. If he let Daren keep talking, the matter would become even worse. He finally understood the meaning of “disaster coming from the mouth.”

“Are you the prison-breaking yao?” A weak voice passed over.

“Why are you guys so irritating?” Zuo Mo was completely irritated by these people that constantly interrupted him. He turned around, and swore all over.

“Ah!” The female yelled and retreated five steps in fear.

When Zuo Mo saw this was just a normal female, his anger instantly dissipated, but his tone was still slightly unfriendly. “What is it?”

“You really are the prison-breaking yao?” the little girl gathered her courage and asked.

“Prison-breaking yao? If you mean the prison-breaking battle, yes, it’s me,” said Zuo Mo impatiently. “If you have something to say, say it quickly. Otherwise leave!” Seeing that a big transaction was just going to be completed but being successively interrupted by others, Zuo Mo’s mood could be imagined.

“Wow! Great!” The little girl was so excited she almost jumped up. “I am a reporter for the Tomorrow Yao Channel, can I interview you?”

“Interview?” Zuo Mo stilled. He thought about it and then said openly. “No problem, no problem, but you have to pay! Just a reminder, ge’s price is very high!”

The little girl immediately turned to stone.

Cang Ze and Nan Yue covered their faces and could not bear to watch.


Translator Ramblings: That was such a nice debate about Zuo Mo’s reaction to Ji Li Yu … … and it turns out he did not over-react. There was some really good logic that I hadn’t even thought of like how Zuo Mo only reacted to the elder of Hundred Flower Pavilion after she used an illusion. It is a tricky skill. People will attribute what they feel to attraction towards the enemy rather than an illusion at work.

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