修真世界 World of Cultivation Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Four “[Wasteland Beast Chessboard—Match]”

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Chapter Three Hundred and Seventy Four – [Wasteland Beast Chessboard—Match]

In reality, the orange-haired yao looked extremely weird at this moment. Especially since he did not know a glowing blue flower was imprinted on his lips. But he was extremely chatty, so that the blue flower opened and closed. It was very strange.

“Ahem, do you not feel discomfort?” Zuo Mo couldn’t resist asking.

The orange-haired yao’s body was covered in blue flowers that shined. He seemed to be unaffected. Zuo Mo was not so naïve to think that the blue flowers just looked pretty. In reality, he considered the blue flowers “vicious and deadly”. The [Little Thousand Leaf Hands] that had been so successful before was unable to stop the blue flowers. This was the first time he had encountered such a situation after he learned [Little Thousand Leaf Hands].

In terms of strangeness and viciousness, the blue flower definitely ranked in the top three of the yao arts Zuo Mo had encountered. When the blue flowers had appeared, Zuo Mo’s hairs had stood on end. The strong feeling of danger that had erupted out of the bottom of his heart back then were still a faint mist on his heart now and had not dissipated.

“No.” The orange-haired yao was very proud. “The honored undying body like the one I have, how can I fear these ruined flowers? Do not admire me!”

The black smoke yao’s expression froze and it quickly became strange.

Zuo Mo couldn’t help but grin. This guy was pretty interesting.

“But these ruined flowers do have some substance. I can’t decipher all of it.” The face of the orange-haired yao that had been proud suddenly collapsed as he said, full of struggle, “It is such a pity. I wanted to learn this move. So tempting.”

“This is probably a yao art related to the Blue Flower Family, it is definitely not easy to copy.” Zuo Mo comforted. “This move is also too feminine, and it is not suited for real males.”

“That’s right.” The orange-haired yao’s mood quickly rose. He laughed and said, “Brother, it is you who understands me. We don’t want these ruined flowers. Loyal males need yao arts with presence! Ooh, the fire lightning is perfect!”

Looking at the oblivious orange-haired yao, the mouth of the black smoke yao was bitter. Blue Flower Family! That was the Blue Flower Family just now! Was the Blue Flower Family so easy to offend? He was full of regret at this moment. How come he hadn’t stopped Big Orange? If they hadn’t disrupted the other’s illusory formation, they would not have stirred Xiao Mo Ge. If they did not draw out Xiao Mo Ge, they would not have become enemies with the Blue Flower Family.

His face was black to begin with and now its colour was as deep as the bottom of a pot. However, he also knew that the enmity had already formed. Just now, Big Orange had completely offended the Blue Flower Family.

The orange-haired yao was heartless and did not worry at all. He excitedly ran next to Zuo Mo. “Brother, if there is something fun, remember to call me.”

Zuo Mo saw other yao pointing towards them out of the corner of his eyes. His heart suddenly jumped. He knew that the yao had recognized him. He smiled at the orange-haired yao and said. “En en, if there is anything fun in the future, I’ll definitely go find you. But I’ve got something I need to attend to right now.”

The orange-haired yao was slightly regretful and reluctantly left after exchanging spiritual imprints with Zuo Mo. He clearly had not had enough fun. The black smoke yao noticed the situation in the distance and glanced at Zuo Mo with surprise.

The orange-haired yao had been exhausted. After waving to Zuo Mo, he left with the black smoke yao.

Zuo Mo liked this slightly idiotic person very much. Due to this, he did not want the other to be drawn into this matter. He glanced at the yao in the distance that were pointing at him. He knew that his tracks could not be concealed. Nan Yue and Cang Ze were comprehending the yao arts they had just received and it was not a good time to be disturbed.

Zuo Mo knew very well what was going to happen next. He was at great ease. His mood did not change at all. His experiences after leaving Wu Kong Mountain, the developments along the road and the many battles, he no longer felt terror when facing combat.

He stood silently and waited for the others to appear.

A short while later, several figures quickly neared with astounding speed.

“Xiao Mo Ge!”

“He’s over there!”

These voices were filled with excitement and joy. The bounties every large yao market had on Xiao Mo Ge had been continuously rising. If they could use yao arts to record the process of defeating Xiao Mo Ge, they would receive a great reward. Money did not just move the hearts of people, they also moved the hearts of yao. Even more, the one that defeated Xiao Mo Ge would not just receive wealth; any person that defeated Xiao Mo Ge would become famous. In any case, this was the Ten Finger Prison and no one would die. At most, it would just be wounds to the consciousness. Compared to the rewards, this bit of risk was easy to dismiss. Where else could they find a matter where they could get fame and wealth together?

Zuo Mo was like a powerful magnet continuously attracting other yao.

Seeing the figures approaching, Zuo Mo’s clear and indifferent pupils suddenly shot out several cold and intimidating lights.

Without any warning, these people gave sharp wails.

The figures seemed to be split in half by something. Body parts that were cleaved off flew out a few zhang before they disappeared.

“Careful! There are ice blades!”

“It’s an illusory formation!”

Exclamations rang out. No one had expected that Xiao Mo Ge had set out ice blades illusory formations so far away from his position without leaving any traces! Hiss, many people couldn’t help but inhale sharply. Ice blade illusory formations, these were not high level yao arts. Ice blade was a little yao art, the illusory formations had been composed of two kinds of low level water yao arts.

What made all the yao inhale in shock that these people had been struck by the blades least one hundred and fifty zhang away from Xiao Mo Ge.

Without changing expression, he had set down traps one hundred and fifty zhang away. His tactics and power were all essential to this. Many people that had vulturous ideas previously seemed to have a bucket of cold water poured over their heads. The chilling fear struck their hearts.

The bounty was not so easy to get.

Pia pia.

Another few lights flashed. Another few people had been thrown out of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard. Many yao were not even able to make out what trick these people had fallen for. The mood suddenly became tense. Some yao even had thoughts of retreat. Their steps slowed down as they looked uncertainly at Xiao Mo Ge.

The other seemed too calm. Did he have something to rely on? If he did not have support, how could he not be nervous at all?

The troop quickly spread out. Those with nimble minds seemed to feel the danger. It was good to let other people test the waters. Only those that could remain until the end could reap the benefits.

Zuo Mo calmly stood there as though he did not see the enemies coming at him from all directions.

He was not pretending to be calm. His heart was as serene as water, his consciousness was unprecedentedly lively. Every action in the surroundings seemed to be seen in the palm of his hand. The comfortability he felt was like being a fish in the water made every nerve in his body feel pleasure. He could clearly feel the surrounding environment was filled with closeness.

Suddenly, he understood.

This was the Wasteland Beast Chessboard, this was his territory!


His mind seemed to suddenly exploded. The barely discernable bond with the surroundings became blinding like oil poured onto fire.

Wasteland Beast Chessboard!

He seemed to see a wasteland beast shrouded in the smoke that looked at him. That pair of vicious lantern-sized red eyes did not hold viciousness and savagery. It only stared deeply at him.

In the sea of consciousness, Pu Yao’s sigh sounded out.

Zuo Mo heard this sigh filled with the burden of age, but at this time, he did not have the time to study the meaning behind this sigh. His eyes did not move away from the wasteland beast at all. His face was raised. The wasteland beast was half crouched in front of him. Zuo Mo was not short, but he was just able to reach the toe of the wasteland beast. The wasteland beast looked down at Zuo Mo. The deep red eyes were as deep as the ocean and were unable to be understood.

It stared at Zuo Mo for a while as its body slowly disappeared from in front of him.

Zuo Mo suddenly shook. The shouts and roars suddenly entered his ears like a tide. He seemed to be in a different world. Had it been a delusion just now? Zuo Mo shook his head hard. Where was the wasteland beast in front of him?

There was no time to think. The closest enemy was already within one hundred zhang of him.




Ice blades illusory formations were not high level illusory formations, and if the other had even the slightest awareness, they were ineffective. All of the ice blade formations were completely swept away. The crowd of yao’s morale rose!

Even if Xiao Mo Ge had some great ability, he could not defend against so many people! There were more than forty yao that were charging and many of the yao that had been watching could not resist charging as well. Maybe they could get some benefits in this mess? Then they would really profit!

The yao arts on the hands of many yao started to flash. The crowds became excited. In the next second, hundreds of yao arts flew towards Xiao Mo Ge like rain!

No matter how strong Xiao Mo Ge was, he could not dodge all of them.

Victory was right in front of their eyes, the crowd of yao was excited, and the spectators continuously casted recording yao arts in the fear they would fail. Xiao Mo Ge was being ganged up on, this was great news that would shake the yao world. Those that were experienced always warned their students this was the outcome of offending great personages. So what if you could break the prison? People could torment you however they want!

In the battlefield, Xiao Mo Ge was still motionless. He seemed to not see the lights of the yao spells in the hands of the yao. He lightly raised his right hand.

A right hand that was extremely normal!

A light that was not blinding lit up on the fingers of his right hand.

He slowly breathed out, “[Wasteland Beast Chessboard—Match]!”

The voice was not loud and was as soft as the wind, but it blew into every corner of the Wasteland Beast Chessboard. All of the yao in the Wasteland Beast Chessboard were disturbed and raised their heads in shock.

Silently, the black and white tiles within one hundred and fifty zhang of Zuo Mo seemed to become alive and slowly turned.

Time seemed to have stopped in this second. All the yao that had charged into this area of a radius of one hundred and fifty zhang froze where they stood.

Many strange statues stood next to Zuo Mo. They maintained their running posture. Some still had lights on their hands, others were slanted forward as though they could fall at any moment.

All the noise disappeared. It was deathly silently within one hundred and fifty zhang of Zuo Mo. The yao watching from a distance looked at this strange and fantastical scene. What had happened? No one understood. Under their puzzled eyes, Zuo Mo slowly sat down cross-legged.

Among the spectators, one person’s body suddenly shook fiercely.

His shock-filled face suddenly became as snowy white as paper, his eyes filled with astonishment.

Was it … …


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